Don and ML
Don Steinweg
  • 65 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 18, 1949
  • Place of birth:
    Puno, Peru
  • Date of passing: Jun 7, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    College Place, Washington, United States
I will lift up my eyes to the mountains. From whence shall my help come? My help comes from YHWH who made heaven and earth. Psalm 121

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Climb the mountains and get their good tidings;

Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine into flowers;

The winds will blow their freshness into you and the storms their energy

and cares will drop off like autumn leaves.      John Muir

June 10, 2015  As I looked through a blue file folder labeled Don-Important, my eye saw the web address written by Don's hand, followed by his comment - look at. Well, I did look at it and am hoping that this will be a place where those of us who knew and loved my precious husband Don, can share together, comfort each other, encourage one another, and heal together as we have suffered this loss.

I have never been a widow before, so please be patient with me.  I can tell you that it hurts so badly!  If I didn't have the Word of God upon which to depend, I would not have the desire to continue.  I feel disorganized and like everything is piling up, so please understand.  There is so much I would like to share about Don -- photos, things he has written, songs we have recorded, and lots more.  However, right now it has only been a few days since he died from Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  Let's do this together, OK? 

As I am not on facebook,  would you re-post on this site the special memories, photos, and comments you so kindly put on Don's facebook sites so I can have the privilege of viewing them?

Please invite others to join us here as well.  Thank you from my heart!

                                                                      Mary Lou

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Sarah Burt on 18th August 2017

"You are in my prayers today Marylou as I know you miss Don a lot.  Looking forward to the resurrection day to see our dear loved ones again just as you are!  Love and prayers and I treasure the time of our last visit together with you and your dear Mother Elora."

This tribute was added by Mary Lou Steinweg on 18th August 2017

"8-18-49 at 8:18 Don was born. I have shared some thoughts under the "stories" portion. I surely was blessed to have shared life with him!!!"

This tribute was added by Mary Lou Steinweg on 7th June 2017

"Two years have passed since we said good-by to Don.
Two years to grieve, to rejoice, to adjust, to hope, to prepare.
Two years closer to the return of the LIFEGIVER who said:
     "I AM the resurrection and the life."

I have posted on the story section and included a photo I inadvertently found in a file folder.  Thank you, dear ones, for remembering Don.


Mary Lou"

This tribute was added by Mary Lou Steinweg on 18th August 2016

"8-18-1949 Don was born .  I have posted a brief story of some happy memories of his 28th birthday which happened during our very special honeymoon.

If you have any special birthday memories to share I'd love it!

Mary Lou"

This tribute was added by Mark Shipowick on 18th August 2016

"Blessings Mary Lou.  Thinking of you and your family.  You all are in my prayers."

This tribute was added by Mary Lou Steinweg on 9th August 2016

"Today is our 39th wedding anniversary!  How I miss Don!  How I eagerly wait for the coming of Jesus!!!  Thank you each for your love, your prayers, your random phone calls & emails.

"Bear ye one another's burdens,
     and so fulfill the Law of Christ."  Galatians 6:2

How very fortunate I was to have my life intertwined with that of Don.

                                                          M A R A N A T H A !

                                                                          Mary Lou"

This tribute was added by Mary Lou Steinweg on 7th June 2016

"This dear note came by email from Amy Lynn (Steinweg) Krum

Hi Aunt Mary Lou,

I am thinking of you and praying for you especially today.

I tried to leave a message on the website but I don't think it worked. Oh well, mostly just wanted to tell you I love you and I'm thinking of you and remembering all the years you and Uncle Don were such a blessing to me when I was at Weimar.

                          Thank you again!      



This tribute was added by Mary Lou Steinweg on 7th June 2016

"This message came by email from Julia Outkina in Russia (who knows by experience the pain of losing her husband to death).  Thank you, Julia, for remembering, and for your kind words!

Julia - this verse is for both of us:  Job 1:21

'The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away.

         Blessed be the name of the LORD.'

Hi dearest Mary Lou and family,

Please  accept  my greatest sympathies on this sad day, after one year
has  passed. Our blessed hope and happiness is in Christ Whom we shall see soon and unite in Him with our loved ones. . .

God is with you, dearest Mary Lou!

Lovingly in Him, Julia"

This tribute was added by Eduardo Ocampo on 24th August 2015

"A los familiares de Don:  Su recuerdo es imborrable.  Lo vemos a través de los años con la seriedad única con que hacía sus cosas, atendía sus clases y ofrecía sus tareas escolares.  Era un modelo de persona y de joven cristiano, admirable y digno de seguir su ejemplo.  

