Let the memory of Dad/Don/Grandpa be with us forever!
  • 87 years old
  • Born on November 9, 1928 in Long Beach, California, United States.
  • Passed away on April 14, 2016 in Poulsbo, Washington, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Donald Baudrand 87 years old , born on November 9, 1928 and passed away on April 14, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Susan Musselman on 21st March 2019
Just wanted to let your family know I still miss Don and Ginny. They were such good friends to me. We started out as church choir friends (in Michigan), but I went through some difficult times and they "adopted" me and became like family to me. They invited me to join their family for Thanksgiving and Christmas the year I was separated from my first husband. My hubby, Don, and I moved to Chicago within 3 months of their move to Chicago, and it made our move so much easier to have friends nearby. We were able to visit them in Poulsbo a couple times. I loved them so much and will never forget them.
Posted by Connie Coggins on 15th April 2018
Two years ago and we are grateful for all Dad and Mom have given to us. Never forgotten forever missed our parents left us a wonderful legacy that makes me weep at times for those who have never known a loving Mother, Father or even family. Keep loving keep giving and sharing what we have been so privileged to receive.
Posted by Sharon Acton Davis on 14th April 2018
Dear Cherie and family, I miss Don too. All of us in the Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church choir miss his wonderful voice in the bass section, but also in the tenor section if needed. Always willing to help me and to sign up for a solo to help fill out the music for the Sundays in the summer. I also miss his fun sense of humor. We are so thankful for his gift of music to Rolling Bay over the years. We are also very thankful for the gift of the full-sized digital keyboard that he left us. We have been using it a lot and it's carrying case has come in very handy too. I sometimes use his folder, #45, and think of him fondly. He was a very sweet man. Precious memories. Love and peace to you all!
Posted by Lisa Williams on 9th November 2017
Thinking of my Uncle Don today, on what would have been his 89th birthday. What an incredible person, I loved spending time with he and Ginny, I miss them every day!
Posted by Connie Coggins on 15th April 2017
I thought yesterday would be really hard but I had so many loving memories that I made it through. I miss you every day, I still have those thoughts of Oh I need to call Dad and tell him...... I too am sorry how your last days were long and we were sad. I am so thankful for Cherie who would not let you alone and Jim who watched over Cherie and How Richard and I did what we could to support from a distance and come when we could. I think we all gained a renewed love and respect for one another through it all. Dad you raised a loving thankful family and even though you and Mom are gone we still love one another, respect and try to keep in touch. I wish there were more dad's like you in the world.
Posted by Lisa Williams on 14th April 2017
Wow it has been a year since one of my favorite persons/Uncle left us, but not without wonderful memories to carry us on. Loved Don and Ginny with all my heart, and not a day goes by that I don't think of them and miss hearing from them and talking to them on a daily basis, but we must carry on! Hope you and Ginny are having fun and pain free in Heaven :)
Posted by Cherie Baudrand on 14th April 2017
One year ago today you stopped breathing. I know you didn't want to die, but your body and brain wouldn't work anymore. I listened to your breathing for 10 days, and I was ready for you to stop, but that doesn't mean I wanted you to die. I treasure the last months we had together; holding hands when we walked like when I was a little girl, going out to eat, going to church and getting to sit next to you, watching Jeopardy and winning a cup of Drumstick ice cream when we knew some answers, getting more of your papers on PlateWorld, flying to my house on Christmas Eve, and having the privilege of taking care of you. I miss you and Mom every day. I can't believe we got your house all cleaned out! Mom can quit worrying. We did it! And hey, Dad, I still haven't gotten those "prickles" you promised. I love you.
Posted by LouAnn Baudrand on 14th April 2017
Can't believe it has been a whole year. Yes, I miss my brother and sister-in-law very much, but they have many offspring to carry on their teachings. They raised a great family. Love you Don and Ginny.
Posted by Lisa Williams on 9th November 2016
Well I looked at the date today and realized today was my favorite Uncle's birthday, I miss him everyday, he was a wonderful Man, Uncle, Father and Grandfather, we will never forget him. Love you!
