“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith."

2 Timothy 4:7
  • 90 years old
  • Born on February 16, 1921 in Buskirk, Kentucky, United States.
  • Passed away on December 5, 2011 in Matewan, West Virginia, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Donald Taylor, 90, born on February 16, 1921 and passed away on December 5, 2011. We will remember him forever.

It is my hope that this site will allow all that knew and loved my Uncle Donald, to not only create a stronger bond with and between ALL Family Members, but give us a place to honor Uncle Donald to keep his memories in our hearts and minds.

I ask that you all, during your visit with us, to please share your Memories, Stories, Photos, and any Favorite Music of Uncle Donald and his Lovely wife, Aunt Irene.

God Bless us all,

Paul D. Williams
Nephew - Glasgow, KY

Posted by Paul D Williams on February 16, 2019
Good morning Uncle Donald.

I have really been catching up on my sleep since I retired, but I do enjoy my free time. I sure do miss those talks and times that I enjoyed so with you before the Lord called you home.

I really got tired quick this year of all the rain and snow. Ready for some summer time.

I'll visit again Uncle Donald. You are in good hands.

Love you all.
Posted by Paul D Williams on December 5, 2018
"Attention to Orders"

Knowing my Uncle Donald has NEVER missed a formation for "Roll Call", I know that he will always be here, beside his Lord to be a guiding source when I need a gentle nudge now and then.

I just needed to check in with you sir. You were and still are there for me Uncle Donald and always will be in my heart.

Love and miss you. Semper Fi'

" The Greatest Gift in Life, is Friendship.

I have Received that Friendship. "

                  ~ H. H. Humphrey

Paul D. Williams
Posted by Paul D Williams on March 15, 2018
Hey Marine - Good Morning.

You know me, I had to stop by and hold "Roll Call", Marine style.

I still think about you and Dreama all the time Uncle Donald. Sure do miss you both.

I'll keep checking in once in awhile sir just,

God Bless,
Posted by Paul D Williams on February 16, 2018

Today is the 97th anniversary of my Uncle Donald Taylor's Birth.

I miss you as much today Uncle Donald as I did the day you went home to be with your Lord.

I'll check back in with you again. Rest easy Marine.

God has Blessed you,
Posted by Diane Murphy on December 12, 2017
Dad, the years have come and gone so quickly. I miss you so very much. 
Posted by Paul D Williams on December 5, 2017

Dear Uncle Donald

Christmas Time is just not the same anymore with You, Mom and Dad gone. I sure did enjoy that Christmas that I was able to bring Mom over to see you all for Christmas week.

Lord your are missed sir. God Bless you Uncle Donald.

Love and miss you. I'll always hold my memories of you close.
Posted by Roger Dehart on December 5, 2017
What a celebration of Christ's birth this year, Roger is there with you all! Thank you for being so good to me, Donald, hug my beloved for me and tell him I'll be there soon!
Posted by Paul D Williams on June 14, 2017
Dear Uncle Donald,

I will be on the road during Father's Day this year, so I'm going to bid you a Great Flag Day today, and an early Father's Day for Sunday Now, so I don't forget it altogether.

Love ya', Marine.

God Bless,
Posted by Tom Williams on December 5, 2016
Merry Christmas Uncle Donald. Knowing all is going great in heaven.I wish you a pleasant Holidays along with Mom,Dad and everyone else. May God bless all in heaven and In the presence of our Father God.
Posted by Diane Murphy on September 13, 2015
On this 12 day of September 2015 I am missing my dad and mom so very much. I just wish that I had a few more hours with them both. There was so little time with mom and not enough with dad...I love you both with all of my heart and soul......
Posted by Paul D Williams on June 17, 2015
Uncle Donald (Brother Marine);

Happy Father's Day (on Sunday)

I sure do miss you Uncle, and Brother Warrior; there were many fights you fought while with us down here; and the largest battle you won over to be with your Dear Lord and Aunt Irene - God Bless you Uncle Donald; I sure do miss hearing your voice on the phone when I would call, and the many trips sitting down at the dining table over "Pinto Beans and Cornbread." Sure would enjoy some of those with you right now.

No need saying God Bless and Take Care anymore, as you are in the Best of Places and the Best of Hands known to man, so I will leave you with the following;

Semper Fi' Uncle Donald - God Blessed you with four beautiful daughters, and all these Beautiful Grand Children, and they are living life in the Lord's name as you and Aunt Irene wanted them to.

