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Shared by Nina Greene on August 9, 2021
I hope u and daddy r celebrating his bday today!! I know u and him r soo happy to be together again!! I miss both of u like crazy!!!

I miss u so much

Shared by Brianna Greene on April 6, 2019

My Grammy was the best women in the world friendly and loving. In fact she was so loving and friendly that she let me come into her life when my dad and stepmom got together  at 1 or 2yrs. and call her grammy she treated me the same as her own biological grandchild even before my sister was born i really appreciate how amazing she was i love u grammy. 

Shared by Nina Greene on March 26, 2019

My mom was a wonderful person! She was my bestfriend, I miss her soo very much. She made alot of friends wherever she went. She loved by so many people. She was the greatest person in the world.

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