This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ezinne Dorathy Okolo, Odoziaku, Nmachinyere, 85 years old, born on June 5, 1935, and passed away on April 6, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Egeonu Chinonye on April 8, 2022
Mama big, its been a year without you, a very tough year we miss you so much, i miss you badly. I am hoping on the fact that you are resting in the Lord's bosom. Keep resting till we meet to part no more❤️
Posted by Anthonia Okoro on April 6, 2022
A Mother is precious, no matter the age they die they are sorely missed. I talk to your daughter Amaka regularly and we discuss how the vacuum you left behind is very big to be filled. We know you are at a very good place, keep protecting your children. RIP ma.
Posted by Nwamaka Oparaoji on April 6, 2022
You are always on my mind Mama. I will continue to make your soul happy. Keep resting in the Lord❤
Posted by Egeonu Kaodichinma on September 25, 2021
Mama big m, my only sweetest grandma, the one I sincerely love. Nne m I still see u in my mind's eye and even in sleep. I still believe u are always there even if not physically. I miss you so very much that each time I remember u r not there I start to cry all over but I get consoled because u are there and that the bond we shared still keeps us intact... I love you so much Mma m. In my next life I really pray to God for u to be my grandma again...
Posted by Barr. Anthony Onyido on June 5, 2021

Golden Class of 1985 (Home and Diaspora)
Headquartered in Onitsha, Anambra State

Primus Inter Pares

Date: 11 May 2021

Dear Engineer, Nwachukwu Egeonu, Onitsha
Anambra State.


We are deeply sorry to hear of the passing though onto glory, of your adorable Mother, Mrs. Dorathy Egeonu-Okolo (Nee Nwabueze) Odoziakwu, Nmachinyere Of Obodoukwu Kingdom and want you to know that we are thinking of you and what you and your family must be going through this period of your grief.

It is not in doubt that loosing a Mother like yours is indeed an enormous loss. Considering how close you were to her and can imagine the pain in your heart at this time. She was indeed a prodigious woman to be admired, modest and cheerful and did an unmatched job in raising you and your siblings.

There is a special place in all of our hearts for our Mothers, just like there’s a special place in every Mothers heart for her children. You must continue to carry her memory in that special place in your heart.

The disposition your Mother had for others is a rare gift to the many people who had the privilege to know her. More so, we should all take solace in the fact that she has gone to a better place.

We pray that the Almighty God gives you, your siblings and the entire Egeonu-Okolo and Nwabueze family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

Please accept our condolences. Rest in Peace, Mama!!

Yours Sincerely,

Dominic Ajabor (SP)
1985 Golden Set

Your Brothers and Classmates The Golden Class of 1985 Christ the King College, Onitsha

Temporary Contacts: Tel: +234 (0) 7033196705, 08033133778, 09070359825
Posted by Chibuikem Oparaoji on June 1, 2021
Her heart was full of love, and she shared her blessings with everyone. A truly selfless woman. My grandma will remain a huge inspiration in my life and her story will be passed down to future generations. May her soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by BlaZzen blaze on June 1, 2021
My grandmother, my big mama was the generous and caring person i’ve ever met. She shared her wisdom with me and we even laughed together. Her love was powerful and stronger than anyone’s strength.
Posted by Okoro Chimezie Justin on May 13, 2021
The news of your death came to us as a big shock because it has never came to our mind that you would be drawing the curtain this soon,but what more can we say?
God is the author of life and he has the power to take it back at his own time,and who are we to question God?
We pray and ask God to grant our family and friends the fortitude to bear this painful loss.
May your wonderful and gentle soul rest in the bossom of the LORD.AMEN
We love you so much but God love you most.
          (OKORO CHIMEZIE)
Posted by Barr. Anthony Onyido on May 11, 2021
Mama Nwachukwu Egeonu (Primus Inter Pares), Odoziaku, may your soul rest in peace, amen. As a student at CKC Onitsha, with Nwachukwu, from 1980 to 1985, I was privileged to be in the same dormitory, Ekandem House, with your son. Most of us got to know what a wonderful mother you were to a stubborn son - Nwachukwu. I pray that your family will find the tenacity and fortitude to bear your demise with courage. You will be with the Lord God Almighty in his bosom till we meet to part no more. Mama Odoziaku Egeonu Okoro, jee nke oma. Naa gboooo
Posted by Desmond Zidon on May 11, 2021
The love of a grandma is unique. God must have given grandmothers to us to liven up our lives, to make our lives more complete, to make us well rounded and better human beings. She played a big part in my childhood and I can remember so many times sitting in her kitchen and tasting the dishes, she prepare with special love. She taught me a lot about love and the meaning of family.. She has never been just ‘my grandmother’, but my guardian, my friend and my inspiration.

