This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Dr. Moses Douglas Carew, who passed away on November 9, 2012.

We will be forever grateful for the love and kindness that you have shown to us during this difficult period. We sincerely appreciate the outpouring of condolences, comforting messages, visits, food, prayers, calls and all acts of kindness shown to us as we mourn.

The love and support shown to our beloved Douglas during his life and travels by friends in the United States, Kenya, Sierra Leone, United Kingdom and many more locations will never be forgotten.

Whatever you did to console our hearts, we thank you.

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Posted by Baraza Situma on November 12, 2012
Through the Testimonies I have received, you were a Man after God's own heart. Dr. Carew. you had signed my offer letter of appointment and was looking forward to joining AIU and having fellowship with you!It was never to be! May the almighty God grant your family comfort and peace at such trying moment.
Posted by Wanjiru Makanga-Munene on November 12, 2012
My love, prayers and tears are with Ayiku, Oluoni, Rodney, Seneiya and the extended family.
Dr. Carew you were my senior, true friend, example of Servant Leadership and true Godliness.
In tears Jesus led me to John 14:1-4,6. I know where you have gone,
May all who know and love you follow and live in Christ.
Posted by Katindi Sivi Njonjo on November 12, 2012
I am still so shocked at your passing. It was just the other day we were critiquing the youth and the scenarios curiculum? Well, for the short period i knew you, i can testify of God's pure love, true humility and a heart of service to all. It is in times like this i pray that God would help me number my days aright. May God comfort your family in every way.
Posted by Misheck Mutua on November 12, 2012
You taught me 'contextual hermeneutics' and 'Minor Prophets' at George Whitefield College in South Africa. The memories of the lectures still ring. You visited us as a family and we had wonderful time over dinner. I loved catching up with you when I visited the library at NEGST. Your Christian legacy will remain. Goodbye till we meet again in His presence.
Posted by Joyce Mlenga on November 12, 2012
Dr. Carew always called me “mama Malawi” and never got tired of smiling and greeting me each time we met in the corridors of NEGST/AIU. He has been a great servant leader who served God with humility. He has been a role model to Moses and I; a gentleman full of wisdom. Great son of Africa, gone too soon! We will dearly miss him. My heartfelt condolences to Ayiku and family.
Posted by Dave olagunju on November 12, 2012
I met Dr. Carew and his family while studying for his Ph.D in DeerFeild, IL, USA. He and his fellow students came to our house for Bible studies and fellowship, a remarkable time of African christian worship and praising God. He was kind, humble and meek, ready to assist in any way to make life easier for the other persons. His life was a shinning example of Christ's image. Rest in peace!
Posted by John Gichuru on November 12, 2012
More than a father,a friend and a servant leader.....Dr Carew was man of good caliber,integrity and substance.We will truly miss Dr Carew.....his sermons,his ever peaceful and bright smile,I thank God for His life and the impact he has rendered in my life.RIP Dr Carew.Till we meet again.
Posted by abigael mbua on November 12, 2012
I have kept wondering why Dr. Carew you had to go at this point in time, I am still in shock. But today as I pondered I got reminded of Isaiah 57:1c "...the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil to come." My elder you are in the best place where there is perfect peace, pure joy, true love, & highest praise. Meet you there some day & comfort for mum and children.
Posted by Janet Mutinda on November 12, 2012
My Prof, my friend....YOU were the real deal!

