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July 9, 2010

   Coach was outstanding. Few people in sports can match his loyality and integrity.

Nickname change

July 8, 2010

As a first year player out of Auburn University, my nickname was, "Little Train." After a few weeks of practice and everyone calling me Little Train was very common.  Then after practice one day Coach came up to me and said Little Train your name is no longer Little Train, but Train.  The nickname Little Train came from the childhood story that made the phrase...I Think I can I think I can....  Well at Auburn I was given that Nickname because of my size and overcoming it.  Coach said that you are no longer Little Train, but just Train.  That was the first time that someone used a name directed toward me which didn't relate to my 5'7" frame and weighing 175 pounds. He gave me more confidence  to just go out and play.  With that came along offensive sets ending with Train.  For example; Duece with Train, Trips with Train, two backs and Train, and on and on....  Thats when I knew that I didn't have to prove that I belong, but I belonged.  Then Fouts really wanted me in the game and the team accepted me as a full member and not half of a player.Coyell I will think about the rest of my life.  I miss you Coach!

Time To Win

July 6, 2010

Coach Coryell wasw the greatest coach that ever lived next to Sid Gilman.  San Diego was fourtunate to have both.  After the Chargers started 1-4 in 1978, right after that came I said to myself fire this coach (Tommy Prothro) and replace him with Don Coryell.

Thje next thing you know, it happened and the rest his history.  I had the same thought this year and I said well he is too old now but he could probably sitll do it!!. 


It's a shame that he was not voted to the Hall of Fame while he was Alkive!  A SHAME!!! GOD BLESS YOU COACH!!!

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