My Drop Dead Gorgeous Grandma

Shared by Holly Loniewski on December 9, 2019
Well I really don’t where to begin.. but I will begin here, my grandma was a loving strong women. She was the  foundation of our family. She was my best friend.. and no matter what she loved us.. I remember Christmas at her house was my favorite time, because we were all together.. I remember one day I went down stairs at her house, and it was flooded my socks got wet and I cried  my eyes out all I could say was mommy’s gunna be mad at me.. and grandma said it’s ok mommy won’t yell at you.. she grabbed my hand and brought me to my mom.. and sure enough grandma knew best.. I remember goin to visit gram and she would always have orange kool aid and orange jello when she knew we were coming..I remember visiting with her and  her always giving me and my cousins and brother money.. no matter how much we said we didn’t want to take it from her she would force us.. and if we didn’t take it she would get mad..  also I remember my favorite sayings grandma would say dynomite, drop dead gorgeous, and let the good times roll.. grandma you will be missed by many.. until we meet again.. keep dancing and blowing your flute.. and always remember to let the good times roll.. I love you grandma..

My Precious Grandma

Shared by Alexandra Miranda on December 8, 2019
For those who did not know my grandma she was loved by everyone around her. My grandma was one of my bestfriends as a kid, and as I got older. I cherished spending my time with my grandma. One of my favorite memories I have with gram was spending all the holidays at her house with family. I loved sharing root beer floats and over buttered grill cheeses . My grandma loved me and all of her grandchildren so very much, and in her eyes we could do no wrong. My grandma could light up a room in just a second all she needed was a little music and all eyes were on her. Gram was a living angel. My favorite sayings gram would say is to "rise above them" and to " let the good times roll". So now gram that's what I plan to do let the good times roll with all the memories we shared. So until we meet again my precious grandma forever in my heart you'll be. 

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