You touched many lives, we will always remember you
  • Born in Poland.
  • Passed away on October 28, 2013 in London, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created by London colleagues of Dorota in memory of our much loved and respected colleague. We all have worked and laughed with Dorota, working alongside her during the different stages of her professional career:
Mouchel Parkman and Parking Projects, London Borough of Islington, Project Centre, London Borough of Waltham Forest and London Borough of Hackney.

We will remember you forever.

Posted by Anna Bogdaniuk on 1st November 2018
Thank you for remembering my sister, dorota
Posted by Anna Bogdaniuk on 1st November 2018
Kochana siotrzyczko 5 lat minęło jak jeden dzień ,tęsknie za tobą bardzo mocno. ❤❤
Posted by Dominik Gackstatter on 29th October 2018
My dear friend, I still vividly remember your joy and exuberant personality. 'Mad as usual' is what you said to me often. It seems mad that you are gone and got taken so early. I will always remember you and our laughs. I hope you found closure and peace and moved towards the light. Farewell
Posted by Zeljka Momcilovic on 28th October 2018
5 long years without you but for me you never has gone .. you will be always here in my hear and my mind .. I miss you a lot :(
Posted by Alex McCallum on 28th October 2018
Dear Dorota, It's been five years since you were taken. The time has come, my friend, to let you rest in peace and remember you in my heart as I live the future. I will never forget you and I will always carry a true respect for you. My continued respect and best wishes are with your family especially your sister whom, I met and got to know. You will be forever in my heart and always in my thoughts. Rest in Peace
Posted by Natalie Jantjies on 12th September 2018
Hey DK, Its been almost 5 year and I've never really had the courage to write on this page because I could never get myself to acknowledge what has happened. To me its still just a bad dream and I will eventually wake up and you will be here again. Not a day go by when I don't think of you! I see you everywhere...even when I don't, I do. Its weird - I chase after people who I think look like you. I've become a bit of a stalker. lol. I miss you.....and I don't think the void you left in my heart will ever go away. Love you my friend
Posted by Dominik Gackstatter on 28th October 2017
Dear Dorota, 4 years thoughts and blessings are with you and your dear ones today. Light and Love
Posted by Alex McCallum on 22nd October 2017
Hi Dorota, Still in my thoughts and still so happy I had the chance to know you. My thoughts are with your family and your memory. Rest in Peace
Posted by Dominik Gackstatter on 30th October 2016
Dear Dorota, You and your loved ones are always in our hearts.
Posted by Anna Bogdaniuk on 30th October 2016
Trzy lata minely a my cały czas bardzo tęsknimy za tobą .
Posted by Alex McCallum on 28th October 2016
Dear Dorota, Three years passed but still strong in my memory. "Rest In Peace"
Posted by Anna Bogdaniuk on 2nd October 2016
Tęsknię za tobą xxx
Posted by Dominik Gackstatter on 1st November 2015
2 years on and it still feels so sad and unreal. Love to your and your partner's family!
Posted by Zeljka Momcilovic on 1st November 2015
Still can't believe you are not here!! Always missed..
Posted by Anna Bogdaniuk on 31st October 2015
Moja kochana siostro choć minęło 2 lata od śmierci cały czas mam wrażenie że to jakis sen obudze sie a ty zaraz zadzwonisz i powiesz czesc .Bardzo tęsknię za tobą kocham Ciebie mocno . Sister Anna
Posted by Alex McCallum on 24th October 2015
I won't be available to leave a tribute on the anniversary of your passing but I will remember! and I will smile through sadness as I take a trip down memory lane on the 28th. Respect to your memory and to your family.
Posted by Marcus Holliday on 28th October 2014
Can't believe it been a year already since you left us and still half expect you to ring out of the blue. Remembered forever.
Posted by Zeljka Momcilovic on 28th October 2014
a year since you have gone from this world but not from my heart and you will be there always.. I miss you a lot and always will..
Posted by Alex McCallum on 28th October 2014
Dear Dorota, One year on and your memory is still strong. x
Posted by Andrew Saffrey on 7th July 2014
As a result of all the submissions made by fellow colleagues of Dorota, she has been featured as today's Woman Engineer of the Day by Matchtech. To read more about her feature, please go to
Posted by Andrew Saffrey on 20th June 2014
Dear all, Matchtech are putting together a feature on "Women in Engineering" and have invited nominations for female engineers who should be recognised for their contribution and work. It would be brilliant if we could all suggest Dorota, especially as they have asked people to nominate a female engineer who has inspired them. If you think this is a good idea, please email a few words about Dorota and your impressions and experience of working with her to - or you can call Emma Foley on 01489 884385. Best wishes, Andrew
