Don in Central Park, 2009
Don Goodyear
  • 85 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 13, 1928
  • Place of birth:
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
  • Date of passing: Feb 3, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
Wonderful husband, teacher, mentor, friend, raconteur, historian, traveler, student, potter, volunteer, basketball and tennis player. and master at Botticelli.

This memorial website was created in memory of Don Goodyear. Please share your memories and photos or other documents for Don's family and friends.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Lallan Schoenstein on 13th August 2017

"Recently I began to read a book about trees that had formerly belonged to Arlene and Don Goodyear. I thought about how much I learned from them, wonderful teachers, and felt deeply grateful."

This tribute was added by Cameron Goodyear on 13th August 2017

"A very happy birthday to Don! I leave for college in two days, an event I know he would have liked to see. Knowledge is power and I plan to use every opportunity I am given, as I know he would have been proud of."

This tribute was added by david goodyear on 4th February 2017

"I may just "light a candle" for Don.....Knowing he would fight the good fight against the regime in place. That and I miss my visits to NY with D/A and Hudson view Gardens."

This tribute was added by Cameron Goodyear on 4th February 2017

"I was caught up in school and college preparation yesterday, but I knew that the 3rd anniversary of Don's death was very close. I find myself thinking about him more and more as I prepare for college. Maybe it's the academia, Don was very intelligent and worldly. Time flies, it's hard to believe it's been 3 years. My thoughts to Arlene."

This tribute was added by Norman Gary on 4th February 2017

"Arlene visited us in California last week and we had a grand time: whale watching, orbiting simulator at Tech Museum, fish as Phil's, Mission San Juan Bautista, 2 movies. Not surprisingly, we also talked about Don a lot, remembering times ranging from the 60s to the present and in such places as Abidjan; Ougadougu, Upper Volta; Ghana; Enugu; Lagos; Manhattan; Mazatlan; California; Atlanta, just to name some. It was a fine time reminiscing about our interwoven lives and our great love and respect for Don. We miss you a lot, Don."

This tribute was added by Julian Martin on 13th August 2016

"Arlene--hope you are having a good day remembering the pleasant times you and Don shared. I think of your sweet self, often."

This tribute was added by Cameron Goodyear on 13th August 2016

"Happy Birthday Don!!"

This tribute was added by Michael Goodyear on 4th February 2016

"Given what's going on in politics in this country this year- it would have made a lively discussion with Don.  I miss my uncle."

This tribute was added by Cameron Goodyear on 3rd February 2016

"Thinking of Don in school a few weeks ago, I shared that he and Arlene were members of the Peace Corps, to which everyone was thoroughly impressed. We bought a little cake and lit a candle for Don tonight, it's strange to think it's been 3 years."

This tribute was added by Lois Ann Lawless on 3rd February 2016

"Thinking of you both on this day Arlene with warm memories of good times shared."

This tribute was added by Norman Gary on 3rd February 2016

"Just a note to remember a good friend. I probably think of Don at least once a day and talk of him and tell stories about him with family and friends on a regular basis. Time has softened his loss but not dimmed my memories."

This tribute was added by Lallan Schoenstein on 3rd February 2016

"Don Goodyear's gracious spirit and helpful lessons in ceramics contributed to the best of my experiences at Hudson View Gardens and left me with wonderful memories of my time there."

This tribute was added by david goodyear on 3rd February 2016

"Was thinking of a certain Irish establishment last evening and i smiled.
Thank You Don."

This tribute was added by Cameron Goodyear on 13th August 2015

"Wishing Don another Happy Birthday. We have an entire set of dinnerware that he and Arlene made for us a long time ago. We have a lot of their pottery actually, and when you turn them over, you can see his signature on the bottoms. I miss him everyday."

This tribute was added by Michael Goodyear on 13th August 2015

"Don, I miss you.  I am spending more time in Cedar Rapids now and will drive past the old house.  Again, the warm humid Iowa summers and that unique Cedar Rapids "smell" are still there..."

This tribute was added by Cameron Goodyear on 3rd February 2015

"I was thinking about Don this morning. He and Arlene made little animal bowls for my siblings and I, and we eat out of them every morning. I will be thinking of him all day."