Still, we can’t believe my lovely Grandma was taken away from us . We will miss our Grandmother, but her spirit and strength, lives on in each of us and in the lives that she touched. She lives on in me and in all those who have been touched by the love, strength, conviction, wisdom, and beauty of her soul.

Love you grandma – You truly were a special, special woman! You may have passed on, but your memories would always live on within us. Thank you for your sacrifices, your care and concern, your love and everything that you have done for me. Wherever you are, I know you are in a much better place. I will be forever grateful and thankful that you are my ‘grandmother’.

Rest in Peace Grandmother...we will never forget you and
we will always love you forever...
Posted by Nneka-Mary Akwunwa on May 10, 2021
Mama Odoziaku, as we called you then. You are ( can't use were because I am yet to ....) a good Mother who didnt know the difference between your biological children and others . Always a mother to all who encountered you. We know you as "mama" and will always remember you as same. Jee nkeoma ezinne. May God grant your soul eternal rest with HIM. Amen
Posted by Nwamaka Oparaoji on May 10, 2021
*Late Mrs Dorothy Egeonu-Okoro*

Mama Ngozi...
Mama Chima & others.
Ada nnaa....
Ada Obinekiti...
Ada Araahu....
Ezigbo Nwunye Umuezeyaka...
Adaudo puruiche...
*Mmachinyere Worldwide*
You have a heart of gold...
I can't forget your ogbono soup *(ofe ununu)* in a hurry.
You clothed so many women in Obodoukwu and gave hope to many. You equally fed both young and old through your kitchen. Your presence always delights. Ibu ezigbo nne. Nne oha (ora).
I can't summarize whom you're in a hurry.
Mgbe aga akpu isi, ka akpukota ahu onu.
Ya diba.

May God Almighty forgive all your shortcomings as a human and accept you in His paradise. Amen!

Ladu nma oooo

Best regards,

Stanley C Madubuogu
*(Igwe Gburugburu UNN. 07)*
Posted by Ogonnaya Ubani on May 9, 2021
My prayer is for the Lord to grant Mama eternal and peaceful rest in His bosom, and to also provide the entire family with the strength to bear this loss. May the entire family receive comfort and peace. The Lord be with you all in Jesus name, Amen.
Posted by nnenna ochuba on May 9, 2021
Mama anyi Nmachinyere,

Your name goes beyond the physical. You are Nmachinyere in spirit also. Your passing came as a shock to us. We wish it was fake news, but were saddened that it was not so. You were a mother for all and caring to the needy and the poor. May your gentle soul rest in peace. The hole cannot be filled. We will miss you dearly ❤

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony and Theresa Ochuba and Family
Posted by Chinwe Gozienwachukwu on May 8, 2021
Mmaa anyi as we fondly call you. You were indeed a mother to many children. The news of your demise so much attest to that. As men & women allover the globe are scrambling to out perform each other considering that you also fed them from the pot of your sweet large heart. Chi chi as you will call me miss your thoughtfulness.
Rest in the Lord Nne Ngozi.
Ada Agusiegbe
Posted by Egeonu Chinonye on May 7, 2021
Tribute by Egeonu Ogochukwu

