"Family, friends, celebrations, and art of any kind" That was Dori!

She will be with us forever!
  • 58 years old
  • Born on February 28, 1959 in Encino, California, United States.
  • Passed away on May 3, 2017 in Palo Alto, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dori Powell, 58, born on February 28, 1959 and passed away on May 3, 2017. We will remember her smile forever.

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Al, Grant, & Sophia Powell       

Posted by Angela Shoop on 12th May 2018
It's Saturday, and I'm sitting and thinking of you. I feel your presence with the sun on my face and a cool breeze blowing. Today I would call to see how you're doing and we'd laugh because you were thinking of me too. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I can tell you that your children are doing so well. Sophia is getting more beautiful and grown up. Grant is getting ready to embark on the new journey of College towards his career in nursing. My heart still misses you. I miss our laughter. Happy Mother's Day my friend, till we meet again
Posted by Joanne Small on 3rd May 2018
Dori, you will always be a beautiful person in our memories today and always... your smile and your positive attitude was infectious, and so many people loved you ... your memory will live on through your beautiful family..Al, Grant, and Sophia, and your countless friends and family from years past and those that were lucky enough to be near you in your last days ...Dori, You will live on in my heart With the fondest of memories for always ...and wishing your family and friends comfort and peace today and always.
Posted by Roberta And Don Martinson on 3rd May 2018
One year ago you left this earth, I miss you. I am spending time this morning thinking of you and the wonderful memories of your life here on earth. You made such an impact on everyone in your life and what a beautiful family your have.
Posted by Daniel Murtagh on 3rd March 2018
My awesome sister Dori would have celebrated her 59th Birthday yesterday, but after a heroic battle with A Plastic Anemia she passed last year. A great soul that made an impact on her Family and the world She lived in!! She left her mark on Grant and Sophia! Dance on!
Posted by Greg Farkas on 2nd March 2018
Thinking of you, Dori..... and all the wonderful things you brought into this world with your amazing personality, shining smile and incredible artistic talent. You are always in our heart, gone... but never forgotten for an instant. Sending you much love and fond memories....
Posted by Angela Shoop on 2nd March 2018
My Dear Dori, This is your first birthday since you left us, left this world, left the cares of this world. Do you know how much we miss you? My heart aches everyday and still some mornings I wake with a gasp realizing your're gone. Do you know how well your family is doing? My heart smiles with the thought of the possibility that you may see what I see.... your family thriving; the beautiful blossoming of youthful hope in your children. Part of your life on in them. My heart swells with your pride when I look at them. I like to think that what my eyes see, you see. Maybe in the realm where you now eternally dwell you have not one care for this earthly place.. Just in case you do, I'd like to say on your first birthday since you left us...It is well. Happy birthday dear cousin, Teri
Posted by Teresa De Bree on 28th February 2018
Dori, Wishing you a sweet Birthday up in heaven, with all the angels celebrating with you! We miss you, and want to say you are always in our hearts, and minds. Love, Teresa
Posted by Angie Petrella on 26th June 2017
I recently learned of Dori's passing. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I remember Dori as a woman full of life and with such artistic talent. She helped me choose the colors of the walls in my house and now I can't help but smile when I think that a small part of her is within our home. Vito and I also recall how when Elliot was on Grant's AYSO soccer team (with Al as the coach), our team, the Gladiators, had THE best team banner around. Dori's creation of a knight and armor on the banner was a work of art! We will always remember her so very fondly.
Posted by Jill Kasser on 20th June 2017
I was honored to be at Dori's Celebration of Life event. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful woman. I enjoyed the opportunity to talk with Grant and Sophia who have grown up to be such lovely young adults. I have happy memories of spending time with Dori and the Powells throughout Montclaire. She is missed!
