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Dominic F. Patrone, longtime resident of Fontana, CA passed away peacefully at the age of 94 on January 22, 2021 at Inland Christian Home, where he resided, in Ontario, CA

He was born on October 30, 1926 and raised in Niles Ohio where he graduated from Niles McKinley High School.  Dominic was a WWII veteran in the Navy and served in China immediately following high school.  He then attended Arizona State University where he was a standout letterman in Football and graduated in 1952.

It was post college while teaching and coaching in Arizona that he met his wife of 65 years, Alice, with whom he raised 3 children, Angela, Tom and Lou. Dominic and Alice moved to Fontana, CA in 1960 where he taught at Sequoia Jr. High and coached football at Fontana High School.  He was a proud member of the local Fontana chapter of the Sons of Italy.

He was the son of Angeline and Louis Patrone, immigrants from Naples, Italy. Dominic was preceded in death by both of his parents and his 9 siblings: Andy Patrone; Michael Patrone; Joseph Patrone; Larry Patrone; Tony Patrone; Rosalyn Rotunno; Marianne Sabino; Connie Russo; Clara Boyd and his son, Thomas (Tom) Patrone.

He is survived by his wife, Alice (Dougherty) Patrone, his daughter and son-in-law, Angela and Al Wright; his son and daughter-in-law, Louis and Maria Patrone and 3 grandchildren, Richard Wright, Alicen Wright and Dominic Patrone.

Dominic will be laid to rest at Green Acres Cemetery in Bloomington, CA at a private service.
Posted by Jerry Kushner on June 20, 2021
So sad for your loss. He was a great guy that whenever I saw him it was always with a smile. I remember him talking about his garden and the cooking of a dish that would always have Mostaccioli. He is missed
Posted by Carrie Sill on June 6, 2021
Uncle Dom always welcomed us with a smile and open arms, lots of laughing too! And wow...his cooking! I will miss him.
Posted by CYNTHIA LIVINGSTON on June 2, 2021
Dom was the man! He lived his life with strength, vitality, tenacity and spirit~exactly what he encouraged his football players to do. He was a loving man, a real life teddy bear. Thank you Dom for always welcoming me into your home like a member of your family. I will always cherish our tours around the yard, surveying your latest crop. Ciao amico!
Posted by Karen and Al Miner on May 28, 2021
We are both so grateful to have been able to get to know Dom. His engaging smile, his sense of humor, his beautiful garden, and his love of Italian traditions are some of the things we will never forget about him.

Heartfelt condolences to the Wright Family, the Lou Patrone Family, and to Dom’s wife, Alice. We know his stories will live on through all of you.

I know he was a wonderful man, partly because he raised a wonderful daughter. She is caring, kind, and compassionate beyond words. We are grateful to have been neighbors for 30 years in Chino Hills, and now in Prescott (well almost ).

Rest In Peace, Dom. Your legacy will live on!!! ❤️
Posted by Clara Sacco on May 28, 2021
Patrone Family,
We are so sorry to hear of Dominic’s passing.
He was a beautiful man.
I always enjoyed talking to him at the SOI meetings.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
God bless
Posted by Alison Brummelkamp on May 27, 2021
Sending much love to Alice, Angela, Lou and their families. Dom was such an inspiring man and I see so much of him in my dear, dear friend Angela. Angela is generous, kind, so much fun and has been a loyal friend to me since we met as college roomies many years ago (thank you Dom for encouraging Angela to go to SDSU!!). Dom will be missed but his indomitable spirit and loving heart live on. Sending a big hug to you all!!
Posted by Patti OFarrell on May 27, 2021
My dad, Walter O'Farrell, adored Coach Patrone, and our familIes as young kids spent time together. Coach Patrone was an incredibly respected asset to the Fontana community and helped build the FOHI Pride! His memory will always be cherished! RIP, COACH!!!

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Posted by Jerry Kushner on June 20, 2021
So sad for your loss. He was a great guy that whenever I saw him it was always with a smile. I remember him talking about his garden and the cooking of a dish that would always have Mostaccioli. He is missed
Posted by Carrie Sill on June 6, 2021
Uncle Dom always welcomed us with a smile and open arms, lots of laughing too! And wow...his cooking! I will miss him.
Posted by CYNTHIA LIVINGSTON on June 2, 2021
Dom was the man! He lived his life with strength, vitality, tenacity and spirit~exactly what he encouraged his football players to do. He was a loving man, a real life teddy bear. Thank you Dom for always welcoming me into your home like a member of your family. I will always cherish our tours around the yard, surveying your latest crop. Ciao amico!
his Life

Alice Patrone: his beloved wife

My dearest Dom, you will be sorely missed as my husband and wonderful father to our children. I so enjoyed your sense of humor and great stories about life in Niles, Ohio. As your wife of 65 years, we have such wonderful memories which I’ll treasure forever. Loved you then and will always love you dear hubby.

