His Life


    Donald J.Fine, 67, former Chief Market Analyst at Chase Manhattan Bank, died on Monday, May 17, 2010. He was the beloved son of the late Cornelius S. Fine and Theresa Iger Fine. He graduated from the University of Michigan and earned a Ph. D. in economics from Columbia University.  No one can forget his legendary enthusiasm for Michigan Football.  GO BLUE!!

   Donny’s generosity was appreciated by nearly everyone he came in contact with.  He is especially revered by the many friends he managed to acquire over the years.  This respect was not only for his generosity, or for his intelligence and wit, it was for his sincere appreciation and respect for the people near and dear to him.

    Donny is survived by many loving cousins of several generations, numerous old friends from school days, New York and all around the country. He was also known as “Special Grandpa” to a few of his favorite people.

     Don’s zest for living focused on his love of food, photography and travel, all enjoyed with his good friends.  He especially enjoyed the natural beauty of Yosemite and the national parks, he couldn’t wait to take someone new to see the wonder of it all.

We will miss him very, very much.

 A service was  held at 1:00 pm on Sunday, May 23 at Mt. Hebron Cemetery. Flushing, Queens

Funeral photos

To view pictures of Donny's funeral please visit this link:  Funeral

Tear Drop Quest

Ah Utah! One of Donny’s favorite places was Monument Valley Utah. It lies on the Arizona Utah border and has many famous scenes of the American West, introduced mostly by director John Ford’s western movies.  Don loved to travel to the national parks on photo expeditions.

Donny’s final photograph (“a wall shot”) is aptly titled “Teardrop Arch”, Monument Valley.

To read the "Teardrop Quest" story along with the pictures please visit this link:


Business Bio

Donald Fine, Chief Market Analyst and Marketing Director, is responsible for Chase Asset Management's economic and market analysis.  Mr. Fine has 31 years of financial market experience at Chase and specializes in the analysis and forecasting of economic and interest rate trends.  Mr. Fine is frequently quoted in the media as an informational source, and is a sought-after speaker for presentations on the economic outlook and Federal Reserve policy.  Mr. Fine received his graduate degree in economics from University of Michigan in 1964, and received both his graduate degrees in economics from Columbia University in 1966 and 1969 respectively.