Here is a link to one of the latest speeches Dr Carew gave:

We continue to run this race....Until we meet again - before our God - the God of Creation ...and Redemption!
Posted by Harriet Scott on November 12, 2012
I am saddened by the news of your passing away. You were a gentleman. Always calm, cool and collected. Humility embodied. You always had a smile and a greeting when we crossed paths on the way to the Library or Chapel. Your life was an example to many. I am blessed to have had you as my VC.
Until we meet again...
Posted by Dayle Lauber on November 12, 2012
You were a great blessing to all of us who knew you. We had great times cheering our sons on in soccer and basketball at Rosslyn Academy. I was always amazed that you were able to slip away from NEGST and be able to watch the games once in a while! You were a dad who really cared. May God keep your wife and children in His tender loving care as they grieve.
Posted by Tess O. Mwania on November 12, 2012
Great Boss, understanding and caring. Called me personally when I lost my sister and nephew in 2005 to condole with us. I was just a new staff member then but that spoke tonnes. You will be greatly missed. May you Rest in His Loving Arms. Till we meet again.
Posted by George Ouma on November 12, 2012
Prof. Carew,
You have gone to be with the Lord. How you made me to work diligently on my thesis then as you continued to tell me that "I want to read it! "I want to read it! So I worked with discipline that a "Vice Chancellor" wants to read my work ! Ok. Saints do not come back to this filthy world from God's presence. We will join you someday.
Posted by Lucy Mahiaini on November 12, 2012
I am still so shocked that our colleague for so many years is no longer with us. I still remember our days together when we pioneered Negst. We had so many wonderful days together - watching our young families start their journeys in life . God has been so faithful. You have fought the good fight and won ! We will see you on the other side! We are praying for Ayiku and the children.
Posted by Martha Haile on November 12, 2012
Our prayers are with you as you mourn the loss of your husband and father. He was and is a great example of a Godly faithful gifted man,committed to serving in building the Church and the kingdom of God. We pray for God's comfort and mighty presence during this time Martha, Afrah, Sofia and Gedi
Posted by Mercy Okaalet on November 12, 2012
We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you, because we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all God’s people,the faith and love that spring from the hope stored up for you in heaven...(Col1:3-5). R.I.P Uncle Carew! Aunty, Seneiya, Rodney& Olunyi may the Grace and Comfort of our LORD be with you now and in the days to come
Posted by Chepkorir Angela on November 12, 2012
Being a first year, you left so soon before i could fully get into the system.but i remember the convocation and vividly you launching the founders day.your humility was known to all.we will miss you.RIP servant leader.May God kp your family and loved ones in peace in such trying times.
Posted by Faith Mugera on November 12, 2012
Dr.Carew, the foyer this Sunday felt very empty without your gentle smile seeking those you sensed needed to be seen...and encouraged. The Nairobi Chapel family has been so much the richer because of you. How we delight to know that we can walk as you did, because you made a committed Walk of Faith seem much possible. Until we meet again.
Posted by Josphat Yego on November 12, 2012
It is with shock that I share a tribute to my dear brother Douglass. He always called and addressed me as dear brother. At first I did not accept it. After getting the details from Ed Fisher, I accepted as Romans 8:28-29say. God always knows what is best for each one of us. Dear brother rest in God's arms, that is best and eternal. Aiku, children rely on God as Douglas lived did & taught
Posted by McMush DJangjuol on November 12, 2012
Indeed, you will be missed Dr. Crarew. I thank God for your life and your leadership you provided to Africa International University /NEGST. "FULL OF LOVE AND INTEGRITY"
Posted by Flo Kagwamba on November 12, 2012
its still hard for come to terms with this. I am truly saddened of your passing. To me you were not just a boss but a father, a friend and a mentor. I learnt a lot from you. you believed in me and encouraged me. you lived what you taught us... and reminded us that in Him all things hold together. Rest in the Saviour's arms.
Posted by Claudia Lasite on November 12, 2012
The bonds that link us are not a matter of this lifetime alone. Our loved ones live wihin us. As we strive to live with hope and become happy, we send invisible 'waves' of happiness to our loved ones who have passed away. If we become overwhelmed by sorrow they feel it too. Let us not mourn as one without hope. Douglas you will be greatly missed. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Olivia Razafinjatoniary on November 12, 2012
A man of faith, integrity, and humility, with a big smile, he would always stop and shake your hand wherever you met him. A great leader with great vision, a great teacher and an encourager, a counsellor and a wise listener, a brother and a parent to everyone...That was our dear Dr Carew. He will be greatly missed. "See you at the House, brother"
Posted by David Fugoyo on November 12, 2012
Few days before Dr. Carew passed on, he met me and said, as he always does, "Hello David, how are you?" I am yet to come to terms with the fact that I will not see him again in our campus. I wish this was a dream. Dr. Carew, your humility, oration and sense of humor will remain in my mind. You were truly and Evangelical Christian and leader. I already miss you!
Posted by Archimedes Faulkner on November 12, 2012
To Ayiku and the children,