This tribute was added by Jossie O'Neill on 3rd February 2015

"An exceptional  teacher and friend much loved by many at Gateway. My warmest wishes and blessings to Arlene on this day.

This tribute was added by Al Loeb on 13th August 2014

"Don made a bowl Arlene gave us several years ago and we think of him every time we use it. Arlene, our thoughts are with you all."

This tribute was added by Cameron Goodyear on 13th August 2014

"Happy Birthday Don!"

This tribute was added by Kenneth Van Liew on 12th June 2014

"I did not know Don except by words from Arlene. I knew Arlene since four of us were in Grade school in a 1-room schoolhouse In Mud  Corners, NY. It surely follows that Arlene would choose a mate of Don's character,kindness, compassion, and wisdom. They had 40 great years together. But Don was mortal like all of us, and has passed on to a better place where ther are no tears, no pain, and no suffering. It is a blessing that she is close to her Sister and family.We pray that God will continue to bless her with loving and caring family and friends, and with good health until she passes to go be with Don.."

This tribute was added by Cameron Goodyear on 29th March 2014

"Through and through, Don was a respectable, extremely intelligent man. It was both a pleasure and experience to have known him, even for such a short amount of time. I only got to see him annually for 6 or 7 years, but he made every moment a memorable joy as well as learning experience. I am his grand-niece, but he was much more of a grandfather to me. I will always remember him as a polite, accomplished gentleman with a thing for cookies....

With love, Cameron."

This tribute was added by Liz Layton on 13th March 2014

"I was so saddened by the news of Don's passing, by so many others here who knew him better than I. I would often see Don and Arlene walking around the neighborhood and seeing the way they were with one another, I could tell they were a special couple. One day, I found myself sharing a bench with them outside of Starbucks and mustered up the courage to say hello, and introduced myself as a fellow HVG neighbor. I don't remember the particulars of the chat, other than the fact that it was lovely. The best thing that came out of it, was that I could call them by name after that meeting. The warmth and loveliness that radiated from Don and Arlene was infectious and always put a smile on my face. HVG misses you both, very much.
Wishing you prayers and comfort, Arlene, to you and your family.

Liz Layton - HVG neighbor."

This tribute was added by Jennifer Ho on 8th March 2014

"David and I miss seeing Don and Arlene around Hudson View Gardens.  We've known them since the 80's when they won a fruit basket in a raffle organized by the Parents Group.   What a great couple.  So friendly and fit, walking around the neighborhood.  They were very community-minded and volunteered for so much at Hudson View Gardens.   We can clearly picture Don, tall and good-looking (always struck me as very "American-Clint Eastwood-Western looking) going off in the mornings with his tennis racquet to meet his friend at the courts under the GW bridge.  I came to know Arlene well through our weekly yoga classes and to see how she lovingly cared for Don through the difficult last several years.  
With love from David and Jennifer"

This tribute was added by Arlene Goodyear on 3rd March 2014

"We knew Don was having some rough years but never-the-less sad to hear of his death.  Brings back memories of 13 years spent at Immaculate Conception School, college years and the Air National Guard.  My first real memory of Don was in third grade when the good nun was Sr. Jude, I think.  Anyway, she was looking for a Spanish dancing partner for Joanne McGuire.  Not sure if Don volunteered or was drafted but he looked good in the black hat with little red balls hanging from the brim.  This led to his life of Spanish immersion.  We spent many hours playing basketball in driveways and were both on the team in high school; many hours playing tennis and a little golf.

We went into the Air Force in 1951 and were sent to Alexandria, LA.  I volunteered for nothing so I would have no skills that might delay my discharge.   Ever venturesome, Don volunteered to go to radio morse code school and then was sent to England (not Korea).  Lucky him.  After the service in 1953 we both went to summer school at the U of Colorado and then our separate ways.

We remember well meeting you (20 years ago?) at our hotel near Lincoln Center and your guided tour to Ellis Island and taking us to dinner somewhere down the East side.  Also, the fast pace of veteran NYC walkers.  There can be no complaints when you live for 85 years but it seems quite short when you look at it from this end.  

