Posted by Elizabeth Swope on April 14, 2021
I miss you so much mommy
Posted by Elizabeth Swope on September 3, 2020
Mommy I so miss you so much
I just wanna tell you happy birthday
That life is not the same with out you
Mommy love you more today then I have ever loved you because I know what it's like not to have you

Mommy just please watch over all of us down here

Please watch over me as I take care if autumn ...

I hope I am doing the right thing and you and Bones are please with me ...

Also mommy you should see you baby boy pete he is doing so good ....
He has a job ...
He is getting her keys for his Owen place today ...
He even as a friend as he calls her but I know what you would be calling her....
That's why you was our loving mom

Well mommy just wanna say ...
I love & miss you so much
Have a happy birthday 
Posted by Elizabeth Swope on April 14, 2020
What can I say other then ....
I love & miss you so much I sometime wounder what you are doing & if you are proud of me .... I wonder what I could do to see your face .... But then I know I can't all I have left is memories Mommy I don't know what's going on in today's world I don't know why This happened to Bobby I don't know which way to turn I don't know how you guys would want me to take care of Autumn knowing that I live a different life than all of yuns but I do know that I love you I miss you I will never try my back on her mommy I just ask you not to be to hard on bones ... She didn't know how to deal with you & bill being gone.... Well I guess I will stop going on about nothing ... I just wanna talk because I have not talk to you in so long ...
But for sure mommy you will never be forgotten .... I love you & miss you ....
Mommy please help me down here ...
Tell bobbi ...lil Roy ... I love & miss them
Posted by Elizabeth Swope on September 3, 2019
My dear mother as today come & goes with it being your birthday I think of all the thing us kids would bring you today if you was still here with us which would be food and snacks before any other things just so you could share with you babys /kids /whom every would be at your house .... And as I went to the grave and put angels on your grave today & had KFC in remembered of you ... I think of how much you was loved by so many mommy I love & miss you dearly happy birthday in heaven ❣️mommy ❣️
Posted by Sarah Gould on April 17, 2019
I miss u so much Nanny. The most beautiful kind hearted woman I've ever known. I'm so blessed to have been apart of her life and family for several years. She was definitely one of a kind. I loved her more than words can even express. Gone but never forgotten. Rest in Heaven Nanny. It's just not the same without u Nanny
Posted by Bo Walters on April 17, 2019
I didnt know dorothy wilson (Nanny) for too long although I wish for the opportunity to have had shared a life time of memories with her. To me she seemed like the best woman mother child any one could ask for. From what I had seen in the five years of knowing her is that she had a heart of gold. Any one and everyone who came through her door who were hungry wanting to chill or have a place to stay her door was open and her stove was cooking. She didnt cook for just one family member or one person she cooked for everyone and anyone. If you went in her house hungry you left full. She was a woman of rules too dont be fooled. She was a righteous woman who didnt put up with much bull from anyone just as well as there were smiles in her house there were times there were frowns but at the end of the day everyone laughed continued playing or doing whatever it is they done at her house and was pleased. Hardly anyone held a grudge or criticized her at all. Besides She was old School you criticized her you better look out. She was a toughy and what she believed she stood for point blank. Criticism would only get a smack. You respected her or you stayed away. She was kind, sincere, and when she meant it boy she meant it.
I remember things she used to like... playing cards mainly poker I didnt know of any other game she wanted to play but regardless we always had a blast playing for quarters. She would sit there with the best of them her cigs her bowl of quarters filled to the brim.. lol her poker face was a normal one and when she had a hand you usually had to guess if it was a hand that was a winner. usually if you bluffed her she was able to tell from a mile away. Its memories like these we all need to cherish memories to know that she didnt really pass at all its these memories that when we look back we know for a fact to this day she is still living. maybe not in the physical realm of things but she lives in each of us. Whoever gotten to know her and had the chance for a memory of her and for those reading this wanting to know who she was who are reading this trying to create the vision of a memory is what is keeping her alive and well today. She may have passed suddenly but she never passed on from my life... she is still here and very real. I could still hear her voice in my head calling my Wife Robin Dean a whore or some other name usually if you were a woman in the family or wore red you were a whore not in the disrespectful sense of things but as a joke or playful manner. She would have given the shirt of her back if anyone ever needed it. Just the type of woman she was and still is looking back.
If you ever was at her house I didnt care if it was the first time she ever met you You were considered one of her own no matter what. If you were with a grandchild you became her grandchild if you were her sister you became her brother and vice versa. She wasnt a woman of many words but she was a woman of many faces especially when you pissed her off and she couldnt get the words out.
Nanny didnt pass away she Moved onto another journey. A Journey full of peace happiness and where there is no sickness. She moved on to a new chapter! I am happy to say she did make an impact on my life and im happy with knowing that!
Posted by Betty Thorpe on April 16, 2019
I miss you mommy

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