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Shared by Geri White on September 28, 2015

We're all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love."    -- Dr. Seuss

Remembering our weirding day 24 long years ago today.  R.I.P. my Love!

1yr RoyDoug Memorial Revisit to Ponce Inlet

Shared by Ron Bradley on July 29, 2012

Well, somehow this video, which my PC's player plays sideways, comes out upside down after uploading it.  The other two videos play right-side-up.

Taken from Summer's cell phone - May 2012

RoyDoug's 1yr memorial revisit to Ponce Inlet

Shared by Ron Bradley on July 29, 2012

Back at the Ponce Inlet Harbor - 1 yr from Doug's passing.

From Summer's Cell phone - May 2012

We miss you Bro!

1yr Dougroy Memorial Revisit to Ponce Inlet

Shared by Ron Bradley on July 29, 2012

Well, this one didn't get turned upside down, but cell phone videos often appear to be shot "Blaire Witch Trial" style.
Posted, this day, July 29, 2012 - Happy 55th Birthday Bro!

Song I wrote, dedicated to Doug-Roy

Shared by Ron Bradley on November 18, 2011

I'll add/attach the recorded song file, once I have recorded it (hopefully Thanksgiving weekend)..........


Best Friends (Words and Music by Ron Bradley – 10/8/2011)


Best friends

You know we always were such good friends

When I was born, well you were more than just a brother

We played and fought each other

But we always knew deep down at the end

That we were best friends 


Close friends

At times we could have been like book ends

And whether it was going golfing, bowling, biking

To the springs to do some diving

Or camping at the beach out there on the sand

We were such close friends 


And when the party started, you let me tag along

With our friends up in the tree house, listening to our favorite songs

Driving through the woods at sundown, hanging out in someone’s bed room

And the phone company cable spool was made into a table

Coolest secret door that ever hid a bong 


School ended

And you moved in with your best friend

You guys made Smith Street Court into a sanctuary

Girlfriends, Del and me and Larry

We were just tossing Frisbees into the wind

With all our good friends 


New plans

Continue with your education

Moved back in with Catalina, Mom and me

Got your electronics degree

Houston’s the place where your career would begin

And meet some best friends 


Lay-out designing for integrated circuit chips 

With the other "guys" from TI that I met on business trips

Though it led you up to Dallas, still it kept you there in Texas

Long enough for your soul mate to come in

And be your best friend 


Best friends

You always said you married your best friend

Shared a house at Kenwood with a deck and pool

Vacation visits there were cool

Then you packed up and moved further west again

You and your best friend 


West winds

Hills of Laguna Beach were heaven

And then it led you down the coast to San Diego

Pacific Beach was the place to go

I took the 5 from Point Mugu to the end

We were still best friends 


You did so many things in your life, filled it up to the brim

Drinking beers with friends and laughing; skiing, scuba diving, rafting

Roller coaster parks and hiking, hot-air balloons and biking

Enjoyed the best food from wherever, the spicier the better

Popping Habenero peppers like they were mints

With all your best friends 



From southern California back to Austin

And though you had the finest place to hang your hat in

Your business took you right back to where you’d just been

With one more chance to get a few more working years in

And meet more best friends 


But of all of us who are here today

I’d like to be the one who stands up to say

We only wish you had some more time to spend

With all of your best friends

Doug's Cycle of Life Ceremony

Shared by Geri White on August 8, 2011


Sunday, October 9 from 3:00 PMto 8:00 PM










Join us on the journey to scatter the history of our loved one. We'll gather at dockside at 3:00 and the boat will sail at 3:30 pm. 

Upon our return, we'll meet for dinner at:  

Down the Hatch Restaurant,  4894 Front St., Ponce Inlet, FL  32127                                 Ph: 386-761-4831

Bring your thoughts, prayers and fondest memories of Doug.

I plan to stay at the following hotel but there are many other hotels in the area.  
The Hampton Inn
3135 South Atlantic Avenue
Dayton Beach Shores, FL  32118

Kind Regards,




"1990" Christmas and new years eve

Shared by Daniela Nemanic, geb. The... on August 1, 2011

Roy´s Christmas and new years eve in Taunusstein (Roy, Tobias, girl cousin Ulla and Tina)

Shared by Günther Mück on June 8, 2011

die Abschiedsbilder 1967 aus Wiesbaden,

wir sollten uns erst Jahre später in Florida wieder sehen (1972)


Shared by Günther Mück on June 8, 2011

Wir, (Heike) haben ein paar Zeilen, gefunden die dem Anlass gerecht werden

von Walter Helmut Fritz



ein Lotsenboot inmitten:

der Tod eines Mannes,

der sich langsam dem Hafen nähert,

Heike & Günther

Shared by Sylvia Weinheimer on June 4, 2011

Sylvia and her family on vacation in Ft Lauderdale (Sep. 1993)

Life On Smith Street DeLand FL 1975-1976

Shared by JOSEPH HOLGATE on June 2, 2011

During the 1st month on Smith Street, circa 1975.. Roy (Doug) and Del B. and I, living in another apartment decided to have a wall of beer bottle contest. I lost, with 24 cases of Michelob bottles, to Roy's 27. He loved fusion Jazz, and we were definately products of our generation. So much fun was had during those days, football, beer, keg parties, and other things we won't mention that made our teen years so much fun. I will miss you my friend!!



Mr. Bradley

Shared by Helen Nerviano on June 1, 2011

Doug was always charitable by nature.  Here is a picture of him accompanying a few inhabitants of St Helen's Home for the Nautically Impaired on a daytrip in Norfolk, VA.  We all admired Mr. Bradley.  (Actually he was surprising his nephew, Matthew, at Matt's USN Homecoming week.  We were all caught in the cold drizzle and looking worse for the wear--except that is for Doug who seemed impervious to the weather).

We loved him for his sense of humor, his jerky, and his perpetual good nature.  We will keep him in our hearts forever.

Phantom doorbell

Shared by Tony Balistreri on June 1, 2011

I still remember this one he pulled on Geri. He rigged up a doorbell inside the closet door. He would ring it and get Geri to answer the door. He got away with it for a long time.

Then there was the time he changed all of the clocks so Geri would get up for work an hour earlier. I think she got all the way to work before she figured it out.

When he stayed at Fred's house, he was famous for swapping out last week's TV guide inside the new week's cover.

Oh yeah, we still have a bunch of those "I love Continental Airlines" tags.

Missed flight

Shared by Tony Balistreri on June 1, 2011

Doug was staying with us in Houston for a mid-day flight to ALB to go skiing at Angel Fire. Doug putzed around in the bathroom so long we just missed our flight. Renae was running to the gate just as the door closed. The next flight wasn't for hours, so we all went to Tommy's for lunch and beer. We finally got to ALB late at night and then had to drive through the mountains arriving at Angel Fire at midnight. When we unpacked our luggage, Renae discovered Continental name tags with "I love continental airlines" all over the place, stashed in our luggage, clothes, everything.


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