Let the memory of Donna be with us forever
  • 62 years old
  • Born on January 28, 1951 in Burbank, California, United States.
  • Passed away on April 15, 2013 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Donna Hardman 62 years old , born on January 28, 1951 and passed away on April 15, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Larry Hardman on 28th January 2018
Happy Birthday Sweetheart! My love for you will stay strong always. I still miss your smile and laughter so much. Your perspective helped me and my life was brighter. Heaven truly did receive a beautiful angel.
Posted by Jason Hardman on 28th January 2018
Happy Birthday, Mom. May seem crazy but, I swear you are talking through Tyler sometimes! And sometimes at 3-4am, I sense/feel you. Love you so much, we still think of you!!
Posted by Carol Vandergriff on 18th April 2017
I sent another tribute, but it got lost in the cloud!! Just want you to know I feel we were the best of friends and I am so happy and feel so blessed to know we were so close. I could not have asked for a better friend. Love you with all my heart. Carol Hope you are waiting for me with open arms.
Posted by Carol Vandergriff on 18th April 2017
I Love & miss you my dear friend. Who would have guessed? Carol
Posted by Jason Hardman on 16th April 2017
Miss you every day, Mom. We love you.
Posted by Carol Vandergriff on 29th January 2017
Hello My Friend, I really miss you. I would have called you today to wish you a "Happy Birthday # 66." It's hard to believe you have been gone for almost 4 years. I should have been the one to go first. I still believe we were the lucky ones. We worried about nothing and enjoyed our youth. I still believe I was lucky to have a fantastic friend like you. They say your life is not measured by years, but by the friends you have in your life, and I feel very blessed to have you. I will always remember you and the GREAT times we had. The stupid things we did. And to look back, how lucky we were. I hope we meet again when it is my time to go, because I know we will be best of friends. If you can see down here, you will see how much thing have changed. Who would have known? I love & miss you very much. With ll my heart. Carol
Posted by Larry Hardman on 28th January 2017
Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I think of you often and always will. I know now more than ever that our life together was special.
Posted by Jason Hardman on 15th April 2016
Hey Mom, Love you always. Still think of you often. Xoxo Jason, Lulu & Tyler
Posted by Larry Hardman on 18th March 2016
Hi Sweetheart, I'm sorry that I missed writing to you on your birthday but, as you know, I was in the hospital and it was one day after having my bladder removed. I was thinking about you, hoping and praying that you were with me. There were several times that I could see your face and it was a calming feeling for me. My pathology came out "perfect" with no lymph node involvement. After spending February in hospital, nursing facility and with Jason and Lulu, I am now recovering at home. I wish that I had you here to help me recover. They made me a new bladder out of my small intestine and it will take time for me to learn how to use it and not pee in my bed at night. Besides that, my life should be relatively normal. I continue to pray that you will be at my side and guide me. I love you forever as always.
Posted by Jason Hardman on 17th March 2016
I guess I should mention we'll be doing corned beef and cabbage and potatoes like we always used to and this will be Tylers first year coloring Easter eggs... Love always, Jason, Lulu and Tyler
Posted by Jason Hardman on 17th March 2016
Hello Mom, Sometimes I feel like you are talking through Tyler. It was especially interesting when he went through a phase saying, "Donna's coming...Donna's coming" and we hadn't even taught him your name..." Nevertheless, I still sense you from time to time whether it's my imagination or not. Of course, we still think of you. Love you! Just felt like stopping by. Im sure you're proud of Dad just as we were of you beating cancer.
Posted by Chuck Vandergriff on 28th January 2016
Hello my friend, I knew your birthday was coming up and I waited to tell you how much I miss you. I think of you often and all the times we shared. It's hard to remember everything we did. Times have changed so much, we were so luck to be in our time frame. We were wild, BUT not that wild. You will always be my best friend. April, you will be gone for 3 years. I wish I would have been more pro active and come to see you more often. It's hard to write you and think of you without crying. How do you say good by to your best friend? Anyway, I thank God for the time we had together. The times we shared with each other and all the experiences we share as friends. We were/are lucky to know each other. I love you and hope you are watching over all of us. And I hope you are missing us as much as we miss you. Carol
Posted by Jenn Dubois on 28th January 2016
Happy Birthday Mom!! Love and miss you but know you are watching over us, this week especially!! XOXO We are taking care of dad <3
Posted by Linda MacEachen on 28th January 2016
Donna, Happiest of Birthday's to you!! I miss your face and humor here at the Journal :) Love and Hugs to you my dear! Oh, I shared a photo of me and my "hussy" skirt just for you today. Linda
Posted by Jason Hardman on 10th May 2015
Happy Mothers Day, Mom. We still think of you and miss you all the time. Im sure you're watching Tyler grow in amazement just like us. Love you always!
