On the sand

Shared by Caitlyn Shae on December 12, 2019
I’m Dorothy's great granddaughter. Mother to her first great great grandson. I remember a time long ago a memory I shared with her constantly about the time we went to Florida. It was many members of my family involved in that trip and she loved to stay in the room and watch from on the balcony at everyone sitting on the beach. She liked to watch the waves hit the shore. She said it was very peaceful until us kids ran throughout the condo as soon as we stepped through the door haha. She loved it there even when she vowed never to go back again but she enjoyed herself quite a bit. My favorite part of the memory is taking pictures on the sand with her. She got knocked over almost every wave haha it was so funny and even she smiled she just couldn’t help herself. I always teased her about it for years and years and she always stated the same sentence. “I will never go back to the beach I’m to old “,. And yet I always told her she was never to old to go with family. I’m eager to find those pictures of that day and one day Ill start looking. When I know I can look through pictures without crying that’s when I’ll look. There are far to many memories With this old women of mine

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