Let the memory of Dosan be with us forever
  • 59 years old
  • Born on November 9, 1878 .
  • Passed away on March 10, 1938 .

Dosan Ahn Chang Ho - Korea's most respected patriot, most dedicated freedom fighter, most visionary social activist and most honest leader. He is also respected for his political, civil rights and labor organization activity in the United States where is is memorialized in Los Angeles with a US Post office and the 10 and 110 Freeway Interchange named in his honor. Dosan was born on November 9, 1878 and passed away at age 59 on March 10, 1938. 

People should remember him forever as a role model of sincere character and a leader who served his people honestly. He gave his all and sacrificed his life and family to keep the Japanese Imperialist from obliterating Korea. All Koreans owe their gratitude to Dosan. Without his patriotism Korea may not have become an independent nation. His leadership opened the way for education reform, Korea's economic success and their government's path to a more democratic way of life. In America, he was the Godfather of the Korean American community. Dosan and his wife Helen (Yi Hye Ryon) were the first married couple to come to America in 1902. Their home was the center of the early Korean American community. They raised five children in Los Angeles - all of them were born in California. For more info visit www.dosan.org.


Posted by Flip Cuddy on November 9, 2015
Happy Birthday 2015. Hope Korea finally puts your name on their National Anthem as the writer of the lyrics.

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