Thank you

Shared by Christine Samardich on January 24, 2019


Thanks for your kind words. This was my Uncle Rick’s idea and Beth put this together.

Our dear Don

Shared by Mary Frederick on January 24, 2019

I'm so sorry for this happening to you, Don, and to your beloved and loving family and friends.  We all seeing these pictures posted are so grateful for each one giving us the gifts of seeing Don in his many wonderful faces and emotions and joy and charming and super funny and fun times.  Christine, this was such a terrific idea.  Thank you for that, and thank you to Kathy and Anita for getting all of the information these last couple of weeks to so many of us who have waited seriously for each text.  Don, you and your dearest Anita are so loved.  As the pictures show so clearly, your family, Anita and your kids Chris, Michael, Suzy and Tim and your spouses and your fabulous kids have given great love and joy and fun to your parents.  You are great kids!  The pics sure do bring smiles and tears to all of us seeing them.  Thank you.  Our prayers and love and hugs are for you all.  Mary and Mike Frederick

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