Her honesty a refreshing rarity,her smile a ray of sunshine,an inspiration to many,and a true friend to all who loved her.
  • 42 years old
  • Born on October 7, 1969 in Castro Valley, California, United States.
  • Passed away on April 23, 2012 in Dublin, California, United States.

The sunshine dimmed April 23 as the world lost one of its shining lights. Donna Marie Weaver, a longtime Bay Area real estate professional, succumbed to her three-year fight with a rare form of breast cancer and passed away peacefully in her home surrounded by family. She was 42.

She is survived by her dedicated husband of 21 years, Johnie Allen Weaver; brother John McCreadie of Auburn, Calif; sister Theresa Snyder of Modesto, Calif; and nephews and nieces, including her latest niece and namesake – Chloe Donnamarie Weaver – who was born March 24.

Family and friends will forever remember Donna for her positive spirit that was always accompanied with a luminescent smile; her desire to always put others ahead of herself; and her sensitive honesty and sensible, well-heeled advice that others always sought from her. She was a trusted realtor who specialized in escrow management, respected by colleagues and clients alike.

In the words of one friend: “You taught us all a lot about love, life and friendship. You always kept it real . . . You were one of a kind!”

Donna Marie McCreadie was born Oct. 7, 1969 at Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley and grew up in Hayward. She graduated from Mt. Eden High School in 1987. Her parents – James and Mary McCreadie  – preceded her in death. She always had a special place in her heart for dogs, and is survived by her beloved American Eskimo, Jada.

While contributions to organizations to help combat breast cancer are always appreciated, Donna requested remembrance contributions be made to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). If you are so inspired, contributions can be made by clicking here.