Love you and God Bless,

PS... I'll visit again soon.

PSS... Please, give Aunt Irene a hug for me and tell her I love her.
Posted by Paul D Williams on February 16, 2015
Dear Uncle Donald;

I wanted to stop and wish you a Grand 94th Happy Birthday in Heaven with your Lady Love; Aunt Irene.

Love you Uncle Donald - Rest Easy, and God Bless,
Posted by Paul D Williams on January 1, 2015
Well Uncle Donald; Christmas 2014 has now passed and today is New Year's Day 2015. 

I sure miss you; calling to talk, and going back home to visit for a weekend.

I know that your Girls missed your presence at home during this time of year since you left, but they are making it; with you and Aunt Irene in their hearts.

God knows I did love you so, and miss you so much.

I'll check back in again later Marine;

God Bless and keep the rest of those people up there in line.

Paul D. Williams
Glasgow, KY
Posted by Paul D Williams on December 27, 2014
Well Marine; Christmas 2014 is almost over and we are beginning to head into a new year.

Wish you were here to help "Ring in The New Year", but I don't think ANYONE can argue that you have one of the Best Seats in the House.

Love you Uncle Donald; and Truly Miss you Marine.

God Bless you sir, and thank you so much for allowing me into your life and to be a part of your wonderful family.

Give Aunt Irene a Hug for me;

God Bless.
Posted by Paul D Williams on December 5, 2014
Hey Uncle Donald; 3 years today that you went home to the Lord and Aunt Irene.

Just wanted you to know that this Marine has not forgotten you, sir.

Love and miss you - God Bless you Marine; I'll check in with you after the New Year turns over.
Posted by Roger Dehart on November 29, 2014
Uncle Donald, Just wanted you to know we thought of you this Thanksgiving. Judy and I know you and Aunt Irene and Mom are having a great Thanksgiving together!
Posted by Paul D Williams on November 27, 2014
Well Marine - Thanksgiving Day today; sure wish you were here to break bread with again. I think that I could find some Pinto Beans to add to OUR meal to make it complete. Of course nothing even came close to our wonderful SOS in the morning mess Hall, no Matter what; yeah, right - yes, I'm laughing too; but I do miss a good batch of SOS, but it is so hard to find anyone anymore that can make it Correctly.

I'm staying in touch with the rest of your family down here; I just can't get over there enough, or as often as I would like to visit - and I speak for myself, as I'm sure Donna, Dreama and Diana need a break once in a while . Bonnie and I message each other from time to time, as she lives so far away for me to make a trip up there.

Love and miss you Uncle Donald - sure wish you were here, but I know that Aunt Irene has a hold on you with the Lord that can't be broken.

Hold a place close by for me, so when I get there, you and I can catch up on all the Scuttlebutt.
Posted by Tom Williams on November 24, 2014
Uncle Donald, remembering you and thinking of you in heaven above with Mom,Dad and Aunt Irene. Be sure to take care of each other and all my other Uncles, Aunts, Grandma's Grandpa's and all other family members that now reside in the house of our Lord.

                             Nephew, Thomas Lee Williams
Posted by Paul D Williams on November 11, 2014
My Dear Uncle;

I didn't forget yesterday, it was just a little hard after seeing your photo in the Marine Uniform; I was just not able to type anything.

But today is Veterans Day and I could not let this day of remembrance go by as well.

I miss your presence here Uncle Donald, as I know that your girls do as well. But, we know that you are enjoying your Beautiful love, Aunt Irene once more, as well as sharing that Glorious Home we all know as Heaven, so I'll just leave you today with these few words;

"This life passes in the blink of an eye. But the story has only begun.
So go, taste and see the Goodness of God. I'll see you in a little while."

I love you so very much; say hello to Aunt Irene for me.

Love you Uncle Donald,

God Bless,
Posted by Diane Murphy on November 11, 2014
Happy Veterans' Day to you, dad. Life is not the same without you. I honor you today for your devotion to God, His Church, your wife, children, and family. You also had a loyalty to your country and your fellow Marines. May I live my life that I may see you and mom one day. I love you with all my heart.
Posted by Paul D Williams on September 9, 2014
Just stopping to say a few words to you Uncle Donald - Sure wish you were here, you are missed.

Love ya' and Semper Fi'
Posted by Paul D Williams on June 16, 2014
Well Uncle Donald, here it is Father's Day - 2014. Sure wish you were still with us Marine; I'm running out of people to talk to.

