Dorothy Duncan
Dorothy Duncan
  • 86 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 28, 1926
  • Place of birth:
    Detroit, Michigan, United States
  • Date of passing: Nov 17, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Danbury, Connecticut, United States
You're still here with us Mom.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dorothy Duncan, 86, born on December 28, 1926 and passed away on November 17, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 28th December 2016

"Happy Birthday Mom.
Thanks for looking after us.
Your love continues to guide me while you rest.
I miss you so. The"

This tribute was added by Matthew Vianna on 28th December 2016

"Happy Birthday Grandma Didi! I miss you and dad a ton. Christmas is never the same now without you two. I loved spending the holidays at your house. Well anyways I hope you guys had a blessed holiday up in the skies and that you two spent it together. I love you. 90 and rocking in my heart!"

This tribute was added by Shaun Appleby on 26th December 2016

"Been feeling you a lot lately, Mom. Tomorrow would be your 90th birthday and I so wish we could spend that day together. Dear memories of you keep coming to me and I am so grateful for the lightness and grace of your love. Bless you and thanks; you are in my heart always. Happy birthday, Mom."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 17th November 2016

"Mommy it was three long years ago that you stepped out so suddenly. I know you would have suffered to stay. So very tired. I'm still trying to get used to it, your voice so quiet. Keep talking' I can hear you. I love you so."

This tribute was added by Shaun Appleby on 28th February 2016

"Mom, I miss you very much. I hope my eyes can see some light for you too, now, the way you always shared things with me. I spend a bit of time thinking about you quite often and in unexpected ways. A bit of Chopin or a beautiful sunset is where we meet these days, it seems. That is fine with me, Mom, and I'm grateful for your presence.

Life is all about love and yours filled my world in ways I am still only realising. God bless you and thanks for everything. Your love rests in my heart."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 28th December 2015

"Happy birthday Mom. I love you, as always--and miss you so very much. Thanks for everything. You sure stood by me,, and I see your face in everything beautiful."

This tribute was added by Matthew Vianna on 28th December 2015

"Happy birthday grandma didi. I love you."

This tribute was added by Ehukai Teves on 28th December 2015

"Happy Birthday share some cake with the angels........................"

This tribute was added by Mary Lou Duncan on 18th November 2015

""I will always remember Dorothy singing Ich Liebe Dich at Jack's and my wedding. I also remember her smile and the twinkle in her eye. We didn't see her as much as we would have liked, but always enjoyed our visits.""

This tribute was added by Steve Malley on 17th November 2015

"Dear Dottie, I think of you often, still. Our cups of coffee with evaporated milk. I bought some recently and think of you each time I put some evaporated milk in my coffee. Bless you. Thank you for being my second Mom. Love, Steve"

This tribute was added by Sam Austin on 17th November 2015

"Thinking of you with much love."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 17th November 2015

"Mom it was your last night tonight two years ago. We had some tasty brownies and laughed about Mr. Monk on TV. Then you hugged me tight and said goodnight. Thank you for all you did for us. You were a wonderful Mom and I miss you so."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 9th July 2015

"Mom, it was nice to sit with you at the cemetery. Jed's headstone will be ready next week. Sorry to say you will have the early company there. How nice that those geraniums are still blooming there. I miss you so much. The world is so different without you--my dear friend."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 28th December 2014

"Happy Birthday Mom. We miss you every day."

This tribute was added by Ehukai Teves on 28th December 2014

"Enjoyed every visit with you .......... thank you and Happy Birthday....."

This tribute was added by Shaun Appleby on 27th December 2014

"Happy birthday, Mom, you will always be close to our hearts. We love you and miss you very much."

This tribute was added by Eva Saks on 18th November 2014

"Thinking of you."

This tribute was added by Eva Saks on 18th November 2014

"I would expect a night of a thousand stars from anyone who produced Amy!"

