This tribute was added by Doris Loniewski on December 28, 2019
Somewhere in heaven my mother is smiling down on me.
I Love You Mom <3

Christmas was not the same without you and very lonely,
and I know New Years won't be much better.

Missing you.....
This tribute was added by Lois Johnson on December 27, 2019
Doris, the endless teenager, is now dancing in heaven and has gained and the Earth has lost, one of the good ones. She would have loved the Frank Sinatra send off.
This tribute was added by Krissy Baer on December 13, 2019
how i miss u dearly,miss u calling me by so many name just our conversation that we had daily ,ur smiles and laughter but i know ur up in heaven letting the good times roll with ur hubby and son and all the others thanks for our friendship and watch over karlee for me we both love n miss u...
This tribute was added by Anna Leslie Penogolu on December 13, 2019
I have been trying so hard to stay busy, trying to figure out all that needs to get done and not wanting to forget anything since your passing Mom, not wanting to go out, but I have been going to work to keep my mind occupied.
On Wednesday, I needed to go to the post office and bank and kept putting it off, finally I decided to venture out.
I parked my car and started walking up the ramp to the post office. I casually looked down to my right and there I see a beautiful shiny black crow eating an apple core..I slowed down not wanting to scare it and right away it flew on the railing to my right next to me. I was amazed and started talking to it...saying how pretty it was and not to be afraid, I swear if this person had not come around the corner of the building at that moment, this crow would have came to me and landed on my hand. It flew over the ramp and landed on the left railing, stayed there for a minute so I could get a pic and then flew away. I know Mom that this Crow is now my Spirit Animal for you and it is said that the crow guided your soul to the afterlife and you have been born again.
I am so thankful for this sign and I feel comforted knowing you made it to heaven...
Love you so much forever more xoxo...Leslie
This tribute was added by Doris Loniewski on December 12, 2019
Wore a purple tee shirt this afternoon and tonight I'm wearing a pair of Mom's blue & white flowered pj's I bought her for Christmas years ago that her aides stopped putting on her at night not wanting to hurt her legs when getting her ready for bed after sitting in that wheelchair all day.....anyway can't wait to see what my next sign will be when she sees me in her clothes :) Also thought of you today Mom when I had a piece of Hershey's chocolate....I never saw anyone eat more candy in my life than you! <3
This tribute was added by Doris Loniewski on December 12, 2019
It's already been 5 days since my beautiful, unique,Gemini, loving, kind, generous, energetic, free spirited, life loving Irish Mom left this earth and went to heaven to be with my Dad after 33 years without him....I have been speechless, and unable to say much! But I have been so blessed to be getting signs from her, so far I am up to 6....she is comforting me still as always! Some of the best things I learned from her was to believe in Old Wives Tales and Shenanigans, and to always be kind and look at the bright side of life!!
This tribute was added by Anna Leslie Penogolu on December 11, 2019
My Momma and my very First Best Friend, Oh how much my heart is aching for you is so unbearable, but I am getting my strength knowing your are in heaven with daddy, your son, Brett John whom you have missed so long..and all your loved ones..and most importantly your heavenly father...I know he has you in his loving arms and no one loves us more than Jesus. I know he will restore your body, health, heart, mind and soul. I will be singing your favorite Frank Sinatra songs and know you will be happily and gracefully dancing with your loved ones. You were a wonderful mom, grandma and great grandma...Until we meet again, rest in peace sweet momma and know how much you were loved and will be missed by all who knew you...Love you forevermore...your Anna xoxo

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