Posted by Flo Kagwamba on November 9, 2020
We continue to miss you and your leadership. Your wise counsel is still very much needed. Continue to rest in peace. 
Posted by Francis Paul Faithful Sam... on November 13, 2019
"Ngor Mo", as we commonly called you, We forever miss you. If the Samou Family (I and my younger sisters - Looliah & Ngandie), who went through Pa Loko Children's Orphanage, are what we are today in the Lord and in every sense of our being on Earth, you played a never-to-be-forgotten role.

May God comfort your Wife and Children and us all in Jesus Name. Sincere memories of you are ever ours. Rest forever in Peace in Jesus till we meet again.

By Francis Paul Faithful Samou & Family in Bo & Freetown.
Posted by Ithe NjokinaNduta on December 8, 2018
When I think of an ideal leader to emulate, your image as a Christian leader comes to mind. You truly left a mark in my life. This week I have been reflecting about my leadership, I have a lot to learn from the short interaction that I had with you while serving at AIU. Soon we shall join you to be with Christ forever. Meanwhile, I continue growing in my leadership everyday as I pick lessons from your leadership.
Posted by Josphat Yego on November 11, 2018
Douglas my brother, it is hard to believe it is six years since you left us. Last week I needed you.We had to make a decision which I know you only you who could advise. I miss our long discussion and fellowship
Posted by Ouattara Nambalapan Matth... on November 9, 2017
Continue to rest in peace!
Posted by Adriano Aymer on November 9, 2017
Five years have gone so quickly; could hardly believe. Continue to RIP  brother.
Posted by Flo Kagwamba on April 4, 2017
Happy Birthday Dr. Carew. Continue to dance with the angels!
Posted by Abiola Crown on November 9, 2016
God is faithful. keep on resting in peace sir
Posted by James Nkansah-Obrempong on November 9, 2016
Mzee, Today is 4 years since you left us. We thank God for your life and you will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts. We miss your friendship and thoughtful insights. Love from the Nkansahs
Posted by Flo Kagwamba on November 9, 2016
Four year seems just like yesterday. You continue to live in our hearts! You are dearly missed. Continue to rest with the angels!
Posted by Flo Kagwamba on November 9, 2015
This week we are meeting for the ICETE in Turkey and your presence is clearly missed! We read your tribute yesterday and hundreds of people do miss you and appreciate the work you championed! Rest well my dear mentor.
Posted by Flo Kagwamba on November 10, 2014
Its been 2 yrs since you left us. It feels like just the other day. This day I am reminded how you poured out what the Lord had intended you to pour out! your were a blessings to who you met! I know you are enjoying our God's presence.
Posted by Mesfin Teshome on November 10, 2014
We miss you so much, Dr. Carew. Your memory never fades. You were a good leader.
Posted by Ed Fischer on November 10, 2014
Douglas Carew we miss you so much here on Earth. We know you are rejoicing with the Heavenly Choir but your early departure from this life still stings and we continue to struggle on without you. You were a tremendous and compassionate leader. You will be an inspiration for many years to come to all those whose life you touched. Blessings as you enjoy your heavenly reward.
Posted by Josphat Yego on November 9, 2014
It is hard to believe it is 16 months already when we sat in Wayne Pennsylvania for what we hoped to accomplish at AIU. Our meeting ended with a prayer as you left for Indianapolis Indiana. It was 2.00 am a few days later when I was woken up and told you had left us. My dear brother rest in peace and enjoy the presence of Jesus beause that is where we are all looking forward to being in fellowship with our saviour. Josphat Yego
Posted by Frallystone Omusula on April 16, 2014
Forever you will be remembered as a great scholar and a true gift to AIU. Your commitment to serving your maker will always be cherished in our hearts. To Mama Aiku and children, may the Lord's presence shine brightly as you serve Him. Rest in Peace dear brother.
Posted by Peter Okaalet on April 7, 2014
Blessed are those who die in the LORD, their good works follow them!"
Sister Ayiku: Please know that you and the children are in our prayers! May the LORD, God of mercy and all comfort, comfort you all - Daily! Peter Okaalet
Posted by Ed Fischer on April 5, 2014
Dear Brother Doug, I can hardly believe that I has just been 16 months since you left us so suddenly. We all miss you so much. Even though you are now with the angels singing in that Heavenly Choir, we miss your loving voice back here on earth. Since we must pick up the mantle that you threw to us as you passed into your eternal glory, we travel the journey comforted by your words, "If one wants to go fast, he must travel alone". Your Teddy Bear Brother misses your loving smile and gentle ways.   Love, Ed Fischer
Posted by Abiola Crown on April 4, 2014
daddy, I cannot believe that you have gone for so long as your memory is still fresh in my heart. Today as we remember your birthday, I pray that the Lord will be with your dear family.
Posted by Akwasi Addai-Diawuo on April 4, 2014
Douggie is forever missed indeed. We remember his love, gentle and warm demeanour. Praise The Lord!

