Missing In Action in Laos, December 30, 1969. Accounted for on February 14, 2014. Returned to Tacoma, WA on May 1, 2014.
  • Born on April 26, 1945 in Tacoma, Washington, United States.

Thank you for visiting and sharing your memories.  Doug is missed dearly by his family and friends, but his legacy lives on in those privileged to have known and loved him. 

"There is sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love." ~ Washington Irving


Doug's Final Journey Home

Thank you everyone for sharing Doug's Final Journey Home with us.  The outpouring of love and support from each of you was more than we ever could have imagined!  On May 1st Doug was escorted home by his nephew Lt. Colonel Bryan T. Scott, USMC (Ret.), his cousin Sally Savard, Captain Jason Christie, USAF and Daniel VanOrden, Air Force Funeral Director.  As he arrived at the gate, the Water Cannon Salute paying tribute to his final flight by the City of the Port of SEA TAC Fire Department was incredible and set the stage for each salutation along the way..

The Honor Guard carried him gently, with respect to the hearse after which the Patriot Guard, in a Missing Man Formation escorted him to Tacoma's Mt. View Memorial Park and Funeral Home.  As the procession neared the end of the journey on I-5, Doug was honored by the Fire Departments from JBLM and Pierce County with their large ladders crossed and a huge American Flag hanging from them.  In front of the fire trucks, standing along the railing of the overpass saluting were the men and women from the two departments.  It took our breath away!  Once we were at Mt. view we were each able to spend our own time with Doug and one another as we watched the Celebration of his Life video (created by Melanie Scott and son Ryan, Doug's niece and great nephew)- - - - - sweet memories for some and new facets of Doug and who he was for others.

May 2nd dawned slightly less sunny, but lovely and warm.  Again the Patriot Guard honored and protected Doug as he was moved to the McChord Theatre at Joint Base Lewis McChord for his Celebration of Life Service.  Along the way soldiers and airmen watched over those who had come to remember, honor and celebrate Doug and his sacrifice for our freedom.  As with things that are left in God's hands, the Service was just right:  Doug's great-nephew Ben opened the service with "On Eagles Wings", Chaplain Shipman's words were comforting and uplifting!  Colonel Anthony Davit, 627th Air Base Group Commander,  inspired us with his commitment to Doug, all POW/MIAs as well as those currently serving!  Dennis Hill, Wilson High School Class of 1963 and USAFA classmate, read High Flight which always reminds me of what it must be like to soar in the heavens and touch the Face of God!  When we are being the best of who we are - - - - isn't that exactly what we are doing!  Doug always challenged himself to soar like the Eagle he was!  The service concluded with "God Bless America" as sung by the Vietnam POWs as they became airborne on their journey home.

Following the service Doug was on his way to his Final Resting Place at Mt. View Memorial Park.  Led again by the Patirot Guard the procession passed by the airmen/soldiers stationed every block along the route on JBLM-McChord Field.  As the hearse entered the cemetery, the Lakewood Fire Department saluted Doug with the crossed laders and the huge American Flag - - -  a tribute fitting the hero he was.  His final journey home was simple, solemn and complete with Military Honors, prayers, the 21-gun Salute and Taps.  Following the folding of the flag his beautiful casket, his "Carriage of Love" was revealed.  It was designed and built by Tami Michaels and her team of Veterans who continue their service by ensuring Fallen Warriors receive the respect for their sacrifices that they themselves were denied. It was magnificent! Isn't that being the Best of Who we are as Americans?

The final tribute, the flyover by the Black Jack Squadron, led by Tom Roberts.....complete with a Missing Man Salute, was a perfect culmination of two days of tributes, the celebration of a short life well lived, sweet sorrow and an outpouring of love!  God Bless You All!  DOUG IS HOME!

