Friends and Relatives,

This memorial website was created in the memory of our friend, Donny Fine who lived life on his own terms.  He made his impression on all of us.  We will always lovingly remember him.

We've spent a lot of time researching Memorial websites. I never found the PERFECT one, but this one seems to be the best.

Please enjoy this site and add to it where you can. Have creative.

Thanks, Greg Iger


Posted by May Toy-Montanary on May 17, 2012
Dear Donald... thoughts of you pop up now and again... and, it brings a smile to my face. Miss you, love you.
Posted by jill iger on May 17, 2012
Missing you, Donny.
Posted by Ken and Leola Perkins on April 7, 2012
Don will always be dear to our family. He was so kind to our three Michigan grads when they each served stints in NYC. His kindness extended to their friends --- particularly if they were Maize and Blue.
I will always be proud that Don gave me a B+ for eating.
Posted by John Williams on February 8, 2012
Well, Donny, Rochelle and I missed you at our annual Super Bowl party on Sunday. It was not the same with just the two of us. By the way, in case no one has told you yet, Brady lost.
John and Rochelle
Posted by Mairenui Leontieff on February 8, 2012
Mille pensées vers toi, mon ami ! Tu me manques énormément Don !
Posted by jill iger on February 7, 2012
Happy birthday, Donny! Jenny and I did some professional eating in your honor. Miss you!
Posted by Tammy Henry on January 3, 2012
Worked for Don from 1989 - 1994, and he remained a good friend and trusted mentor until his passing. Miss you Don!
Posted by Alan Bergman on December 28, 2011
I only knew Don for a short time near the end of his life. He and I shared dinners on a monthly basis and had a few outings together, most memorably at Citifield to see a Yankees-Mets game.We always had a lot to talk about; sports, politics, travel, food, whatever. I was actually supposed to meet him for dinner the night he passed away. Still think about him. He was a great guy
Posted by May Toy-Montanary on December 20, 2011
Don... Thinking of you...missing you. Yours was always the first holiday card I received. May you rest in peace.
Posted by howard levy on May 29, 2011
Spent last weekend in NYC. Thought of Donny a lot -- and missed him.

Howie Levy
Posted by Betty Wong on May 22, 2011
Betty Wong lit a candle on May 22, 2010.
Miss you Don. I will miss those Holiday phone calls and was so glad I spent time with you a year earlier. Thanks for all the photos. I am glad we became dearfriends.
Posted by May Toy-Montanary on May 20, 2011
Don was a true friend in every sense. "The Fat Kid"! A self-proclaimed moniker! I met Don in NYC in 1972, and we became dear friends. Don will live forever in my heart, but I'm so grateful for the websites, photos and stories. I miss you Donald.
Posted by Patrick Perkins on May 19, 2011
Over the past year, so often we've said, "That reminds me of Don," or "I was thinking about Don today." A true testiment to what a wonderful man he was, that his memory stays so fresh. We are so lucky to have shared years of friendship with Don.
Posted by Richard Canty on May 19, 2011

Pausing today, like so many others, to remember and to smile....miss you!
Posted by kevin reilly on May 19, 2011
time flys - colleague for 2 years friend for 20 - dinner with Don and friends just before his passing - will always miss his good natured wit and intelligence
Posted by Mairenui Leontieff on May 19, 2011
Déjà un an ? comme le temps passe vite mais n'efface rien ! Don me manque beaucoup à moi aussi... C'était mon ami... Je ne l'oublie pas !

