Plan to live to be 100 - it is better to run out of time than to run out of plans!
  • 89 years old
  • Born on November 9, 1923 in Weiser, Idaho, United States.
  • Passed away on March 8, 2013 in Shelton, Washington, United States.
This memorial website was created in the memory of, Dorothy Sheldon, 89, born on November 9, 1923 and passed away on March 8, 2013.
Posted by Paula McMinn on 9th March 2018
She was ahead of her time. Those who loved her probably are also too. Let's keep going forward despite dark times and the acceptance of less than civil behaviors. She would want that, I think. Miss her.
Posted by Sue Sheldon on 8th March 2018
Today marks 5 years, Mom. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Every day I wish I could have just one more conversation with you. If you can do anything about the current government, please do. We're really struggling here! I have my own consulting business now and am loving it! Following in your footsteps.... Oceans of love, Sue..
Posted by Sue Sheldon on 9th November 2017
Mom, you would be so happy with the election results today! Washington State is making national news! Maybe you had a hand in this! I'm thinking that's the case! Oceans of love! Sue..
Posted by Sue Sheldon on 8th March 2017
Today on the 4th anniversary of your passing, there is a Women's march in Olympia. So much is happening now and so many women are coming together in unity. I'm sure you have helped to facilitate all this! Missing you more than ever! Oceans of love, Sue..
Posted by Alfredo Longoria on 8th March 2017
Knew her briefly. Will remember her forever.
Posted by Sue Sheldon on 9th November 2016
Happy birthday, Mom! I miss you terribly, but at the same time I am so grateful that you aren't here to see what is happening to the country you loved and served. So glad you left when your beloved Obama was in office and you had hope for the future. It would have devastated you to see what is happening today and there would be no way we could have had a happy birthday celebration. Still wishing we had had more time.... but as you always said "It is better to run out of time, than it is to run out of plans" and you had plans that could have easily carried you for another 25 years! I hope I have that many plans at 89 years old! Oceans of love, Sue..
Posted by Paula McMinn on 9th November 2016
I knew Dorothy Mae long before I was a tenant at the historic Woldale School, and was a benefitee of her magnanimous spirit and understanding of the world, I also became a tenant and a keeper of grounds under that same terms of spirit and understanding. Had I a choice, and I do, I name her among the women in my life that I would honor with the term, "mother." She was at the women's center when I chose to nurse my second born and supported me in that decision so of course I went to the center when I nursed but have some pretty funny stories about the times I went to class and nursed my newborn. A great lady. I miss her and people like her.
Posted by Sue Sheldon on 8th March 2016
Another year has gone by, Mom and I miss you as much today as ever! I am donating to an International Women's Day Creativity Symposium that is an event you would have loved! Oceans of love, Sue..
Posted by Sue Sheldon on 9th November 2015
Thinking of you today, Mom - as I do every single day... I wish we could be celebrating your birthday together. What I would give to have just one more conversation with you... Oceans of love, Sue..
Posted by Deb Evensen on 9th November 2014
Dorothy, Thank you for being such as awesome mother to my dearest friend Sue. We often talked about how your brilliance and courage has paved the way for generations of women who walk the paths you helped create. You are "one of a kind" and I imagine you are doing something amazing where you are now. You are sorely missed here. Love, deb
Posted by Jeri Downs on 12th May 2013
Dorothy was the founder of the Penta Program for highly capable students in the smaller school districts in our county. 100's of students benefited from this program through its activities on CWU campus, Project Fairs, Spelling Bees, and even a campout at Kamp Koinina. My son chose to attend CWU because of these activities at CWU. Thank you Dorothy for inspiring all those students!
Posted by Stan Sovern on 11th May 2013
I moved into Woldale in 2001, and thus began a long acquaintance with Dorothy. She ended up being quite a good friend and eventually married my wife and I. We had some great chats over the years, as I helped in some of the chores around Woldale. She always had some project up her sleeve! I hope I have her energy when I get older! We will miss her.
Posted by Carolyn Thurston on 22nd April 2013
Dorothy Mae was one of the most inspirational women I've ever known. In the years I attended the UU church and she was one of our lay ministers, I came to know and be in awe of her (and Helen Wise) and hoped that one day I would be as wise, fun, smart, caring, energetic, and down-to-earth as Dorothy and Helen. Dorothy will always be a model and inspiration as the wisest of women.
Posted by Evelyn Heflen on 10th April 2013
Dorothy and I were friends for 30 years, since she was a prof at CWU and I was a grad student. Over that period of time, we worked, cried, and laughed together. What I will always remember and cherish are the times we laughed. Something would strike our funny bones and we'd sit and giggle like school kids. Dorothy had a great sense of humor.
Posted by Mike Pearson on 4th April 2013
To remember Dorothy is to feel that she is still here and wish we could finally have that talk. If everyone were like Dorothy, nobody would have to work so hard and we'd all have more to show for our labors. And yet, we'd probably do such interesting things that although we'd keep a careful count, we would forget what we had accumulated. It's all been done to serve our wish for good.
Posted by Paula McMinn on 3rd April 2013
I will never forget you, Dorothy Mae. Your belief in me, your care and interest in the welfare of my children, your inspiring intellectual curiosity, your firm independence, and yes, those nasty chickens. :) You will forever be a part of me.
Posted by Stephen Shrader on 31st March 2013
I had 3 mothers and Dorothy was my favorite. As my daughter and I spoke today it seemed apparent Dorothy is the Grandmother linked with more vivid memories of fun for her, too. For me, her insatiable curiosity and love of, and for, learning are early memories. And being of service to what presented itself was a characteristic of her moral compass that sets a course for any uncertainty.
Posted by Billie Thornton on 31st March 2013
I have such fond memories of Dorothy and her many visits to my families hardware store, Woods Hardware. She always had such great projects going on at the school. I will never forget how excited she was when she got the school. I also remember after she told my Dad about it, and she had left, Dad turned to me and shook his head.
Posted by Billie Thornton on 31st March 2013
Dorothy loved to come into Woods and talk to my dad, John, about Idaho. They had both lived in the same area in their younger years and had such good stories. I will surely miss Dorothy and will keep memories close to my heart. See you in May.

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