Posted by Louise Baker on 13th June 2017
My friendship with Dori started when our daughters were born. My daughter, Lizzie, was born 3 months after Sophia and our families spent a lot of time together laughing, playing, and celebrating over the years. Our bond as friends grew when we started taking early morning walks. We would laugh, complain about our husbands or kids, and sometimes even cry together during these walks. It was cathartic and great therapy. Early on, Dori told me how much she hated gossip and I knew that whatever I shared was safe with her and she knew the same was true for me. Dori was always up for a little mischief. One night we decided to get some wine and cheese before going to the movies. We ordered glasses of champagne (of course) and quickly realized that a whole bottle would be a much better idea. But was there time to finish a whole bottle before the movie? Such a dilemma. I told her to save my seat and I ran over to Peets next store and brought back 2 empty coffee cups with lids. I was in charge of keeping the coast clear while Dori emptied the bottle into our coffee cups for us to sneak into the movie theater across the street. As we turned around, feeling so clever and proud of ourselves, we didn’t realize that the wine bar had filled up with customers who were enjoying watching our mischief. We all burst out laughing. We laughed the whole way out of the bar and to the movie theater. For quite a while after that we continued to sneak champagne and sometimes even a picnic lunch to the movies. Dori started to not feel well about 3 years ago. She blessed me by letting me be by her side as she went to countless doctors’ appointments in search of a diagnosis and treatment plan. Dori would tease me about my little black notebook and Al and I would compare notes and grill the medical team relentlessly. Although she was sometimes reluctant to undergo many of the invasive tests and procedures, Dori bravely complied through it all. At many of the appointments, the medical staff would ask if Dori and I were sisters. We always said no but in my heart, the answer was yes. Dori was much more than a friend to me. She was family. Rest in peace my dear sister.
Posted by Becky Priel on 7th June 2017
What an incredible tribute to beautiful Dori! I can see how loved she was by all who knew her! Dori was a neighbor of mine, and although I did not know her well, I was amazed at her incredible creativity and style and loved her brilliant smile! I also admired her as a loving Mother to her children, Grant and Sophia. When I learned from her close friends that she became sick, my heart went out to her, Al, their children, and her extended family. She was clearly, “gone too soon”. Love, Becky Priel
Posted by Al Powell on 3rd June 2017
Sister, I was lucky enough to have known you. I was blessed to have been your brother. Love you Doe Doe - Tim Murtagh
Posted by Rose (Bud) Center-Balandr... on 3rd June 2017
When I was three years old, we moved into a home in Northridge, California, fondly known as "Acre Street". Dori, Tim and Danny would be our next door neighbors for the next eighteen years. I grew up with Dori and all the kids on our street. We were like family, siblings of sorts, and despite time, distance and loss of contact over the years, I still feel the same family like connection. What most of the kids probably never knew, is that Dori and I were both born in 1959, she in February, and I in December. I always thought it was so cool that we were the same age 2 months out of the year!. Dori was always crafty. It amazed me what all she had her hands into, and how organized she was being able to work & store so many projects in her small bedroom with her beloved guinea pig, she kept it all super clean to boot! I managed to score two pieces of her early 1970's art. Dori was always making her own clothes & jewelry like ear cuffs, to me odd & bizarre fashions that always ended up popular in stores 6-12 months later! I knew nothing of Paris fashion, I stayed busy riding my horses! Although we went to the same elementary & Jr. high schools, we went to different high schools & ended up with different friends, and slowly drifted apart with time. Our mothers remained in touch and always provided updates. Dori and I ended up having two kids each, near the same ages, and we both named our baby girls "Sophia"! Dori was such a unique and positive individual, a breath of fresh air in life! Our last visit was in 2005 with our kids, lunch and swimming the day away at her house. I am sharing photos. We kept in contact over the years with Christmas cards. The world has lost a great lady, her family a wonderful wife and mother, daughter and sister. My heart and prayers go out to you all. My deepest sympathies, Rose
Posted by Laurie Hock-Buehler on 31st May 2017
It has taken a long time to get myself to write something about Dori because in doing so makes this a reality. One of which I don’t want to believe. Words cannot express the emptiness I feel. Dori is an amazing woman who I as many have the pleasure to call my best friend. She was special to each and every one of us. I was blessed to have met Dori 45 years ago in 7th grade at Nobel JR High School. There was an instant connection that was the beginning of a beautiful life long friendship, only to end too soon. We had so much fun during our Jr and High school years. We had a large group of friends that were constantly together. One of my fondest memories was the kidnap breakfasts. Prearranged with parents so we can pick up friends at wee hours of the morning and take them to breakfast wearing whatever they had on. Sometimes word got out so people were prepared, but NOT Dori!! She was surprised as we were. After High School the years have flown by. Although life took us in different directions, Dori to Northern Ca, and me to South Dakota we still remained the best of friends. We were able to reunite annually some times in Northern CA, but most of the time in Southern CA. We would gather at either Angie’s, Ming’s, Lori or Karen’s house and always went to the beach. We would all get together like the good ole days. Our children had so much fun together and it was awesome seeing the 2nd generation of friendships evolve. These memories will last a lifetime. Dori and I would talk on the phone for hours there was so much to say. Now it seems like it was never long enough. I can’t imagine life without you my friend. I know time is supposed to heal. The memories will fill my heart always. I’m sure the emptiness will remain forever. Your smile, laughter, positive attitude and friendship will be forever missed. You’re an angel in heaven and forever my friend. I love you buddy.