Mama you were a good woman, a mother in law that never ceased to care for everyone around you, you were a woman that was known to be a philanthropist, Odoziakwu mma Chinyere if I start writing about you I might never get to finish. We love you. Rest in peace mama Big, rest in peace Odoziakwu, rest in peace nne nwere ugwu.
Posted by obiageli brigid on May 6, 2021
Mama, the news of your death came to me by 11pm on the very day i was expecting you in Nigeria for the burial ceremony of your sister Agnes Nwugo Muoneke.
Mama Anyi, the love you showed me for three good years i stayed with you while teaching at Onitsha as a daughter in law before i joined my husband in Lagos can never be forgotten especially the very night i had my first child. Mama you were beside me all through the night, giving me all the comfort needed to enable me go through the process of childbirth.
Mama, one thing i cherished about you was that you had the spirit of sharing and you loved to cook. No one comes to your house and leaves with an empty stomach.
Mama, you were mother general, you were a teacher, you were a counsellor, you were a judge, you were a vocalist and you were a dancer. Jee Nke Oma Nnedim Anna Okoro misses you so much.
Posted by Sheneitha Akwukwaegbu on May 6, 2021
Our sincere condolences to our lovely sister and friend, Dr. Mrs. Nwamaka Egeonu Oparaoji, in the loss of her sweet Mother. My husband, Sampson Chijioke Akwukwaegbu and I were blessed to connect with Amaka and experience sincere kindness and love. She is an extension of her mother who undoubtedly demonstrated the same love to others. May her dear soul Rest In Peace.
Posted by Nwamaka Oparaoji on May 6, 2021
By Nduka Okoro

Death being old as creation itself is a phenominum that any time it knocks on the door no one hesitate to open onto it. Despite its old nature still throws any family it called into confused state. In every condition or situation God knows so only thanks should be offered onto Him always. Though death is a sure tunnel all must pass to the other side of life. Mmachinyere you came, you saw and you conquered your joviality will be greatly missed. You quite lived a fulfilled life, we will be consoled by the legacies you left behind. Sleep on in the bosom of the Almighty God eternally Amen. You lives on in our heart.
From Nduka Okoro.
Posted by obiageli brigid on May 6, 2021
"Bonko Nke Anyi" (as mama was fond of calling me) and family mourn the demise of mama from this sinful world.
From the year 1964 till u passed mama, you played an important role in my life. You were a strong and wonderful woman, a leader of repute, a socialist, a philanthropist, a religious woman and last of all, a good cook.
When it came for you to return to God, you chose to return in God's own country (USA) which is not a surprise because the world is a stage where people come, play and chat and are seen no more and you were one to enjoy life to it's fullest.
Mama Anyi, Nne Ngozi Odoziaku Mmachinyere Dorothy Egeonu Okoro, Jee Nke Oma.
       Chief Sir Boniface Okoro.
Posted by Favour James on May 5, 2021

It is always my pleasure to celebrate genuine generosity and love... evidently, you are an Icon of both.

Your death came as a shock to me, but I know God has his purpose for everything.

You will forever be in our hearts Mama G., the woman after my grandma's heart and my father's "mother for all'.

Rest in the bosom of the Lord Mama.
Posted by Obinna Okoro on May 5, 2021
My beloved Mama, having blessed my marital union before your demise, my family is so pained. We wish u could live forever. We miss u Soooo much. We love u forever, I sincerely believe u are resting in the bossom of the Lord. Till we meet to part no more, Live on dear Mama. Kiss
Posted by Prince Ezika on May 5, 2021
Ezialla Ekulieaka Obodoukwu

Condolence letter
 THE IMEOBI PALACE OF PEACE. On behalf of myself , ugoeze and the entire Royalty received the sad news of the passing into glory of ODOZIAKU NMACHINYERE with a high degree of anguish.
 No one can prepare you for a loss, it comes like a swift wind . However the family should take solace in knowing that their late mother is resting in the arms of our Lord
 I on behalf of myself and the entire Ekulieaka people commiserate with you mr chima Egeonu-Okolo and the entire members of Egeonu-Okolo family on the demise of your beloved mother late Mrs. Ezinne DOROTHY EGEONU-OKOLO, your legacies shall continue to live.
Posted by Joanne Carriero on May 4, 2021
Just wanted to express my sincere condolences to you Nwamaka and your family on the loss of your Mother. I will keep her and your family in my prayers.
Posted by Samuel James on May 4, 2021
Mama,having remembered your caring, love and your Motherly advise.I begin to discover that is only the Almighty God that can fill the vacuum you left in our hearts. You were a Mother to all.Continue to rest on the Lord bosom until we meet to part nomore My only confidence is that the Bible says, The death of a saint is precious in the site of God (PS.116:15).good night Mama until we meet to part nomore.
Posted by Nwamaka Oparaoji on May 4, 2021
Tribute submitted by Engineer Uche Egeonu
Mama's 3rd son and 8th child out of 9

