Let the memory of Dorothy be with us forever
  • 91 years old
  • Born on December 31, 1923 .
  • Passed away on May 8, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dorothy Arend 91 years old , born on December 31, 1923 and passed away on May 8, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Joyce Flory on 8th May 2018
I will always remember the day you went to be with the Lord, My birthday. Now you have a new birthday May 8th, miss you so much. All the fun we had.
Posted by Robert Arend on 31st December 2017
Mom, Pizza was your favorite food, so we will be celebrating your birthday today with the food you loved. Some day soon I'll sit down with you at the heavenly feast, and I can't imagine what that will be like. Enjoy your heavenly bliss today, and know that your influence on my life made me what I am today. I love you, your son Bob
Posted by Robert Arend on 10th May 2017
Mom, I don't want to interrupt your heavenly celebration with Jesus and Dad and all whom you loved. But I want you to know that every day brings me closer to my heavenly home with all those I love too. You were the best mom ever! And hardly a day goes by without a thought, a memory, a laugh, a cry when I recall the times we were together. Enjoy your heavenly reward, and know that I love you with all of my heart. Your son, Bob
Posted by Julie Benn on 8th May 2017
Two years it has been since you graduated to heaven. Two years of missing you down; lifetime to go. So much I wanted to share personally with you over this time. So much has happened in my life that I needed a Grammy for. It is hardest for us left here without your physical presence. I lost you and my dear Golden Retriever, Dolphin, in the same year. It was almost unbearable as I love you both so much. I miss you every day. I miss you as I write this. I remember so much about you. Everything from the lines of time etched in your skin to your amazing meals you prepared to the sweet scent of you when we hugged. I miss it all. I catch glimpses of you now, you know. I see them in my heart and catch them in my mind's eye. May God hold you and Grampy and Nanny and all my beloveds who have gone before me (as Grampy would poetically pray) in the hollow of His hand. And may He also give us here, on Earth without you, strength for the journey. Love you with all my heart. Your forever granddaughter, Julie
Posted by Joyce Flory on 8th May 2017
Happy Rebirthday, I know you are rejoicing in heaven with Del, Miss you both, we shared some really great times together. Some day soon we will see you both again.Love ya both
Posted by Julie Benn on 4th January 2017
Grammy, can you hear me? Can you see and feel me? There's so much you know now I imagine, as you are completely in the presence of God. Sometimes I sense your presence. Your caring knew no bounds here on earth. I still feel it now. You left an indelible mark here, Grammy. One that will never be erased, for through you poured the Love of God. I miss you so much. Tears that were stemmed by a wall of grief and fear of you being gone when you died now flow freely in my life. I miss you with these years. And, at the same time, I celebrate you with them too. You have earned every drop that falls in your honor, Dear Grammy. I love you. Happy Birthday Beloved Grandmother.
Posted by Robert Arend on 3rd January 2017
Mom, you are 93 now--91 in earthly years and 2 years in heaven. I miss you and Dad so much, but the memories I have of my beloved parents make me laugh, sing, and sometimes even cry. Happy Birthday, Mom. I will see you and Dad someday soon. Your son Bob
Posted by Joyce Flory on 9th May 2016
We sure miss her, but I know she is better off with the Lord and Delbert. But we do miss them both.
