His Life

R.I.P. Smiley

Doug was a wonderful person. He would always try to make someone smile. If you needed someone to talk to he would be there no matter time of day and night he would be there. There was 1 special person that meant the world to him his name was Brennan Edward Gram. He was all Doug talked about and lived for. And no matter what the problem he would think of him and you would see his smile . It would light the aworld . But at the same time there was one person who would destroy him and her name is Samantha Gram. She was the last person Doug saw. It was a week before he died that i seen him that he asked me if i was ok. I should have asked him if he was ok. We all had lunch and hung out together and not shortly after that would he be taken from our grasp and there would be nothing we could do about it. Doug was a great athlete and a very fun person to hang out with he would always ask me "Where is my hug chica?" and i would give him a hug. but my last hug was goodbye without even knowing it. And he will now  miss out on alot like his son's first steps, first words and most of all his family.