I awake each morning to start a new day but the pain of losing you never goes away. I'm a strong today because a strong woman of your calibre raised me. I go about the things I have to do and as the hours pass, I think again of you. I want to call you and just hear your voice then I remembered that I have no choice. For you're not there and now my heart bleeds. Just to see you again to tell you goodbye, to say mama I love you and I always will.
Whenever I'm troubled about anything, as subtle as a a call to you inspires me to overcome. Even when my seniors tend to bully me, a minute glimpse of you symbolises safety, protection, hope and peace. Tell me mama, who now can hear me when I need to cry?????
I'm consoled because much of you, in me you've instilled. I strongly believe that someday all will be well. I still remember those deep words of advice you gave me at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport: "Lee eh nwanne gi.........." And I promise to live by it till I see you again with stories to tell of how you were missed, how we have grown and how good it is to finally be home. Until then Mama! My memories of you I'll keep near and be rest assured I'll definitely pass them on to those I hold dear.

Your last son Egeonu Uche Anthony
Posted by Nwamaka Oparaoji on May 4, 2021

The moment we received the news of your ascendance, Mmachinyere, our world caved in. Our hearts were torn into two, one filled with heartache and pain, the other died with you. Sleep eluded us. We lie awake in turns at nights; when the world is fast asleep, through the stillness of the dark hoping you'll resurrect just as we commemorated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ a day before that very day.

If it is possible to write a story about you dear 'Mother Generale', it would be the greatest ever told of a kind, warm hearted, loving and caring mother who had a generous heart of gold. Diction fails in providing the right words that would correctly describe your sterling qualities. The images fill our head but our collective education could not arm us with the words to describe how great you are. We could write a million pages yet unable to say just how much you gave yourself, your love, your resources, your everything; how dedicated you were to caring for your children and others around you; the hope and succour God gave to the childless through you: the free drugs and provisions you gave out generously to the needy and the home you gave to the homeless. You paid for education for those who could not afford it; mediated between warring couples; your generous smile, sincere advice and kind words, soothe all troubled souls around you.

You lived the life of a devout Christian. We can still hear the echoes of your daily morning songs and also recall the early morning prayers with rosaries and psalms; your consistent morning mass attendance; starting a block rosary station, cleaning the basilica, etc. You were governed by your profound belief that God in heaven sees all our actions and inaction.

When "Aji-Egebelu-Dike" our father passed on 42 years ago, you went through countless storms and battles to raise all your 9 children. Like mother hen, you shielded us from harm, navigating through legions of landmines laid for you and your children even in our home. If we could compile a story about your life struggles; the needless troubles and battles you went through in defence of your children and the huge heart full of sunshine with which you tolerated and forgave, a million pages would not be enough to tell the story of how simple at heart you were.

Your first granddaughter Nene, called you 'Mama Bigg' because you were like no other mother. You were the most precious, most adorable and most beautiful. You gave us life, you nurtured us and you loved us unconditionally. You taught us how to navigate the shark infested life, forthrightness and our strength of character. You taught us how to fight, be ourselves and stand on our own. You shouted at us but still cuddled us intermittently. Above all you taught us what love ❤ truly is and the beauty of forgiveness.

Circumstances may not have allowed you to go far in school, but the wisdom that exudes from your person far surpassed that of Harvard trained professor. You were a bundle of inspiration to all around you. Your kind soul, wise counsel and outstretched hands can't be quantified. Your home- our home was open to everyone especially the motherless; your hospitality made them feel special. You are the most humble, compassionate, understanding, family oriented woman we have ever seen. You are so dear and so true. You had an indescribable innate strength. You owed no man and paid everyone their dues. You were very energetic, highly organised and disciplined.

We all watched helplessly on face time as you were harassed and threatened by ill health, but death eventually won over you. Our pain not in the fact that you are gone, but the endless vacuum your absence will create.

Who will people go to for free Medicare when they are sick?
Who will they run to when they need bread?
Who will they go to for advice?
Who will they call for help when they run into all manner of trouble?
Who will mend their looking roof or give them water to bathe and wash their dirty clothes?
Who will provide them shelter when it rains?
When babies cry, when women are in labour, who will give them free Medicare and mediation?