Akwasi & Vicky
Posted by Ouattara Nambalapan Matth... on April 4, 2014
You are being missed. Your service to God and mankind will be always remembered! You are with the Lord surrounded with joyful celebrations!
Posted by Crispin Cole on April 28, 2013
Your message to us though, is that it’s not the quantity but the quality of our existence that matters.
I pray our God of comfort will console and heal all those who feel this pain; more so,
Pa and Mama Carew, Ayiku, Oluniyi, Rodney and Seneiya. Rola, Thelma, Bertha and Vicky.

To live in the hearts and minds of those we leave behind is not to die.

Goodbye my friend!
Posted by Crispin Cole on April 28, 2013
To me you were a special brother and friend. To others you were a mentor, teacher, counselor, roll-model, colleague and friend.
Very soon your office will be filled, we will all return to our businesses as usual. This is just how life is.
On the other hand your family will forever lose a special part of themselves.
Their tears will continue to run, their questions will remain unanswered.
Posted by Crispin Cole on April 28, 2013
Goodbye Dougie! I wish there was rhyme or reason to the time and manner of our entrance and exit of the stage of life.
The cruelty of death has yet again left a void of pain in our hearts. It was so unexpected.
You left us all with the impossible task of attempting to give meaning of this to your parents, wife, children and siblings.
Posted by Flo Kagwamba on April 4, 2013
Happy Birthday Dr. Carew! You are with our Lord now. I am sure there are celebrations in heaven. I remembered how you had a super Birthday last year! Dearly Missed!
Posted by Abiola Crown on April 4, 2013
dadddy, on this great occasion of your birthday you are greatly missed but im comforted by the life you lived. Blessed is the day you were born,great and impactful were the days you spent with us,and your memory is with us forever.sleep well dear daddy Carew. I wish we showered all this tributes at you when you were alive , may be you could have still remained with us. Sleep well dear dad
Posted by Ed Fischer on April 4, 2013
Worth of a Soul: God Gave His Only Son
...Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26
In the world's markets, something which has no value for a disinterested person may be considered of great value to another who desires it and purchases it. In this sense, we may learn how dear and precious we are to Christ by what He was willing to give for us!
Posted by Donald Smart on April 4, 2013
Today, the great man was born. He lived to serve God and mankind. Today, he is with our Father in Heaven and is served by angels. We really miss you. DONALD OLA SMART AND FAMILY
Posted by Peter Okaalet on April 4, 2013
"You'll be missed! You are being missed! You truly served your generation with utmost humilty, excellence and distinction! May God enable us to serve our generations with such excellence! Rest in peace, Dr. Douglas Carew! Because Jesus resurrected, you, too - and all the beloved in the Christ - will rise again! All glory to God!"
Posted by Edwina Williams (nee Tuck... on January 26, 2013
Although we miss Douglas so much on this side of heaven, we take assurance in knowing that he is with the Lord. He has lived a life worth emulating. He touched everyone he met, and was always ready to go, preach and teach the Gospel. Examine your relationship with the Lord; let Douglas’ home-going remind us that tomorrow is not a promise. Psalm 95:7-8. This family is in our prayers.
Posted by Carol Jean Woods on December 17, 2012
Scripture Union was such a blessing to me, not only to me personally but to our youth in the Bible school in Makump and the Maranatha Youth Center in Magburaka. Dr. Carew's efforts for Christ were not in vain. Only in eternity will the power of a surrendered life be revealed. I'm looking forward to sharing eternity with many Sierra Leoneons as a result of his life.
Posted by Paul Heidebrecht on December 11, 2012
Dear God and Heavenly Father, in our weakness, we bow before You,Reassured that our loved one is safe in Your loving arms and keeping;Draw us, each new day, to a better understanding of Your will and way.Open were his hands and heart to share God’s love and peace to allUnassuming, selfless and caring – a true example of servant leadership,Giving his utmost in his Christian devotion.
Posted by Adakouvi Grace Azoti on December 9, 2012
It was with great dismay that we heard this. Dr. Carew lived a life that counts for eternity. We remember him as a caring Daddy to all. I still cherish occasions where we benefited from the fellowship of your family. Mom Ayiku, Seneiya, and my brothers we pray that the Lord, who knows you, will speak words of peace to your heart. Our prayers are with you.
Posted by Gedraphe Lutta on December 8, 2012
A great inspiration you were to many.The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh.As your students we feel a gap that only God can fill.One day we will meet with you in heaven,and lo!The Lord Jesus Christ himself will be present.Carew's family be encouraged in the Lord,He is in a better place awaiting for the great reunion.
Posted by Patrick Byekwaso on December 4, 2012