Que Dios acompañe a sus familiares con la esperanza de verlo en la resurrección de los justos.

Eduardo y Flora Ocampo"

This tribute was added by Sara Hellberg on 20th August 2015

"I didn't know Don very well, but I can tell by reading the comments that he made an impact in a lot of lives.  Mary Lou, I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of the life and adventures you had together, thank you for the invitation to the site.
Blessings and prayers to you,

This tribute was added by Amy Krum on 16th July 2015

"Dear Aunt Mary Lou,

I was just  reading some of these messages and am so blessed by all the love and hope poured out by so many people. The music especially is so wonderful. What a blessing that God gave this site to Uncle Don to be a comfort to you. Yesterday was my son Nathan's 12th B-day.  Rachel Leffler, John Krum's daughter, birthed Emily Grace, just last night!  It made me think of my birthday, only 2 days away from Uncle Don's. I am thinking especially of him and remembering the times we celebrated our birthdays together when I was a little girl. I was six when we went to the zoo together with my parents and shared a cake.  :) He was a special uncle. Love you so much! Amy"

This tribute was added by Bonny Hillebert on 12th July 2015

"Hi Mary Lou,
I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby, Don!  I didn't know him, but knew his brother's children @ Weimar!  Wonderful family!  I know you will miss him a lot, but you will see him very soon!  Jesus is coming soooo soon!  What a reunion that will be!  May God wrap His arms about you and hold you close to His heart and comfort you, is my prayer for you right now!  (Bonny Strickland Hillebert)."

This tribute was added by Grace Bryant on 6th July 2015

"What a blessing to see Don at the Cancer Support Group meetings twice monthly and see he was still alive, and to hear his and Mary Lou's witness of trust in God and thanks to Him!  I prayed for  him daily, and now for Mary Lou and Ann and family daily that God will comfort them and bless them with His presence."

This tribute was added by Don Rosenbaum on 6th July 2015

"Thank you for thinking of us and sending this tribute.
Don and Sally Rosenbaum"

This tribute was added by Helen Siegel on 6th July 2015

"I was blessed to listen to the scripture songs recorded by Uncle Don and Aunt Mary Lou.  I miss Uncle Don. Can't wait for Heaven!

This tribute was added by Connie Torkelsen on 5th July 2015

"Dear Mary Lou,

As teenagers we had so many adventures. Then came marriages and work, children, and loss of time spent together. The very small time we spent with Don, I knew you had met you soul mate. Your study of the Word of God, your writing of music, your parenting two wonderful sons, and many other memories you will live with alone now until you meet with Don again at the feet of Jesus in heaven. The beautiful mournful tones of Bach's "Come, Sweet Death," is an earthly reminder that heaven is the next thing Don will experience at the second coming. Until then my love is with you, as you continue in this next part of your journey."

This tribute was added by Jim Pappas on 24th June 2015

"Linda and I will always look back fondly on the weekend you and Don and the boys spent with us in our Dobbins home. We were encouraged and inspired by you your family. Looking forward to getting to know all of you better in the kingdom.

Jim Pappas"

This tribute was added by ANN DICICCO on 20th June 2015

"My Dear Sister, Mary Lou.  I''m so thankful the Lord provided a way for me to go out to be with you recently.  Don had been such a blessing in our lives. I know we will miss him dearly.  I'm so thankful we have the recordings of the two of you singing the scripture songs the Lord gave you two. The recordings and the pictures help to keep his memory alive and close.  
What a blessed hope we have."

This tribute was added by Kathy McConnell on 18th June 2015

"Mary Lou, the two of you have been such an inspiration.  Your love for each other was evident in every word and gesture.  Don was an exceptional man.  I only knew him through the cancer group, but he was such an optimistic and determined man.  We all admired him.
  As you know, I have had a similar loss in my life.  Take good care of yourself.  Take the time to grieve.  Don will be there for you and you can keep talking to him!  He will surely be listening, just like he did when he was alive.  He was such a good man."

This tribute was added by Kevin Stokes on 18th June 2015

"I was very saddened to hear that Don had died. He was my best friend when we were young boys in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I am sorry that I did not have the privilege of knowing him as an adult. From what I have heard he was a wonderful husband, father, friend and church member.

I would like to share a very comforting paragraph from Desire of Ages page 483 that has meant a lot to me over the years.

