Posted by Debra Avery on December 2, 2020
This is a comment left by Leigh Wade, one of the widows in my support group: "That is beautiful! Danielle did an amazing job! The video definitely shows a life well lived but one that was cut short way too soon. Great big hugs to you and your family. "
Posted by Sandy Lucas on November 26, 2020
We never know completely, the lives of dedicated individuals, until they are taken from us , we look for Gods angels, on earth and find them all around us , caring , watching over us dedicated to all in need ,. They’ve walked in the shoes, of the carpenter who became the. Savior of the world.
Posted by Jennifer Avery on November 24, 2020
To go with the photo I added, I’m fortunate to have gotten to know Don during the trip to Nicaragua. He truly enjoyed helping the people at the clinic, and shared the same sarcastic humor of his brother, Dave. Over the trip he talked about his family and his career aspirations for the future in helping others. While I wish I could have known him better, I’m glad I got to know him during the time that I did and appreciate the opportunity to remember him for his grandchildren.
Posted by Stephanie Tome-Frey on November 22, 2020
I met Don through Deb. Deb and I worked together many years ago for the York County Area Agency on Aging. We became good friends that has lasted for many years. The absolute best vacation we ever had was with Deb and Don. We went to Long Island Bahamas and rented an ocean front house with two other couples. We celebrated Don's 50th birthday on this special island back in 2008. We laughed and played so hard and explored the gorgeous island. We made friends with a local couple, went snorkeling and diving in to Dean's Blue Hole. I will always cherish this time. I've also visited Don and Deb after they moved to Florida. I always felt very safe and loved whether we were out on the boat or exploring new sites and beaches. Don you will always be loved, cherished and remembered fondly. Love, Todd and Steph Frey
Posted by Bill and Kathy Bloom on November 21, 2020
Kathy Bloom and Deb Avery graduated from the Social Work program at Millersville University in 1993. They attended classes together and that was how the Avery family and the Bloom family met and became friends. We got together from time to time and our family’s friendship grew and grew. After several years we eventually became neighbors when we moved to Lake Meade. We had purchased a lot and then moved my mother’s modular house to Lake Meade. 

After the house was installed on its foundation, I was perplexed as to how to do certain things; how to build stairs from the basement to the first floor and how to build stairs and a porch to the front door. Don knew exactly what and how to do these things. With Don’s figuring, together, we managed to work together to complete those daunting, to me, tasks. Don was always ready to drop everything and help not only me but other of his friends to build or fix things. Don was a consummate fixer of things broken. If there was a way to mend something, Don had just the item to make that repair.

Deb became adept in discovering how to visit places on a shoestring. One of the very first trips that were planned, Deb proposed that we rent a house on Abaco Island near Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas. What an exciting adventure it turned out to be including a boat with Don as the Captain. We visited several nearby small islands, looking for exotic sea shells. One of those island visits made it difficult to get the boat afloat again because the tide went out and left the boat somewhat stuck in the sand. Working together, and with the help from others, we managed to loosen the sand’s grip on the boat and got on our way again. 

The Abaco Islands ended up being the first of many more trips to follow. A year later we took a trip to Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam followed by a road trip to visit Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. There were many more trips we took together: San Francisco, Kauai, Hawaii, Long Island, Bahamas, then later, Brunston Castle in Dailly, Scotland. Don liked being the driver on our outings and I navigated some of the time when Phyllis, the lady in the GPS, got things kinda mixed up.

When the opportunity to buy a house on a Cape Coral canal presented itself, Deb and Don figured out how to get it and between the 4 of us, we managed to get them pretty much moved in in one day. Deb and Don frequently invited and welcomed us for overnight visits and our dog, Annabel, wormed her way in to be with her doggie peeps, Cramer, Finnegan and Merlot. We did a lot of sightseeing and a bit of boating to the islands off of Cape Coral and Fort Meyers and always had a grand time together.

Before Don, I only had one male best friend. With Don, I had two!  
Posted by Elaine Avery on November 20, 2020
Don was my brother-in-law, five years younger than my husband Dave. The last time I saw him was when he stopped at our house along with his mom, as they either went to or returned from FL. His much loved Uncle John had passed away, and Don stepped up to do the job John used to do. This was before Don was sick, so I will always remember him as he looked then…tall, tan and healthy.
Years ago, Don went on a medical mission trip to Nicaragua with the group that included my husband Dave. I was so glad Don went on that particular trip! Dave slipped on wet tile, broke his hip & had to be flown back to the US. I met the small jet at our local airport and was so happy to see the two of them, & to know Dave had not made the trip alone.
Years later, Dave’s health declined. He needed a kidney transplant. Don was willing to donate and may have been a good match. Unfortunately, life took a strange twist and Don received bad health news of his own during the initial work up. I will be forever grateful that Don had been willing to help Dave. 
Watching Dani’s beautiful video, you know that it was a life well lived, and that Deb, his children and grandchildren meant everything to him. He will not be forgotten, and from the place where he is, he is still no doubt watching over them. 
Posted by Christopher Gembe on November 20, 2020
I met Don through Dustin since Dustin and I were in the same grade. I spent many nights and weekends with the family that I hold the good times we had boating, campfires, just about anything outdoors near and dear to my heart. Don was a mentor and father figure to me. He was my first Fire Chief at Lake Meade and I learned a great amount from him and others. Training that I have carried on even today. I think of all of the family from time to time and miss seeing everyone. Don will be greatly missed.
Posted by Cynthia Shirey on November 18, 2020
I memory of a wonderful friend,Don. Don had a special 60th birthday in the Bahamas, long island. There was a group of 8 close friends and we had a special birthday night,partying!! Don was laughing on the beach so hard that he was kneeling in the sand . Well the rest of us were silly but Don was special. Then we decided to go on a crab hunt...our front yard was covered with these big monstrous grey crabs.
Don was like a brother to me and i always felt safe with him,boating , hiking and snorkeling. Miss you so much.
Posted by Serena Chou on November 17, 2020
Thinking of you, I know it’s difficult time for you! My thought are with you and your family!
Posted by Bill Sloman on November 17, 2020
Don and I had many adventures together along with our wives Jane and Deb, we did some traveling together ( California, Outer banks). I considered Don as one of my best friends. We also worked together in the fire company at Lake Meade and I served as his Deputy Chief. I still remember when we were refinishing our basement and some thing was not perfect the comment would be (it looks great for 3 Howard dr.)our address was Bragg dr.
We had many great adventures over the years and Jane and I think about him(and Deb) often. Don was always a caring and giving person who we miss. We know you are in a great place up in heaven.

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