What we once enjoyed, deeply loved, we can never lose,
For all that we love deeply becomes part of us.
                            .......Helen Keller

Memorial Donations

Those planning an expression of sympathy are asked to consider donating to the National League of POW/MIA Families in Doug’s name to help ensure the accounting for the remaining 1,642 personnel listed by the Department of Defense as missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.

Donate online through PayPal or by check to: 

National League of POW/MIA Families
5673 Columbia Pike, Suite 100
Falls Church, VA  22041  

For more information, please visit www.pow-miafamilies.org


Posted by Sally Savard on 3rd December 2018
My Dear Cousin Doug~ I just read these incredible story's! You are so very loved & missed beyond words~ I truly believe you are with ALL OUR Family in Heaven and You All are Always watching over ME~ Thank you! Sally
Posted by Lisa Codner-O'Flaherty on 10th September 2018
Hi Sue My name is Lisa Codner O'Flaherty. My husband, Danny O'Flaherty, is a professional musician and singer/songwriter from Ireland. He came to America in 1970. When he was in Chicago he was playing with a group called The Irish Minstrels. He just told me a story I want to share with you about your brother, Lt. Douglas Ferguson. At some point just after he arrived in America, he met a group of veterans returning from Vietnam. They were often in his audience. They told him they were doing a project to help remember those MIAs. They were giving out silver bracelets with the name of the soldiers who were left behind. Danny selected Lt. Douglas Ferguson's name. Danny knew the name was Scottish, and felt a kinship with him. He wore the bracelet on stage for 10 years. He never knew what happened to him, but thought about him many, many times. The bracelet has been sitting on our desk for all these years. I'd seen it many, many times, but we never spoke of it....until today. Danny is doing an album about Hero's from the war. We were working on it today, and Danny took out the bracelet and told me the story. It was just a few days ago I looked at a picture of him from 50 years ago and saw the bracelet on his wrist. So today, after he told me the story, we googled your brother's name. Needless to say, we've shed a few tears. Your brother looks so much like my son!! I had cold shivers from head to toe. We are so sorry for your loss all those years ago, but I'm sure it feels like yesterday to you. We just wanted you to know that your brother will always be remembered by us. Much respect Lisa and Danny O'Flaherty
Posted by Towana Ernst on 29th July 2018
In 1971-72 I was a senior in high school in Durand, Michigan. My friend and I requested POW/MiA bracelets to wear. Mine bore the name of Douglas Ferguson. I wore it and prayed for him daily. My brother and cousin also served in Vietnam. Time went on and as he crossed my mind I would pray for him, his safe return home. Several years ago my husband and i visited the Vietnam Wall in DC and I found his name in the ledger and that he was still, at that time, identified as a POW/MIA. This morning on our way to church my husband bought us Diet Coke's and on the label mine said, "Douglas" - I mentioned it automatically made me think of Douglas Ferguson and I said a prayer again. My husband has heard the story of the bracelet many times! This morning, though, I ventured out on the internet and put "Douglas Ferguson, Vietnam, POW/MIA" I knew nothing of him other than his name on the bracelet. Imagine the tears that welled in my eyes as I read about his event, the parachutes, and the undying love of his sister to continue to pursue him and bring him home. To read about him in this tribute, on the obituary site, and the incredible full military funeral has brought me closure, and I know this must seem minuscule, but I feel such a sense of relief at this time. I posted this on FB and one person who also wore a bracelet is now going to try and search for her "name" - Thank you, Douglas Ferguson, for your service, and ultimate sacrifice, for my freedom and my country. Rest in Peace Capt. Ferguson.
Posted by Ann Zidek on 27th April 2018
Remembering you on your 73rd Bday. It is heartwarming to see all those who still make you a part of their lives.
Posted by Sally Savard on 26th April 2018