Through all our trials we have a never-failing Helper. He does not leave us alone to struggle with temptation, to battle with evil, and be finally crushed with burdens and sorrow. Though now He is hidden from mortal sight, the ear of faith can hear His voice saying, Fear not; I am with you. "I am He that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive forevermore." Revelation 1:18. I have endured your sorrows, experienced your struggles, encountered your temptations. I know your tears; I also have wept. The griefs that lie too deep to be breathed into any human ear, I know. Think not that you are desolate and forsaken. Though your pain touch no responsive chord in any heart on earth, look unto Me, and live. "The mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but My kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of My peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee." Isaiah 54:10.

Let me share some of my memories of Don. My family had been in Ecuador for three months when the Steinwegs arrived. I was very happy to meet another American Adventist boy. We saw each other almost every day for five months until we went back to the States. We would alternate visits– one day I would walk to Don’s house, the next day he would walk to mine and so on. We would have lots of fun playing and talking together.

Don and Ann, my brother Keith and I used to play hide and seek. In one of them Ann suggested that Keith hide in a planter on top of our balcony wall. (It was safe!) He was so well concealed that Don and I looked all over, could not find him and had to give up.

I began a hobby of collecting maps and airline schedules in Ecuador. I went downtown several times to request them from airline offices. Both Don and Ann remember going with me.

Happy childhood pastimes were so much fun. I am happy that I got to share many of them with Don. I wish that we had continued our friendship into adolescence and adulthood.

Don and Mary Lou and I also had in common a love for Elder Bill Lehman. I listened to and counselled with him for more than a decade. He was a tremendous blessing to me.

Kevin Stokes"

This tribute was added by Tom Miller on 17th June 2015

"I first met Don when I came to this country in 1970.  We used to play racquetball and work together.  He was obviously very intelligent and very modest with a keen appreciation of God.  He was not a boaster, but rather the opposite.  He always did what he considered to be right.
It is sad that he has departed this life and I look forward to seeing him again.  Tom Miller"

This tribute was added by Richard Stepanske on 16th June 2015

"I have not kept up with Don since we graduated together in 1971.
I remember don as one of the most studious classmates I had. He was always right at the top of the class. I am so sorry to hear of his passing and the troubles he had for the past couple of years. I know how you feel, Mary Lou. I lost my daughter the day after you lost Don.
May God's Grace be sufficient for each of us."

This tribute was added by Mardi Hagerman on 16th June 2015

"I remember meeting Don when he came in for the first time to the cancer center.  He told me he wouldn't be receiving treatment for his diagnosis, but his wife would be taking care of him.....hmmmm. O.K. Well I have watched this "wife" and Don over the last couple of years and they have warmed my heart, inspired me with their faith, and reminded me what marriage really means..  I love them both.  People come into your life and out, but these two will always be carried in my have etched your initials.  Love to you Mary Lou."

This tribute was added by Garnett Carter on 16th June 2015

"Dear Mary Lou
Elsie and I are very sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to meet Don. However based on the tributes posted here he was an outstanding husband, great father and a devoted Christian. There is that hope "that burns within our hearts" of the second coming of Christ where you will be reunited with Don again to continue your journey forever. Blessings and Love, Garnett and Elsie"

This tribute was added by Jim DeLong on 15th June 2015

"Dear MaryLou,
It doesn't seem all that long ago, sitting in Don's Sabbath School class, or Friday evening vespers at you guys' apartment in Grand Terrace. Fast forward a few decades, forgot how, but we renewed our friendship on Facebook. We always enjoyed sharing our amazement at God's amazing grace. This continued, even when he was sick. I then called him to encourage him.  Guess who was encouraged. I will always treasure the time when you called me and asked me talk to Don. He wasn't able to talk to me. I quoted John 14: 1-3 and said a short prayer. I
Was once again the one who was blest.
"So dear to my heart is the promise of God ...  I'm homesick for heaven, seems I cannot wait ..."
Even so, come Lord Jesus. See you in the morning, my brother."

