Let the memory of Donald be with us forever
  • 51 years old
  • Born on September 11, 1962 .
  • Passed away on June 19, 2014 .

Don D. Cech was born to Otto and Irene (Jedlicka) Cech in Schuyler on Sept. 11, 1962. Don attended school at Schuyler Elementary and Schuyler High School. After his first daughter, Miranda, was born in 1981 he started working at Wigington Chevrolet in Schuyler and trained as a Chevy technician. His love of working on cars led him to do side jobs for himself and others restoring vehicles. He fathered three more boys with his first wife and later started work at L&L Lumber in North Bend as the maintenance technician. In 1993, he divorced and met his current wife, Barbara Cech. They had a daughter, Cera, in 1994 and were married two years later. Barb brought three children into the family from her previous marriage. Don then started work for R.W. Investments as an apartment and grounds maintenance person for Lost Creek Apartments in Schuyler. Don found a new love in fixing up homes. He and Barb purchased a few rental properties he fixed up and then rented out. The family needed more room and they finally found a farm house with a shop. In 2001, they purchased their home in Howells and the family made the big move. Don and Barb kept their same employment in Schuyler and fixed up the home they were living in. In their spare time they enjoy fixing old cars and finding and restoring old treasures. They had a dream of one day opening their own store. In late 2012, Don found a business in Norfolk. They sold their original rental properties in order to make a down payment on the business and in May 2013 they took the gamble in taking out a loan to purchase the building.

Don enjoyed fishing, antiquing, racing stock cars and working on classic cars, but his real love was his family. His life centered around his family and everything he did was for his family. He was the rock that sheltered them. The family was his heaven on earth. His grandchildren lightened his heart and gave him happiness.

Posted by DonAnd Cech on 21st October 2015
to my husband... You were so amazing. You cared for my children like your own. With all of our kids you worried for their safety, you wanted them to succeed, you gave them things that made them happy, you were a protector...defending us from any sticks & stones thrown our way. You knew when to take a step back so they could learn on their own. Yet your heart was soft when you knew it needed to be. You knew things about each one of us and would do anything to provide something to make us comfortable, healthy or happy. To see you smile would make my heart flutter. To see you upset would make me do anything to see that smile. Just being around you made me feel light as air. I was so happy. Then you got sick... I tried to help you fight. I tried to keep your spirits up. I tried to let you know that we were invincible together. I would take a bullet for you. I would take the cancer so you could continue being Captain Amazing. Our love was so strong that we could overcome anything. But then you went away... Everything was taken away. No more heart flutters. No more warm and happy coziness. I am lost. I miss you so much. I want to finish everything we started together. It is hard to motivate. Work and the kids help keep my heart happy, but I come home to an empty home. Your pictures warm my heart & I keep going and try to plan a future. I may be lost now, but I will find my way. I miss you & love you. Love your wife.

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