This tribute was added by Teresa Mandella on July 27, 2020
I met Doris during the last few years of her life at Somerford Place. She seemed very sweet and kind. I can see from the family and friends tributes that she was always  so. I was very touched by the loving care Freeman showed with her as well as that shown by her siblings, children, and friends.

A donation has been made in her memory to the Alzheimer’s Association through the WALK to End Alzheimer’s.
This tribute was added by Elaine Hui-Leow on July 26, 2020
The Celebration of Life for Doris Fong Chang yesterday was so beautifully warm, exuded so much of love for her and put a stamp on the impact she’s had on so many lives. At program’s end, Matthew encouraged us all to have lunch together in remembrance of Doris, which is what my husband, Danny, and I decided we’d do afterwards, to continue the talk of good memories we have of “Auntie Doris.” We both agreed her smile and laughter brought light and life into every room that contained her. She embodied so much goodness... through kindness, generosity, and caring for all those she knew, met, or wanted to help. When Auntie Doris’ name is mentioned, Danny and my thoughts always turn to how much time and energy she voluntarily put into creating the perfectly matched and custom designed floral arrangements, corsages, and boutonnières for our wedding. My favorite handmade red roses hair clip she made for my tea ceremony greets me daily as it’s a wedding pic that sits at the top of our staircase. Auntie Doris was an influencer, long before it became a thing! I realized only yesterday that I try to be as creative as she always was. She started it all for me... from the unique gift tags, to eye captivating bows, it’s because of her zest to make everything special, that I found that passion too. It has brought me immense joy throughout the years, and I have seen what sharing that joy has brought to others in my life. Auntie Doris has certainly left our world better by being in it. She has left us so many fond memories to keep her close in our hearts. My favorite one : “Not of my flesh, but all of my heart.” Doris Fong Chang was indeed all heart.
This tribute was added by Jean Fong on July 24, 2020
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This tribute was added by Julie Austin on July 23, 2020
I met Doris when I first moved to Stockton from England. It’s very hard to move into a new town where you don’t know anyone, esp. with two very young kids. Doris was one of the first people who welcomed me with open arms, esp. when she learned that I was from Malaysia. Hence Kim figured I could have been her mom. It also helped that my son and Kim were in the same school and in the same grade. From then on, Doris included me in every activity, pot luck and luncheons, even at her church, introduced me to her family, esp. Mary Huey, who persuaded me one year to be in the fashion show at the Chinese New Year celebration at Stockton Civic Auditorium. She introduced me to bowling (which I was so sad to leave when I got a job). Doris always had a smile and an infectious laugh, and was a very nonjudgmental friend. Doris, I will forever treasure our friendship and miss your lovely smile. RIP my friend 
This tribute was added by Joselyn Davis on July 23, 2020
My name is Joselyn Davis. I would see your mom and Freeman everyday when I would visit Myrtle Neal (my dear friend that passed away on April 16th). I truly admired the love and support that a husband showed to his wife, even through the fruit (strawberries and bananas) he would bring to her everyday. :) I wish I had the chance to know Doris in her earlier years. She seemed to be a very pleasant and cheerful lady. She would smile and hold Freeman's hand. This touched my heart. May her memories forever be in your hearts and bring you joy instead of sorry. Peace to all of you! Joselyn
This tribute was added by Leslie Anderson on July 20, 2020
What a beautiful tribute this touching page is, to such a lovely lady. I will never forget making my rounds every morning and I was always greeted by a beautiful smile from Doris. Watching her face light up on Freemans daily visits was so very heartwarming. What a wonderful devoted family to a beautiful soul. Doris will be missed by all the staff at Somerford Place. It was our honor to care for her and a pleasure knowing the Chang family. Thank you for those times with your loving family. Doris would have been so proud of the beautiful loving buffet the family presented to all the staff. It was delicious and full of love and appreciation. Warmly Leslie Anderson. Executive Director of Somerford Place.
This tribute was added by Nami D'Angeli Nocifera on July 20, 2020
I have nothing but love for you Mama Chang.

In seventh grade I was the lonely new kid being raised by a single-nutty-professor-father. Kim brought me home one day after school in my converse, frizzy hair and coke bottle glasses. From that moment, you took me under your wing. Now I see that it was your empathetic soul, love and kindness that taught Kim to see people for their insides. Your empathy changed my life. For the first time in this new environment I felt safe, content and flourished.

From then on, whether you were supplying Kim and I with an entire bag of burgers and bottles of Crystal Geyser water— we were well taken care of— you had our back. We could be our best happiest, wildest, craziest selves… and we were! You not only doted on us, drove us all over town in the Buick with the velvety seats, laughed with us (or at me while cruising by when I got my car stuck and popped a tire on the island in the middle of March Ln.)-- but you also kept us in line. Thank you for chastising us when we were being ridiculous (which was more often that.)

Although I saw your joy and sense of humor (I can still picture you laughing with Aunty Mary and Aunty Sue in your living room), you also weren’t afraid to feel your pain. You were a vulnerable human too. If you were sad for the world you wouldn’t hide it. That I have learned, Mama Chang, is true bravery.

Thank you for all the sweet, encouraging words you've said to me, letting me have 1000 sleepovers at your place and the love you gave to me. Your mothering changed my life and now influences the lives of my wild and crazy kiddos.

Love, Nami
This tribute was added by Carolyn Sakai on July 18, 2020
I will miss my daily Visits with Doris every evening. I’ll remember her warm smile.
This tribute was added by Candace Harper Balbuena on July 16, 2020
Mrs. Chang and her family welcomed me with open arms the first time I came over to spend time with Kim! I felt like family immediately. I have countless memories of time spent with Mrs. Chang and all involved smiles and laughter! What I loved most was how much love was evident in her eyes when she looked at her daughter Kimberlee. The moments when Mrs. Chang took Kim's cheek and kissed it in her own special way and the giggles that followed are unforgettable.  I never had the opportunity to leave the house empty-handed, without some type of food in hand. Mrs. Chang made sure I took something home to share with my parents every single time. It was obvious that she loved cooking for us and providing for her family. 

I always wanted to put a smile on her face when I was in her presence and make her proud! I have so much love and respect for Mrs. Chang. I feel fortunate to have been in her company benefiting from her caring personality and now cherishing her undying spirit.  
This tribute was added by Christian Schreiber on July 15, 2020
I was only 5 when I first met Matt and mom and dad down the street. In the years that followed there are too many rides to practice, games in the driveway and on the street, dinner, sleepovers, and birthday parties to count. She was another mom directing us and feeding us and keeping us on the straight and narrow (for the most part). She was loving and quick to smile and always knew when a sideways glance was in order when we were getting into trouble. She'll be missed. Love to the family!

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