This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Donna Pierce . We will remember her forever.

In honor of her to avoid needlessly and unknownly spreading the virus which claimed her life, we will not be having a funeral. Please share any pictures, videos, memories or just final farewells to this page. Her facebook will also remain active for friends and family to remember her life which she enjoyed so much.
Posted by Jim Pierce on April 24, 2022
Loving and missing you! Happy, Heavenly birthday. ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Shannon Raymond-Covington on April 24, 2021
Happy Heavenly Birthday! I hope you can see the spring flowers that you loved so much and can feel the massive amounts of love do many if us still carry with us. I love you.
Posted by John Pierce on December 25, 2020
Love you and miss you ma. Today is for Jesus but ain’t the same without you.
Posted by Courtney Freeman on November 26, 2020
What started as a working friend grew into a dear friend that I loved so much. Donna was so kind and caring and had a huge heart. When I was pregnant w Caden & Faith she was always secretly surprising me w gifts and she was there for their first bday. I was truly blessed to have such an amazing friend. I loved Donna’s love for life and her free spirit! It was always exciting to see pics that she posted of all the places she traveled. Donna, I miss you so much but Heaven truly gained an angel. My friend I will love you forever, until we meet again!
Posted by Bill Hayes on November 24, 2020
I first met Donna in a Sociology class at Aggieland and she had the most infectious smile and personality. It was a pleasure to have known her for just a short time and will always remember how much that she cared for others. Extending my condolences and prayers for the Pierce family. God bless!

Posted by Shannon Raymond-Covington on November 21, 2020
From holding your flowers at your wedding to all the times before and after the kids you made going up to spend a week or two so much fun! You always made me feel special. I can't yet wrap my head around you being gone. You were one of the kindest, compassionate, loving person I have ever known. You always beemed with life and light and your laughter was contagious! Just thinking of you in different situations I see that big smile and such brite lite. I an so very happy we had our girls trip to Navasota and the fun we had with no schedules and just enjoying each others company. I cherish that time so much. I wish we had more time but I am glad that you are pain free and well, that you are in our Father's house with your parents, grandma and grandpa, a Heavenly host of angels and the good Lord himself. I will miss you terribly but look forward to the time we can meet again,
You have gained your wings - fly!
Posted by Pat Baxter on November 20, 2020
I had only met her a few times, but I know her and Jim were soul mates. Prayers for her family and my friend Jim.
Posted by LaNelle Prescott on November 19, 2020
Sweet Donna,such an awesome wife ,mom and grandmother. We haven't much of you guys in the last few years, but you have remained in our hearts. We had some good times together,which we will never forget. It was an honorand pleasure knowing you. CeCe will have her guardian angel watching over her. You are gone but will never be forgotten. With love and respect ,I wish you eternal peace.
Posted by Lolita Flores on November 19, 2020
Jim- so sorry for your loss! It was a honor to take care of her and see your love and commitment for her! Prayers to your family.
Posted by Brian Prescott on November 18, 2020
We have lost a part our hearts and are grieving with you. There has been many memories of the good old days. Please know that we are asking God to be your family and know that if there is anything that we can do let us know. Love to all.
Posted by William Warren on November 18, 2020
The sweeping up the heart
And putting love away,
We shall not want to use again
Until eternity.
Posted by Diana Vann Stewart on November 18, 2020
Donna, a giving loving friend through thick and thin. You always greeted us with a smile even when you may not have been up to it. Your love was unconditional. You loved fully, deeply and with joy.
We met because of a neighborhood party back in 1980ish. You held my baby boy when he was so tiny and then I held yours. Both of them.
I will always love you and your family. As memories always creep up from time to time of our younger years and our most present years I will smile and send you a heavenly hug.
Jimmy, John, William, Samantha and Cece you were the light that kept hers burning for so long. God be with you all. May He fill your hearts with courage, memories of her joy and happiness, and comfort. Much love for you all. Diana
Posted by Samantha Fears on November 18, 2020
Donna was one of the kindest and genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know on her many trips to visit Bill, Rebecca and Sarah. I will remember her sweet smile and her kindness. My sympathy to Jim and family. May you find peace in this difficult time with what a great mother, wife, daughter and friend she was!!!
Posted by John Pierce on November 17, 2020
Mom I love you. I will miss the walks we took, vacation we took and just time we spent together. We may not always have seen eye to eye but we got through it whatever it was. And I promise you this we will use and enjoy our new backyard as a family. The way you wanted it. Love you.

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Posted by Jim Pierce on April 24, 2022
Loving and missing you! Happy, Heavenly birthday. ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Shannon Raymond-Covington on April 24, 2021
Happy Heavenly Birthday! I hope you can see the spring flowers that you loved so much and can feel the massive amounts of love do many if us still carry with us. I love you.
Posted by John Pierce on December 25, 2020
Love you and miss you ma. Today is for Jesus but ain’t the same without you.
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Navasota trip

Shared by Shannon Raymond-Covington on November 21, 2020
  1. This was a 4 day trip to Navasota. We stayed in the cutest remodeled old house, shopped the antique shops and then a special spot Donna knew called "Pink Champagnes". It was great! Greated with a mimosa the shop was filled with all kinds of sparkly accessories, scarves, clothing, handbags and other baubles. And there it was! A sugar skull embroidered purse and wallet. i LOVED it but it was not in my budget. Donna stepped in and insisted on buying it since "sje never got to do anything for me. I use it every day and think of her. This picture is the last day wherr we met up with Kenzie. From left to right Kenzie, Donna, Kira

Anniversary 2020

Shared by William Pierce on November 17, 2020
This is a post in her own words from oct 19 2020 on her and Jimmys anniversary.

Today my love and I have been married 41 years❤️we have been through good times and rough times, the good by far outweigh the rough. This is one of the very few times we have not done something special for our anniversary. I think back over the years and the times, when we were first married and all we could afford was sitting at a picnic table at Lake Houston,sharing a bottle of Boone’s farm wine and it was perfect because we were together. Over the years we have spent this day in many places, Austin ( at The Days Inn in a hot tub room) , in San Antonio, in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado (where my parents had honeymooned in 1952). In Taos, (house,Taos, mouse)New Mexico, in Maine on beautiful Moosehead Lake, camping at Lake  Somerville and at Lake Bryan(in our little Claire home on wheels), our little shed at lake Limestone(cooking and eating Lobster in a rain storm, then dancing together to our oldies, ) many trips to Louisiana, (playing nickle poker machines side by side all night), numerous bed and breakfasts, in Fredericksburg (you picked out matching bands from Avery’s for us),in that pretty villa at the Florence vineyard, in Florence Texas (you rescued that little bird who had flown into our patio door,)❤️❤️ it has never mattered where we were as long we were together. This year has been so tiring and trying, but we are together, we will stay home this year, but we stay home together that’s all that matters. I wouldn’t change one thing about our life together, good or rough, together we shall continue to stand . Jimmy Pierce I love you with all my heart, I think you for all you have done for me and are doing for me. I think you for being my best friend. I think you for being such a great father to our sons, and for being the best Pawpaw for our little granddaughter. I think the Lord everyday for blessing me by putting you in my life❤️❤️❤️❤️

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July 5 2020, Lake trip.

Shared by William Pierce on November 17, 2020
In my happy place for 4 daysOur Claire is tucked in under the trees and we have tree shade  and breezes  from the water, so not quite so hot.