Posted by Susan Kane on 30th May 2017
I had the pleasure of attending many parties with Dori and her sunny disposition and laugh made every gathering more fun. I truly am sorry for your loss. There is a special place for our Dori in heaven, that is for sure...
Posted by P J on 30th May 2017
My sincere condolences to the family. God has promised to bring about a time when we can see our loved ones again. Revelations 21:3,4. At that time all mankind will enjoy perfect health on a paradise earth. May you find comfort from the God of all comfort.
Posted by L M on 30th May 2017
Dear family and friends of Dori Lynne Powell. I am so sorry for your loss. The death of a loved one can be very painful and difficult to understand. Very soon Jesus Christ will use his god given power to bring back to life the ones fallen asleep in death ( John 5:28,29) says " Do not be amazed at this,for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tomb will here his voice and come out ". He will resurrect them to a peaceful paradise earth filled with healthy happy people ( psalms 37:9-11&29). " He will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more,neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore the former things have passed away "Revelation 21:3,4 ). So may you all continue to find comfort and cherish the precious memories of your dearly beloved Dori close to your hearts and know that one day soon we will see the ones we loss in death again. You can visit this website www.jw.org there you will find many topics that explains will the dead really live again.
Posted by Amy Migdal on 29th May 2017
Dori, you were a star to all of us. So kind, so thoughtful, so creative, so fun, and so beautiful through and through. Your light shines on in the many, many people who had the privilege to know you and to love you. You will remain forever in our hearts.
Posted by Karen Weaver-Coleman on 29th May 2017
I don't have the words to describe the loss. Dori I am so blessed to have had you in my life. I miss you so much, my heart is broken and the hole that remains cannot be filled. Thank you for being my friend.
Posted by WENDY DONIGER on 28th May 2017
I've known Dori for over 45 years and am one of the many women who are proud to call her my best friend. She knew how to make me laugh when I was crying, how to make me feel good about myself when I was feeling down, and how to just listen when I needed to vent. I know most of her secrets and she knew most of mine. She put up with me when I was "out there" and never judged my numerous (mis)adventures. We probably roller skated in Venice beach (in our bikinis) more miles than anybody else. The concerts we saw were so many I can't even name them all but here are a few: The Eagles, Led Zepplin, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Jethro Tull, The Cars, Oingo Boingo when the Red Hot Chili Pepper's were the opening act, Bonnie Raitt, Supertramp, I think Genesis but it's a blur and the list goes on. We spent countless days at Zuma and Topanga Canyon beach - all of us girls tanning in our teeny bikinis! Top of Desoto, Topanga Canyon Park, Sagebrush Cantina.....OMG so much fun. And then one by one we all got married, had kids, some of us relocated but we always kept in touch and Dori was the common denominator. The hole in my heart is huge and I am certain that it will take a long time for it to heal.
Posted by Angela Shoop on 27th May 2017
My dearest Dori, words can not describe the lost that I feel. I am so thankful that I was given the 45 years of being your friend. Im so very thankful to have waited under the lamp post on Acre St. When you and all your friends were hanging out. So thankful and blessed you invited me to the neighborhood. I have the best memories of growing up in the best neighborhood. Every time I laugh I will be thinking of you. That gut renching laughter we shared so often.You are my sister in life. You are now painting the heavens and I will enjoy the beautiful sunsets in your honor. Please don't worry about Sophia and Grant. Doug and I will be there where ever needed as they continue to trive in life. I miss you buddy., Rest easy we got this
Posted by Dona Klein on 26th May 2017
RIP, Dori - I will always remember you and your ear cuffs which were the hippest thing in the 80's - glad I ordered a few for my nieces, too. I know Wendy is crushed. xoxo
Posted by Daniel Murtagh on 25th May 2017
You do not know what you have until it is gone. So many emotions about this exceptional Human that words cannot describe! "Doorknob" (as we used to call her), was needed in a different capacity, in a different place. I was blessed to have been related to such a giving and compassionate Person! Wait for me Dori, and we will share a glass of Champagne on your favorite table! Do not worry about Al, Grant, and Sophia, they are surrounded by your circle of Greatness!! Semper Fi until we meet again!
