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February 17, 2013

The last few years of my mom's life were hard on me. Not so hard that I had to take care of her because I didn't. She found sources to do that in place of me. What was hard on me was watching her deteriorate dramatically right before my eyes.

Most of you know that alcohol and cigarettes were the primary causes of my mom's passing. Because of those, she not only lost her health but, very sadly, she lost  most of her friends, too. And me. I was there, but not often.

Still, she was my mom and I miss her terribly. With each passing year, I miss her more, not less. I knew that when I wasn't visiting that I 'should' and that I'd probably regret it. I like to lead my life without regrets because I know that we do things to the best of our ability at the time so there should be no feelings of regret later.

So, though I have no regrets, I do have memories. Memories of the mom she was. She did her best. I turned out pretty well, thanks to her. I'll never know why she chose some of the paths she chose, but I do know that she did her best. 

She was beautiful, sexy, smart and fiery. I have to admit that I do wish she was still here. I have so many questions I'd like to ask her and I'd love it if she were here to see my artwork and the success I'm having with doing what I love...and what she encouraged me to do since I was a little girl. I'm not sure if she sees it now as some may believe. What I believe, though, is even better: she is living a new life, a happier life, with the love of her life...whoever that is. They're probably living somewhere in Greece.

She didn't want a memorial service after she passed. Always frugal, she didn't want me to spend the money. She also didn't want for us to be sad; rather, she wrote to me that she wanted us to celebrate her LIFE.

For many reasons, it has taken me just over two years to do this. Since her family and friends are scattered mostly on the east and west coasts of  North America and getting together would be nearly impossible, I thought it would be best if I upgraded this account and added photos.

I've added many of my favorites of her, depicting her life. I've also added some other scans of 'stuff' that depicted who she was. I've updated the background music, too, to a song by Tony Martin, her favorite singer - thanks to her beloved cousin, Lena, for letting me know about that. The song is entitled, 'I'll See You in My Dreams'. I've also added another song, her favorite, 'Symphony of Love'. Thanks to Lena again for letting me know about that!!

I know she also loved singers Sergio Franchi and Jerry Vale. I'll never forget her playing their songs and singing along to them.

I'd be thrilled if you added photos, words, whatever. I believe you can click on 'Add Photos' under her pictures on the right. If not or if you have trouble, please don't hesitate to email me at and I'll do it for you.

Thank you all for honoring my mom by taking a look here. I know she did and I, too, love you all.




My memories of my mom

This memorial was created in honor of my beloved mom, Dorothy Auteri most recently of Folsom, California. Dorothy was born on January 3, 1933 in Brooklyn, New York and passed on February 15, 2011 at 7:45pm in Sacramento, California.

Thought it was awful to see her pass, it was at the same time comforting to see that she no longer struggled to breathe, as she has for so many years.

My mom had lots of fun in her life. The last several years were rough, but prior to that, she shared lots of happy times with friends and family.

She felt she needed a purpose in life. As I speak with her now, I remind her that she fulfilled that purpose - she made a positive difference in the lives of many.

For me, she taught independence, organization, confidence. In more recent years, when I thought she might disown me for my decisions, she instead supported me. That is the true meaning of a mother's love.

My fondest memories of her are when she would take me to the Brooklyn Public Library on 86th Street and I'd mimic her cocking her head to the side. I thought it was just funny, seeing her with that awkward stance. Little did I know, as a young child, she was simply reading the bindings of the books. She'd take home at least half a dozen books and read them all by the time they needed to be returned, a couple weeks later. And, oh, how she taught me the pleasure of reading!

And Easter...oh, thanks to my Mom, Easter was for me even better than Christmas. Why? Because she would take me shopping - again on 86th Street - for an entire Easter outfit. Every year, she'd buy her little girl a brand new Easter outfit - from my white patent leather shoes to my white and usually pink bonnet. I couldn't WAIT for Easter to arrive so that I could wear my pretty new outfit!

I remember laying on the living room floor with her and doing exercises with Jack LaLanne (RIP) on TV.

In California, we'd sit and watch the Academy Awards show together every year. I guess we both loved fashion because the pre-show was the best part for us, seeing all the actresses and gauking at their beautiful gowns.

One year, she and I were laying on couches that were opposite one another in her living room in Carmichael, California watching TV together when she heard the sound of a cricket very nearby. Boy, you never saw a person jump so high and so fast when she realized IT WAS ON THE COUCH WITH HER!! Oh, we laughed until we cried that night.

In California, we used to go to Denio's Farmers Market almost every weekend. We'd start out in the 'Flea Market' section and strategically wind up in the Produce section, carrying home all our fresh fruit and veggies.

My Mom loved to read, she was a wiz at Scrabble and loved her Crossword puzzles. Until the end, she had all her wits about her.

I miss her now and I know that as Mother's Day, Easter Sunday, my birthday, etc. approach, I will miss her more. I'll especially miss her, as I have been told, when certain events happen in my life that I would normally pick up the phone and share with her. On those days and at those times, I will find comfort in knowing that she is not gone...that I can talk to her any time I want and I don't even have to pick up the phone now.

I love you, Mommy!!