Posted by Chuck Vandergriff on 15th April 2015
Hi my friend, You really never think about the future. You imagine your friend will be around as long as you are, especially because I'm older than you. I'm sad we didn't get together more often. We always had good times to catch up on and things remembered. Always something to laugh about. I know when I join you we will be the best of friend again, whether we know each other or not. You are and will always be my best friend. I miss you so, it hurts. Love, Carol
Posted by Jason Hardman on 15th April 2015
Hi Mom. Miss you always and still not many days go by that I wish I could call for advice, questions or just to chat. Tyler is now testing his vocal abilities and it reminds me of your Donald Duck voice... :) Im sure you know we've got a new place and your welcome to visit anytime. Just let me know somehow that you're there. Love you!
Posted by Larry Hardman on 15th April 2015
Hi Sweetheart My love for you is stronger than ever. I know you are watching down on us. I pray for your continued guidance. My love forever.
Posted by Linda MacEachen on 15th April 2015
Oh Donna.....You're greatly missed here at APC.
Posted by Lulu Hardman on 15th April 2015
Missing you today Donna... Can't believe it's been 2 years. You are always on our mind. Tyler is getting so big! I look at him and think he looks like Jason as a little kid with his big ol' noggin' :) You would have loved his silly little laugh. I think he gets his reddish hair from you! Love you. I know you are watching down on us from the heavens above.
Posted by Larry Hardman on 29th January 2015
Hi Sweetheart, Today is your birthday. I feel as if you were with me all day. When I came to visit you today I rode your motorcycle so that I could feel closer to you. I still miss you so much but I am thankful for all of our great memories. They will continue to comfort me forever. I love you.
Posted by Chuck Vandergriff on 28th January 2015
Happy Birthday my friend. I miss you. I was thinking of something the other day and thought I should ask Donna, she'll remember. But then I remembered I couldn't. Thank you for your friendship. You have left me with so many good memories. They don't have friendship in this day & time like we did in ours. I really cannot think of one time we were ever mad at each other, I guess that's because we never were. I was going to write you something last night, but I couldn't find the web sight, because Chuck took my computer and I have to sign in using his e-mail. His computer crashed. Anyway, I want you to remember I love you and think of you often. Hopefully, when it's my time, we will meet again and talk of old times. Hope you are taking care of yourself. Love, Carol
Posted by Jason Hardman on 17th January 2015
You feel close today, Mom. Not sure why. Always love you though.
Posted by Jason Hardman on 27th November 2014
Hey Mom, Thinking of you today like many others. Your Bears are playing Jenn's Lions...I think the Lions may take it today. Today, while I was walking Tyler, I was thinking about how thankful I am that you (and Dad) really didn't give much of a damn what other people thought and still had a strong moral compass. Thank you Mom. Love you!
Posted by Larry Hardman on 10th August 2014
Hi Sweetheart, Our family spent last week in California for your memorial. We went to your Grandmother's homestead,"The Pipes". Jennifer, Jason, Lulu, Jeremiah, Jackson, Tyler, Bill, Raymond, and of course Carol were there to give thanks for your life and all that you were. Joseph was there in spirit. I know that you were there as when we pulled up, we were greeted by the current property owner(he lives in Santa Monica) that just happened to be there. He directed us to the tree where your grandmother's ashes were spread and we spread your ashes there. I just feel that you had a hand in that. I felt so close to you there and the service was beautiful. We all spoke about how much you meant to us. The desert was beautiful, like you, and I remembered how much you loved it there, I remembered the family reunion when we barbequed for everyone at our trailer, but most of all, I remembered the good times with our wonderful family and friends. That will stay with me forever. I will love you forever.