Happy Birthday Doug~ You are in my heart & soul so I DO celebrate "your day"! I miss you deeply my Cuzz~ Luv you always! Sally
Posted by Sally Savard on 27th February 2018
Hi my Cuzz~ You have been so heavy on my mind & heart! I miss you! I hope you hear me chatting with you & asking for your guidance~ I truly believe you do so that's all I need~ You are in my heart & soul~ Love you! Sally
Posted by Sally Savard on 29th May 2017
Hi Cuzz~ I miss you and thank you so much for your sacrifice for my Freedom! You are always in my heart~ You are my Hero! God Bless You! Sally
Posted by Sue Scott on 27th April 2017
Dear Brother! What joy you have been in my life! Your hilarious laughter, your twinkling brown eyes always reflected something mischievous and your kindness and caring always brought happiness to all you met. Your strength commitment and courage inspired others to follow because you did it quietly and humbly. You never needed nor wanted accolades. Even today you continue to light the way! Happy Bithday!
Posted by Deborah Chappa on 27th April 2017
Sue shares a beautiful example of knowing Doug's body was only a vessel. His spirit is eternal and always with us. Birthday joy!
Posted by Sally Savard on 26th April 2017
Happy Birthday to you my Cousin Doug~ You are forever in my heart! I miss you so very much~ Please know you are soo missed as well as loved deeply~ God Bless You! As always, Sally
Posted by Terry Sevin on 26th April 2017
Thought about Douglas off & on through last night. Did not know why he had come to mind. Now I know! Had worn his bracelet for 22 years. One of the hardest things I had to do was remove it and place in the box @ the service. I had used his bracelet to open conversations with the next generation who, through school, had not been very well informed of our brave men and women's sacrifice. I learned of Douglas' final arrangements through one of those young people that had heard me speak of him. Had Rebecca not have told me,I would have missed his service. Greatly Missed
Posted by Rick Froman on 26th April 2017
Never forgotten. Happy Birthday, brother. Rick
Posted by Rick Froman on 14th April 2017
I sat in the theatre and stared at Doug's coffin, I remembered him from high school days at Wilson. I graduated there in 1963. Doug always had a smile on his face. He was a special young man. I served in Vietnam in 66-67 with the 1st Marine Division and I lost a number of friends and brothers in that part of the world. I am so proud of you, Doug. You will live for many years in the hearts and minds of those whose lives you touched. Welcome home brother. God bless you and the family and friends you left behind.
Posted by Elaine Kovac on 30th March 2017
I purchased a POW bracelet in 1971 at the age of 8 from Sears store. I wore it for years and sent a letter to his wife. I always wondered what he was like and looked like and the why, the how. I still remember his name until this day all these years later. So nice to see he was honored and returned home.
Posted by Sally Savard on 24th February 2017
Hi my Cuzz! I miss you deeply~ You are always in my heart~ I feel your presence always, as well, when I am flying, when I have a chatt with our Brave Men and Women serving our Country, etc.~ Keep guiding me thru my journey! Luv ya, Sally
Posted by Sally Savard on 3rd June 2016
My goodness Doug, it has been two years since You came home~ We are all so blessed that you are back~ I miss you deeply but find strength in the great memories of you & Sue spending summer-time here on Lake Havasu! You are always with me and truly in my heart~ I will Never Forget~ God Bless you My Cousin!
Posted by Deborah Chappa on 2nd May 2016
Courage and hope: Doug and his family remind me to never give up.
Posted by Victoria Shilley on 28th October 2015
I finally have a starting point to begin my healing. I have created a team @ the USONW's Shali Center @ JBLM. We are the 17th & 22nd Special Tactics Squads Support Team (USAF). The work I do to serve these incredibly brave men and women is in Doug's memory. I am so very thankful for the chance to support these Units. It will be a long journey, but I think I have found my starting point...finally. I miss you so very much Doug.
Posted by Ann Zidek on 25th May 2015