Posted by Al Powell on 24th May 2017
This photo was taken on April 3 at Alana's Cafe in Redwood City. We met for breakfast and exchanged Easter gifts. I gave Dori some handmade chocolates and chocolate covered Oreos that I made. She gave me an Easter egg trinket I opened it and there was a gold chocolate egg in it. She said the trinket was for me and chocolate egg for George my husband. We talked about our children and she was planning to come to see my bathroom once I was done with the remodeling. Ever since I learned that Dori was ill, I included her in my daily prayers. Dori, was a very special friend to me. I will miss her and I will continue to include her in my prayers. She's at peace now and with her loved ones in heaven. I will be making a donation at Filoli in Dori's memory. She loved Filoli and she told me that she wanted to bring Sophia, her daughter there. I don't know if she ever did! If Sophia ever wants to go, I would love to take her! I will always remember the twinkle in Dori's eyes and her beautiful smile. She was a wonderful and caring person. I'm sorry that I won't be able to attend next month. George and I will be on vacation. May her memory be eternal. Sophia Fonti Sophia, Yes Sophia Powell would love to join you at Filoli when you return from your trip! Thank You Sophia! You are Sophia's new Great God Mother! - Al
Posted by Teresa De Bree on 24th May 2017
This note is for my much beloved sister-in-law Dori. Dori I know you are watching from heaven above, so I wanted to share a few words about you that you may not have noticed. My memory of you is that I felt you were always inspiring, and amazing to me. I loved how you knew exactly what you wanted, from having kids, to expressing your art, to marrying my brother Al. You were very strong willed, and didn't seem to ever lack confidence. You may not have always felt this confidence, but you did a good job of making others believe you could do anything you put your mind to. I remember the beautiful art you were so fond of. From decorating picture frames, to embellishing clothing, to painting, your talent was amazing! Your artwork was something you really enjoyed, so by giving some of that art to others you shared a little bit of your personality. I am especially grateful that I have some of this art in my home, because it will remind me of you whenever I see it. I know your kids were the light of your life. I know this because every time you spoke of Sophia and Grant you expressed such joy and admiration for them, and the things they did. Now that you are away from them, I am sure that you grieve for the loss of this connection to your precious children. Please know, that I believe you gave your children the tools to succeed in life, along with many beautiful memories of you. Your kids with undoubtedly miss you, but will always remember how much you loved them, and know that you are holding them close to your heart now and forever. Great relationships don't come along every day, this is why I feel you and Al had a bond that surpassed all that life could throw at it. You had a love that showed how much you both cared for one another. I remember how fondly you spoke of Al taking care of you while battling your illness. You said Al was the best caretaker ever, and you could want for nothing. I am sure your illness brought you two even closer together, knowing that your time together was limited. Now that you are gone, I know you will miss this love you had with Al I am sure, but feel confident that I am certain he enjoyed every moment he was able to spend with you. Now that you are gone from this earth, you can rest calmly, without pain, and free from suffering. Your illness will no longer have a hold on you, you are free. Have confidence that while your family can't imagine life without you, I am confident that they will survive with all the beautiful memories of the wonderful wife, mother, friend, and sister-in-law you were to them. REST IN PEACE Love, Teresa
Posted by Chuck And Ann May on 23rd May 2017
We met Dori and Al at the Stanford Liver Support Group in March of this year. We shared our story of Chuck receiving a liver transplant in 2011 to encourage and provide hope to those waiting for a transplant. I spoke to Dori on the phone and she was so amazing, determined and a true fighter. We will remember her beautiful smile and warmth. We are sending our love and prayers to the family. God Bless.
Posted by Roberta And Don Martinson on 21st May 2017
I have the honor and privilege to pay tribute to a very special, and irreplaceable person in our lives - our beloved sister-in-law, Dori. Her golden heart is what I noticed immediately when I first met her years ago and it never changed. Dori was not only beautiful on the outside, she was a beautiful soul and she saw the beauty in others. She took her time, forming her own thoughts and opinions about the people and things around her and had only good things to say and do with others. She was always bright, colorful, creative, vibrant and full of life and will be missed so much. I am so glad my brother, Al chose her for his sweetheart; and she has left us to soon. Our Sister's time was very special. She will be remembered always as she touched so many lives. When we look into the eyes and hearts of Al, Sophia and Grant we will see a little piece of her. She will live on forever.
Posted by Afshin Faridjoo on 19th May 2017
Al, I am deeply saddened by your loss. You and your family are in my heart and mind. My condolences on the passing of dear Dori.
