Posted by BARB MARTENS on March 29, 2021
I am a friend and neighbor of Dorothy's sister, Gloria. I had the privilege to spend time visiting with Dorothy and Gloria on 2 separate occasions while Dorothy was visiting Gloria in California. Anyone could tell how close they were - even when they argued about something they were laughing and giggling.
Dorothy had a light about her that really sparkled when she smiled. A light only carried by those who have loved well and been loved.
The service was so beautifully done.
Posted by jeff lierman on March 13, 2021
Dorothy was a great Aunt! Thankful for all the time we spent together on the trips up to Idaho with my family. Also for coming down to California and looking after my Mom after her car accident. I always enjoyed her great cooking and I will treasure the quilts she made for me. 
Love you, Aunt Dorothy!
Posted by Sherie Tanner on March 12, 2021

Dorothy was a great leader in Hearts and Hands. She was always there, every Tuesday bright and probably way too early, to finish setting up the area, so that when the rest of us arrived we could go right to work. She made sure there was always hot water and coffee ready for us to take advantage of. She sewed the bindings on 99% of the quilts, and made sure to put out all the fires that might arise during a meeting. She led us in devotions and prayers before we ate our lunches. She organized making Christmas stockings for the babies born at St. Lukes between Thanksgiving and New Years. That included getting material, figuring out patterns and how to put them together, and how to make the assembly line work. She provided us with Christmas music and some lunch to get us through. We usually did well over 100 stockings each year.. She also organized a luncheon at the end of each season, to celebrate what we had accomplished and have a good visit to last us until we met again. She also organized the display of quilts for quilt Sunday. Dorothy and Len distributed the quilts that had been made. She had a long list of places to donate. Many of those places have expressed how much they appreciated Dorothy bringing quilts for them to give away. Dorothy's organization skills were to be envied. We have missed her for the last 3 ye

