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  • 73 years old
  • Born on November 29, 1945 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States.
  • Passed away on January 15, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
Lawrence “Don” Law of Phoenix, Arizona, (as well as Iowa, Oklahoma & Arkansas) passed away on Tuesday, January 15, 2019, peacefully in his sleep due to ongoing health complications from a stroke in 2011.
Don was born on November 29,1945, in Fort Smith, Arkansas, to Hollice Erwin Law and Myrtle (Caudle) Law. 
Don enjoyed his life to the fullest. He was an avid golfer, writer, photographer, joke-teller, and Razorbacks fan. After attending the University of Arkansas, his career began as an award-winning journalist in Rogers, Arkansas, and concluded at Qwest Communications in Des Moines, Iowa.
Don lived in Des Moines for many years. He would often be found golfing with his friends & family, dancing to live music, attending Des Moines Arts Festivals and events, catching a movie at the Fleur Cinema, eating at Skips, beating everyone at Trivia, placing $2 “show bets” at Prairie Meadows, winning often at cards and games, and betting his daughters in football, March Madness, and Oscar ballots. His life was filled with happiness, sincerity, and a gratitude for beautiful moments. 
His sense of humor and fun live on through his daughters Jill (Law) Neil of Los Angeles & Lindsay Law of Des Moines; sister Bettye (Law) Boone of Little Rock; nephew Scott Boone of Florida; significant other Vicky Dainty of Phoenix and her daughters and grandchildren (Terry Dainty, Sunny Dainty, Chaleigh Dainty, Erica Dixon, & Isaiah Dixon); and grandchildren Jude & Luca Neil of Los Angeles who lovingly called him “GranDon”.
You will be missed by all, GranDon. Enjoy the fairways of heaven.

A Celebration of Life for Don will be held Friday, January 25th from 1:00-4:00 PM at Wakonda Club, located at 3915 FLEUR DRIVE DES MOINES, IA 50321. Friends and Family welcomed.

In lieu of flowers or donations, please leave a tribute or story about our amazing, loving and witty father on this website.