After a good fight one has to retire. Indeed you have fought a good fight. God opened your eyes so that you can see how beautiful you are. He equally took you away so that you will have the peace you so much desired as you continue to dance in glory with him in heaven. You dedicated your life caring for couples, pregnant women and children irrespective of bias. Even at 85 we can't recall the last time you had four hours of sleep. Money was never a consideration. You gave out drugs food free and when we complained, your smile and orchestrated response douses all manner criticism. You usually say that you'll continue to pray for us to have enough money to buy the drugs and food so that you would be able to continue giving them out free.

We're definitely saddened by your death Ezinne Nwere ugwu, Mmachinyere, Mama Bigg, Odoziaku. You went home at the time we were beginning to reward you for your labour over us. But we feel profoundly honoured, blessed and proud that you are our mother. Missing you is a heartache no doubt that will never go away but your life will remain a constant reminder that there is no greater way to honour you than to be a better 'us' and forever uphold the bond, love and peace which you lived and died for. Nevertheless your parting has left a deep crater but we will fill it with memories of joy, laughter, friendship, kisses that we shared. Yes! These things we shall miss very much.

Enjoy your deserved peace with the Lord Ezinne nnem oma, till we meet to part no more.

Fare thee well Mmachinyere!

All of Us
Written by Engineer Uche Egeonu for the family
8th child and 3rd son of Madam Dora Okoro
Posted by Anthonia Okoro on May 4, 2021
Mama Amaka. You are indeed missed, your death came as a rude shock to many. We love you but God loves you more. We know you are an angel in heaven watching over all of us. Rest on mama till we meet to part no more’.
Adieu great mother!!!
Nne nwere Ukwu!!!
Nwanyi obioma!!!
Engr & Dr(Mrs) C C Okoro
Posted by Nwamaka Oparaoji on May 3, 2021
From Dr Ugoo Nwabueze (Mama's nephew)

Ohh! Mma Chinyere
For me you were just a UNIVERSITY

Admission was free in your University
You were so open hearted that hardly did any descendant of Nwabueze oforma not pass through your University in one way or the other.

Oga adikwa egwu on that last day when we shall pay you your last respect.

Onye ejidekwanam.aka!!

Posted by Nwamaka Oparaoji on May 3, 2021
From Chukwudi Nwabueze (Mama's nephew)

Mama touched every part of our lives, each an every one of us in so many positive ways, a great mum, kind hearted and everything you can think of in a MOTHER. It's our loss but we can NEVER question God Almighty as his time is the best.
May Mama's soul rest in perfect peace, may God Almighty give us the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
Posted by Lizzy Okeke on May 3, 2021
It was with shock that I received the news of your passing on to glory on the 6th of april 2021. I had followed through your story in USA and we even spoke and you assured me that you would soon come back. You can imagine my shock to hear that you are no more.
The scripture tells us that in all things we should give thanks but this appears to be a tough call. However we thank God for your life. We will surely miss you and your endearment. I recall how you call me Queen Nwamama and always visited me whenever you were around.
You have had a rich and fulfilling life and have touched the life of not only your children but all those who are around you. We pray for God's grace in all the activities connected with your rites of passage. May the Lord comfort us and grant us the fortitude to bear the loss and give you eternal rest in the bossom of our lord Jesus Christ, Amen.
Posted by Nwamaka Oparaoji on May 2, 2021
Tribute To My Auntie
Shared by Jeff Anyikwa on May 2, 2021
What a time to say goodbye to my beloved auntie Ezinne Mmachinyere Dorothy Egeonu popularly known as Dora Okoro.

With pain and grief I celebrate your passing into eternal gory. I will forever remember you in So many ways as you took me as one of your biological children at a tender age of 10, hence we joined them to call you Mmanyi(Beaty Of everyone)

I regrettably didn’t have time to celebrate you while alive due to death

This is a wish of man as man propose but God disposes . Jee Nkeoma Mmanyi, Mmachinyere, Nwanne Rosa Nnem till we meet again.

Gratefully greet Rosa Nnem Uzumma Anyikwa, Florence Esiobu (Flor), Kefas Papa Ugoo, Nne Beauty Agness Nwugo Mmuoneke and Aguguo Nwizigbo. Finally your Older sister MaMa who passed on the same day with you on the 6th of April 2021.

