This tribute was added by Mary Elango on March 31, 2019
Dear mother, it has been some time now since you left us, it’s your birthday again today so I thought I should stop by and wish you a wonderful birthday here on earth and peaceful soul resting. So you know you are always in our hearts why not are you not part of us?, when ever I look in the mirror I see you. Rest In Peace Dorothy Elango.
This tribute was added by Christine Mukete on March 30, 2019
Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed, and held so dear." - Unknown.Mammie I hope you have seen your friend
This tribute was added by Flora Nwalupue on November 27, 2017
Mamie I can't believe it's already 6 years you left us. I miss you mamie. Although I cannot hear your voice or see you, I believe your spirit is still around me, you have left your human body, but your souls will never part. You're always there within the air. I'll miss you forever Mamie... Rest in Peace....
This tribute was added by Comfort Misodi on November 27, 2017
I can't believe it's been 6 years since you left me on my own! I yearn for the sound of your soft voice uttering your very endearing and endless pet names for me. I cry for you, I cry for all the pain and suffering that you endured over the course of your lifetime here on earth, I cry for my own endless adversities that I have endured, and still enduring. I cry for the past, the present and the future that you will not be a part of. But, despite all these hurdles, I am still forging forward as usual. I will forever remain relentless in my pursuit of true love, and all things nice and classy! It brings me so much joy whenever an opportunity arises for me to tell my friends about you, my mother. I miss you terribly, and I am very proud to be your daughter. ❤
This tribute was added by Comfort Misodi on November 27, 2016
Continue to rest in peace, my beautiful mother. I miss you terribly, and I talk about you to my friends every time an opportunity presents itself. So long, my beau!
This tribute was added by Comfort Misodi on November 28, 2015
My beau, I can't believe it's been four years already since you left us... I'm not in the mood to say much this time around, I just feel very lonely sometimes, and I miss you terribly everyday. I worry about what your thoughts were during your last days, and I also worry about the fact that you were all by yourself when you passed on...I worry because I know that you never liked being by yourself, and you were always worried that something bad might happen to you when nobody was around. It makes me very sad and angry when those thoughts cross my mind. I feel very angry at myself and the world at large. I personally think life dealt you a very difficult hand. I can only hope that you are in peace with everything where ever you are. I love you!
This tribute was added by Christine Mukete on November 27, 2015
So as you are sleeping Mamie Dora , in the cradle of the Lord,you have a new grand son called Tata .keeping your memories alive.There is a big fight going on now do not worry God willing i will fight for what is yours. Goodnight
This tribute was added by Flora Nwalupue on March 28, 2015
Happy Birthday Mamie.. I will celebrate this day with you today. Rest in peace my mother, rest in peace....
This tribute was added by Flora Nwalupue on November 27, 2014
Dear Mammie, how quickly time goes by, it's like only yesterday your left us, I can't believe is three years already. When I remember your smile, it brightens my day and thought of your soft angelic voice seem to smooth the way. Your gentle kind and simple spirit is still with me. Though you have, you're not forgotten, your memory still remains with me as always. Sweet Dreams Mammie, rest in peace.....⛪️
This tribute was added by Comfort Misodi on November 27, 2014
Oh my sweet and lovely mother, it's been three years since you left me; your "beau". I miss you terribly, every minute of everyday. I refuse to dwell on anybody's opinion of you, because in my eyes, you were the perfect mother! They say, you can't choose your parents, but if I could, I'll choose you a million times over! I have a photograph of you in my bedroom with your iconic smile, whenever I gaze upon it, it melts my heart. You were such a gentle soul, it took so little to make you happy. I miss your very soft and soothing voice, you were selfless, loyal, and fearless. You were my mother, you were my friend. I miss our shopping trips and how I used to amaze you by taking a fraction of the time to prepare some of your favorite dishes, that'll otherwise, require more time. I miss you, my friends that were privileged to have known you, miss you as well. I try very hard to put a smile on my face everyday, in memory of you! So long....
This tribute was added by Christine Mukete on November 26, 2014
Sleep well mammie till we meet again.
This tribute was added by Laurah Ebai on September 12, 2014
As a friend to Comfort Elango and former classmate I happen to have been a beneficiary of Mama Dora Elango's love, kind heartedness and support. I remember growing up in Kumba and occasionally Comfort will take me home and sometimes we will meet her in the market where she was always willing and ready to open her arms to welcome me as a daughter. I have always thought about her and more especially Comfort because we lost touch long time ago. Today my heart bleeds because this world lost a great woman, loving and kindhearted.