Posted by Ciddra Skerritt on 13th December 2013
For some moments in life there are just no words and this is one of them...Rest In Paradise Dorota...x
Posted by Alex McCallum on 4th December 2013
Dear Dorota, I write this message with a very heavy heart and in deep shock. You were a joy to know. Your work ethic was second to none and your thirst for life and all you could get from it was inspirational. When you walked into my bar and asked for work I knew you were someone special. Something told me to look you up and I find a tragic story..."What happened?" My Deepest Sympathy to your family and friends
Posted by Magdalena Iwan on 20th November 2013
Najdroższa moja wierna przyjaciółko Doti. Dziękuję Toboie Kochana za przyjaźń, serce i fajnie spędzony czas. Byłaś najwspanialszym przyjacielem. Będzie mi Ciebie bardzo brakowało. Będę tęsknić. Śpij Kochana w pokoju. Rodzinie i bliskim składam najszczersze kondolencje.
Posted by Joyce Cheng on 14th November 2013
Dear Dorota, it was such an honour to have known you. I will never forget the times that we laughed and worked together. You will be truly missed… My heartfelt condolences to your family and friends. Love Joyce xxx
Posted by Ewa Krajecka on 12th November 2013
Czas jest najlepszym lekarstwem na smutek, a wspomnień nikt nam nie odbierze, zawsze będą z nami. Rodzinie i Najbliższym składam wyrazy głębokiego współczucia
Posted by Patrycja Bach-Kulathilake on 11th November 2013
Moje kondolencje dla wszystkich bliskich i rodziny....spoczywaj Dorotko w pokoju...
Posted by Eleanor Templeton on 10th November 2013
Dorota...a shining light...It was such a pleasure to have known you. I will always remember your warmth and the laughs we shared, your enthusiasm, your strength and integrity. Conscientious and professional in your work. Everything manifests from nature and dissolves into nature. Peace and love
Posted by Marcus Holliday on 7th November 2013
Dorota, I just wanted to tell you it was a pleasure having you as a friend and cant believe you left us so early in life. I'll always remember you as the amazing girl who could grow wonderful sunflowers. Love Marcus X
Posted by Ian Brennan on 7th November 2013
Dear Dorota, I will always remember your cheerful smile and kindness which shows so well in all the photographs. Dinner at Le Sacre Coeur will not be the same without you. Love Ian
Posted by Sylvie Glossop on 7th November 2013
It has been a true pleasure to have known and worked alongside you for so many years Dorota. Your kind words, understanding and warm nature will never be forgotten. You, as an outstanding and highly regarded female engineer, have been an inspiration to me. Words cannot describe what a wonderful person this world has lost. Love Sylvie x x x
Posted by Min Yee Cheung on 6th November 2013
Dear Dorota, I was honoured to know you and to be your friend. I will always miss all the good and fun times we had together. Most of all I will miss you. Love Min xxx
Posted by Gary Oliva on 6th November 2013
Realy dont know what to say, it was a real shock you leaving us in this way. I have added quite a few photos which i hope you will forgive me for posting but they do show what a lovely person you where and a credit to your family. You will be sorely missed. Love Gary.
Posted by Shaun Clark on 5th November 2013
Good night my friend...Although you're not here, you'll always be in our hearts. We'll miss you.
Posted by Judith Greenidge on 5th November 2013
Dear Dorota, I feel honoured to have known you. Your friendliness and sincerity I will always remember. As I reflect on the times we interacted at Islington Council, I can truly say that you contributed to some of my happier times there. Thank you. My sincere condolences to your family and friends.
Posted by Zak Aktas on 4th November 2013
Dear Dorota, I remember the first time you came and worked in our parking team in Isllington, you worked hard and made lots of friends. My last contact with you was in late August 2013 in Hackney, where we worked. You always had a beautiful smile and had kind words to say, you will be missed, my condolences to your family and friends.
Posted by Sandra Agbabiaka on 4th November 2013
Such a lovely lady - you will be truly missed by all - your smile and laughter overall - sempre viva nei nostri cuori - my sincere condolences to your family and loved ones
Posted by Zeljka Momcilovic on 4th November 2013
Dear Dorota, Hun, you will be in my heart, thoughts forever.. I misses you and I will miss you for rest of my life.. I did not lost just a great friend we all lost and this world lost the great person..
Posted by Dominik Gackstatter on 1st November 2013
Dear Dorota, it was such a joy to work alongside you and knowing you. Your light, friendliness and exuberance were extraordinary, and your memory will always live on in me. What great fun we had, you, Mike and me, banter and laughter. What comforts me is that you will come back, in another now sweet soul. My heartfelt condolences are going out to your family and loved ones.

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