Angela (Patrone) Wright: His Daughter

I’ve struggled to know where to begin in talking about my Dad.  So many emotions, so much to say…how could I ever express and capture the essence of who he was and what he meant to me in a couple of paragraphs. 

My Dad was the most generous, caring person with a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh.  He could spin a story better than most and boy did he have a lot of incredible stories.  Whether he met you last month or grew up with you on the streets of Niles, he treasured your friendship equally.  He didn’t see “color or class” and he would give you the shirt off his back, and blessed me with this same sense of generosity and volunteerism that has shaped the woman I became. I strongly believe it made me a great wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

There’s no doubt I am “my father’s daughter” from a physical resemblance (thank you Lord for getting my Dad’s fantastic head of hair!). But for those of you who knew my Dad, there is no doubt that he passed along so many other remarkable characteristics and traits that I have embraced my whole life: witty, jovial, a sense of fairness, deep love of family and friends, Italian cooking, the value of an education, love of red wine, a strong work ethic, football fanatic, good sportsmanship, competitiveness, a sense of community, a gambling bug (“but don’t go overboard Angela!” he would say), a sense of giving back and volunteering, the ability to plan a good party, and the list goes on and on!!!

From the time I was a little girl, my Dad made me believe I could do anything I put my mind to.  He made me feel self confident and instilled a sense of “whatever you do, give it your all”!! Many people thought his old world Italian ways would never allow him to let me “go away to school” when it came time for college, but nothing could have been further from the truth.  He encouraged me from a young age to explore new and different horizons in pursuit of my education. Don’t get me wrong….my Dad and I butted heads at times as we were both so much alike!!! My Dad was a firm disciplinarian and there were times I felt that wrath (my brothers would tell you not as much as them….and that I got away with a lot haha) but I have to say he was always fair and took the time to make sure you understood a “life lesson” in each situation.

I cherish the many wonderful traditions we grew up with and have embraced them with my family.  I can see how my children treasure and value these same things and how their Papa instilled such a heartwarming spirit throughout their lives. My Dad was the life of the party, would talk to a stranger like he was his best friend, loved to eat, made friends wherever he went, went out of his way to help someone out, and loved to chat it up with all the little old ladies.

My one regret is I never got the chance to take my Dad to Italy; but I will make that trip, I promise you Dad and I know you will be with me in spirit, enjoying every last glass of vino! You are in my heart always and forever….Angela

Lou Patrone: His Son

As I reflect on my father’s life and our relationship, it became clear the blueprint he left for me.  The memories that flood my heart since he has passed are soothing to my soul.  My father was an active, present influence my entire life.

As a young boy my father was a disciplinarian.  He was tough but fair.  He had his rules and you followed them.  I didn’t always follow the rules and experienced my share of punishments.  My dad would always explain what I did wrong and then send me to my room.  He would give me time to think about what I did.  I would prepare my defense and present my case when he came back.  I didn’t win many cases, but a few times I was able to soften the punishment.  That meant I avoided the paddle.  You see, my father was Old School !!  He taught me to be responsible for my actions, be accountable.  He taught me to stand up for myself if I thought the punishment wasn’t fair.  My father raised me to think for myself. 

As I became a young adult my relationship with my dad became more like a mentor.  I was in my 20’s and I thought I knew everything (HA-HA).  As my father, he would tell me what to do.  Now, he would guide, letting me make my own decisions.  My dad would always tell me that actions speak louder than words.  My dad was REAL !!  What you saw is what you got.  He was a loving and active father growing up; and he knew it was time to release the reins.

As I matured in life through my 20’s and 30’s, my dad was like a safety net.  I knew my dad was there anytime I needed him and his knowledge.

As I became a husband and father, my relationship with my dad became something new.  The day my dad told me about his Florida train trip, was the day our relationship became a friendship.  Stories from his life became a norm anytime we would see each other.  How I loved talking to him and hearing about his life experiences.  My dad was a great storyteller!

