My Dear Sister, Doris

Shared by Jean Fong on July 24, 2020
Dear Doris:

Thank you so much for being my little sister. Although you were raised in Sacramento and I in Los Angeles we were blessed to remain as a family through the love and care of Jane, Mary, David, Hong, Lillie, Allen and Grandma Soo Hoo.I would see you during your summer visits to Los Angeles when Allen and Lillie would keep us entertained.It wasn’t until later that we grew closer and the first time you met Jean was on a double date with you and my friend Joe.How time flies.Jean and I married and then we received a surprise and happy announcement from Las Vegas of your marriage to Freeman.We were so proud.Then along came the kids and its party time at the Soo Hoo’s and Huey’s.What fun.

We always enjoyed our travels with you and Freeman and your hospitality every time we visited Stockton; especially our card games.We cherish every moment and every memory of the good times we had and, sometimes sad ones too.We know the last few years have been difficult for you, but the last time in February 2020, you had a beautiful smile on your face when you recognized and pointed at me and Jean.We were happy to see you so animated.

We love you and you will always be in our memory.One day we shall meet again.This is not “good bye” but a mere pause.

With Love and Affection,
Ernie, and Jean too.

Tribute Written by Robert Wong

Shared by Matt Chang on July 23, 2020
I have known Freeman all my life.  We were born in the same hospital, two weeks apart.  We lived in the same neighborhood, attended the same grammar school and Chinese school, played and went on trips together.  When Freeman introduced Doris to me, I knew that she was the one for him.  She had a nice smile and a very warm personality and Freeman was very happy.  Doris possessed all the good qualities in a person and she was able to instill them into their children, Matt and Kim.  She knew that they and their families will care for Freeman when she is gone.  Doris would want all of us not to be sad, but to be happy, especially her family.  Doris had a good life.  All of us greatly miss Doris, but she will always be present in our memories.  Doris is at peace.

Robert Wong

Memories of Auntie Doris

Shared by Kimberlee Chang Mendes on July 22, 2020
As a young child growing up, I remember Auntie Doris as a classy lady, a true lady of grace.  She was always very patient, kind, loving and soft spoken to me, not to mention that she displayed characters opposite of a true “Fong”.  She was always so pleasant to be around, and I am so grateful to have had her as my aunt.

Being our family lived in Southern California, it was always a treat to spend time with Uncle Freeman and Auntie Doris when they would come to visit and stay at Uncle Allen and Auntie Lillie’s house in South Pasadena.  It seemed like the entire family was there all the time and it was one big party!  As the Soo Hoo home was quite large, group gatherings were often held as well as sleepovers.  

 I can remember a time at the South Pasadena house when Auntie Doris and Uncle Freeman came to visit, I walked into the bedroom where they were sleeping, and found your Uncle Matt, a toddler then, consuming a 1 lb. box of See’s candy.  OMG, you should have seen the look on Auntie Doris’s face when her and Uncle Freeman woke up.  She was so mad!  Matt’s face, hands, clothes were covered in chocolate!  If I can remember, I think that was the first time I saw her angry.  It’s funny how certain memories stick with you.

It was nice back then because it seemed like everything we did as a family. The family was so close that all of our aunts, uncles and cousins spent a lot of time together attending events, family gatherings, going on trips, and most of all playing cards.  Those were truly special times!

Another memorable event as a child was our trip with the family to Incline Village, Lake Tahoe.  There were a group of us, aunts, uncles and cousins who rented a very large house and we were all under one roof!  We, as kids had the time of our lives!  It was on this trip that I can remember cousin Trisha and I taking cousin Matt into the dark stairwell on the bottom floor that lead to Uncle Freeman and Auntie Doris’s room, telling him ghost stories, spooking him and making him cry.  He had to have only been around 3 or 4 years old then, and Trisha and I in elementary school. Auntie Doris caught us in the act, and we didn’t hear the end of it!  She was so angry at us, but we had fun doing it anyway! 

From my two weddings, to countless family gatherings, Auntie Doris had always been present in my life.  Even when her illness took over and she no longer recognized me, I could still see a glimmer of the Auntie Doris I knew.

It’s memories like these of spending time with Auntie Doris I hold close to my heart and will never forget.  She was a truly a special aunt to me and she will always be loved, remembered, and deeply missed.


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