Let the memory of Doreen be with us forever.
  • 85 years old
  • Born on September 15, 1933 in St. Andrew, Jamaica.
  • Passed away on July 20, 2019 in St. Andrew, Jamaica.
Doreen Clemetson president, and former chief commissioner of the Girl Guides of Jamaica and principal of Hopefield Preparatory School, one of Jamaica's top performing preparatory schools, passed away on Saturday, 20 July 2019.

Doreen was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica on 15 September 1933, the fourth of five daughters of John Alfred Clemetson and Alice Clemetson (née Bruce). She spent her childhood years between Port Maria, St. Mary and Law River, St. Thomas, and attended Blake Preparatory School and St. Andrew High School for Girls in Kingston.

Teaching was always Doreen's passion. After leaving St. Andrew High School, she worked for two years as a teaching assistant at Westbrook Preparatory School. After pursuing a teaching diploma in England, she taught in England for two years. Upon returning to Jamaica in the 1959, she was invited by Lillian Gentles to work with her at Hopefield Preparatory School. 

Doreen’s teaching and leadership skills were immediately evident as she inspired both fellow teachers and students to strive for excellence, becoming the school’s vice principal in 1965 and its principal in 1972.

As principal, Doreen transformed Hopefield Prep into one of the island’s top prep schools, boasting top-performing Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) students and the top-performing girl in the inaugural sitting of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) placement examination in 2019.

Doreen developed her passion for guiding as an adult, and served in every aspect of the Girl Guides Association of Jamaica, including as unit leader, travelling trainer, commissioner, chief commissioner and president of the association. She was also a member of the executive and a life member of the association, and was associated with the Friends of Our Cabaña in Mexico for more than 15 years.  

Doreen's faith was central to her life. She began attending Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church in Half-Way-Tree as a boarder at St. Andrew High School for Girls, and became Sunday school teacher. Upon returning to Jamaica following her studies in England, she resumed her work with the Sunday school and eventually became its coordinator. She also became an active member of the Legion of Mary.

Doreen quietly and effectively touched so many lives, inspiring so many to achieve excellence without bringing any attention to herself. A stickler for making sure she and other always did what was right, Doreen was always firm and strong as steel, but fair and as soft as velvet as she repeated her famous phrase, "That's not the way we do things."