Adieu Ezinne Dorothy Egeonu Okoro Adieu Mmanyi

Your Nephew Jeff Anyikwa
(Ichaque De Don)
Posted by Egeonu Kaodichinma on April 24, 2021
I can't believe I am writing this sooner than expected...
Death you really stung me deep this time, what can I say? You always seem to know the best ones with the costliest value. Where do I begin? You were that ocean of overflowing milk that fills everyone, you show love even to the least person around you. In abundance, you share; in scarcity, you are not still afraid to give it all. In happiness, your light of love is shown, even in anger you emit your last strain of radiating love. Mama on different accounts, you taught me selflessness, I remember the last time I asked you for financial assist, I heard you almost gave me the last dime supposed to be for your medicines, I felt so bad that right then I made up my mind to have the kind of heart you have. You practically gave everything just to make sure we live a good life, that even as your grandchildren we never lacked and we looked the best especially at festive periods. Mama m I remember vividly when I was about going to the university you were so happy that you went to the market yourself and bought me stuffs I needed, gave me extra of everything and sent me off. Mama now that you are gone who do I really look up to? Who would sing my name like you used to (KAODI)? I am vexed that you weren't able to see me graduate like we used to fantasize about.
Thanks for being my mama big, thanks for being my gist partner, my friend and companion, most of all thanks for being a shoulder(pillar) to rest upon.
Mama I love you, I miss you so much and in my next life wish to have you as my grandma over and over again.
Till we meet to part no more
Posted by Chinenye Nwabueze on April 23, 2021
Mama, memories of how great you were to me will never fade for a second. You were truly a special mother to me and my siblings. You made sure we did not feel the departure of our late daddy (your special brother) who left to be with the Lord over close to four decades ago. Your impact was felt in the lives of many, including my humble self.
Mama continue to rest in heaven until we meet to part no more. Gaa nke oma.
Posted by Okey Nwabueze on April 20, 2021
Mama Onitsha, it is hard to believe that the angels have called you home at a time we least expected. I do wonder if we will ever find anyone to take your place! You left a hollow no one can ever fill halfway.

Nne Ngoo, as we always referred you; you are a beautiful flower plucked from the flower bed to be a sweet-smelling savor in the presence of your maker. But it is hard to come into terms with the fact that we will never hear from you again. Sweet memories fill me anytime I remember the advice you found pleasure in sharing with us and will forever be cherished. Your benevolent smile lifted our hearts anytime you were near us. Everyone admired your wisdom in solving complex issues any time we sought your input. You were a role model, and now we can proudly say that you left footprints in the sands of time. Admittedly, we have lost a precious jewel; if death were stoppable, we would have kept it from coming your way.

Sir BC’s Bestie, you worked so hard, and I believe it was the reason why you were able to raise our cousins right. Anytime we came visiting your place; now I can’t mention all cos you were always there.

Fare well Mama. You fought a good fight and won the race. You left a legacy that will be read through the generations. You left a mark in our hearts, and nothing will ever erase.

You were a gem and will remain to be cherished.

Surely Mmachinyere, our love for you will forever remain
Posted by Egeonu Chinonye on April 18, 2021
Mama, you were cared about every other person so much I feared you didn't care about yourself. You gave us a fancy life. Making sure we didn't lack even as grandchildren. The regular gist, how you let go of your anger, how you could empty your pocket to assist another is a big thing of wonder. Mama you will always be missed. Thank you for been a big part of my life. I love you so much and will always do.
Your grand daughter, Nono or ọkpọ nwa ìgwè as you have always called me.
Posted by Uj Damian on April 15, 2021
My heart is broken in two, you left me with good memories and I love you dearly.
A very sweet Godmother who is special, warm and dear with kindness in heart.
I know I cannot bring you back, although I wish it everyday.
I wish you could have stayed but Heaven needed you.
God has called you home..
your life has been a blessing, to all those you know and love....