Posted by Greg Iger on May 18, 2011
Well Donny, A year has passed and we miss you more than ever.  It's about the time of year we take a trip together. The National Parks will not be the same. We gave out your hats at Washington Square to share your generosity.(see stories section)
Posted by Carissa Bailey on May 17, 2011
Thinking of you on the anniversary of you not being here physically...
Posted by John Williams on May 17, 2011
Well, Donny, we miss you every day, especially when planning a trip. How are we supposed to know where to dine, sleep and photograph? It's not easy out here on our own. But we will always revisit the places you suggested and drink a toast to you.
Posted by bruce and jane hannon on February 28, 2011
don taught me the art/science of economics and for that knowledge i am eternally grateful to him.
donny loved life and life loved him, we need more people like him.
Posted by Carissa Bailey on February 21, 2011
Love you's to celebrating you and all the fantastic experiences we shared together. Miss you, but know you're always around, a hui hou.
Posted by John Espiritu on February 15, 2011
Don was my "Uncle" in NY. First met him when he was recruiting me to join Chase from UofM. Despite not joining Chase, we remained close friends. Don followed my career and watched from a distance as my family grew with 5 kids. Every trip to NY was set with a dinner with Don. 4-5 hour dinners, lots of wine and laughter. Memories of epic football games and Tahitian women. I miss you Don - John
Posted by bob gilhooley on February 14, 2011
Donny was the first guy I met at the Sammy house rush. He bled purple and white and mixed that with maize and blue. His enthusiasm made me a Sammy and that made my years at Michigan some of the best in my life. He went out of his way for everyone., a trait I'll never forget.
Posted by Terry Brennan on February 14, 2011
It was a pleasure getting to know Don after he insisted that I accompany him to a Michigan football game. (We went to three together.) He was generous almost to a fault, as many people know, and I enjoyed his company at the Big House in Ann Arbor and at those wonderful dinners we had with my wife, Lorraine Bechtle OHS '64, and Karen Fazio. He's missed by so many. Thanks, Don. Terry Brennan
Posted by E Fine on February 10, 2011
Donny You left us way too soon- you lived and loved life richly- and I will try to take those lessons to heart-
Posted by Alex Powers on February 10, 2011
Don and I overlapped my last 6 months at Chase Asset Mgmt in '96. Since then we would meet for lunch on a pretty regular basis. Loved his economic charts with Maize and Blue lines and the football field background. Always loved to get his advice on everything from the economic future of the USA to the 2 page, single spaced walking tour of the Michigan campus we got this past spring. Miss you Don..
Posted by Alisa Gilhooley on February 10, 2011
Don was so kind to me when I moved to New York after college in 1991. He was a fraternity brother of my father but had never met me before. He was a warm welcome to an unfamiliar place. He was brilliant and caring. I'll miss him!
Posted by kos kos on February 9, 2011

Happy to have spent some fine time on the road with you.
Will miss your wit, sense of humor, intelligence and charm with our dinner staff nightly.

Kevin Servatius
Posted by Michael Schermer on February 8, 2011
Great to see these wonderful pics of Donny. He will always be with us and he was a real "face man".

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Posted by Fred Chapey on May 18, 2022
Great memories of you during the old Chase days, all of your slide presentations in Maize and Blue. Thinking of you as my youngest daughter graduates from Michigan and moves on to the financial world. Go Blue!
Posted by Mairenui Leontieff on May 17, 2022
Le souvenir est le parfum de l’âme.
Memory is the perfume of the soul.

[George Sand]
Posted by John Williams on May 17, 2022
Your influence is still echoing through the years as we search for restaurants and exciting destinations for travel.
John and Rochelle.
Recent stories

Where shall we dine?......

Shared by M Ruggieri on April 7, 2019

I met Don when I joined Chase 25 years ago.  We hit  it off immediately, He became my mentor, my advisor and my dear friend.  When Don left Chase we stayed in touch and had dinner once a week   He entertained me with tales from his college days and    new jokes he had heard.  Dinner with Donny was always a blast.  

We enjoyed our weekly feasts for years, I got married and moved out of NYC but we still kept in touch via telephone and email.  We then moved to Central America and I lost touch with Don for a couple of years.  When I tried to reconnect via  email. the messages were returned undelivered. Determined to contact him, I called a couple of Wall Street friends, who gave me the saddest of news.....

How I miss you, my friend, my mentor, my confidant and my favorite dining companion.  You were and always will be DFine1.




Shared by Mairenui Leontieff on February 15, 2015

Plage LaFayette à Arue où est situé l'ex-hôtel Radisson (Pearl Beach Resort maintenant). A l'arrière plan on voit le Beach House qui se trouve au pied de l'avancée rocheuse de l'ancien Hotel Taharaa...

LaFayette black sand beach in Arue where the Hotel Radisson (now Pearl Beach Resort) is located. In the background we can see the Beach House at the foot of the rocky promontory of the former Hotel Taharaa ...

Shared by Greg Iger on February 10, 2015

Deb and I went to Papeete, Tahiti last year.  We met up with one of Donny's favorite friends.  She is still a beautiful person.    I had been there with Don about 20 years ago, where we met Maire near the black sand beach.  Don brought Maire to California where we hiked in Yosemite.