Shared by Egbe Ewomazino Pascal on April 13, 2021
Action!!! Oh I know I’ll miss hearing you call me....Action!!!.... I remember one time in the house when Daddy and his sisters were having meeting in the sitting room and I and Michael was sitting outside the house, Mummy came out to meet us outside, you could see that she had something to say in the meeting going on inside the house but out of humility she came out to meet us outside.If i can remember correctly she said, Let me excuse them he is having meeting with his Sisters and I am a Wife. That day I saw humility, respect and meekness in that single action, I was impressed and I learnt  from her action.

Mummy is ever smiling, happy, cheerful, caring, beautiful and walked majestically. I’ll remember Mummy for being joyful and by God’s Grace I know she i singing happily in God’s presence. Amen
Shared by Onyisi Abia on March 25, 2021
I call her mother of the whole world. Her warm,welcoming,motherly personality will make you wish you were her child

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