Posted by Jacobe Horton on 9th November 2016
I still remember how you used to go on your daily runs. When I was little I was convinced I could not only keep up with you, but beat you. I went jogging with you one day, and tried and tried to keep up. I never did. You pushed ahead, only to come back around and tell me to keep trying. Now as I'm older, I am still trying to keep up. Not with jogging, but to keep up with the example you set for all. Your positivity, drive, determination, and love pushes us all to keep going and gives us drive to keep up and make the most out of life. Even though you are gone, we are blessed that you were born on this day and we had you there to push us all to "keep up"! What a great Grandpa, man, person....
Posted by Cherie Baudrand on 9th November 2016
Happy Birthday, Dad. We miss you! I've been listening to your combo, the KeyNotes from 1950's - loving it! Thank you Richard for making the CD! We are so grateful for the legacy you left.
Posted by Cherie Baudrand on 8th July 2016
Grandpa Don My name is Joel Coggins Son of Connie Lou and Charles Coggins I wanted to share my thoughts They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So if you would close your eyes and take a deep breath. Think of Grandpa and hold that picture in your mind. Think of that perfect picture of both Grandma and Grandpa. Think of all the great memories. What if today was the greatest day you've ever had what if this changed your life what if you loved your family more what if that sickness in your body was healed what if you never were sick again what if you pay all your bills on time What if you never worried about money again what if you were happy what if everyone you met wanted to help out what if you got a promotion What if you forgave everyone what if you were kinder to people. What if you put others first What if you noticed things what if you were polite what if you never said " I can't afford that" What if you never said " I can't " What if you never drank again What if you never gave in to addiction again What if I told you that you can't lose What if every setback was a set up for success what if you changed your confessions what if you stopped being negative what if you tried what if you put in the time what if you invested money instead of spending it What if I told you today that you had a weapon inside of you You had a force inside you so strong So powerful that it could change your circumstance and all that your going face What if I told you had something in your spirit not attached to how good you are but how great He is It's not attached to how qualified you are or how long you've been in church But automatically given to those who love Jesus What if I could convince you that whatever you put your hands will prosper. What if you knew that you are the head and never the tail. What if you knew that you are more than a conquer What if you really knew what you were capable of accomplishing What if I could convince you that your praise can be a problem for your problem. What if I told you that you can't die But only go from life to life The bible says its appointed one time for a man to die. That is the day Grandpa truly died. He gave his life to Jesus. He was born again and from that day forward he lived. Sure it's a sad day here on earth for us. But this man lived a life with very few "what if" moments. He loved He gave He shared He was kind He was not selfish He was merciful He was a scientist He was a teacher He was a student He was a friend He was a husband He was a father He was a grandfather He was a great grandfather He was adventurous He was a musician These are things that we can associate with But what he really was, was a child of God He had a call of God on his life The bible says “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭13:22‬ ‭NKJV‬‬ What I have inherited from grandpa was passed down through my mother and father That inheritance is that I know what the love of God is and I know who I am in Christ. I will continue to pass this knowledge on to my kids and and grandkids I'd like to close with this famous quote . "If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together...there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think, but the most important thing is, even if we're apart...I'll always be with you.” -( Winnie the Pooh) from Joel Coggins
Posted by Emily French on 24th May 2016
Dear Super Grandpa! Do you remember coming to Oklahoma for my wedding? You were going to play the prelude music and my organist got sick. It was a mad scrabble to find my music I wanted for my bridesmaids and my entrance, but SUPER Grandpa came to the rescue!!! It was so special having you play. I would not have wished for it to be any different. I remember dad and I standing at the door waiting for the wedding to start and you were playing "Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this place" dad looked at me and said listen! We heard that melody and it was the perfect moment and the perfect song. Thank you for that special gift. I remember the 1st time Sarah and I got to fly on a plane to come visit you in Illinois. That will forever be one of our favorite childhood memories. You and Grandma