This tribute was added by Mary Lou Duncan on 17th November 2014

"The photos bring back so many happy memories of visits with Dorothy - the visit Jack and I made to Candlewood and the last visit with Dorothy at her perfect home on Apple Blossom Lane. We all remember her visit to Grosse Pointe with a picnic at the park and the "I Love New York" T-shirts that she brought all the children. The New York World's Fair was an excuse for the Duncans to visit Bayview. Adding six more to the mix did not faze Dorothy! Apple Blossom Lane seemed to be such a paradise for her, surrounded by beautiful views across the pond and pool, her garden and Daisy at her side and Peter and Amy's loving visits. Always smiles and laughs. How could one not wish for a more peaceful final sleep than hers with all the beauty and love around her."

This tribute was added by Howard Sperber on 17th November 2014

"I never met you, Dorothy, but just knowing Amy as I did, over all these years, lets me understand how wonderful you must have been, and what a special relationship you and Amy must have shared!
   Wishing you eternal peace and rest."

This tribute was added by Karin Pedersen on 17th November 2014

"Fond memories of Mrs. Appleby....although all of Jed's friends could call her by her first name, I could not....something my parents instilled in me. Screaming at us to turn down the damn music, constantly, and the willingness to drive us all to Rye Playland to celebrate Jed's 16th birthday!  FUN TIMES!"

This tribute was added by Trish Pries on 17th November 2014

"Dorothy - Can't believe its been a year.  I miss hanging out with you and Amy and Peter in your pool.  I miss seeing you with Daisy.  When ever I see a Shepard, the image of you with Daisy's paws on your shoulders always comes to my mind. The joy on your face and Daisy's convinced me of the bond between a dog and it's master, considering that dog could have bowled you over in a heartbeat.  And I miss hearing the joy in Amy's voice when she spoke of the things you did together.  You are missed, but your kind and wise words are still with us.  Thank you.  And thank you for my very dear friend Amy."

This tribute was added by Jackie torrance on 17th November 2014

"Dorothy, I did not know you but Amy has spoken of you so often during
the past year and I am witness to how much you are loved and missed.
God Bless!"

This tribute was added by Deborah Freed on 17th November 2014

"Dear Dorothy, you were a beacon in our childhood and teenage years. Do you have any idea how much we admired you? You were a pillar of strength. You always knew the truth and loved us anyway. You never failed to teach, mentor, or love your children's friends. You were a hands-on mother. You brought us great joy and laughter, taught us about garage sales, and let us hold our own in your yard. You are missed. My love goes out to Amy, Jed, Shaun and their families. You remain a shining star whose light lives on through them."

This tribute was added by Laurel Lake on 17th November 2014

"Today is your birthday with your father above.we all miss you love all ways from the Simmons Family to the Pickow family"

This tribute was added by Jed Appleby on 17th November 2014

"It's Taken me a year to put my thoughts together and pay tribute to the greatest mother a son could have asked for. even after i stole the VW bus or had wild parties at 60 Bayview she still handled things like you have read from so many people on this page, supportive, guiding, and very wise. She was not just a great mother but a mentore and a great friend. When my dad passed we knew it was coming and his sons, daughter and grand children got a chance over a week to say goodbye. I thought Didi would out live me! she was so strong and I was going to call her that Sunday to make plans for Thanksgiving but she never woke up that morning. For a brief moment I felt cheated that i couldn't say goodbye, then I realized what a jerk I was because she went so peacefully. I'm sorry mom that it took a year to write this I just wanted it to mean something. I love and miss you so much!!!
Your baby boy, Jed"

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 17th November 2014

"Mom, it was today you left us last year. I  miss you so much. So very much. Life is so different without you. I love you."

This tribute was added by Sam Austin on 17th November 2014

"What a beautiful tribute to a fabulous lady. We will remember her always. Thinking of you Amy & Peter xox"

This tribute was added by grazina crisman on 17th November 2014

"Memories, memories... Such great memories... You will never be forgotten, Dorothy!! Hope you are enjoying your new dimension and space!"

This tribute was added by Abdulla Al Mazidi on 17th November 2014

"I have never met Dorothy. But from the love and the void in people's heart who has been left behind I can see she was a very special person that forever she will be missed.  May God rest her soul and welcome her in his kingdom.

