Where shall we dine?......

Shared by M Ruggieri on April 7, 2019

I met Don when I joined Chase 25 years ago.  We hit  it off immediately, He became my mentor, my advisor and my dear friend.  When Don left Chase we stayed in touch and had dinner once a week   He entertained me with tales from his college days and    new jokes he had heard.  Dinner with Donny was always a blast.  

We enjoyed our weekly feasts for years, I got married and moved out of NYC but we still kept in touch via telephone and email.  We then moved to Central America and I lost touch with Don for a couple of years.  When I tried to reconnect via  email. the messages were returned undelivered. Determined to contact him, I called a couple of Wall Street friends, who gave me the saddest of news.....

How I miss you, my friend, my mentor, my confidant and my favorite dining companion.  You were and always will be DFine1.




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Plage LaFayette à Arue où est situé l'ex-hôtel Radisson (Pearl Beach Resort maintenant). A l'arrière plan on voit le Beach House qui se trouve au pied de l'avancée rocheuse de l'ancien Hotel Taharaa...

LaFayette black sand beach in Arue where the Hotel Radisson (now Pearl Beach Resort) is located. In the background we can see the Beach House at the foot of the rocky promontory of the former Hotel Taharaa ...

Shared by Greg Iger on February 10, 2015

Deb and I went to Papeete, Tahiti last year.  We met up with one of Donny's favorite friends.  She is still a beautiful person.    I had been there with Don about 20 years ago, where we met Maire near the black sand beach.  Don brought Maire to California where we hiked in Yosemite.  

Our 40-Year High School Reunion

Shared by Howard Levy on May 18, 2012

Donny is shown here smiling at our 40-year Oceanside High School Class of 1960 reunion in 2000 and flanked by classmates, (l. to r. in the fully enlaged version) Audrey Schneiderman, Howie Levy, Sue Schlesinger and Carole Cohen. (Photo from our class website,

Donny was really looking forward to our 50th, which was a little over a month after he passed on. We missed him.

Sammy Chorus

Shared by Michael Schermer on February 23, 2012

       Competitive singing was very important when Donny was in the fraternity.  We were fortunate to be led by Arthur C. Bartner who later made an indelible mark as band director at USC. 

Hat Celebration

Shared by Greg Iger on May 13, 2011

MARCH 2011   Jon Iger, Greg Iger and Johnny Williams decided we should honor Don's cap collection by sharing them with the people of NYC.  About a year after we lost Don, we went to Washington square and passed out all his hats...mostly from Hawaii and the U of Michigan

CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE THE PARTY, and some other memories of his apartment..

Donny's Friends and Scenic Photos

Shared by Greg Iger on February 9, 2011

Please click on these links to see some of his best shots


Teardrop Quest

Shared by Greg Iger on February 7, 2011

See the story with photos click the link.

Don's Girls

Shared by Greg Iger on February 7, 2011

Don enjoyed the company of the ladies.  Here are a few of his very special friends.



Funeral Pictures

Shared by Greg Iger on February 7, 2011

Go to this link for a view of the funeral.

Howie Levy made a website for Don

Shared by Greg Iger on February 6, 2011

This is a must see!

Click on this link to see Howie's tribute.    Don't forget to come back here.,

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