My family extend our sincerest sympathy. Douglas is now with our maker. He has completed what he was called to do on this earth. Goodbye Douglas. Sleep and take your rest. RIP
Posted by Serge Razafinjatoniary on November 12, 2012
Sooo shocked by your sudden departure to our eternal home but thanking God for your life here on earth, Dr Carew, as well as for your graduation to heaven. The earthly separation is painful though... :( Mama Ayiku and the kids, and the rest of us will "see you at the House" on our respective graduation day to heaven... Painful reality... :(
Posted by Dagalou Teme on November 12, 2012
You were sensitive to the variety of the linguistic and cultural background of the many nationalities represented at AIU. Helped by your sense of humour, you made sure you know a bit of French, Kiswahili, Kikuyu, Chichewa, etc., just to make speakers of various languages feel good, even though you knew they spoke English. We will miss you!
Posted by Leonard Ken Davies on November 12, 2012
We give you thanks O Lord, because through Christ you have given us a hope of a glorious resurrection; so that although death comes to us all, yet we rejoice in the promise of eternal life; for to your faithful people life is changed, not taken away; and when our mortal flesh is laid aside, an everlasting dwelling place is made ready for us in heaven.
Posted by Tobias Omollo on November 12, 2012
My family and I will really miss you Dr. Carew and we thank God for having shared with you Grace Group and my wife and I being students at AIU under your leadership. May the Lord God comfort your wife, kids and extended family during such difficult moments. Enjoy the presence of the Lord Mwalimu
Posted by Moses Mukhwana on November 12, 2012
As a student at A.I.U, I have known Dr. Carew not only as a VC but also as a spiritual pillar to the students. His presence in the Chapel always meant something full of wisdom will be shared to us. we shall dearly miss you. We are however rejoicing due to the knowledge that you knew Christ and made others know Him too. You fought a good fight and you qualified for the prize. Praise Jesus!
Posted by Kayode Adesimi on November 12, 2012
Fond memories of our days together in Freetown's East End ... Trinitonians, FBC, etc. Dougay you were a rare talent who enriched the lives of many, especially those you taught over the years. May God console our dear cousin Aiyku and the kids in these desperately sad times. We mourn your loss in the knowledge that you rest in His keeping and will rise in glory at the appointed time. J&K
Posted by Ricky Ochilo on November 12, 2012
Uncle Douglas' memory and the values he instilled of collective responsibility live through us. I am reminded of his gentle spirit, integrity and pioneering leadership that inspired many to aspire. He was a gracious and loving father to my dear brothers and sisters; Oluniyi, Rodney and Seneiya. Uncle Douglas embodied ceaseless faith and epitomized great intellectual humility.We <3 U.
Posted by juthas okari on November 12, 2012
oooops!! Dr.Carew I will never come to terms that you have left usvery soon,you were my mentor,a father above all a servant leader and NOT a BOSS.I never expected a CEO to live a life of simplicity, humble and caring.when I joined NEGSTIt took me time to recognize you as the VC of NEGST.RIP you have completed your race.may the LORD rest your soul in eternal.
Posted by Winnie Ojee-Njenga on November 12, 2012
Prof Carew a dear friend of my family,a mentor, a true servant of God, a life of true humility, a true shepherd of African leadership,It is still difficult come to terms with the loss. I thank God for the example of Christlike Servant leadership.We thank God for a life well lived.Forever missed
Posted by Priscilla Heidebrecht on November 12, 2012
I first met Dr. Carew at a 2000 Convocation at NEGST where Dr. John Stott was the speaker. Douglas gave me one of my first impressions of Africa: a talented, gifted man with a wonderful singing voice. Little did I know!!!! The Lord was pleased with his singing then--and even more so now as he sings with the heavenly choirs. Douglas, we miss you!
Posted by Joel Carpenter on November 12, 2012
Douglas was a dear brother, full of wisdom, vision and good cheer. His love for God came through most surely, in my opinion, through his great sense of calling to the work with AIU, and in his evident love for people.  It will be very hard to visit AIU again without him being there. May the God of all comfort bring us peace, and hope.
Posted by Elaine and Tamika Turner on November 12, 2012
It's hard to understand why people are taken from us, but to the family and friends, let us all find comfort in knowing that we were a special part of such a well-lived life. May happy memories carry us through this sorrowful time. Douglas, we wish you a peaceful resting place.
Posted by Vidal Smith on November 12, 2012