Posted by Christine Mann on 7th October 2018
Happy Birthday Donna! Thanks for the chat in the car last week. Love you much
Posted by Ladonze Gregory on 7th October 2018
Happy birthday sweet sister....it is hard to believe you have been gone 7 years it still seems like I should be able to pick up the phone and call you. I miss our talks and your brutally honest advice. Can't wait until we see each other again. Love you...
Posted by Christine Swift on 24th April 2018
How I miss your laugh, your smile and the way you could make light of any situation. I miss our talks (although I talk to you in my head all the time)! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and I feel blessed to have had you as my friend. Missing you so much!
Posted by Ladonze Gregory on 23rd April 2018
Donna, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss you. I just wish I could talk to you again and the only thing that brings me peace is knowing I will see you again in heaven. I know you are always looking out for us and we love and miss you.
Posted by Dan Ryan on 23rd April 2018
Wow cannot believe it has been six years....miss you, miss your smile and really miss your wicked sense of humor!
Posted by Barbara Schott on 24th April 2017
Can't believe it's been 5-years. I think of you often and miss seeing your beautiful smile. It was always good to meet up and catch up on everything. Sure do miss you my friend.
Posted by Christine Mann on 24th April 2017
Love you and still miss you my friend. It's been 5 years today and my soul is with you tonight. Love you Donna!
Posted by Christine Swift on 7th October 2016
Missing you every day BUT especially today on what would have been your 47th Birthday. My memories of you always bring a smile to my face and a warmth in my heart. But missing you never gets any easier. Love you my friend :o)
Posted by John McCreadie on 7th October 2015
Today I made a contribution to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in honor of my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday, Donna. Jada and I miss you more with each passing year.
Posted by Jamie Snyder on 1st September 2015
Hi Auntie Donna! Boy do I miss saying those words from time to time! It's just one of those days today where you crossed my mind and now I can't stop thinking of you. I so badly wish you were here so we could all get together and talk and laugh. And more importantly just see you. Three years later and we all still miss you! Love you aunt Donna!
Posted by Johnie Weaver on 24th April 2015
Donna, It has been three long years without you. It has been so long but seems like yesterday you were here with me. I still think of you continuously and miss you terribly. You were an amazing person and the world is not the same without you in it! I still am amazed when I think of how graciously you handled the disease that ended your life. You were so much stronger than I could have ever imagined. Even though it makes me breakdown still, I am so thankful to have all the pictures of you to remind me of the great times we had. My life will never be the same. Love Always..........
Posted by Barbara Schott on 24th April 2015
Donna, can't believe it has been 3 years. Seems like yesterday we were sitting in your family room catching up on everything. Miss you each and every day. Love you girlie.
Posted by Louise Lovewell on 23rd April 2015
Good morning Johnie, I hope this finds you doing well. Today is a special day. Donna is always on my mind. I miss her so much. I hope you and work are doing well. Are you back to biking? Remember Donna is with you always. How are doing the online dating? Donna would like you to do that. I have been swimming a lot. I swam 100 laps twice when I was up in Alaska helping my daughter. Love and best wishes, Louise
Posted by Johnie Weaver on 8th October 2014
Donna, I felt time stop on the day you past and I am taken back to that moment from time to time and I still have to ask myself, did that moment really happen? Yet here we are, at what would have been your 45th birthday and I sit here alone faced with the realization that in fact, that moment did happen. My mind seems to not comprehend time in the same way it did when you were here. Time seems so vague, meaningless. But today I will remember that beautiful smile, wonderful laugh, and recall what it was like to have you here to celebrate with. I miss you more than words can say.
Posted by Barbara Schott on 7th October 2014
Happy Birthday Donna. Can't believe another year has gone by. You are missed each and everyday. Love ya and miss your beautiful smile :)
Posted by Christine Swift on 7th October 2014
Donna, Thinking of you today on what would have been your 45th Birthday! Wishing you were here with us to celebrate your birthday. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you and I miss you terribly. Today I celebrate you!! Love you!
Posted by Dan Ryan on 7th October 2014
Happy Birthday Donna, it is true you are missed by someone everyday. There are many times when the thought of you crosses my mind and brings a smile to my face or a belly laugh. I miss you , I know your loved ones also miss you and the world sure could use you!!!
Posted by Christine Mann on 23rd April 2014
Donna Marie I miss you terribly. Two years past now and you remain in my heart and thoughts everyday. I still talk to you (pretty regularly actually), because I miss your laugh, your wisdom and courage. I am terrible with the spoken word, never as fast as you or as good with the comebacks, the sarcasm, the one liners. And so... me answering myself is pathetic. I still yearn for the real thing. Donna, my forever friend, I will miss you forever. I can't help but think back to almost 40 years ago and I imagine you with your pink polyester pantsuit in kindergarten (the girl I didn't want to like because you were so frilly and cute and how I loved you anyway) and those giant, smiling, mischievous blue eyes and I just have to believe those eyes are still smiling somewhere.
Posted by John McCreadie on 23rd April 2014
Today I celebrate Donna Marie Day. I have missed my sister for each of the 730 days that have passed since we lost her in 2012. So many missed talks, Facebook postings and belly laughs. That's 17,520 hours without Donna's smile, sound advice and warm friendship. Yet, all this time has not filled the hole in my life and my heart: I so miss the sound of her voice and her sarcastic spirit. Most of all, though, I miss her boundless capacity to love. Happy Donna Marie Day . . .
Posted by Christine Swift on 23rd April 2014
It has been two long years since you were taken from us. I miss our conversations that could go on for hours and your beautiful smile. You were an amazing friend, wife, aunt and sister and will live forever in all of our hearts! Love You!!
Posted by Barbara Schott on 23rd April 2014
Two years ago you were taken away from us. You are truly missed each and everyday that goes by. Your smile would light up any room you were in. I miss our talks and hearing your laugh. I was very lucky to have you as my special friend. Love you and miss you always.
Posted by Johnie Weaver on 3rd February 2014
Donna, today would have been our 23rd wedding anniversary. It was a rainy day just like we used to enjoy together, bundled up and listening to the rain. I chose to spend the day alone, painfully aware of the day but keeping busy trying to keep the sadness at bay. But each time I passed your picture in the hallway the pain would hit me a little harder. I still miss you terribly. Even more so on our special days without you here. Happy Anniversary to the best wife ever! All my Love.
Posted by John McCreadie on 7th October 2013
I'm missing you very much today -- your birthday.. I'm trying to remember all those special days and celebrations over the years. I miss you so much. To the birthday that should have been. Love you always.
Posted by Rachelle Moniz on 7th October 2013
Happy Birthday my friend. I miss you terribly.
Posted by Dan Ryan on 7th October 2013