Posted by Carol Vandergriff on 7th August 2014
Damn it, I really miss you. Remember the Shoup pool every day in the summer?? The hill behind the school?? Man, we have so many adventures to share, I can't remember them all. Remember the time we were walking across the street and I got hit by a car. I remember you came up to me and I asked you what you did with the cigarettes, and you said you ditched them. The next day, you went to the beach with the church group and you called me when I was in the hospital. I remember the times I got to go on family vacations with your family. I don't remember much time spent eating dinner with the family, BUT I do remember swimming in the red tide, fishing with your Dad, cleaning the fish, going to the Officer's Club in Oxnard. Remember the night Joanne, Sue Erickson, you & I went to the drive-in and I got hives and swelled up all over? I I remember going to guitar lessons with you and your Dad, we got to smoke in the car. Did you guys have a HUDSON car? I said something to Bill about a HUNDSON and he didn't remember. Remember our trip to Canada? I remember the time my family went on vacation and we went to the store at midnight to buy a fly swatter. Remember we had that car, that when you got to 45 MPH it used to shimmy? I guess that's why my Dad used to let me drive it. I hope to remember a lot of different stories that I can share with your family. Love always, Carol
Posted by Carol Vandergriff on 7th August 2014
Hello My Friend, I have to say I was honored that Larry invited me to spread your ashes. I never got to go to Nana's, so I was honored to be invited. Of course, we miss & love you. It was great to see Larry, Jason, Jennifer and of course the grand kids and, in-laws and of course it was great to see Bill. Your family is great, BUT they miss you, as I do. We, Larry & I should have been the ones to go first. I hope you hear & see the love we have for you. I enjoyed hearing the stories Larry had to tell about when you were first married and what a trooper you were, BUT of course I already new that. I heard stories I never knew and I hope I shared stories no one had heard. I'm sure you would have as many to share as I do. Miss you so much. I hope you know what our friendship meant to me. I hope when my time comes, you are there to meet me. We still have a lot to talk & laugh about. Love, your friend forever, Carol
Posted by Carol Vandergriff on 30th July 2014
Hello my dear friend. You are missed and loved. I am honored and blessed that your husband asked me to join in the distribution of your ashes. In all the years we knew each other, I never got to go to your grandmother's house. Now I get to see what you thought was very special. I have many, many fond memories of you & I. You will be and are a very special part of me. Walking up to Charlie Walters Pharmacy, going to Sight & Sound, Dairy Queen, Shoup Park, hitch hiking. Our trip to Canada, Pismo Beach & Big Sur. The time you shaved your legs with my father's double edge razor. Eggs on Halloween. I wish I could remember all the fantastic times we shared. I want you to know, that I love you very much, you were like a sister to me. I wish we had more time to share our together. I remember Las Vegas. You & I came in at night, around 12 or 1 and our husbands were sleeping and we had a conversation where we completed each other's sentences. When Joanne & Jim were driving home, Joanne had a pail that she put ice in because they did not have air conditioning. Oxnard!! I love & miss you. I feel very blessed in this world to have had as good as friend as you. Many people go through life and have no idea what it is like to appreciate some one that they can share anything with. Carol
Posted by Jason Hardman on 12th May 2014
Happy Mothers Day, Mom. Thought of you several times today. Love you.
Posted by Larry Hardman on 16th April 2014
Hi Sweetheart, This is my saddest day. One year ago I lost you. You will always be in my heart. I will always love you. We will be together again.
Posted by Linda MacEachen on 15th April 2014
Miss Donna, You'd be happy to know that I wore the skirt that reminds me most of YOU today. It's the black/white one that has a black tulle' lining that you called me a "hussy" for wearing. You thought it was a slip and it was hanging from the bottom. No offense taken since I knew your comment was all in fun. I miss your sense of humor, sweet smile, and box of goodies that you kept at your desk for everyone to share. Love and hugs to you! Linda MacEachen
Posted by Lulu Hardman on 15th April 2014
Thinking of you tonight Donna. I wish you could've met baby Tyler and given him all those kisses OUTSIDE of the womb in person! I'm sure he would have recognized them when he was born :) I wish you could see what a great father Jason has become too. I couldn't have asked for a better partner in life. Thank you for raising such a great man! Extra hugs and kisses go out to you today mom. I think about you always. You've left all of us with a hole in our hearts since you've passed through the gates of heaven. Love you.
Posted by Jason Hardman on 15th April 2014
Hi Mom. Miss you. Can't believe it's been a year. Wish we could have your input on raising Tyler and compare him to me. So many conversations we could have. Thanks again for your sacrifices. Love you, Mom. I'll always have you in my heart.
Posted by Larry Hardman on 8th March 2014
Hi Sweetheart, I needed to tell you that your sister, Joanne, passed away suddenly on the 27th of February. In thinking about this, I'm sure that you already know this. I continue to miss you so much everyday. I'm hoping God will comfort Al. I am asking God to comfort your brother Bill also. He is missing both of his sisters so much. I will always think of you for guidance. I will love you always.