This tribute was added by Mikki Tutsch on 15th June 2015

"Mary Lou,
I have a soft spot in my heart for you and Don for reaching out to me while I was experiencing some turbulence in my life's journey.  You both were an inspiration to me.  I remember you guys singing songs on those Kentucky back roads while on your daily walk. Don went the extra mile for me by driving me well out of the way so I could meet up with a friend.  He was a good man.  
I pray that you will find peace and encouragement during this challenging time.  
Looking forward to Heaven,

This tribute was added by Bonnie Olds on 14th June 2015

"Mary Lou, know you and your family are in our prayers and share your grief.  It is so hard to let go of our love ones, and sure not an easy one.  We love the scripture song you shared, beautiful!  Take care of yourself Bonnie Cliff Olds"

This tribute was added by Mary Lou Steinweg on 14th June 2015

"One week ago at 2:15 pm, Don, my treasured husband, lover, friend, companion and fellow-servant of the LORD, breathed his last breath.  I was at his bedside.  "YHWH gave, and YHWH has taken away, blessed be the name of YHWH."  Wonderful peace."

This tribute was added by Carol Peasley on 14th June 2015

"Mary Lou!  I'm so surprised...I had no idea.  So sorry we have not kept in touch better than this!  Comfort is only a prayer away...sometimes a prayer all day!  I enjoyed seeing the pictures...he looks in those photos happier than I remember him here...he just seemed more serious.  I had no idea that he composed songs or sang.  My contact was mostly with you, I guess.  I am so glad in the hope of resurrection and the day can't come too soon!  But the truth is...there are still so many not ready.  Still we can only hope the day everyone decides is soon.     Love you!  May the Lord bless and keep you!"

This tribute was added by Mary Barrett on 14th June 2015

"The LORD is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

He has sent me (Jesus) to comfort all who mourn. Isaiah 61:1b-2"

This tribute was added by Susan Dworin on 13th June 2015

"O give thanks when shadows fall, when the night approaches,
when sleep will close the door of time,
when rest will come without dreams,
for the morning is promised to the weary, and the meek.
Behold, the poor in spirit have been given the seventh day of creation,
and the beginning of another week."

This tribute was added by Jim Clifton on 13th June 2015

"Dear Mary Lou,

I was pleased, years ago, to find that you had found someone in this world to enhance your joy as you journeyed to our heavenly home.  

I never had the opportunity of becoming acquainted with Don, as we never lived close enough that it was possible.  I do recall when I did have the opportunity to see you both together, there seemed to be a radiance of joy and happiness.  Also, in the ensuing years, whenever I've had an opportunity to speak with you, you often expressed what a fine man your husband was, and what a blessing he has been to you.

His passing saddens me, because I know from your expressions of your deep love and commitment to him that it will be a painful journey.  By your comments, I know that you have Hope that you will be with him again.  One of the greatest legacies of your life together with him is to continue to be a herald for Jesus.  I believe that's what he would want you to do.

God bless you my dear friend.


This tribute was added by Gerald Hines on 13th June 2015

"Dear marylou,

I am sorry for your pain.  Don has always blessed us with his belief and hope in God and Jesus. May God comfort you as you adjust your life and give you hope in our world to come.

Love you Jerry"

This tribute was added by Mary Lou Steinweg on 13th June 2015

"FYI   There are so many really special and wonderful email messages that I have received - so my plan is to share them in the "His Life" section - so check at the very bottom of that tab for the latest.  Thank you all for your love and especially these words that I can read over and over during the days and weeks to come when it will be so very real to me (right now I am rather numb)  God is so good."

This tribute was added by Mary Lou Steinweg on 13th June 2015

"Dear Aunt Mary Lou,
I am in Chuuk on a mission trip, Amy and the kids are home in Guam.
I was touched just to read some of the other remarks on the memorial website. I tried to post mine but had trouble. Here it is:

From Roger Krum, Guam

Mary Lou, I just want to say how privileged I am to come to know both of you since marrying Don's brother's daughter Amy. Don was so personable, he took a personal interest in everyone, it seemed. I also liked about him that he thought for himself and wasn't afraid to stand firm on what he believed. And to share that with others in a respectful way. I will miss his quiet peaceful eagerness in the way he talked. I also enjoyed his humor. Mary Lou, we pray God will hold you close in His big arms as you heal from the pain of missing Don. Thank you for your constant faith in Jesus. I love you.



This tribute was added by ken hines on 12th June 2015

"Our prayers and best wishes Mary, and to all the family. We know there is a great reunion ahead for us all. Don was a pleasant, kind and thoughtful man. He will surely be missed. Our fondest thoughts are with you. Much love, Ken Hines and family"

This tribute was added by richard lukens on 12th June 2015

"Hi Mary Lou  We have known each other's family since your folk were in medical school.  Of course we were saddened to hear when the diagnosis was first made.  God is SO GOOD for Him to give Don so many more months of life.  Medically speaking that in it's self is a major miracle. I remember the first time I saw you and Don at your folks place in Calistoga. We will remember you and your's in prayer. Rick"

This tribute was added by Elora Ford on 12th June 2015

"Thank you, Don, for becoming a part of my precious 3 children:  Mary Lou Steinweg, Robert Ford, and Nora Roth.  You faithfully brought me letters from the prisoners Mary Lou and I write to.  I grade the Bible studies and then return them.  You put hundreds of stamps on letters to return.  I will miss you, but I plan of seeing you very soon."