I will remember you with a smile,
Rest in Peace my beautiful Godmother.
UjuObino (Nee Dike)
Posted by Donald Mmirikwe on April 9, 2021
Farewell Mama,You lived a good life on earth ,My joy is that you passed on during the ressucrstio of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ, You will rise again on the last day where we all shall meet to part no more 1 Thess 4.16 ,My condolences to all the people of E.Okoro and families, God knows the best we can't ask him why,May his Grace and peace be with you all Amen.
Posted by Nwamaka Oparaoji on April 9, 2021
My sweet Mommy is resting with the Lord Almighty in heaven. It's so hard to say goodbye. Who else will call me OYOYONWAM. I take solace in the great life you lived and the memories we shared. Until we meet again, REST IN PEACE Odoziaku, Nmachinyere, Nneoha, Ochiri ozuo, Nwunye Ajiejebeludike,

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Recent Tributes
Posted by Egeonu Chinonye on April 8, 2022
Mama big, its been a year without you, a very tough year we miss you so much, i miss you badly. I am hoping on the fact that you are resting in the Lord's bosom. Keep resting till we meet to part no more❤️
Posted by Anthonia Okoro on April 6, 2022
A Mother is precious, no matter the age they die they are sorely missed. I talk to your daughter Amaka regularly and we discuss how the vacuum you left behind is very big to be filled. We know you are at a very good place, keep protecting your children. RIP ma.
Posted by Nwamaka Oparaoji on April 6, 2022
You are always on my mind Mama. I will continue to make your soul happy. Keep resting in the Lord❤
her Life

Later life

Her crude brilliance and wisdom sustained her as the secretary of the Obodoukwu town union Onitsha branch (women wing) for 30 solid years of which she later became the president. Her quintessential leadership qualities further propelled her to become;
- President CWO (ogbe-etiti ward, Holy Trinity Cathedral).
- President Idinotu Social Club of Obodoukwu, Onitsha branch.
- Amongst others

On the home front, her business acumen made her to conquer many fronts right from 1960s as a humble petty trader in second hand clothes till when she took over her husband's business in 1979 due to the demise of her husband. She attained life distributorship in both vitafoam and Muoka foam companies and mentored many business startups. She later became the first woman to strategically erect a magnificent twin 3-storey building on lucrative Obodoukwu road in Onitsha and even made sure the street was named after Obodoukwu her home town.

Her footprints in the sands of time never goes unnoticed as she bagged the following awards and accolades;
- Life member of Holy Trinity Basilica, Onitsha archdiocese
Pioneer Member Obodoukwu Town Union, women wing, Onitsha branch
Patron Idinotu Social Club
Patron Obodoukwu Town Union, women wing, Onitsha branch
Organizer OTU, Onitsha
Patron St Mary's Catholic Church Choir, Obodoukwu 
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Early life of Ezinne Dora Okoro

Biography of Mama:
 Born in 1935 to the noble family of Nwabueze Oforma, of Obinekiti, Umudimomere village of Obodoukwu clan, Ezinne Dorathy Emejuo Chinwe Egeonu Okoro (nee Oforma) attended St. Peters Central School Akokwa and attained standard 5 grade. She was the very last born in a family of 8 children (2 boys and 6 girls). Certain circumstances warranted she abandon school quite early to support late sister in far away Abakaliki and she integrated so quickly that she could speak and understand the Igbo dialect fluently.
However, she got married in the year 1958 to Late Mazi Eusebius Egeonu OKOLO, a union that produced 9 children (six girls and three boys); 11 grand children and still counting.
Recent stories

Tribute To My Auntie

Shared by Jeff Anyikwa on May 2, 2021
What a time to say goodbye to my beloved auntie Ezinne Mmachinyere Dorothy Egeonu  popularly known as Dora Okoro.

With pain and grief I celebrate your passing into eternal gory. I will forever remember you in So many ways as you took me as one of your biological children at a tender age of 10, hence we joined them to call you Mmanyi(Beaty Of everyone)

I regrettably didn’t have time to celebrate you while alive due to death 

This is a wish of man as man propose but God disposes . Jee Nkeoma Mmanyi, Mmachinyere, Nwanne Rosa Nnem till we meet again.

Gratefully greet Rosa Nnem Uzumma Anyikwa, Florence Esiobu (Flor), Kefas Papa Ugoo, Nne Beauty Agness Nwugo Mmuoneke and Aguguo Nwizigbo. Finally your Older sister MaMa who passed on the same day with you on the 6th of April 2021. 

Adieu Ezinne Dorothy Egeonu Okoro Adieu Mmanyi

Your Nephew Jeff Anyikwa
(Ichaque De Don)