Sherie Tanner
Posted by Patty Hadley on March 12, 2021
The world will miss this loving and talented woman. We are so sorry for your loss. Ted and Patty Hadley
Posted by Nancy Brune on March 10, 2021
Dorothy and I were neighbors beginning in my 2nd grade year and we spent many times playing at each others' homes. One time at her house, her mother had made home made donuts-my mom never did that-and she gave us the donut holes, it was the best donut I had ever had. As we grew older we hoed beets for my father, getting up early and in the field by 6 am in the cool of the day, we would hoe until noon. We got some pretty good tans those years, shedding our sweatshirts and hoeing in our swim suits.  Then we attended church youth group together, she went off to college, got married and had Brian, then Darren and then Melanie. As we raised our families just 25 miles apart we kept in touch but didn't see quite so much of each other. We were thrilled to share in the special moments of each others' lives...JUMP Co. productions, weddings, grandbabies, special birthdays. Then Dorothy and Leonard and John and I began to have dinners together and play games. Dorothy loved to play games and we had so many wonderful evenings. My husband, John, loves to change the rules once in awhile and Dorothy liked the rules the way they were so the "rule" was- the host made the rules. One such evening at our house, John tweaked the rules, we began to play and Dorothy, laughingly says, "I don't think I can play this way" and we all had a chuckle.
One of the things Dorothy and I shared was the love of fabric and quilting. I think we both started out sewing clothes for our kids and ourselves and then branched out into quilting when the kids were grown. Dorothy was so committed to her "Helping Hands" quilt group and took so much pride in the great amount of quilts they produced each winter and in the fact that so many people would be comforted and warmed by those quilts. She worked tirelessly making backs for the quilts, buying backing fabric and then delivering the quilts to the various non-profits, even when she was hurting she kept faithfully working. What a legacy she left behind!
I think Dorothy and I shared the three "f's" family, faith and fabric. She was a blessing from God to me as a faithful friend. My heart is cracked and I miss her every day, her voice, her smile and her laugh. My life will never be the same without my friend in it, but I am so thankful that I know I will see her again and that Jesus is holding her and listening to her voice. That her suffering is over and she is in the happiest place, forever in the presence of her Savior. 
Posted by Sue Cauffiel on February 23, 2021
My husband and I moved to TF back in 2001 without knowing anyone in the area. I started attending Our Savior Lutheran Church after the horrific events on 9/11. After attending a couple of Sundays, a very nice lady came to sit with me. Her name was Dorothy Kerbs. She took me under her wing and we became friends. She was a very caring and kind person who encouraged me to join the quilting group at the church. Later she helped me to get through my cancer battle during 2015. Despite health issues of her own, I always found her to be pleasant and enjoyable to be around. I miss her a lot-her smile and laugh and her caring. I've never known a more Christian woman and she loved her family deeply. I'm so sorry she had to leave us, but now she is free from all the pain and misery she was enduring, especially the past 3 years. She is now in her eternal home, taking others under her wing, flying like an angel. I feel so blessed to have had her in my life.
Posted by Kara Kral on February 23, 2021
The Kerbs have been our next door neighbors since 1985.... that’s lots of graduations, weddings, funerals, births of grandchildren, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and holidays that we shared. Dorothy was so very attentive to our two daughters and then to our five grandchildren as well as to my elderly parents. Through the years she had gifted us with examples of her beautiful sewing and great eye for color. My favorite being the lovely napkins she made for us one year at Christmas..... the perfect red and green for my dishes. I think of her lovingly each time I use them.
Posted by Lois Anderson on February 23, 2021
The memories Dorothy gave me would fill a book! We grew up together and over the years we had time to create many of them. When we were in grade school, our parents let us go to each other's homes for 3-4 days. This was our "summer camp" and we enjoyed being away from our own homes for awhile as we explored each other's farm and surrounding area. My Aunt Hilda had a raspberry patch and Dorothy, Gloria, and I were tasked with picking berries. They thought this was a chore but to me this was a great adventure! There were tunnels in the patch and we crawled on our backs looking up to find the large ripe berries. I ate more than I put in my bucket! Then when they came to my house, I remember my mother teaching Dorothy and me to sew doll clothes. Perhaps that's why Dorothy and I learned the love of sewing. While Dorothy and I were sewing, Gloria was interested in learning to ride the bicycle and was thrilled when she went flying down the dusty lane! We all had fun making mud pies and using our imagination to have fun and create these special memories. Thanks to Dorothy, she taught me the love of creating quilts; this hobby has brought me many hours of entertainment and fulfillment. I'll forever hold these memories in my heart and thank God He granted us, very close cousins, time to be together for many years.
Posted by Lana Stimpson on February 23, 2021
Thanking of you , my childhood friend and expressing my condolences to you.  It is so great to read about you and your wife and your children, and the wonderful life you have led.   I have often thought about you and know that your wife is a very special person for you to have spent so many years with her...... I think of you often and fondly    sincerely ,Lana cherry Stimpson
Posted by Gloria Lierman on February 21, 2021
Dorothy, my precious sister and best friend. Words cannot express the sorrow I feel in my heart in losing you, but at the same time I am rejoicing that you are now in heaven with Jesus, free from all pain and paralysis. You can once again sing and dance. I thank God for all the years we have shared...times of joy and celebration and those times of sorrow and heartache. We always had each other and what a blessing that has been to me. Distance separated us, but we always stayed connected through our long, long phone conversations and trips between Idaho and California. You were so creative and talented...a master quilter. My home is filled with your beautiful quilts, wall hangings, pillows, and handiwork...I feel surround with your love.  I will miss you, Sis, but know someday we will be together again.
What is the old gospel refrain? When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be.  When we all see Jesus, we'll sing and shout the victory.  Love you, Sis 
Posted by Darrell Mullinix on February 21, 2021
Dear Lenard and Family, It saddened me to read about the passing of Dorothy. Having worked for Amalgamated Sugar Company for five years, I was able to speak to Dorothy on a few occasions. Though I didn't know her well, she was always kind and considerate towards me...and I appreciated that. And Lenard, knowing you as I did back then, you were a great husband to Dorothy and a great father to your children. Our paths never crossed again after me leaving the company, but I still remember those 5 years working in the Agriculture Research Department. I had a fun time with you and the "crew". I never thanked you for your patience, tolerance and understanding for " a city kid on the farm". Good years Lenard, good years. With all sincerity, I ask if there is any thing I can do to help you or your family, contact me. Again, I'm very sorry for your loss.  With all sincerity and respect, Darrell Mullinix

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