This tribute was added by Amy Krum on 12th June 2015

"Dear Aunt Mary Lou,  
Thank you for sharing the pictures, they are so beautiful. I am amazed how well Uncle Don looked even at the end! I am sad that he has died, but so thankful for who he was, my precious uncle and friend. I am comforted that he knew Jesus and trusted his eternal future to the One who lived and died to save sinners.
I love you and I'm praying for you.  Love, Amy"

This tribute was added by Linda Belanger on 12th June 2015

"Revelation 14:13 And I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” “Blessed indeed,” says the Spirit, “that they may rest from their labors, for their deeds follow them!”

God is good Mary Lou and has blessed you with a wonderful life with your husband. He will wait for you and tell you how wonderful heaven is and welcome you to the heavenly kingdom when God calls you home.  You were a wonderful wife and he will be missed.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.  God Bless."

This tribute was added by Mark Shipowick on 12th June 2015

""Peace I leave with you".  In your loss and acute pain Mary Lou, may the love of Christ sustain and uphold you.  He understands.  His heart is touched.  I remember you and Don singing one of your simple, beautiful choruses after our wonderful fellowship together last summer.  It's a fond memory now.  I'm praying the Lord will comfort you with many many other fond memories of your life together.  My condolences.  Your brother, Mark."

This tribute was added by Julia Outkina on 12th June 2015

"Oh how my heart goes out to you, dearest Mary Lou, in my deepest sympathy and compassion! I love you dearly and appreciate so much what I can see in the slide show. What I see is Divine Love pouring out through you permeating every moment of Don's and all you family's life. God is with you and has been with Don every step of the way!

Julia from Russia"

This tribute was added by Jennifer Oetman on 12th June 2015

"Mary, my thoughts & prayers are with you.  Max Lucado wrote,"tears are God's gift to us for when words don't express the pain we're feeling".  Love you, Jennifer Oetman"

This tribute was added by Kathi Guth on 11th June 2015

"Don was very blessed to have you as his nurse.  Our family has been forever grateful for the tender care you gave our grandfather during his last days at St. Helena."

This tribute was added by Shirley Heisey on 11th June 2015

"Dear Friend Marilou,  
May you be surrounded by a sense of God's Presence, every bit as real as was your Companion whom you loved so much.  May God fill the corners of your life will rays of sunshine from friends, and family, and ministry, and with God Himself.  Hugs.  There remains a Forever Hope to cheer you until the Better Day when Jesus Himself will welcome the two of you into His own home.  "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee, even unto the ends of the earth."~God."

This tribute was added by Vanessa alexander on 11th June 2015

"I am so sorry to hear this news, prayers to you and your family. May God comfort you and your family! Your all in my thoughts and prayers!!"

This tribute was added by Mary Lou Steinweg on 10th June 2015

"One of the very most wonderful activities that Don and I enjoyed was reading together in the evenings on a regular basis from the book "Living by Faith" - what a blessing!!!     You will find treasures of truth!"

This tribute was added by Nora Roth on 10th June 2015

"Don, we miss you and love you."

This tribute was added by Mary Lou Steinweg on 10th June 2015

"A scripture song that Don composed - Job 14:7

"For there is hope for a tree when it is cut down,
     that it will sprout again.
And its shoots will not fail, thought its roots grow old in the ground,
     and its stump dies in the dry soil.
At the scent of water it will flourish
     and put forth sprigs like a plant."

May that day be very soon!!!  I love you, Don!"

This tribute was added by Mary Lou Steinweg on 10th June 2015

"When I was young, Mom Ford taught me the final words from a poem composed by William Cullen Bryant entitled "Thanatopsis" - I  thought of these words frequently as Don was dying.

So live, that when thy summons comes to join  
The innumerable caravan, which moves  
To that mysterious realm, where each shall take  
His chamber in the silent halls of death,  
Thou go not, like the quarry-slave at night,  
Scourged to his dungeon, but, sustained and soothed  
By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave,  
Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch  
About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams."

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