When I was in high school I wore the POW bracelet of Doug ( still have it). Think of him especially on Memorial Day...no way to thank or repay him for his sacrifice to our country and it's citizens. This site makes me feel as if I knew him. I'm so glad he is home in America now. Blessings for him and his family.
Posted by Kathy Schuck on 23rd May 2015
On this Memorial Day weekend, thinking of Doug and his sacrifice with much gratitude and his family with peace...Kathy Schuck
Posted by Andrew Oczkewicz on 17th May 2015
As my son prepares to enter the AF Academy he knows about Capt. Ferguson's sacrifice- and he will be proud to have been a little piece in getting him to his resting place
Posted by Sue Scott on 1st May 2015
One year ago this day Doug returned home after more than 44 years. It wasn't the way we had hoped he would return, but we were still more than grateful that we finally knew his fate and his remains now rest near our Mother and Father. Thank each one of you who joined us to Celebrate Doug's life and to honor his service and ultimate sacrifice. God Bless You Doug! And Peace be with Each of You! You are the very Best of who we are as Americans! Love to All! Sue
Posted by Sally Savard on 1st May 2015
I just can not believe it has been "one year" since I was soo Honored to be a part in bringing you home,Doug~ I am forever grateful that both You and Sue had so much Love and Trust in me to accomplish this task~ I thank you from my heart~God Bless you My Dear Cousin!
Posted by Sally Savard on 26th April 2015
"Happy Birthday Doug" I know you are celebrating with my mom and dad~ Aunt Jeannie is making her fabulous Carrot Cake with the Cream Cheese Frosting, and Uncle George is sitting with you, talking, talking, talking.....! You are deeply missed~ Luv ya, Sally
Posted by Deborah Chappa on 26th April 2015
I loved being invited to your 70th birthday remembrance, Doug. This day is--and always will be special. Namaste!
Posted by Victoria Shilley on 11th November 2014
Happy Veteran's Day Doug, It was a beautiful day for flying today, wasn't it? I enjoyed our visit today. And thank you for watching so closely over me. I can't begin to tell you just how glad I am that you are home. Love, Vickie
Posted by Kathy Schuck on 19th September 2014
Sue, Just to let you know that I'm thinking of you and Doug and all of your loved ones on this POW/MIA day...forever grateful for his sacrifice.
Posted by Deborah Chappa on 15th August 2014
Sue, I would love to see a childhood photo of Doug...or the both of you. Bet you have a favorite. Warmly, Deborah
Posted by Sue Scott on 6th June 2014
“Throw a nickel on the grass…” Within the US Air Force fighter pilot community, this term embodies an expression of mutual respect and good luck from one warrior to another. It stems from the refrain of an old Korean War barroom ballad…”Throw a nickel on the grass, save a fighter pilot’s ass” and was later immortalized by an unknown author’s closing words in his Tribute to the Fighter Pilot… Art "Taco" Tait, 16th Squadron, USAFA Fighter Pilot tribute
Posted by Kathy Schuck on 24th May 2014
On this Memorial Day weekend and always, thank you for your service and sacrifice...there are not adequate words to express my thanks and the thanks of our country.
Posted by Deborah Chappa on 24th May 2014
Thank you, Doug and Sue, for awakening me to the real meaning of this federal holiday. Fly high, forever, Captain.
Posted by Tim Poole on 4th May 2014
Sue, we know how you have worked so hard to make this happen, and to all those who helped you, thank you! I guess I knew Doug for most of his life, and was at Sea when he went down, not learning of it for some time. Over the last 44 years I have thought of him many times and wondered, why Doug? When we graduated from Wilson HS I knew he was destined to do great things, and fully expected him to discover something, or a cure. The World lost a great person on that day 44 years ago. As you say it is a bittersweet moment and my feelings are minor compared to yours and the members of the Family. He is at home now and will always be remembered here as a terrific guy, and one who honored his Country.
Posted by Bill Fortier on 3rd May 2014