Jerry and Monica"

This tribute was added by Jossie O'Neill on 2nd March 2014

"I so remember this wonderful man who inspired so many young urban adolescents just by using their monocycles! By manuvering this cycle, he taught them the importance of balance in life! and finding their own folcrum . I so admire him. I loved when he spoke Spanish and his presence made me feel always welcomed. I wil miss him.  Jossie"

This tribute was added by Annie Hartenstein on 26th February 2014

"The wonderful photos you posted remind me of how Don always seemed to have a smile on his face even for neighbors he only knew in passing..  To all his fiends, students and family, you seem lucky to have had him in your lives and he was lucky to have had such a wonderful and devoted partner in Arlene.  May his memory be a blessing and a comfort."

This tribute was added by Lenny Hickey on 23rd February 2014

"Sorry to hear about the passing of Don. He was a good man, a warm man, and a kind man. I always enjoyed bumping in to you and Don in the gardens or in Ft Tryon Park during your many walks. Birgit and I miss you and all the wonderful contributions you have made to the gardens and the community. I can't help but think of Arelene Goodyear picking up bits of trash out of the HVG bushes every time I take a casual stroll along the drive. I'm happy to say I've taken up the habit as well.

All the best,

Lenny Hickey"

This tribute was added by Alee M-T-Sull.-Egan on 20th February 2014

"Arlene, we are so sorry about Don's passing.  Our condolences to you, your family, and loved ones.
Don was such a sweet man, funny, and of course,a wonderful neighbor.  This page is a lovely tribute. You are both dearly missed at HVG, and especially in M building.
Yours Truly,
Alee M-T and Jed S-Egan"

This tribute was added by Wendy Donnell on 20th February 2014

"Arlene, We were so sorry to hear of Don's passing. It's nice to see so many thoughtful tributes here. Sending warm thoughts to you and your family. We miss your smiling face around here.

Your former HVG neighbors,
Chris, Wendy and Quinn Donnell"

This tribute was added by Hiwot Abraha on 20th February 2014

"I am so sorry to hear of Don’s passing.  I met Don and Arlene many years ago when they were visiting Uncle Norm and Auntie Alice in San Jose.  They came with a gift of  pottery they made, a coffee cup, when they met me for the first time.  Afterwards, they invited me to visit them in New York and extended their invitation to show me around New York.  The invitation was genuine.  I feel honored to have known Don.  I’ll always admire and respect his wisdom.

With sympathy
Hiwot form San Jose"

This tribute was added by Frank condenzio on 15th February 2014

"What an honor it was to have known Don.. He was kind and gentle,and even through his challenges with his illness I was able to see who he really was, one of those rare human beings that graced the world with love and compassion. He will always have my deepest respect."

This tribute was added by Al and Robin Ulmer on 15th February 2014

"We would like to share some fond memories of Donald Goodyear:

needing a measurement for the outhouse seat, Don willingly complied by bending his knees and squatting somewhat, but we all forgot his height, and our feet forever swung loose;

we objected to his name choice of “Solon” in the Botticelli  game,  never having heard of such a person, only to see the name used four times in the next day’s paper;

asked why he worked and laughed so hard at freeing  ice flows in the Hudson River, he replied “If I don’t do it who will?”;

making and bottling beer in his NYC apartment proved relatively simple once Arlene gave up use of the bathtub,  others agreed to hair-raising car jaunts in search for ingredients, and once tenants  became accustomed to the smell;

Maurice Chevalier would have smiled approvingly as Don sang and danced one evening near the park to “Thank Heavens for Little Girls”;

as well the proud smirks when he wore the clay pendant made in a raku kiln constructed of haphazard sheet metal pieces and fired with the help of our sheep/goat/pig guano.

Oh, and then there were the loved excursions to NYC used book stores with Don in the lead."

This tribute was added by Rick Martin on 14th February 2014

"I was Don’s caregiver from the time he left rehab until his passing. I did not know Don before the onset of dementia and yet, reading other comments, I knew him better than I realized. It was late spring, and I would take Don to Kemper Park by Mitchie Tavern. It has several walking trails leading to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello or up Carter’s Mountain. We would walk about a quarter of a mile before tiring, sit on a bench, eat a snack, and watch the runners go by. Don loved nature. There was always something in bloom and it fascinated him how thick the forest was.  He never turned down an apple, or one of Arlene’s cookies! With each week, the return walk to the car became more difficult. We would spend a little less time walking, and a little more time riding in the car. We always stopped at McDonald’s for a coke and an apple pie! Don would comment when he saw a nice car, particularly a red one that looked fast!