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In lieu of flowers, please honour Doreen by making a donation to the Girl Guides Association of Jamaica or Holy Cross Church Charities either through the memorial service collection or directly with these organisations.
Posted by Syreeta Kenny on August 9, 2019
Miss Clem was a rose among us. She was always smiling and radiating beauty, peace, gentleness and love. I cannot pinpoint when I first met her but she has influenced my life through her impact on the GGAJ through my mother's interactions with her and my own interactions with her. She was my go to person for enrollment and investment ceremonies, my girls refer to her as the 'sweet little lady' and always want to walk over to Hopefield Prep to do their ceremonies.
I will miss sharing the birthday cake with her this September.
May her soul rest in peace and her legacy continue to live on through the many lives she has touched.
Posted by MaryJane Craig on August 5, 2019
I met Doreen some 20+ years at the Cabana during The Friends of Our Cabana meeting each February. She was such a gracious lady. I would look for her each so we would some time to share our life events each year. I worked our donation table and one year she brought the small packages of cookies her Guides were selling. They were so good that many of the ladies would try to bye them. Doreen would always save a package for me and I would give her a box of GSUSA Thin Mints. It was our special thing. 
I do remember how wonderful she looked in her country's outfit and how proudly she wore it for the Friends gala event.
I will truly miss my friend Doreen
Posted by MANDY BRUCE on August 4, 2019
The brightest stars shine to remind us that the special people we lose are always with us. Doreen will always be in my memories of the time we spent together in Mexico having fun and enjoying our friendship.
Good friends are like stars and when I see a twinkling star it will always remind me of Doreen with a smiling face and a heart so warm.
Posted by Patricia Spooner on August 2, 2019
She was the epitomy of grace. She was a beautiful soul and a remarkable human being. Her light will forever continue to shine and she will remain in our hearts forever. Be at peace with the angels - Ms. Vicki, Bianca and Lisa
Posted by Maurice Jackson on July 31, 2019
My first interaction with Doreen was in the early years of her life when she was completing her studies and began to embark on her career path. She was a part of the Clemetson family who assisted our mother and grandmother and in her quiet way contributed in words and deeds to the upliftment of those who needed help the most. So quiet and unassuming yet so caring and effective in providing guidance to others.
I extend my condolences to her sister(s) and other extended family members on behalf of all the families of Roslyn Smith & Edna Jackson. Life well lived Life well loved. Farewell we know you are in God's resting place.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Posted by Simran Rochlani on July 30, 2019
I am so thankful to have known Ms Clemetson. Memories of her kind smile, listening eyes, perfect hair, willingness to make a correction and give guidance will not be forgotten. I am not able to say when I fell in love with Ms Clem... As a girl guide frighten out of my wit to see her, showing a picture from a book to children on their birthday and asking the birthday person to hold the flag, checking out the sweet spread Fridays at bake sales, watching the ballerinas at practice or putting on a pair of sneakers and hiking through mud at Holywell. You just had to respect and love her. She was a lady of grace and sophistication, charm and good morals. She displayed perfect social graces with ease ... even on camping trips! We were blessed to have crossed your journey's path. Till we meet again, walk good Ms Clem...walk good.
Posted by Janet Jackson on July 30, 2019
I am heartbroken to learn of Ms. Doreen's passing! My grandmother used to work for the family and my entire family was treated like we were a part of the Clemetson family! I enjoyed visiting and am just so overcome with grief that I have not spoken to her for such a long time. A truly beautiful kind soul. Ms Doreen will be missed but her soul for sure is resting in peace. Condolences to the Clemetson family.
On behalf of the Jacksons "Rest in Peace Ms. Clemetson."
Posted by Kim Menzies on July 31, 2019
Hopefield Prep was my first school which I attended in the 70’s and based on my wonderful experience there my daughter is now a student. I recall seeing Ms. Clemetson on a Caribbean airlines flight to Florida just a year after my daughter was born. I asked her if she was still at Hopefield and her reply was “what else would I do with my time otherwise”.  It amazed me that she still came everyday and participated in all the school functions (pta meetings, sports day, fundraisers, etc.) Ms. Clemetson was a beautiful soul inside and out and I know she will be missed immensely by all who had the pleasure of being taught and guided by her. XO
Posted by EMILE LEIBA on July 30, 2019
Ms Clemetson was a true Lady, in a world where such a descriptor has become rarer and rarer with each passing year. Her demeanor, poise and communication skills brought you back to a bygone era where all women were Ladies and all men were Gentlemen. She will be missed. Those who love her can take solace in the indelible mark that she left with those she taught, lead and interacted with. 
Rest in a Well Deserved Peace Ms Clem.
Posted by Phylis Crook on July 30, 2019
When you look up the word “lady” in a dictionary I’m sure you will see a photo of Doreen. That word defines her. Have known her many years as we shared membership in Friends of Our Cabana. My heart ❤️ goes out to her family. We are never ready to say goodbye...
Posted by Vanshika Daswani Lata Khi... on July 30, 2019
First face and best memory of meeting and seeing Sweet and polite and polite miss clemetson, as we registered @ Hopefield, till seeing her at the high school graduation 2019,always polite and active! Gone to soon.. May god take best care of her.
Posted by Melody ABLES on July 29, 2019
Ms. Clem was such an inspiration. I looked up to her as one of the women in guiding that I wanted to be like. She was kind, thoughtful and extremely smart. Her family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Jeffrey Moss-Solomon on July 29, 2019
Ms Clem, was my prep school principal. I met her when I was two years old. She never seemed to age. She was strict and caring at the same time. She founded what is one of the top prep schools in Jamaica. That is her legacy and the achievements of the alumni will continue the legacy. I choose Hopefield for my children and as an alumni it was my great honour to serve as PTA president. Her untimely death came as a shock! Rest in Peace Ms Clem. I will miss calling Hopefield and hearing you on the other end of the Phone.
Posted by Paul Williams on July 29, 2019
To say I gave a little trouble when we first met is putting it mildly. But no matter she always spoke calm and soft never getting mad. I thank you our for everything. With out you teaching many of us would not be where we are today. Teach In peace Miss Clemetson. You will be missed
Posted by Sue Handy on July 28, 2019
I have 2 favorite memories of Doreen from Guiding . The first time I met her she was a roommate in my dorm at Our Cabana. She was sweeping the floor and Patricia looked at me and said, ”Do you have any idea who is sweeping your floor, she is the Cheif Commissioner of Girl Guides of Jamaica” Doreen just turned to me and smiled and kept sweeping as elegantly as I have ever seen someone do that task. Later that same week we were participating in a game of musical
chairs. It came down to just us two and I got there first so she just plopped right on my lap! It’s my favorite picture I have of her. Her smile and spirit will be missed forever.
Posted by Gayle Keresey on July 27, 2019
Doreen was one of the first Friends of Our Cabana I met when I joined. She always had a smile, and I looked for her to arrive each year. I was shocked at the news and will miss her so much each year in February at the Friends meeting. Condolences to her family and friends... This is a true loss to the Girl Guides world.
Posted by Andrew Goulbourne on July 27, 2019
This was the word my Auntie D used as she came to a stop after sailing down the Zip-line in my backyard. She was to return to Jamaica the next day and had said when she arrived, that she was going to ride it before she left. My wife Katie is still amazed that this woman in her eighties would do this and show obvious pride in her accomplishment.