Posted by Julie Benn on 8th May 2016
Hello Grammy, I miss you so much. I miss talking with you and seeing your smiling face. I remember the last thing you said to me. John and I had come to visit and you said "Hi honey." You pretty much drifted off after that and I remember holding your hand and kissing you goodbye on your journey to heaven. I carry your DNA and so much of the morals and principles I live my life by have come from you and Grampy. The caring and love of your marriage has stood as a model and pillar of strength to me in my relationship. I hope I am making you proud by carrying on your legacy of love. Blessings dear Grammy. And thank you, for everything. Love, Julie Bug
Posted by Robert Arend on 7th May 2016
Mom, this will be my second Mother's Day without you here on earth. God took you home exactly one year ago tomorrow There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you and Dad. Every good and perfect gift comes down from God, and I continually thank Him for the wonderful parents He gave me. Each day brings me closer to seeing you again in heaven. Much of what I am today is because of you. I love you and miss you so much. Enjoy your heavenly reward. Happy Mother's Day to the best mom God ever created. Your son, Bob
Posted by Robert Arend on 3rd January 2016
Mom, the whole world celebrated your 92nd birthday with fireworks and lots of crowds on New Year's Eve. Hardly a day goes by without precious thoughts of you among us. You have already heard the words, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant," from our Lord. I love you more than words can ever tell you, and thank you again for being the greatest Mom in the world! Give Dad a hug for me until I can see you both face to face again. Happy Birthday! Bob
Posted by Julie Benn on 1st January 2016
Oh Grammy, yesterday, Dec. 31, you would have been 92. We celebrated the day of your birth by having a big cheesy pizza in your honor. That was your fave food and I remember how we had it together last year to celebrate your 91st birthday. We didn't know it would be the last time we'd have a birthday party with you. But we know you are partying in Heaven and the angels are rejoicing over you not just on your earthly birthday, but every day! We love you, we miss you, we bless you and we are so thankful for our time on earth we got to spend with you. Please kiss Grampy for us and pet our big Golden Retriever, Dolphin, who we also lost this year. We know you are all sitting on Jesus' big lap, enjoying eternity in the palm of the Creator.
Posted by Joyce Flory on 19th October 2015
What can I say that has not already been said, you were a very special Lady that loved the LORD in every aspect of your life, we had so much fun playing phase 10 and just visiting you and Del in Ca. We will miss you two, but soon we will see you both in heaven when the LORD calls us home. Love and miss you
Posted by Julie Benn on 23rd May 2015
This tribute is from Christine Bennett via a text message: Dorothy was the best cook ever! She taught me to make applesauce, custard, state-to-finish of canning, sauerkraut, peaches, oh the fun we had with the tomatoes! The 'recipe teacher' by phone. The best maker of ground bologna sandwiches ever :) --my favorite! Her beautiful garden. She taught me to mend, to sew, to crochet, knit. The kitchen towels :-) She taught me how to teach Sunday school and junior church. Her love for children...young and old. The visitor. She disciplined when necessary. Her example to me of her love for Christ is most dear. The love of playing games. Her hands always busy. A hard worker. She loved, was loved and was lovely. I will miss her scent, her hugs and smile and her laugh. But so grateful that God allowed me to know her.
Posted by Andrea Kuipers on 21st May 2015
It was such a privilege to have known you and Delbert in my earlier life, when I needed a loving family environment and you both provided it to me. That love never failed over all the years and all the changes of our family. To see you again after all those years and know that same love still was present was something I will forever cherish. Goodbye, dear and wonderful lady. Heaven is brighter because of you, and earth...a bit dimmer without you.
Posted by Gary A. Henderson on 21st May 2015
It has been many years since I visited Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Delbert at their home in Baroda. My mother, Marie and 'Lee' brought my sister Karen and me several times--on the trains into Chicago or driving when we were young. I will never forget Grandpa and Grandma Martin, their farm, or walking the short, mowed path across the field to that beautiful home, and huge manicured backyard. Aunt Dorothy was always so gracious, and it seemed that the family always gathered there. I also remember playing croquet in that backyard. As I have gone through life, Marie and 'Lee' have filled me in on their move to California, and other family happenings. I will always remember that time in my young life, and that part of family. Aunt Dorothy (and Uncle Delbert also) are forever a part of my good memories.
