"Some people seem to fade away but then when they are truly gone, it's like they didn't fade away at all.” Bob Dylan
  • 67 years old
  • Born on June 29, 1947 .
  • Passed away on November 10, 2014 in Del Mar, California, United States.

This website was created to give friends and family a place to share memories of Dona with each other.  Please share photos, as well.  Dona was a force of nature, and everyone who knew her could probably fill a book with stories about her larger than life personality, her genrosity of spirit, and the infectious laugh that never quit.  

Whether you've got a book to write, or just a quick little story, please share it here.  We'd all love to read it! 

Posted by Jane Krikorian on 8th September 2017
I am so sorry to just learn of Dona's passing. I knew her 24 years ago when I was a new mom. We met at Gold's Gym on Garnet and Mission Bay Dr. My son was only 9 mos old at the time but she made this incredible connection with him. She taught him how to blow a kiss like a game show host!! Every time I showed up they would blow that kiss to each other!! To this day, I think of her and remember her life force. To her family and friends, I am so sorry for your loss. A person like Dona doesn't come around often. I feel fortunate that our paths crossed in this life. Blessings to you all.
Posted by Sara Fraunces on 31st July 2017
Dona, I think about you so often. More often that you would think. I looked up to you, was intrigued by you and appreciated you. Of course I also love Melody and Stephanie, two special strong women. You are amazing Dona. Love to you wherever you are. Hopefully with Ryan. xo
Posted by Karla Becker on 10th November 2016
My heart still hurts I miss you so. Had some good Mexican food last night and talked politics.....the seat next to me was empty but I know you listened in on our fears of this new president. The protest in the streets gives me hope that we women will pull up our big girl panties and keep pushing for our rights. We fight in your light....my bright Sister.
Posted by Charlie Pedersen on 18th March 2015
Miss you as our lead CM sales person back when the Price Club was a client of CFB .(now UB)....How could suchh a light burn out too soon...can t forget all those after hours ...celebrations....Someone you can t ever forget ...but will always remember till it s my turn..Charlie
Posted by Mike Estes on 22nd December 2014
My dearest Auntie D. Where do I begin? You are my earliest memories in life, your laughter was like hearing Angels sing. Your smile lit up everyone's world around you. I watched you suffer thru hardships that most people cannot handle. I watched you attain goals. I witnessed you at your worst and greatest. You taught me allot in the many years. Mostly you really went out of your way to show you cared. You actually made me take notice of my own errors in a way where I was able to make them my strongest assets. You were always supportive. I fondly remember you calling me up whenI was 19 years old screaming you saw me in a magazine. Screaming in pure excitement. I knew then I wanted to keep you screaming. Shortly after, you saved my ass again by teaching me a life lesson in finances. You taught me so many invaluable life lessons that between you and my amazing mother, you shaped me into the man I am today. You really stayed in touch with me, you never missed a birthday or Christmas. Recieving the last advent calendar after you passed away was a massive surprise. Another moment I will always cherish. Just so you know, I saved every single card you sent to me. I read thru them recently and your words are priceless, calling me the best dad you've ever seen literally melts my eyes in a flooded face of tears. Your truly a remarkable woman to me. Your loving daughters whom I consider my sisters must be in terrible pain not being able to simpley call you. My heart goes out to Giles too, the pain you must be experiencing pales in comparison of any injury suffered. Our family is big, so big I know the impact of your passing must reach far and wide to people I've never met. My sincere condolences. She was greater than any movie star in my opinion. To my precious Auntie, I promise you I will eternally make you proud, I can still hear your messages to me. I love you very much and until the day comes for me to jump the pearly gates, just save me a spot in the paddle out and I'll save your spot on the chairlift! I never took for granted all the wind you put under my wings. With one heavy heart, I kiss to the sky. Love you Auntie!!!
Posted by Karla Becker on 30th November 2014
My sweet sister was a storm of love, compassion and back bone. She loved large. She fought so very hard to come back from the stoke that took her speech and caused so much pain. I love her and she is forever in my heart.
Posted by Alice King on 24th November 2014
Here is what I posted on my Facebook page. I share it here with love. I rarely post about someone dying but in the words of my friend Anne Schupack, "I want to pay tribute to my dear friend, Doña Adler Bateman, in every possible way." How do I accurately portray who she was to me let alone what she meant to everyone who knew her? I don't know if I have ever met anyone so filled with life. She found the artist within herself and became a surf diva in the last fifteen years or so, always curious, always learning, always loving. Ready with a quick laugh and a heart connection, she had a laser focus with ethical and social justice issues and a way to communicate that that left no doubt about where she was on an issue--calling us all to the better angels of our nature...usually done with a little mischief though. She told me once that people like her better first but they like (one of her sisters) better longer. I want the world to know, no offense to her sisters, but I like her better longer. There was such love and brilliance packed into that little bodymind. My heart is with her dear Giles and her/their children and grandchildren. A Light has truly gone out in this world. I don't know what's next but Goddess, I hope that somewhere out there she is shining on. And if not out there, then may those of us who loved her shine brighter because of her. Fly free, dear Doña. May you know how much you are loved.
Posted by Stephanie Adler Lex on 18th November 2014
Dona was my Mom, my first friend, my greatest friend, my biggest cheerleader, sometimes even my partner in crime. She loved me in a way that left no room for doubt, even when I was in trouble, and taught me to love with all my heart. She laughed with me until we could barely breathe and our tummies hurt, and she held me tight and let me cry it all out whenever my heart hurt. I've known for a long time that my mom was (almost) always right, and while I'm sure she loved hearing me admit it, she was always gracious about it, too! I will miss my Mom greatly. Wherever she is now has gotten a lot brighter since she arrived.

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