Hey my friend

Shared by Erin Brasil on January 1, 2020
I miss you think about you lots happy new year 2020 wow 10 years so hard to believe still hurts like it was yesterday you creep into my dreams and let me know all is right your still missed I still get sad to think your not available when I have the hard questions of life that I need to bounce off of someone I miss you 


Shared by Jen Soper on December 4, 2010

Halloween was his favorite, and he would make all of his costumes himself.  My favorite memory of this was the year he decided to be Homer Simpson.  He spent many hours making latex brows, and eye sockets, etc... so he resembled homer completely.  We got to the hotel and he was attempting to put his "face" on and the adhesive just would not work for some reason.  So I said you already have Homers facial shape pretty much, why don't you just paint your face yellow and I bet it will still look great.  He decided to give it a try.  When the rest of us were finished getting dressed in our costumes we headed downstairs to the party.

They had a cardboard cutout of Homer there so I "made" him go stand by the cut out and had his picture taken so that he could see for himself that he was Homer's twin... LOL

There were many other parties and times we shared but this particular party stands out as this was the party that showed me that he really was a true friend through thick and thin.  Those that know that story know exactly what I am saying. 

He helped me on many occassions, from helping me fix and set up my grill, to listening to me on many occassions.  Including some self esteem issues I was struggling through, he would not sugar coat anything he would tell me openly and honestly exactly what I had to hear, and everything he said was true.  I grew up a great deal following his advise. 

I so miss this exchange, but any time I do anything now that I am unsure of I stop and think, what would Don have said. 

I will always love and miss him, and will never ever forget him.  I know he his never that far away as he is always in my thoughts and he will always have a corner of my heart.


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