Posted by Carol Vandergriff on 8th March 2014
Hello my friend, I am watching 20/20, they are talking about close friends. I can't believe what a friend would do to another friend. I feel so blessed to have had you in my life. We were lucky to have met in the generation that we did. Even now you would look and say we were lucky and blessed. I miss you so much and remember so many special times we shared. The gully, Sight & Sound, St. James Church, Las Vegas, Libby's dress shop. I can't tell you all I remember. Shoup Park, the field where they built Hughes Jr. Hi., the time my parents were gone and we went to the store at midnight for no reason. I miss you so much, I can't imagine how much Larry misses you. I was so blessed, I miss you so much. Even though we didn't see each other often, I knew you would be there for me and me for you. Know I love you and miss you so much. I can't tell you all the things that pop into my head when I think of you and I. I am so sorry we couldn't have had one more time together. Love always, Carol
Posted by Carol Vandergriff on 28th January 2014
Hello my friend. Happy Birthday!! Wish you were here. I go over your pictures and it makes me smile. Hope when it's my turn, you are the one to meet me at the gate, that's if I go that way. Always remember you are loved very much. Hope you are the one. Michael, my youngest is getting married 2/8/14, the last one to do it. Love you very much.
Posted by Sandy HoseltonBjorkman on 28th January 2014
Happy BIrthday Donna! Remembering the joy of working with you at the Journal and your smile, kindness, laughs and sense of humor. Enjoyed hearing about your motorcycle trips and your love for your family. Lifting up bunches of balloons to you! Hugs! Sandy
Posted by Larry Hardman on 28th January 2014
Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I have been thinking and remembering a lot about you lately. I miss you so much and I am trying to focus on knowing that we will be together again sometime. Your birthday was always so much fun with the crab legs and melted butter on newspaper. I am going to spend the day enjoying my memories of our life together. I will be by to visit you later. Hugs and Kisses always!
Posted by Jenn Dubois on 28th January 2014
Happy Birthday Mom!! We Love You....XOXO
Posted by Linda MacEachen on 28th January 2014
Happy Birthday to one of the strongest, funniest, and bravest woman I've ever known. Donna, we miss so much about you over here at APC. Celebrate your day with lots of dancing!! Hugs to you my friend, Linda
Posted by Jason Hardman on 28th January 2014
Happy Birthday Mom. I still think of you often. I smile when I think of you pumping your fist and saying "Yeah!" Hard to explain but, I can see it clear as day. I also remember how you use to bring me close when I was younger and be stern yet loving at the same time so your message was clear and I knew what was important and will make sure I take the same tone when I need to with Tyler. ;-) Thankfully, not for awhile... Love you so much Mom.
Posted by Tina Mercer on 22nd January 2014
With your birthday quickly approaching I think of the lunches where we would celebrate. Miss you very much and think of you daily. I carry the picture of you and Baby James with me everywhere I go. Wishing we could have one of our talks. xoxo
Posted by Carol Vandergriff on 15th January 2014
Hello my friend. You are truly missed. Your birthday is coming up soon, you would have been 63 years young. Sorry we can't share your birthday with you, BUT know that you are in our hearts. Love you very much.
Posted by Larry Hardman on 15th January 2014
Hi Sweetheart, My birthday was yesterday and I missed our celebration so much. I felt that you were with me and that felt good. Jennifer and Jason both called me to wish me a happy birthday. They are the greatest pieces of our marriage and are wonderful. We will always be thankful for your guidance.
Posted by Jenn Dubois on 14th January 2014
Hi Mom, just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you! Tyler is a cutie, he is going to miss not knowing you but we will all do our best to spoil him for you!! We love you and there isn't a day that goes by that you aren't mentioned, or missed!!
Posted by Jason Hardman on 11th October 2013
Your grandson, Tyler, was born yesterday. Wish you were here in person to celebrate and give advice...Miss you so much. Love you, Mom!!!
Posted by Tina Mercer on 10th September 2013
Thinking of you on this rainy day...remembering how you drove in the snow storm to join us gals for a fun night out! You were in a dream a few nights ago. We had a great talk just as we had when you were here. Sadly it ended with me telling you I wished I could have said goodbye and then I woke up. I hate when that happens. I think of you often and miss you even more. xoxo
Posted by Jenn Dubois on 8th September 2013
Love the pics of you and Carol that I had never seen!! Your Bears won today xoxo thought of you a lot today :)... Miss you mom
Posted by Carol Vandergriff on 23rd August 2013
To my best friend, what a tribute your husband has made for you. I wish we could have gotten together just one more time before you left. So many memories and good times to remember. It's not the same to remember them alone. I can still hear your laughter. You were a great friend to have. I miss U.
Posted by Larry Hardman on 23rd August 2013
Hi my love. Today is our anniversary. I miss you so much. I will miss our usual crableg dinner on newspaper. I am going to the baseball game with Jennifer, Joseph and "the boys". This would have been 44 years. My love for you will always be there.

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