Oh Douglas, it was just a day before your passing that your father had called to tell me that you "my brother" was in the US, and that he was hoping that I will visit the family before your return to Kenya. Yes, you were a brother, from our daily walks to Cathedral School and back home, with stops at the workplaces of our respective dads. You leave me with an indelible memory.
Posted by Vidal Smith on November 12, 2012
Yes, Douglas, a brother, a fine academic, and good footballer. I will miss you much. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Ed Fischer on November 12, 2012
Douglas the world seems lonely without you. As I continue the journey I had planned for both of us, there are tears streaming down my eyes as I reflect on our good times we shared. Your great example has inspired many to reach higher to fulfill our calling in God's Kingdom. This world is a much better place because of your compassionate and gentle way. Your Teddy Bear Brother
Posted by Daniel Sesay on November 12, 2012
Still reeling from the news. We saw in him a true example of what it means to follow Christ. Such kindness and grace. He showed me Christ even as a youngster growing up in Freetown during our Agape Springs days. The christian community in Africa has truly lost one of the few we looked up to. We are praying for the peace of God for his family. May God bless you richly.
Posted by Ben Thuku on November 12, 2012
I was in the same grace group with you for a whole year. Even though you were the VC, you made everyone of us feel important. I was shocked at the news of your passing on. You were friendly, you loved and served Gods people. Rest in peace Dr Carew. Our prayers are with your family.
Posted by Jackson Weah on November 12, 2012
We have just spoken yesterday on campus in September when you greeted me with smiles and asked for Victoria and the girls. You were more than a Professor but a hero and mentor to me during my sojourn at NEGST. Rest in peace you have fought a good fight of faith.
Posted by Martha and Jim Kirkpatric... on November 12, 2012
Our love and sympathy to Ayiku and the children. When we think of Dr. Carew, we remember his princely ways, his self-control, his diligence to his duties, his taking time for people, his efforts to promote godliness among faculty and students. What a loss his going is for so many people! We shall meet again!
Posted by Ndinda Ngewa on November 11, 2012
You will truly be missed Uncle Dr. Carew. Thank you for your leadership and for the vision you had for Africa. N.E.G.S.T/AIU will not be the same without you. My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time. We strive to live out your vision, R.I.P until we meet again. You are safely secure in Jesus' arms.
Posted by Prisca Wambua on November 11, 2012
My friend and brother, I always remember you with a smile. Hard to accept I will not call and hear from you in this life. You have imparted in me and many sons and daughters values that will help us live out our purpose. I can only sing God's praise as He so graciously gifted you to be a shining light, a wise guide and a faithful steward. How lovely is your dwelling place, Almighty God !
Posted by Larry Smith on November 11, 2012
Douglas Carew was a fine and decent man, always a gentleman, ready to listen and wise when he spoke. A friend and counselor for many years, I remember the care he took to recommend texts to me when he was a busy student at TEDS. And his comments from NEGST-AIU. Just 3 weeks ago he seemed to be recovering. RIP brother Douglas.
Posted by Leonard Ken Davies on November 11, 2012
"The souls of the righteous are in the hands of God and there shall no torment touch them. In the eyes of the unwise, they seemed to die; their departure is reckoned as defeat, and their going away from us as disaster. But they are at peace." Douglas, rest in peace and rise in glory AMEN.
Posted by Abiola Crown on November 11, 2012
daddy,im still trying to come to terms with the reality of this passing away as it is called.the news is too hard for me for now .you were more to me than a vice chancellor, you were a father who walked with me through the storms lovingly, caringly, and with firm discipline.i pray the Lord will comfort us on this shocking exit.
Posted by Gathoni Nduati on November 11, 2012
I remember when my sister Judy Nduati joined NEGST, you saw her potential and mentored her to be the best in all her classes ...the honors she received (highest GPAs in all her Masters ) was a salute towards your dedication and hard work in making your students to excel. On behalf of Judy Nduati (Harun) .To the Nduati's family you are a HERO!
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Posted by Flo Kagwamba on November 9, 2020
We continue to miss you and your leadership. Your wise counsel is still very much needed. Continue to rest in peace. 
Posted by Francis Paul Faithful Sam... on November 13, 2019
"Ngor Mo", as we commonly called you, We forever miss you. If the Samou Family (I and my younger sisters - Looliah & Ngandie), who went through Pa Loko Children's Orphanage, are what we are today in the Lord and in every sense of our being on Earth, you played a never-to-be-forgotten role.