Love and miss you Uncle Donald; Happy Father's Day and God Bless.
Posted by Paul D Williams on June 11, 2014
Well Uncle Donald, we sent Mom off to join you on the 9th of June 2014. It was hard to see her go, but as you knew, she was tired and ready to go home.

You are both now together, with the rest in the Lord's house, so I ask that you all watch over each other.

I Love you Uncle Donald,

God Bless,
Posted by Tom Williams on February 16, 2014
To a great uncle, and great person of God and family.

                Nephew, Thomas Lee Williams
                Gulf Coast of Mississippi
Posted by Paul D Williams on December 5, 2013
It has now been two years since you left to be with Sweet Aunt Irene, and to be with the Supreme Father.

God Bless you and Aunt Irene, Uncle Donald.

and Semper Fi' to a Brother Marine.

Love and miss,
Posted by Paul D Williams on May 27, 2013
To my Brother Marine; Uncle Donald

I've been trying to compose this note most of the day, but I keep coming up against this wall of tears.

I'll just say "Semper Fi', Marine".

Love and Miss you, and God Bless
Posted by Roger Dehart on February 17, 2013
What a privilege it was to know Donald Taylor! Warmth resonated from this man to everyone he met. A great soldier, father, husband and friend, he will forever be missed!   Roger and Judy DeHart
Posted by Paul D Williams on February 16, 2013
I just wanted to leave an anniversary Tribute to my wonderful Uncle Donald. Your memories are as strong with me today as they were the day our Lord took you into his wonderful Grace.

Love and miss,
Posted by Bonnie Varney on February 16, 2013
My Father was a great husband and loved my mom very much....When mom died he was standing by her and said with tears in his eyes I wish I could take her place....He loved all his children and grandchildren very much...He was a great person and always tried to do the right thing...He is missed very much..Home will never be the same without him...Rest in peace Dad..Love you..
Posted by Drema Taylor on February 16, 2013
Posted by Jackie Howell on June 13, 2012
i knew him from a very young age and all ways fhought very high of him
never faily to see him when i was back in matewan RIP donald
Posted by Diane Murphy on December 25, 2011
Christmas just wasn't the same without you with us..I miss you more each day..People say that time will ease the pain and empty feeling that we all have in our hearts...I hope and pray that this is so true..You were such a big part of my life...I know that it will never be the same...Dad, you were such a strong independent man but also a loving and kind father to me..Hugs
Posted by Charles.williams Williams on December 14, 2011
I'm lighting this candle in hopes it helps his family though these hard times.
My uncle donald was a good man and a great Uncle. I spend many a summmer around him and Uncle Sam Taylor, and have good memories of both of them. Rest in peace Uncle Donald.
Posted by Eugene Maynard on December 11, 2011
I regret the passing of another warrior. Though I did not know Mr. Taylor, his service to our nation will always exist as a tribute to his patriotism and love for his country. Bless him Lord for his love and steadfast loyalty!
Posted by Jenny Gannaway on December 11, 2011
The 13 yrs. that I was Donald's neighbor brought some great memories. He was a true blessing to know. He was a Veteran that loved his country and showed it by flying his flag faithfully in his front yard. I remember during the 2009 flood he thought his flag pole was going to be washed off and he doing all he could to get someone to get his flag off that pole before something happen to it.
Posted by Drema Taylor on December 11, 2011
My DAD was the finest man you could ever know. He taught his children to love the lord and to love mankind and our country.. My life will never be the same without seeing him every day. The last three years we were together every day and i will miss that. He never wanted his children to see his suffering and was always looking out for us. I love you dad and miss you so much.
Posted by Tom Williams on December 11, 2011
I met Uncle Donald one time many years ago. My brother, Paul , has relayed many stories to me about him. He was a very religious man who loved his family and his country. He lived a full life of 90 years. He's now in a better place where he's no longer suffering. May God bless you all. Love, Your cousin, Tom Williams
Posted by Diane Murphy on December 10, 2011
My father was a wonderful father, husband, brother, uncle, and friend....I love and miss him....He was a remarkable man who wanted all of his children to be members of the Church....I hope and pray that I can be reunited with him and mom when my life's journey is over....
Posted by Paul D Williams on December 5, 2011
I lost a Great Friend today, a Brother Marine and my Loving Uncle Donald; He has been with us now for 90 years - a Full and Happy Life. 

I am so glad that his suffering is no more, and that he is home now with the Lord and Aunt Irene.

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