This tribute was added by grazina crisman on 9th July 2014

"I already miss this absolutely wonderful, wise and funny woman with a great zest for life! I just remember laugh upon laugh being with her. We worked together and then became personal friends outside of work. Life took us in different directions, but when we would reconnect, it was like we just talked yesterday. Knowing Dorothy was a gift in my life! One that will always be with me... I know you are laughing with us still, Dorothy, wherever you may now be!"

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 29th December 2013

"Mom, happy birthday. Peter and I miss you so much."

This tribute was added by Laurel Lake on 28th December 2013

"To a loving mom : Amy and Family remember a wonderful mother and friend. Happy 87 Birthday you will be missed very much.From the Simmons. Love you."

This tribute was added by Glen Duncan on 11th December 2013

"Aunt Dottie was truly my favorite!  Loved every Christmas growing up, waiting to open the beautifully wrapped gift, knowing it would be a wonderful book I could get lost in. She was our connection to the world of books, and made sure we appreciated them by sending beautiful, special, hand-picked editions to us all each year.

I remember phone calls as student/grad student/adult and loved to hear her voice. When we visited that big house in Port Washington at Christmastime, she magically snapped up tickets to the Radio City Music hall Christmas special with the Rockettes. In one scene, Santa was reading letters from girls and boys. When he held up one and said this is from Hillary, our daughter Hillary about came out of her chair with the biggest smile ever and look of astonishment, believing this special woman had made that happen !

Dottie, we miss you very much. Thank you for being in my life.

- Glen"

This tribute was added by Steve Malley on 9th December 2013

"One of the great things about Dottie was visiting around the dining table and drinking coffee brewed in her special Chemex drip pot. She was always such a good listener and so friggin smart - always had good genuine advice and concern."

This tribute was added by Rich U. on 9th December 2013

""I'm still shocked at the loss of this beautiful and kind woman. To have a next door neighbor as friendly and sweet as Dorothy was will forever be a blessing. Always up for some tea and conversation, she spoke of her love of family and home often and I think Dorothy was very happy. I'll miss our talks together, and will always think fondly of her.""

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 6th December 2013

"Cousin Paul Jacobi asked me to leave this note:
"Dear Amy,
I was so shocked and saddened to hear about your mother's death.  The news was a reminder about just how fragile life is for us all.  Your mother had a wonderful collection of traits that included humor, sympathy, frankness, and patience - sometimes all at the same time. Oh, I am going to miss her!
                           Your cousin, Paul""

This tribute was added by Charles Geyer on 6th December 2013

"I had the privilege of being Dorothy's guest in Port Washington numerous times in the years after Amy and I had graduated Yale, and feeling always that she was a friend of potent and valiant character.  I cherish memories of her wit and forthrightness, her canny appreciation of human nature -- not to mention humane love of canine nature!  She was erudite, strong and artistic.  My heart is with you – Amy and Peter and all of her friends and loved ones.  I too will miss having Dorothy among us."

This tribute was added by Jackie torrance on 5th December 2013

We know how hard it is to lose a mother - our hearts go out to you.
But be pleased that you had so much time together - she was certainly blessed to know how much she was loved - the photographs are testimony to that. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  May your memories sustain you.
Jackie and Luis"

This tribute was added by Barb Glovac on 4th December 2013

"What a delight and what fun Aunt Dorothy was when she came to visit Grosse Pointe in 1999.  I am so glad my daughters had a chance to meet her.  She will truly be missed."