My son Dominic is turning 21 this June, and I see myself releasing the reins.  Thank you dad for the blueprint, the foundation.  See you again my father, my mentor, my friend.  

I love and miss you
Recent stories

Niles, Ohio Visits

Shared by LOU BOYD on May 28, 2021
What a joy it was to read all the stories of how Uncle Dom left an indelible impact on his immediate family. That same impact (at least for a week or two nearly every other summer) was felt by the entire Patrone family back here in Niles, Ohio.

One would think the president was visiting whenever word got around that Uncle Dom was coming back to Niles to visit with family and friends. Schedules were altered, parties were planned, and the wine bottles came out in full force. Uncle Dom was the focus of everyone’s attention. As the Patrone siblings reminisced, us nephews and nieces were captivated by the many stories of their growing up together in Niles.

Uncle Dom will always be remembered by his family in Ohio. Rest in Peace “Snaps”.

His next chapter......

Shared by Alan Wright on May 26, 2021
The loss of his son Tom to cancer was devastating to the man but he held it inside, silently suffering but we all could see it. He just powered through it because he had no choice.  As Dom’s health declined in later years and mild dementia set in, he would smile and describe seeing his sister Connie singing in a local music program every day in his room and talking to my wife Angela as if she was his sister Clara.  He would also talk about seeing his old buddy’s from Niles at times visiting him at night and neighborhood children (or a crap game) in the hall.  God gave him these memories that comforted and calmed him in his later years.  Covid devastated so many the final year of his life, but we are all so thankful that even though we were not with him physically when he passed he went peacefully and painlessly, without ever getting this terrible virus, in a comfortable and familiar setting, surrounded by the wonderful care givers at Inland Christian Home who took such good care of him these past few years. He couldn’t hear, or barely see, but he could work the nurses for candy like a carnival worker at the local fair. We also are so thankful in knowing his son Tom, his sisters, all the boys from Niles and so many others who have gone before (possibly even my dad, who I always wished could have met Dom), were there when he passed smiling with outstretched arms to welcome him to heaven.  He is in his element for eternity.

This man will always be remembered, not only through the sauce but through the ways he taught us all to live our lives and treat others.  He can rest in peace knowing “Papa” lives on in the hearts and souls of all is children, grandchildren, friends and former students.  We all carry a little piece of him with us every day and for that we will all be better people and this world a better place.

Then there was Football

Shared by Alan Wright on May 26, 2021
Sports and football is in the family DNA.  The television at the Patrone’s constantly had a football game, occasionally another sport, but football dominated the channel selection.  Dom excelled at football in high school, playing college football at Arizona State and he coached high school football in Fontana for many years.  He lived it and loved it, more a religion than an interest.  His son’s Tom and Lou both excelled at football as well.  Tom was a high school standout and Lou went on to play for San Jose State, coached college ball at Sacramento State and also coached Arena Football.  His only daughter Angela is glued to the television from early Saturday morning until the last game is played on Sunday.  

His grandchildren also love football and all sports.  Lou’s son, also named Dominic after his grandfather, excelled at track and my son Richard Dominic and daughter Alicen were both college level soccer players.  They all can quote the football statistics like the alphabet and spent countless hours together analyzing the games and the standings together with their grandfather.  Alicen probably would have played football if they were letting girls play.  I can still hear Dom today calling some player on the TV (he may or may not have bet some money on) a “Clanker”.  I can only imagine what the entire Patrone family thought when Angela brought this guy home from Iowa that barely knew the rules of the game and would much rather watch a home improvement show than sports. It’s amazing I was ever let in the door.  

We all roll with laughter about how he never wanted anything new or wanted Alice to spend any money making the house nice, but the day it was time to discuss getting a new television when the old one was still working, was a completely different story.  Dom had been to our house and noticed we had gotten a new 55” flat screen, and that got his attention (I suspect Tom was putting a bug in his ear also).  There wasn’t really a wall in the living room large enough for that size TV, so I fondly recall discussing that maybe a 45” might be more appropriate for his space and it would be much less expensive and of better quality.  He whispers to me “how much is the big one” (double the price) and I told him. He got that little devilish look in his eye we all know so well and said “I think we better get the big one, can you make that happen”?  That TV was his pride and joy.  He would have wanted to be buried with it if that was possible. That box ran 16 hours a day, the best return on any investment ever made.