presented us with Mickey Mouse watches one morning at breakfast. I guess we were officially initiated! :) I am and was a big "Calamity Jane" fan. In the movie, Calamity Jane goes to chicago she calls it chicaggie and comes back and sings a song about it telling all the guys in the saloon. Sarah and I had fun singing "I just flew in from the windy city the windy city is mighty perr-ty, but they aint got what I've got no sir ree." I was just telling my husband about being at your home in Polusbo and going running. I was on my last leg of my run and here you come on your bike. You road beside me and helped me complete my run. We chated a bit. I told you I was thinking about doing my Master's. I wasn't sure if I should get my MBA or what I should do? You told me "It doesn't really matter what you get it in, just get it!" I ended up completing my Masters in Human Relations in December of 2013. I loved every minute of my program. Thank you for always setting such a wonderful example for us on the value of education. Grandpa you have been the best grandpa any girl can ask for. I have enjoyed singing with you, going on walks, your sweet patient presence, going to the beach, getting in the hot tub at night under the Poulsbo sky, most of all your hugs and kisses. Thank you for your generosity towards my family and your love. We are so proud of all your accomplishments and the man you are. You will forever be Super-grandpa to me! Emily French
Posted by Sue Hausmann on 5th May 2016
We remember Don --such an amazing man! Always so full of life. We loved every visit to Poulso and staying with our dear Chicago friends over the years. Such wonderful fellowship with Don and Ginny. We know how he has missed her and rejoice they are together again. Our love and sympathy to their family. With love, Herb and Sue Hausmann
Posted by Sharon Acton Davis on 3rd May 2016
I loved Don! He had an amazing singing voice; great range, tender phrasing; it was a joy to sing with him! I loved watching him care for Ginny and seeing how much they absolutely loved each other! As much as we miss them both, I am happy to know that they are finally reunited in spirit in heaven; Don missed Ginny so much! Don had a great sense of humor too. Thankful for my time with Don, I will miss him dearly.
Posted by LouAnn Baudrand on 24th April 2016
To All of Don's family: I am so sorry for your loss; it is a very hard time for you all. I met Don only once out of all the years I have been good friends with his sister, Lou Ann. We met when we were 16 years old and still see each other and talk on the phone. So I do feel I know the family as Lou always talked about them. Again, you have my condolences. Beverly Kalinin
Posted by Michael Miller on 17th April 2016
My thoughts and prayers are with your family. It was such a delight for several of us from the Chorale to sing for him in his final days.
Posted by Brooke Thompson on 17th April 2016
I remember Don's gentle smiles radiate as we sang in Chorale. What a lovely spirit!
Posted by Susan Thatcher on 17th April 2016
To all the family: So sad to share your loss. What a gentle spirit and dedicated Choral member. We loved singing for him and you all on that sunday. Blessings to all of you. Susan Thatcher
Posted by Jennifer Hutchison on 16th April 2016
I am sorry to read that Don has passed. What a wonderful man. I always loved talking to Don. He was interesting intellectually and he was so interested in what others were doing also. He will be greatly missed!
Posted by Marilyn Blackorby on 16th April 2016
My sympathy goes out to all the family of Don and Ginny Baudrand. Their friendship is irreplaceable. I have enjoyed meeting and knowing their family so very much. Don was an extraordinary person. He was so very gifted and shared his gifts with generosity. I will miss him very much.
Posted by JohnandKarin Lee on 16th April 2016
We are so sorry to hear of your dad's passing, Connie. We know he was ready and we rejoice that he's in heaven, welcomed by Jesus along with your mother and other family members! However, it's never easy letting go of those you love so dearly. So many wonderful memories! I don't know if I (Karin) ever met your dad...i think so, but regardless, the qualities I see in you are certainly there because of your parents' love and training, impartations, etc. Then God developed those same wonderful qualities, matured and refined them into a precious woman of God who demonstrates His love so profoundly. I know your earthly dad must be very proud of you, just as your Heavenly Father is! We pray and surround you with the Comforter's peace as you continue on this path, knowing you are deeply loved and cared for!
Posted by Barbara Lockie on 16th April 2016
It's difficult to believe that Don and Ginny are no longer here. Both of them were such a wonderful part of my life. Don's life exemplifies all the good things in life. He loved the beauty in nature, art, music, family, and especially the church. He generously shared his talents with everyone. He will be greatly missed. He leaves a wonderful legacy of family. My sadness is only temporary as I am looking to reunite in heaven with both Don and Ginny.

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