This tribute was added by Alan & Pat Gelman on 4th December 2013

"This is such a beautiful tribute to your beloved mother, A & P….she clearly was a person who inspired love and laughs in everyone she knew! The photos of her enjoying that great house and her animals are just wonderful.
You were lucky to have her in your lives for as long as you did.
the other A & P from 82nd Street"

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 4th December 2013

"James Moulton asked me to leave this comment about Mom:

''I am so saddened to have learned of the tragic passing of Dorothy Duncan on 11/17/13....  she and her entire family have been very such wonderful neighbor-friends from 60 Bayview Avenue in Port Washington LINY since we first met in the springtime of 1966.... and ever the many enviable years having rolled on by...we have always been the very best of such wonderful neighbor-friends..keeping everybody entertained and helping each other out when needed....I do have several audiotaped-recordings of Dorothy Duncan...including right on my 8/2/80-loud Tstorm tape when she was talking with my dad.  Dorothy will be badly and sadly missed by her entire loving family and many of her good she will always be happily reminisced..''"

This tribute was added by Matthew Vianna on 3rd December 2013

"Dear Grandma Didi,

    You've been around my whole life. From Christmas times up at the Church to recently at your houses in Connecticut. So many good memories have been spent with you. One of my last visits I got coming up to visit you I had the chance to tell you what I wanted to do when I got older. I could see you a tear in your eye that you were proud of me; seeing me turn around and looking to become something you never thought I'd be. I love you. A lot of us wish you were here with us or at least gave us a chance to say good-bye but you avoided all the pain and that's what matters :) I have to admit you have some of the best children.. Amy, Shaun and my father. I am so grateful to have a family like this. "Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten." Its a quote from a cartoon I used to watch. Point is Family is forever. I know that your best friends have always had 4 feet. I hope all is well up there with all your German Shepherds. You were the best and I will never forget you..

                                                        Love Your Grandson <3"

This tribute was added by Sharon Kermiet on 3rd December 2013

"Hi, Amy -  I am so sorry to hear about your mom.  I know from experience there are no right words to make someone feel better in this situation, but I want you to know you and your family are in our thoughts.  The pictures on your mom's memorial site show a happy family with lots of living . . . and German shepherds!  I had to smile at those pics - my mom, who passed away in 2008, also loved German shepherds and had one at her side most of her life.  The ache gets better over time as I'm sure you've been told.  I remember thinking it never would.  Take care of yourself and give our love to Peter.    Sharon"

This tribute was added by Maureen McDonnem on 3rd December 2013

"Amy and Peter:  I am so sorry to learn about your Mother's passing.  Although I did not know your Mom, she seems to be an amazing independent woman.  You were indeed blessed by having her in your life and her life lessons she passed to you are passed on to others who know you -- and I am one of those lucky people.  Love, Maureen and Jimmy"

This tribute was added by Andy Rubenoff on 3rd December 2013

"Thinking of you all with great fondness."

This tribute was added by Jan Duncan on 2nd December 2013

"Dear Aunt Dorothy - I only just realized how much you resemble your mother (dear Grandma Mimi).  She was a wonderful spunky lady and so were you.  I regret that we did not have an opportunity to visit you in CT and spend more time with you.  You raised 3 wonderful children.  We love you dearly and you will be missed.  Say hi to Jack for us - I bet he and Maude have a lot of stories to tell you.  Love, Jan"

This tribute was added by Anne Herbst on 2nd December 2013

"Dear Lady, we never met but I see the brilliance of your daughter in your lovely face. Peace and joy to you; we will always cherish your family in this life."

This tribute was added by Shaun Appleby on 2nd December 2013


You passed away in your sleep in your own bed in your own house under your own care with considerable dignity; just as you have lived.

God bless you and may your spirit abide in grace."

This tribute was added by Rose Ann Bencivenga on 2nd December 2013

"Amy, Shaun and Jed,  Thoughts and prayers are with you.  Dorothy was one of a kind with a delightful sense of humor.  As a old coworker, and part of the yearly luncheon crew, she will be missed.  God Bless."

This tribute was added by Deborah Freed on 1st December 2013

"Dear Dorothy Duncan, you were a second mother to me when I most needed one. I will never forget your humor, generosity, or your fortitude. You were a role model. You always respected and had high expectations for us. You were forgiving and loving and we had so much fun together. Amy, Shaun and Jed and your families -- I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother was a magnificent woman and mother; a shining star. She continues through you."