Posted by Dianne Nelson on 20th May 2015
Dearest Dorothy (also known to me as simply "Grammy"). I know that my best friend in the world, Julie, misses you so incredibly much. I had the honor and delight of meeting you just once, last October, when I had the opportunity to visit Julie and John. We shared dinner together, some lovely guitar music, and love. You remind me a lot of my own Mommy, who went to be with God on Valentines Day 2009, and her name was Dorothy, too. When I was in your presence, I actually felt the presence of my own mom. Now there are two beautiful Dorothys in heaven, and I hope you have met my mom and become friends with her. May God bless you and keep you. May God make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. I love you, Grammy, and I miss you, too. Thank you for your most beautiful life on this earth. God is very lucky to have you now. Love & Hugs, Dianne
Posted by Chris Wittpenn on 14th May 2015
Park View Villa We are honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know and take care of Dorothy during the past eight months. Dorothy has spent a lifetime taking care of her family, and it was her time to be on the receiving of good care . A big thank you to the family for being so loving and to our wonderful staff Eric, Melody and Albert . Thank you for bringing your love and compassion to each day! God bless!! Chris Wittpenn and Mike Moran
Posted by Eloise Myers on 14th May 2015
Dear Aunt Dorthy, You walked the talk. You put your faith in action by giving unselfishly of your time and love to take care of your parents, Lyle and Geneva Martin. I will always remember and admire you! love, Eloise
Posted by Bruce De Soto on 11th May 2015
I'll miss seeing your beautiful smile and hearing you call me "Boo Boo" or "Pastor Boo Boo," but I know that you are in a better place and with the people you deeply love and have longed to see, especially sweet Jesus and your hubby. And one day, I'll come to the same home, and if someone in heaven calls me "Pastor Boo Boo," I know that it will be you, one of the dearest, sweetest souls there. Don't worry, I'll help to take care of your only son and help him to keep his eyes focused on the Lord Jesus. He'll continue to make you and the good Lord so proud. Blessings to you and the entire Arend family--always!
Posted by Josh Arend on 10th May 2015
Grammy you will forever be missed, for you were truly an amazing woman and the best Grammy a grandson could ever ask for. You were always true to yourself and others around you. A great mother, a great wife and grandmother and overall person to your family and everyone alike. A beautiful soul inside and out and to the heavens above. Rest in peace my wonderful Grammy and know that one day our family will be reunited together again in the Kingdom of god with peace and happiness for eternity we'll share. I will truly miss your cooking, for no one can ever beat your famous mac and cheese !:-)
Posted by Julie Benn on 9th May 2015
Grammy. What an amazing Grammy she has been. They say that our life flashes before our eyes before we pass away. While Grammy was making her beautiful transition to the heavenly realm, my life with her was laid out before me. So many incredible times, incredible memories. Grammy loved in a way that knew no bounds. When I was a young child, she told me, "I love you so much, I would go out to the pasture and eat grass for you if I had to." I wasn't sure what that meant at 5 years old, but I know now. I know it is a love that transcends, that holds and heals and never lets go. It is the love of Christ shining through in everything Grammy did. And it is the love I feel even now from her, especially now. At 2:45 pm on Friday, May 8, heaven touched earth. Grammy ascended. It was an honor to be there, surrounding her with love as she took her last breath here, surrendering her to her first eternal breath with our loving Father. I miss her. I always will. She loved me my entire life. She taught me so much I could write volumes. Instead I will sum it up with this: love never fails, never gives up, never tires out. The love of a Grammy. The love of our God. Now eternally joined as one great outpouring of open heavens above us. Always. I love you Grammy. Your granddaughter, Julie
Posted by Robert Arend on 9th May 2015
I am very thankful to be a part of the Arend family. Mom and Dad accepted me as their daughter and I always felt their love. In Mom's last days, I was able to tell her how much I appreciated the wonderful son that she had raised that became my husband. Mom always was very proud of her son, my husband, Bob. Unconditional love was the only kind of love that Mom knew how to give. The care and love she gave her husband is something every wife could strive to duplicate. Mom also loved her three grandchildren, Julie, Josh, and Jeff. She would love to cook something special for each one of them. Their visits were the highlight of her week. Mom also loved the three great-grandchildren Jeff gave her. Dad and Mom lived daily for Christ and walked the path that He led them down with trust and faith. I have been so blessed to have Dorothy as my mother-in-love. Mom, this is good-bye until we meet again in heaven. I love you, Evie
Posted by Robert Arend on 9th May 2015
Mom, God reached down today to take you home. He wanted some special moms in heaven for Mom's Day, and He chose only the best. We will miss you so much, but "we sorrow not, even as others which have no hope." God hand-picked you for my mother, and that was one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive. I love you, Mom, and I will see you soon when God takes me home to be with you and Dad. Enjoy your celebration with Dad and those loved ones who went before. Your life was a tribute to God and an example of love beyond all measure. You are God's "faithful servant," and my beautiful mother.

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