Taking Don to the nursing home up in Stanardsville was a difficult day for me but he was a trooper. The other residents humored him. However, his slow decline began to accelerate. When Don could, we would go out for a ride. I would open up the sunroof, all of the windows, and ride up over the Blue Ridge Mountains, filling him with fresh mountain air, stopping in the little town of Elkton on the other side. Don and I would sit at the McDonald’s eating our apple pies, sharing a coke, and watch the world go by. We did that once or twice a week until hospice said no more.

His body was having difficulty healing itself. Simple bruises became wounds. However, even when he was in pain, Don was always charming, especially with the ladies. Anyone who met Don fell in love with him. His eyes were so expressive and he had a mischievous smile. There was something about that smile. My day was not complete without one but what touched my heart most was the genuine love his eyes expressed when Arlene walked in the room.

Trying to heal his wounds was a battle. I would assist the hospice RN with changing his bandages. It was disheartening. There is a shortage of beds but Hospice found a nursing home in Charlottesville and with more specialized care. I would get there early every morning so I could work with their wound care nurse. Carol was awesome! Don’s wounds were looking better. For a brief time, it felt like we were winning the battle. It was short lived. The antibiotics became ineffective.

The last three days, I sat by his side, holding his hand, and praying. I sensed the time was near, but I kept asking God for more time. It seems selfish now, but I think I needed him more. It was in those moments I had learned so much about myself. Don was a teacher to the end."

This tribute was added by Arlene Goodyear on 14th February 2014

"Norm and Alice Gary win the medal for steadfast friendship! For several years they have bolstered Don and me in so many ways: frequent cross country visits, phone calls, emails, surprise mailings of no end of surprising contents - It is no wonder that on Norm's last visit Don, even with his memory loss, said on Norm's leaving, "Goodbye, Norm. Thanks for coming!"

The credit for this memorial is Norm's. I am profoundly grateful."

This tribute was added by Laura Tietjen on 13th February 2014

"I feel very fortunate to have been able to spend  time with Don on a weekly basis for almost two years.  We took many walks, made paper airplanes and flew them, looked over his family history where I learned much about his amazing life.  He was always gracious, kind, thoughtful and his wry sense of humor shone through and made me laugh on many occasions.  When I first met Don years before, I marveled at his ability as a potter; I would deliberately find a way to stay after class so I could watch him throw!  Whenever I am in the studio I think of Arlene and Don and try to emulate the skill and expertise they exhibited.   I treasure the times I shared with Don, and feel blessed to have so many wonderful memories of a wonderful man.  Just like Alison, I want to thank you for including me in your lives, Arlene.  Much love...."

This tribute was added by Michael Goodyear on 13th February 2014

"There are two memories of my uncle that stand out the most- reading on the porch with him at his mother's house in Cedar Rapids, IA in that unbearable humidity, and the time we spent together driving back and forth to the hospital to visit my dad (his brother) who was gravely ill.  I am very appreciative of those talks we had during that time.  I will miss his warmth and his very sly sense of humor."

This tribute was added by Al Loeb on 13th February 2014

"What a kind, gentle, smart man. We'll remember his intellect, his sense of humor, his pure devotion to Arlene and family and friends. The pride and attention he gave to form and function in everything he did was inspirational, in particular his beautiful pottery and the enchanting, exquisitely detailed model wood planes. I know what we saw was only a brief, small peek into his talents and contributions. Thank you so much for including us in your lives.
With sympathy and love from us on Ft. Wash. xoxo"

This tribute was added by Julian Martin on 12th February 2014

"There was no doubt who the most intelligent and well-informed member of our Peace Corps group that gathered for beer and knock down basketball games and spouting of wisdom at Al Ulmer's school. It was Don by a mile and with a wry sense of humor."

This tribute was added by Norman Gary on 9th February 2014

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