This tribute was added by Jim Wiggins on 1st December 2013

"Shaun, Amy and Jed,

Your mother taught me a lot:  German shepherds are not scary, they're nice.  Parents who don't try to be cool are often the coolest. Treating teenagers like real people and having real conversations with them is a good thing. Always being there for your kids is also a good thing.  I miss those days, and I am sure you miss her enormously.  She was a lovely person and a great mother.

Love from Jim W"

This tribute was added by James Geyer on 1st December 2013

"Dearest Amy,
  We are so sorry to hear of your loss. After reading the stories and tributes I further see what a wonderful person and mother she was and is.  Love lways, Jimmy and Pat"

This tribute was added by Howard Sperber on 1st December 2013

"Dear Amy,
    I was so sorry to hear of your mother's passing. Some daughters, if they are lucky, share very special things with their mothers. Just knowing the love and concern you devote to everyone around you, makes me know that you and she had some very special things between you.
    Please know that I think I have some idea of the size of your loss, and the ache of your loss, and that I care."

This tribute was added by David Byron on 1st December 2013

"I never got to meet you, Dorothy, but we all owe you so much for having given us Amy, who, along with your sons, surely is your crowning life achievement.  We adore her and will take good care of her.  God bless you in your new life -- and I hope you meet up with my mom.  Keep your eyes open for M.J. Brizzolara.  I think you two would get a kick out of each other and she'll show you the ropes if you need any help."

This tribute was added by Abdulla Al Mazidi on 1st December 2013

"I am so sorry for your lost, nothing prepare us to Lay a parent to rest, to conclude  their life, but holding happy memories of them will always win , and slowly all the pain and sadness get replaced with those happy moments we will always hold in our hearts.The memory of their departure becomes an isolated moment that forever we will recall in our happiest time and be proud that we were their till the end. God bless you Amy for bien a fantastic daughter."

This tribute was added by Betty & Mike Hall on 30th November 2013

"Amy, So sorry for your loss. I know you and Peter will miss her terribly.  Loved the photos of her and I love you and Peter."

This tribute was added by Eva Saks on 30th November 2013

"Did my first tribute disappear? No matter. You shall never disappear. You shall live on - in Amy, online, and in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Eva Saks on 30th November 2013

"I wish I had been lucky enough to know you! I feel I did know you, through your wonderful daughter, who loves you so much. I do recall vividly our one meeting. This was the restaurant experience immortalized by Fudgana.  You were one heck of a mom and a great lady. Your memory will live undimmed forever."

This tribute was added by Joan Gordon on 30th November 2013

"A flower for you, Amy"

This tribute was added by Joan Gordon on 30th November 2013

"May this candle be bright and long lasting"

This tribute was added by Joan Gordon on 30th November 2013

"Dearest Amy and Peter,

I will always remember our visit with your mom and the doggies!  She was a great light and I am thrilled you and Peter were with her most weekends and found her that wonderful house in CT!  Your mom had a full and loving life and she is looking down on you with a wonderful smile.

Be content in knowing you were such a fantastic daughter, in every way."

This tribute was added by Mickey Miller on 30th November 2013

"I didnt know your mother well but the times that I did meet her she was very sweet and kind hearted, I am sorry to hear about your lose and my prayers are with you and your family!"

This tribute was added by Roseann Fucillo on 30th November 2013

"So sorry to hear of your mom's passing, Amy. I know how much you loved her. May she rest in peace and may the memory of her beautiful spirit live on within you forever."

This tribute was added by Nancy Gair on 30th November 2013

"I send you big hugs, Amy. I know how special and important your mom is to, and how much you loved each other. I feel like
I met her just from hearing you talk about her! With much love to you & Peter xx nancy"

This tribute was added by Dirk McDonnell on 30th November 2013

"Unfortunately, I never met Dorothy, but her loveliness shines through in the many photos of her. Pace, Dorothy."