"May her soul rest in perfect peace"
Laurah Ebai (Formerly Laurah Oben).
This tribute was added by Flora Nwalupue on March 28, 2014
Mammie I know u r in Heaven and must be really small cause I can see it in your eyes from when you came in my dream last week; U R always in my thought & will be forever in my heart. I love u with all my heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweat Mother!!!!!!!
This tribute was added by Flora Nwalupue on January 14, 2014
Mammie, it was 2 years ago today that you were buried. You asked for food today, you were given food, abundantly. Everyone went home this evening with a smile on thier faces, they ate and drank well. You must be proud. Rest in peace my beautiful Mother. You were remembered today by your love ones, they sang and pray and gave you your favorite food. Sleep well Mammie, sleep well. Love u, yaka..
This tribute was added by Jacqueline Ngole on November 30, 2013
"To Live In Our Hearts, Is Not To Die."
This tribute was added by Christine Mukete on November 27, 2013
There is no death in remembrance. Sleep well    mammie
This tribute was added by Comfort Misodi on November 27, 2013
I love you and I miss you terribly! '' is in dying that we are born to eternal life''. Saint Francis of Asissi
This tribute was added by Benedien Elango on November 27, 2013
To what can I compre you o mother, and what can be use to comfort me o mother since you pass, for vast is the sea of my ruin, for my mourning has gone uncomforted its like a sword has pierce my soul fill my hert with bitterr pains. But I pray for ur soul o mother that the good lord comforts u and be ur everlasting light.
This tribute was added by Segun Adeniyi on November 27, 2012
The days of our lives are like the pages of a book. the tales and stories in it are the content that gives it its worth. Yours today, are of resounding impact and exemplary. Happy birthday to you where you are, this is our own way of telling you, that you are missed and loved. From folks who never met you but your offsprings ....Agianye
This tribute was added by Comfort Misodi on November 27, 2012
Who sat and watched my infant head when sleeping on my cradle bed, and tears of sweet affection shared, my mother, my mother..." Can't believe it's one year already that I haven't heard your sweet-sounding voice nor see your beautiful smile. I cry for you everyday and I miss you terribly. So long...
This tribute was added by Flora Nwalupue on November 27, 2012
I'm sorry mammie, for the things I put you through
I'm sorry mammie for not doing the things you wanted me to do
I'm sorry mammie for you leaving us so soon...
This tribute was added by Christine Mukete on November 26, 2012
It is a year now mamie ,your, face that is always on my mind.Resting in God's arms now, although in the ground your body lay.Our time on earth is brief, there's lessons to be learned.Rest well ooooooooo till we met again
This tribute was added by Flora Nwalupue on March 28, 2012
Happy Birthday Mamie.Today you would have turned a BIG 70..A million tears won't bring you back.. I know because I have cried..A thousand words won't bring you back. I know because I've tried. You're always on my mind..forever in my heart.Treasured in my heart you'll stay..untill we meet again some day....
This tribute was added by Elango Charles on December 27, 2011
dear aunty dora u were like a candle in the family ur lite shown on the poeple bcuz u were a very social person and loved by the people u will 4eva be in our hearts and we love u but God almighty love u most
say hello to the elango's family when u get there and that we love them all still
fair well
This tribute was added by Elango Charles on December 27, 2011
fair well mama
This tribute was added by Francisca Konwufine on December 24, 2011
I remember your beautiful smile,soft spoken nature and how you used to address me "ma pikin" each time you saw me. You treated me like my real mom and I really cherished that. I know you are happy where you are and I know the angel of God will guide you safely to your final destination.May your soul rest in perfect peace.
This tribute was added by Reggie Lewis on December 17, 2011
Ms. Elango, your love and memory will live on forever through your legacy of kindness, compassion and generosity. 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful...' (Matthew 25:23 NIV)

-Love Reggie
This tribute was added by Flora Nwalupue on December 16, 2011
She was...
Delightful with a clever and kind attitude..

Optimistic with an excellent character...

Radiant with a sparkling personality..

Affectionate beyond comparison...
This tribute was added by Brenda Ndum on December 15, 2011
Aunty You will always remain fresh and dear to me. You were a sincere, loving, trustworthy and kind person. You were very unique in every way. I will remember you most especially for the unconditional love you shared to me and my siblings and the love and concern you had for my mother. Love you always and say hi to my mama.
Love Imma.

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