Shared by Susanne Mai on March 24, 2019

There is one thing that really matters in life. Love. I joined Donnas family as a young insecure au-pair in the summer of 1984. My memory is filled with sunshine, laughter, John Cougar Mellencamp on the radio, a day on the lake, climbing the mountains, meeting loving family,, family dinners, being looked out for, a sense of beloning, and most of all a feeling of being uconditionally loved. That is the gift that Donna and her family gave me.  God sent an angel. Rest in peace Donna. 

A strong person with a pure heart.

Shared by Dharm Singh on March 22, 2019

Dona was my neighbor, we were introduced one morning unintentionally when in almost half sleep, cold winter morning I came out to do something and saw an ambulance beside curb. Then saw two people carying a lady to that ambulance. I couldn’t stop my self from asking if she was fine. She replied with such a conviction and showed me OK sign, that I was stunned to see her strenght and courage. It left such a mark on me that I wanted to know more about her but didn’t know anyone in area or around to ask about her nor did I knew her or when she will be back. Hence I asked few neighbors same morning and was fortunate to get reply from Pat, who became our mutual connection. Soon after she was back I visted her and she told me a lot about her and health. Inspite of all the pain she was in, she was full of life. Each time after that we met, she will always smile, not talk much about her illness. Last few month life was so busy, inspite of planning several time and just few meters away, couldn’t meet her due to several things going on in life. Was made aware about her passing away on 21 March around 2 am and could sleep entire night due to guilt of not meeting her one last time and never getting a chance to saying goodbye. I may not know her entire life but know her enough as a human that she was a honest soul. Me and my entire family will miss you and you will always be in our memories Dona. My prayers for entire family and friends. RIP Dona

— Dharm

22 March 2019

Morrsiville NC

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