May God comfort your Wife and Children and us all in Jesus Name. Sincere memories of you are ever ours. Rest forever in Peace in Jesus till we meet again.

By Francis Paul Faithful Samou & Family in Bo & Freetown.
Posted by Ithe NjokinaNduta on December 8, 2018
When I think of an ideal leader to emulate, your image as a Christian leader comes to mind. You truly left a mark in my life. This week I have been reflecting about my leadership, I have a lot to learn from the short interaction that I had with you while serving at AIU. Soon we shall join you to be with Christ forever. Meanwhile, I continue growing in my leadership everyday as I pick lessons from your leadership.
Recent stories

I Learned You Were Humble

Shared by Wole Adegbile on July 18, 2014

So painful I never had a physical contact with him before he went home. Nevertheless, the knowledge of his lifetime makes an impression on me I will ever live to appreciate. I only set out to write a biography of a Christian worker in Africa as a project, being a pastor in training at AIU. I just chose to write about him only because I must pass my exam. Writing about Dr. Carew was more than an academic project, it was an unforgettable encounter. A critical study of his life is much more than what I would have learned while receiving a lecture in the classroom. Dr. Carew, I admire your lifestyle. I covet the grace upon your life.

I learned about your humility which reminded people and gave a practical demonstration of how Christ lived when He physically came to the world. In many occasions you were mistaken for a student within the campus of NEGST/AIU even though you were the Vice Chancellor. I’m so glad you were proud to keep the company of lowly people and was identified with your subordinates. I wondered why you would not only give a second chance, but much more than a second chance, when people failed you in one regard or the other. But I stopped wondering, having known you had chosen to follow the foot step of your Master.

Your mind was not a tape recorder, yet people’s names and birthdays were indelibly stuck to it despite many things you had to think about. This evidenced your love and care for people! I learned how much you could stoop so low in getting up the ones lying low. Helping people is your delight. Making them happy is a priority. It was never a big deal for you to give up all you’d got in order to achieve a goal that would benefit mankind.

You were a man who kept his words. I remember your son, Oluniyi, told me you had an opportunity to stay back in the US after your doctoral award, but you gritted your teeth and made your way back to Africa in order to fulfill your condition of scholarship. Your home country (Sierra Leone) wasn’t at peace when you finished this program; that could be enough reason for you not to return to Africa to fulfill your calling. You didn’t give room for excuse but by all means you found your base in Africa your fatherland.