"So we are always confident, even though we know that as long as we live in these bodies we are not at home with the Lord...Yes, we are fully confident, and we would rather be away from these earthly bodies, for then we will be at home with the Lord. So whether we are here in this body or away from this body, our goal is to please him." ( 2 Cor. 5:6-8) - In the Lord, death is a promotion
Posted by Ruth Opanda on December 3, 2012
RIP Dr. Carew. You served God's purpose in your generation. God must have said "Well done good and faithful servant, come in the place of my rest". Till we meet again at the feet of Jesus.
May your family find rest in the Lord all the days their lives.
Posted by Rebecca Inman on December 3, 2012
The short time that I knew Dr. Carew, it was abundantly evident that he was a man after God's own heart and deeply loved and respected by his friends and colleagues. May his family and AIU feel God's peace and comfort during these difficult days.
Posted by Edgar James & Caroline Mo... on December 2, 2012
"Where, O death, is your victory?
Where, O death, is your sting?" (1 Cor 15:55) Dr. Carew, you were many things to many people, but we all agree on these common denominators that, you were a personification of Humility, Integrity & Magnanimity (HIM) RIP
Posted by Foluke Ola on December 1, 2012
Yesterday was a hard day for me in Nigeria. I watched the time, read the program and prayed. I thank God for the privilege of knowing Dr. Carew, a true man of God. My prayers are for mama, the children, all of us, the extended family. May the Lord comfort us all. You will not be forgotten.
Posted by pauline njuguna on November 30, 2012
It one thing to call ourselves Christians…it’s another thing to live it…you exemplified true Christian living and Christian leadership. Soft spoken...but deep. A legend, example and an inspiration. My sincere condolences. May God comfort the family and AIU. Pauline Njuguna (AIU Finance Committee-AIU, 2012)
Posted by pauline njuguna on November 30, 2012
It one thing to call ourselves Christians…it’s another thing to live it…you exemplified true Christian living and Christian leadership. Soft spoken...but deep. A legend, example and an inspiration. My sincere condolences. May God comfort the family and AIU. Pauline Njuguna (Finance Committee-AIU, 2012)
Posted by Kamotho Waiganjo on November 30, 2012
douglas, my friend, colleague at NEGST, spiritual mentor, friend of kenya, true panafricanist. i recall many discussions we held on kenya, its hopes, its aspirations. i recall your uniquely deep and incisive insights on kenya's law and politics, more than an average local, your belief in africa's + destiny. brother you left your mark, but kenya and africa has lost one of its best sons.
Posted by Kerry Jividen on November 30, 2012
"I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow." Jer. 31:13 Love and prayers from your Rosslyn Academy family.
Posted by Abiola Crown on November 30, 2012
daddy, i came to terms with the reality of your departure today as your body was gently lowered into the grave but i was greatly comforted when i saw the peace around you even in death you looked calm and peaceful like a baby.Rest in perfect peace my dear daddy Carew. we truly love you but Jesus loves you more..
Posted by Victor Madziakapita on November 29, 2012
God knows better than we do what is good to us. However there are moments we fail to understand his perfect will for our lives. Dr Carew was indeed a friend and little did we know the Lord would be calling him when we had a meeting at his home recently. Aiko and the family we are with you in prayer and we believe we will meet Dr Carew in Heaven when our time comes.
Posted by Catherine Wachira on November 29, 2012
What can one say after the AEA meeting in Senegal! only Christ can tell.
To the Family: May Christ be your portion forever and ever. We may not understand it all but one day when we cross the other shore, we will love Christ more and more. RIP Dr. Carew God loved you most.
Posted by Frallystone Omusula on November 29, 2012
Daktari, you will truly be missed by many of us who passed through your hands while in NEGST now Africa International University. How to read a book by Mortimer J. Adler and Introduction to Biblical Interpretation by Klein, Blomberg and Hubbard will remain to be a lasting memory for me as they will always remind me of you. It was great working and serving with you. R.I.P Daktari.
Posted by Mweemba Mwaanga on November 29, 2012
From the family at TCCA: Our deepest sympathies to the Carew and AIU families. May the Lord grant you comfort and peace at this time of need!
Posted by Frallystone Omusula on November 29, 2012
You were a brave warrior, you fought the good fight and we can say confidently that you have won the race. It was great working and serving with you when I was the student representative. The news about your journey back to our maker was shocking and unbelievable to many of us, it was like a big joke. We will always love you Doc.
Posted by Fowell Thomas on November 29, 2012
Mrs Aycu Carew and children,
We continue to pray for you and give thanks to God for the wonderful life of Douglas. We all expected him to serve for many more years, but God knows best.
Keep anchoring on the victory of Jesus over death.
God makes your lives still a blessing to others.
Rev. Canon Emerson Thomas
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