Posted by Al Powell on 19th May 2017
On Wednesday May 3rd 2017 my mom passed away.. she had been battling a rare unknown disease affecting her liver function for the past 2 1/2 years and was diagnosed with another rare disease known as aplastic anemia affecting her blood, this form of anemia significantly reduced the level of red blood cells & platelets found in her blood meaning there was an insufficient amount of oxygen flowing to her brain and her blood did not clot like it was supposed to (a cut that would normally stop bleeding in 10 minutes would bleed nonstop for days at a time) however, the main concern with my mom was her liver disease which caused an accumulation of ammonia (a lethal poison usually filtered out of the blood by the liver) in her body, we still to this day do not know the name of this disease or the cause for it.. the combination of these two illnesses on top of dozens of medications caused my mom to lose drastic weight and limited her ability to carry out daily activities (most of her day was spent resting in bed as little things like driving to the store for groceries completely drained her of energy) we approached these medical issues from every angle, some medications/procedures would work and then stop working, some would inflict horrible side effects making the situation worse altogether, needless to say it was very hard for my mom and it pained me and my family so much to see her endure everything she went through in the condition she was in, we were running out of ideas so Stanford told my family she may need a new liver altogether as well as a bone marrow transplant to cure her anemia, nowadays to even be acknowledged for a liver transplant there is a major list of criteria that must be met and you pretty much have to be on your deathbed in order to receive one. Not only that but the cost of the surgery was insanely expensive and all previous operations/tests/blood transfusions/prescribed medicines my family had already payed for added up to about the same. It is not uncommon for people to die waiting for a donor some wait years until they find someone willing and able, luckily for us my mom has two brothers who could possibly be donors, this was good news because they are related (decreasing chances of bodily rejection) and it would eliminate the process of finding another donor (saving valuable time). Both my uncles agreed to donate so the plan was for one to donate part of his liver to my mom (surgery would involve removing my moms ill liver and replacing it with part of my uncles, both livers would regenerate in a months time) and after she had recuperated the other would donate his bone marrow. My uncle who was to donate his liver had to go in for testing and did so about a week ago, unfortunately the day after his testing (last Tuesday) my mom had a stroke, the doctors were unable to stop the bleeding in her brain and that is ultimately what caused her death. My mom was so brave and fought so hard. These last couple years had been very hard on all of us but it's not the way I want to remember my mom. She was a warrior, she was an artist; a very talented painter with astounding creativity and a taste for all things whimsical, she was a supporter; unafraid to cheer for the underdog, she was a friend; to everyone and to everything, she was an angel; sent down from heaven to guide any soul with whom she crossed paths into light and remains an angel today only now with a pair of wings on her back soaring the skies of heaven once again. I wanted to thank everyone for all their love and support these past couple year and especially these past couple months. I never talked about my mom's illness on social media because it was such a personal thing but I'm so grateful to be a part of an amazing open community so for that I decided to share her story. I love you mom, forever, and always - Grant & Sophia Powell ❤️
Posted by Mary Hodel on 18th May 2017
Dori was a very kind and creative sister-in-law to me. She was very compassionate person and loved life. She will be greatly missed. I loved her artistic nature and memories she gave us.
Posted by Shirley ONeil on 18th May 2017
Wow! What a beautiful person inside and out! I wish I had known Dori as she seems kind, fun, compassionate and talented. I'm sure that her light will live on in all who had the opportunity to know her! Sending Love....
Posted by Hamid Karimi on 18th May 2017
It was mid-March 2017 when I accompanied my brother for pre-operation test to the Stanford hospital. This was his fourth cancer in 10 years and a serious one. I summoned all my acting abilities to put on a happy face and give him courage. It was only partially successful; one gets cynical after so many battles. As we were standing in coffee shop line for a shot of espresso, I saw a familiar face. It was Al with his infectious smile and friendly demeanor. I first met Al around 10 years ago and it was always in professional capacity. I had not seen Al for at least couple of years. Al came to us and introduced Dori. It was rather obvious how these two had found each other; Dori despite her condition was intent on listening to my brother’s story. This reminds me what Hemingway characterized as grace under pressure. Despite her condition, Dori reserved her empathy capacity for my brother. Soon after we said goodbye, my brother told me that he had not felt as positively and hopeful until he met Al and Dori. On March 17, my brother went through a 13-hr surgery followed by a month-long stay at the ICU fighting for his life. Al & Dori inquired about his condition in the meanwhile and visited him a number of times at the hospital, spending considerable amount of time with him in my absence. What would drive people to be kind to others while struggling with their own challenges? I have lived in my current house for close to 22 years and after thousands of encounters with my next door neighbor, there is no sense of growing closeness, just routine glances and gestures. In contrast, I had couple of relatively short encounters with Dori but that left a lasting impression on me; that is what an old soul does. That is how meaningful seemingly small gestures can produce big impacts. That is how my brother and I remember Dori.
Posted by Al Powell on 17th May 2017
When you think of Dori think of all the family and friends that she knew and that she loved, which is pretty much everyone! She will always be remembered for someone who loved everyone and everyone loved her!

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