Thank you,

Jill & Lindsay

Posted by Cathie Larmie on January 20, 2019
I was Don's pharmacist at Walgreens for many years. He would come in early in the morning and we would talk about our golf games and his travles with his girls. I was very sad when he had his stroke and when he moved away. Hope you have great travels and golf games in heaven. You are greatly missed.
Posted by Erica Dixon on January 19, 2019
Grandpa Don I remember when I was 8 years old and I needed father to take me to the father & daughter dance it meant so much to me . It also meant alot when you use to teach me how to say the color purple that was our thing for while . I wanted to say thank you for all the memories and laugh we had together . I'll finally time together was bitter Sweet love you so much Don
Posted by Terri Dainty on January 18, 2019
I became a mother in June of 2006 and I didn’t realize that day how important mothers are.  But over the years I have come to fully understand. You always loved my mom with all your heart. Anyone who knew you could see you cherished her, for that I will always be grateful to you.  You and mom didn’t agree on a lot of things, but you always loved her unconditionally.  You gave her some of the best times of her life, and always respect and unconditional love.  You were always so thoughtful and you always wore your heart on your sleeve.  No one could ever question how much you loved and were proud of your girls, your family. You will be greatly missed by us, your family.
Posted by SUNNY DAINTY on January 18, 2019
Oh Don what a Step father you were. I never asked you if it was ok to call you my "step dad" but you never corrected me and you sure played an amazing part in my life after losing my father at age 19. You made my mother so happy for over 20 years. I am very lucky and so blessed to have you in my life. I am truly grateful my kids had such an amazing Grand Don. My children's father wasn't present in their life so I asked Don to take my daughter to a father daughter dance hoping he would say yes because Erica was convinced she needed to be there. He said I would love to.. I enjoyed going to horse races with you and all the fancy dinners at Prairie Meadows for holidays... Genius idea of Don's so my mom and I didn't have to cook. He had a lot of genius ideas though. He was so witty and at times a little smart assy. You will so be missed and I am proud to say and will hold my head high and say you were the best "step dad" ever. Thanks for all the life lessons. Don Law you rock!!!
Posted by David Smith on January 16, 2019
Jill and Lindsay,
I'm what you would call a "baby cousin" to your dad. He was much older than I, but I was close to your Aunt Bettye growing up. I would spend weeks on end at the great-aunts home in Ft. Smith and Bettye was close in age and we spent a lot of time together. I DO remember your dad as being so darn funny. Even at that young age, I picked up on this. What I really remember the most about your dad (and you two) was the time you spent in Booneville. Your dad (and Mom) couldn't have been nicer to my grandparents when you lived there. They often spoke how of how appreciative they were that Don and your family would spend ANY time with them. The ultimate to me was when Grand-dad passed away. We were looking over all the flowers sent and there in the middle was an arrangement with a ribbon with a message from you girls. It really meant the world to my grandparents AND to me. Prayers to you all.
Posted by Scott Boone on January 16, 2019
Men like my Uncle Don are far and few between. A true gentleman. Growing up I always looked forward to spending time with him, even though he was my uncle I always thought of him as my Grand-Farther. Holidays were filled with games, gifts and of course his famous jokes. He was by far the funniest man I’ve ever met. Even after his stroke he still had the best one liners. Two years ago I introduced my fiancé Caroline to him, and with out missing a beat he said “north or south” how he thought of that so quickly is beyond me. At our wedding last April Don traveled all the way from Arizona to Florida for the ceremony not an easy task. This meant the world to me Don that you were there. Thank you for that and everything else you’ve done for me. I hope that one day I can be as great of a role model for somebody as you were in my life. Love you!
Posted by Donna Williams-Pitts on January 16, 2019
Don, I want to thank you for being such a wonderful Brother to Bettye. I will always cherish the memories of you at all the RHS ball games, and the party you let her have at your apartment upon her graduation. Rest easy.
Posted by Kristie Wilson on January 16, 2019
As the youngest of the “Law” cousins, I never got a chance to know most of my extended family members on a very personal level. So you can imagine that at most family gatherings (reunions, weddings, and funerals) I usually stuck pretty close to my sisters. They seemed to know everyone and I counted on them to discreetly divulge the names of those individuals who all seemed to know each other so well. There was a 27 year age gap between Don and me but I ALWAYS knew who he was. Know why? Because he referred to me affectionately (and immediately) as “Potsquattly”. I never knew why he settled on that peculiar nickname for his youngest cousin and I never asked. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure he ever called me by my given name! I just knew he was super funny, always knew me, and always made an effort to engage me in conversation. I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing him very often – he made his home in Iowa and we made ours in Nashville – but it never failed that he knew exactly who I was each time we had the pleasure of sharing each other’s company, no matter how many years had passed. 
Jill and Lindsay – your dad was one-of-a-kind in the BEST kind of way. Rest assured he is now healthy and whole and enjoying all the splendors Heaven has to offer.
Posted by Vicky Dainty on January 16, 2019
Don, we had a great ride starting in 1997. I remember after I transferred from Omaha back to DM you asked me to go golfing with you and some of your co-workers. I agreed, but when the day came to go no one else could go and you asked if I still wanted to go. Much much later I discovered no one else had been invited,it was your way of asking me out.
We experienced some wonderful vacations together such as the trips to Hawaii, the 2 cruises, golf trips. We enjoyed much the same things such as movies, golfing, cards, traveling, dining out, dancing, family time. That's why it worked so long between us. I will miss your sense of humor, even though much of the time I didn't get it.
It has been extremely difficult watching your health deteriorate from a healthy strong man to what it became in the end. Every day when I would visit
you at the care center not once did you ever complain as we sat and remembered the fun times we once had. You was never a complainer.
I will miss you Don, but I know you are in a better place with no more pain.
Thanks for sharing your life with me and my family!

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