Keep on resting on the bosom of the Savior. You played your own role well and were found successful. I believe by the time you returned home, the Savior would stand astride with His arms open wide. His face would be decorated with a big smile as He hugged you so tightly and cooed into your ears: “Well done my son. I have prepared a place for you. Welcome into your eternal joy.”

Tribute in Memory of Dr. Moses Douglas Carew

Shared by Foday-Khabenje Aiah on December 4, 2012

Esse quam vederi
(rather to be than to seem) is the maxim of a famous Secondary School in Freetown, The Albert Academy, of which Bro. Douggie, as Dr. Carew was fondly known, was a very distinguished alumnus. It was here young men and girls (at the A ‘levels) were prepared for life’s journey.

Douggie’s live epitomized our school motor. He lived a life of humility with no pretentiousness. He was what he was, a deeply relational person and an excellent communicator. He was not just a good speaker but his words were gracious and full of wit and wisdom, even more soothing when he sang. Uniquely equipped for teaching; long before his theological studies he was already recognized as one of the best bible expositors in Sierra Leone. His entire working life was spent primarily as a teacher, whether this was secondary school science curriculum, basic discipleship program, preaching or teaching Hebrew or theology at the highest level of scholarship.

The scores of tributes that continue to pour in on the memorial website, managed by his daughter Seneiyah, are testimony to the fine life Douggie lived.

However, Douggie’s life was one of paradox but happily one not inconsistent with the life of our Master and Lord. This is dubbed ‘the tumbling down effect’ by theologians. The self-empting of Christ (Phil.2:7). Christ emptied Himself first to birth, then to death. Christ, though God, chose to hide His Deity in humanity- He hid his majesty in humanity.

By His coming in the flesh (his humanity) - birth, death and resurrection he withheld His divine powers. He wasn’t denied this nor forced to do so but instead He chose to do so. He did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped (Phil. 2:6). Christ was rejected by the very people he came to save.

Dr. Carew, mindful of the master’s call could identify with Saint Paul to have considered loss whatever was to his profit for the sake of know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his attain the resurrection from death (Phil. 3).

Douglas had his bit of humiliation even when he gave his all to a people he gave his live and all. How I wished he smelled the flowers that are now being placed on his grave. Like his master in a borrowed tomb we lay the remains of our dear brother on a borrowed land.

Praise the Lord! Death and the grave do not have the last say. It is in His humiliation that Christ is exalted to glory and at the right hand of God (Phi 2:9-11). I have no doubt that our brother has been exalted to the high place with our Lord in glory. The most honour we can give him is follow his good example of giving our lives to the Lord Jesus, faithfully walk with the Lord in this world into eternity, where Douggie has joined the saints who preceded him, especially those from our own community notably, Byang Kato and Tokumboh Adeyemo.  They all now have their well deserved rest in heaven where all sisters and brothers in the Lord are sure to catch up with them sooner or later.


Jabulani Africa Lyrics

Shared by Pinto Kali on December 3, 2012

Jesus, life and hope to heal our land

Saviour, reaching out with your mighty hand!


Sing for joy, O Africa!

The Lord your God is risen upon you!

Sing for joy, O Africa!

The Lord your God is risen upon you now!


Jabulani! Jabulani, Africa! (Echo) (x4)


Jesus, river of life to our thirsty land

Saviour, meeting our needs with your mighty hand!


Sing for joy, O Africa!

The Lord your God is risen upon you!

Sing for joy, O Africa!

The Lord your God is risen upon you now!


Jabulani! Jabulani, Africa! (Echo) (x4)


Sing for joy, O Africa!

The Lord your God is risen upon you!

Sing for joy, O Africa!

The Lord your God is risen upon you now!


Jabulani! Jabulani, Africa! (Echo) (x4)


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