This tribute was added by Steve & Sharon Smith on 30th November 2013

We didn't have the priviledge of knowing your Mom, but knowing you and looking through the pictures, we feel we knew her.  She and Peter were obviously close as well as with her whole family.  When we are together again, we'd like you and Peter to go through the pictures and explain them to us.  There was one tribute that said in part, "Even though it's a sad holiday this year, remember the times she made you laugh... ".  That is good advice.  I'm sure you and Peter will remember a lot of those times. All our best.  Love, Steve and Sharon"

This tribute was added by Paul Lussier on 30th November 2013

"Dear Amy and Peter:

NOW i understand your utter, absolute, immortal and transcendental magic. NOW i see how much of your gorgeousness is and was shared, supported, supplied and sustained by another equally unique being. There was another one. ANd she has passed. And yet The world needs multiples more. Lets work with her on the other side to spread that spirit of mad generosity, cleverness, wit and awareness from above and around and for all."

This tribute was added by David Pitt on 30th November 2013

"A very smart, very funny and very loving person. She will be missed and always remembered.  One of my favorite memories of Dorothy is  trying to keep up with her and Amy, playing the name-question game. Some of the best: "Why does Pocahontas?"; "What is Robert Browning, and how can Elizabeth Barrett?"; "Who stepped on Harriet Beecher Stowe?"  I vividly recall her wild, antic laughter as she and Amy thought of these."

This tribute was added by Don Fleming on 29th November 2013

"I had the privelege to assist Dorothy for several months while she searched for a house. I say "assist" because Dorothy had the direction, did her own research and often led the way. Her energy and spirit were contagious leaving one feeling good at the end of the day. It was a pleasure to know her and to be in her company."

This tribute was added by Charles Altschul on 29th November 2013

"Whether creating a welcoming home, nurturing her beloved German Shepherds or negotiating life’s obstacles, Dorothy was an inspiration of warmth, passion and patience. Above all, though, she loved her children and wanted the best for them. I am sorry not to have been able to visit Dorothy in her new home in Connecticut but enjoyed hearing of her joy and seeing pictures in which she was so clearly happy. While she had a full and long life, it is sad knowing that she is now gone but I will remember her forever."

This tribute was added by Deborah Horne on 29th November 2013

"Amy, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's passing. I know you loved her so much.

I gather from one of the tributes I read above, she passed along to you her uproarious sense of humor.  Your belly laugh always gets me going and your mom must have had one too. Even though it's a sad holiday this year, remember the times she made you laugh... those are special and precious. And remember she taught you how to love dogs who unconditionally love us in return.  Thinking of you, Peter and your brothers."

This tribute was added by Liz Seelhoff on 29th November 2013

Although I did not know your mom I am sending wishes for much love and care at this time. My heart goes out to you and Peter. Take care."

This tribute was added by Eric Swanson on 28th November 2013

"Dear Dorothy -- You are a magnificent, smart, gracious lady! Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and into your life. And thank you for your beautiful, beautiful children."

This tribute was added by Trish Pries on 27th November 2013

"What a hot ticket!  I know where Amy gets her spark.  So blessed to have gotten to know you. Your hospitality and generosity always made me feel so very welcome.  Your wise words opened my eyes to my own Mom on so many levels.  I will be forever grateful for that insight.  

The pictures I will always have in my mind of you is:  i) you swimming in your wonderful pool looking so relaxed and loving life on a beautiful summer's night with a sky full of stars; ii) and of you with Daisy's paws on your shoulders, this huge dog looking at you and listening so intently.  

And thank you for giving me a very dear friend in Amy.  The world is a much better place because you have been here.  Forever God Bless you and your beautiful family."

This tribute was added by Tony Florentino on 27th November 2013

"Dorothy left a great legacy in her three smart, successful, and independent children. I am sure she left this world proud of all of you."

This tribute was added by Peter Pickow on 27th November 2013

"You were a true friend, Dorothy—and I truly miss you. You helped us along with a gentle hand that bespoke real love. I am proud to have known you, and I will always hold a place for you in my heart."

This tribute was added by Amy Appleby on 26th November 2013

"It's hard to believe you have left us, Mom. While it is much sooner than I would have hoped, at least you did it your way, without pain, all on one beautiful clear night with lots of stars."

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