EXCELLENT. The word is used as an exclamation to indicate pleasure and is also used to indicate something that is extremely good or outstanding. It is therefore not a surprise that she would utter this word, as it also reflects the standard she set for herself in life. She was an educator in every aspect of her life, as a teacher and principal at Hopefield Prep. School, as a member of the Girl Guide Association and as an Aunt. She took on the responsibility of being a role model and mentor for young people she encountered. There was an expectation that we all needed to strive to do and be the best that we could , a task that was not easy but necessary.

My earliest recollection of my Aunt was as a member of the “Clemetson Crew”. One of nine little individuals with the last names of Cridland, Delvaille or Goulbourne. This group was raised by five sisters three of whom had married and produced the next generation of Clemetsons
“If you ever dare!” or “That is not the way we do things “ were among the many stern warnings and phrases we will remember as Auntie D tried to mould her nieces and nephews into shape. Auntie D spoke up when she felt it necessary, but considered her words before she uttered them. I could tell when she had more that she could say but felt it prudent not to.

Katie and I will always cherish the times she spent with us in Canada, during my mother’s illness and while raising our three young children. We had hoped that she would have been here to watch them grow to maturity and oversee the “Clemetson influence” to their upbringing. Her family and her faith were the center of her life providing the source for her drive to make the great contributions she has to Jamaica.
Her presence with us was not meant to be, but she leaves a great legacy of strength, patience, perseverance, caring and love that we are expected to uphold and pass on. Her family will strive to do this so that she can look down at us from above, possibly on a Zip-line and say ....Excellent!
Posted by CHRISTINE Wehby on July 27, 2019
Aunt Doreen was always welcomed here at the Wehby house in Plantation we often went shopping for all sorts of people when she stayed along with her two sisters assisted by Miss Kats their cousin.

Most recently she helped cut up Jamaican fruit wedding cake for our daughters wedding. Every piece was cut to the same size! We could always depend on her for help with anything not only cutting up wedding cake, but bringing inside my orchids ahead of hurricanes threatening Florida when staying with us!

She was a kind, genuine person and we will miss her dearly.

Fly with the angels Aunt Doreen and be comforted by your heavenly father.

David, Christine and the entire Wehby family in Plantation
Posted by Debi Willis on July 27, 2019
Doreen will be greatly missed at the Friends of Our Cabana meetings. My heartfelt sympathies to her family. We are all less without her.
Posted by Betty Lalonde on July 27, 2019
I've known Doreen for more than fifteen years as a member of Friends of Our Cabana in Mexico. She was a kind, sincere, wonderful lady. I shall miss her smiling face at our meeting in February. My prayers go out to her family and friends.
Posted by ANN KILLEEN on July 27, 2019
I have known Doreen for many years through the Friends of Our Cabana. Doreen was always smiling and had a kind word for everyone she would speak with. I will miss her at our February meetings. All of her family and friends are in my heart.
Posted by Polly Caudle on July 26, 2019
I have enjoyed knowing Doreen through Girl Scouts and Girl Guides and at the Friends of Our Cabana in Mexico. She has been a very special friend to me. I will miss her at our meetings in February. Special prayers to her family and friends.

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