So strange....was thinking of you yesterday and on Friday...forgot about your b-day, but life always brings you into focus. The not so subtle advice you would sometimes give, your spot on assessment of the most minute of situations that most people would blow out of proportion.... I miss you, the world misses you and I know Johnie misses you...but just the thought of you brings a smile
Posted by Barbara Schott on 7th October 2013
Thinking of you on this special day. You are truly missed each and everyday! Love ya Donna.
Posted by Johnie Weaver on 7th October 2013
Dearest Donna, You are still constantly on my mind, day in and day out. When life gets tough it kills me not having you here to talk to and I feel lost all over again. All I can do is think WWDD. With the help of family and friends I keep moving through life. I have pretty much accepted that you are not coming back but sometimes I still hope you might show up to make my life special again.
Posted by Bob Harrison on 7th October 2013
Hi Donna, I watched my wife die slowly with cancer for thirty months. Annie taught me so much through the journey. I believe there's more to life than death. It makes no sense that people like you, who did so much for others could just pass on. I believe with every fiber in my body that you're and Angel, as is Annie, and one day you and your beloved Johnie will meet again. "I Believe"
Posted by Christine Swift on 16th July 2013
Thinking of you always my beautiful friend :o) The day's just don't seem the same without you here.....Missing your smile !
Posted by Christine Swift on 24th April 2013
It is so hard to believe that a year has gone by since you were taken from us...Yet my heart hurts as much as it did a year ago. I miss your beautiful smile and ever saving wisdom! You were so special to so many people and I know that I am not alone in my loss. Miss and love you my friend.
Posted by Johnie Weaver on 24th April 2013
Dearest Donna, I can't believe it has been a year since you were taken from us. It has certainly been the hardest year of my life. Again and again I find myself yearning for your touch, your voice, and your wisdom. I would love to see your beautiful smile again. You truly made my life what it was. I still feel lost without you, but am trying to carry on and make you proud. Forever yours.
Posted by John McCreadie on 24th April 2013
One year later, I long to see your face pop up on my ringing phone. I so miss our talks, the texts and emails. I miss you at our family gatherings. Birthdays, Christmas' and summer cocktails by the pool are now just memories with you. Precious memories. I miss you so much, little sister. I long for your laughter and your spirit. And I miss the sound of your voice saying, "I love you.
Posted by Rachelle Moniz on 23rd April 2013
I miss you so much. Life just isn't fair!
Posted by Dan Ryan on 23rd April 2013
Wow, I cannot believe it has been a year. There have been many times this past year that I wish I could have picked up the phone, to ask a question,( you always had the best most common sense answers) or to share a little industry gossip ( been a lot of that lately and I'll bet it not only has astonished but really cracked you up....wink wink hahahahaha).Im honored to have been your friend
Posted by Dan Ryan on 6th February 2013
Hi Donna and Johnie.......was thinking of you today as I was driving around and drove through some familiar neighborhoods from the old adobe days....couldn't help but see your smile as I went through the different"farms". Johnie, Donna was as much in love with you as the first day you met if not more and I am sure that she is watching over you everyday. That is one great angel you've got
Posted by Moira Bolton on 3rd January 2013
My heart is breaking for you all, but couldn't hold back the tears reading Bob Harrison's tribute, there are no words to heal a shattered heart and I pray Donna will wrap her angel wings around you Johnny so you can feel her presence and feel your beautiful love together again xx
Posted by Bob Harrison on 2nd January 2013
Hi Donna, your Johnny is really struggling without you. I believe in heaven and believe you are an "Angel" and probably friends with my wife Annie; she's an angel too. Between the two of you, keep an eye on Johnny. I've recently been there, and know and understand his pain. It's relentless, and folks come and go, but he's locked in a state of being. Hard to escape, but he will. I believe
Posted by John McCreadie on 1st January 2013
Our first Christmas without you, Donna, has been incomprehensible. While the halls were all decked, they seemed empty without your smile lighting up the room, without your laughter trailing down the hall and without your clever quips to warm our souls. You will forever be our missing gift during the holidays. We all miss you so very much.
Posted by Victoria DeBray on 30th December 2012
Johnie called me today to inform me of your passing, and I am so very sad. You fought a strong and solid battle not sure what the final day would be. I remember when we met to talk of Jada and shared so much in common, it was crazy. I too got diagnosed and reached out to you. You were there for me with words of wisdom. I will never forget your friendship and warm heart. Thank you Love
Posted by Johnie Weaver on 15th December 2012
Donna, It is my first birthday with out you here. You know i am not one to like my birthday. I am so greatfull for Mike and Troy who took the time to make it such a great day but once I am by myself It is hard to stop crying for you. I miss you so much..Wish you were here!!! Knowing you would want me to keep living life to the fullest is all that keeps me going. Love you!
Posted by Rachelle Moniz on 31st October 2012
Donna, today I really miss you. There are so many things I need to talk to you about but I can't. How I wish you were here. Miss you so much.
Posted by Moira Bolton on 8th October 2012
Happy Birthday Donna forever in my thoughts Love Moira xx
Posted by Annette Casey on 8th October 2012
Happy Birthday Donna, Hope you have a good time up there with Aunt May & Uncle Jim. Love to you all your big cuz Annette <3 xxxxxxxx
Posted by Rachelle Moniz on 8th October 2012
Happy Birthday....I miss you so much. Love You
Posted by John McCreadie on 7th October 2012
Happy Birthday to my 'lil sister. You are deeply missed just a little more on this memorable day. I still recall Dad waking Theresa and I 43 years ago with the news we had a baby sister. Little did we know at the time you were the best thing ever for our family. Happy Birthday, DC. I love you so very much.
Posted by Johnie Weaver on 7th October 2012
43 years ago today at 6:35 AM my gorgeous wife Donna was born. Thanks to James and Mary for bringing this wonderful person into the world. Her love and companionship was a gift that I will cherish forever. Her kind ways and beautiful smile always brightened my days through the years. Donna, I would give anything to have you back. Love you!
Posted by Linda Minall-Winter on 7th October 2012
So many times you are in my mind...Today, all day, I kept thinking of your mischievious smile and contagious giggles...You will live on in the minds and hearts of all you touched with your sweetness, honesty and wisdom. Love you, my sweet girl.
Posted by Dan Ryan on 28th August 2012
Was thinking of you today...they are saying we will have blue moons this week...I know I will be able to see your smiling face among the stars
Posted by Nicole Weaver on 24th August 2012
Starting four months ago today, every day and night has been a struggle! There hasn't been a minute that you haven't been on mind! I am so lost without you my DEAR SWEET FRIEND! I am so sad I don't know what to do at times! You were the BEST FRIEND & you sister in law anyone could have! I MISS & LOVE you so VERY MUCH! My heart hurts so much that its taken this long to come here! LOVE YOU!!
Posted by Jamie Snyder on 5th August 2012
Love love lover you! I will miss you forever and always <3

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