Sue & Family; my heart is filled with mixed feelings for the family and the country. A warrior is home and some closure is being felt and yet,as of 5/2/14, there are still 83,283 MIA's unaccounted for since WW II. So all who read this, please consider: A new film, "A Solemn Promise, America's Missing in Action" is being made & will tell stories like Doug’s & about families still waiting. Producer, Richard Jellerson, (2 time VN chopper pilot) wants stories of families of still missing MIAs or any info about still missing MIAs. Please contact Richard Jellerson of Story Teller Original Films...see website which has a 10 min trailer of the film at storytellerfilms.tv - Tel: (626) 355-0260 - Email: richard@storytellerfilms.tv Welcome Home Brother! And Sue, thank you for your decades of hard work in helping thousands of other MIA family members...I know Doug is proud of what you have done in his name. COL Bill Fortier, Ret, USA; Auburn, CA; 2 tours in VN/33 yrs in uniform
Posted by Deborah Chappa on 3rd May 2014
Dear Sue, Thank you for posting some photos of the Honors and Committal Services. I added some sacred tears to the pool of love for your brother.
Posted by Victoria Shilley on 3rd May 2014
Dear Doug, I was nervous, until I saw you leave the plane. Then I knew you were home. You were finally home. I knew where you were. "My Doug" was safe and home at last. We had a beautiful sunset here last night - right over the airport. As the sun began to set, I went next door to you're back yard. I went to the spot where you often stood as you flew you're planes. I sat right there to watch the sun set. I closed my eyes for a moment and I could almost hear the engines buzzing.......... I can't wait to see you again one day. Love, Vickie
Posted by Kathy Schuck on 27th April 2014
I met Sue via telephone yesterday as I tried to reach her to let her know I had a bracelet that I wore for Doug. She directed me to this site, which has let me know what a wonderful, good, honorable young man he was. I pray for peace for his family in knowing his remains are now in our country and that they can live with the hope of seeing him again and never having to say goodbye again. Welcome home, Doug. Thank you for your service and sacrifice...see you in heaven!
Posted by Megan Long on 26th April 2014
Beauty is found in the hearts of those who love and those who are loved. It warms my heart to see the lives of others cherished forever. I have had the pleasure of meeting his cousin Sally and learned of this site . Thank you Sally ~ Blessed be <3
Posted by Jim Lassoie on 25th April 2014
And another page turns for those left behind. May you stay forever young.
Posted by Terry Sevin on 22nd April 2014
Like many others, I have had the honor of wearing Doug's bracelet for 27 years. It has been the topic of many conversations and has allowed me to spread the history of Vietnam and the brave men of my era that served to keep us all safe. I suppose many thanks go to Doug for his service and as an instrument to teach the young. I feel him with me each and every day. He will be missed.
Posted by Victoria Shilley on 6th April 2014
I grew up in the house next door to Doug. Seven years younger, the most pivotal moment in my life is the moment that I learned that Doug was MIA. I am on my third bracelet with Doug's name on it. I will wear it forever.
Posted by Sue Scott on 5th April 2014
Show me the path to comfort, the way to acceptance, loss has visited my life, and I have been devastated, my hopes and beliefs have been challenged sadness waits for me at every turn. May I see beyond the pain, beyond loss, moving beyond the sadness that now engulfs me, I am beginning to heal and accept that the loss is real. Bless my spirit with hope and understanding, help me to know that all lives contain sorrow, accepting that my life is blessed, even in loss. Comfort comes to me now, as I begin to accept, time is beginning to heal me, slowly and gently, a soft smile is preparing to cross my lips. Bless me now, as I accept, grieve, and heal. Best Wishes and Blessings for You and Your Family Ted -- Closure with Pride, Dignity, & Compassion. Ted Aub Connecticut State Coordinator National League of POW/MIA Families
Posted by Sally Savard on 2nd April 2014
My dear cousin Doug! I have Never forgotten you! I always looked for you on my airplane for the past 37 years~(Your bracelet has been all over the world with me!) I just knew you were gonna be sitting in one of the seats! I miss you~ You are the Angel on my shoulder forever~God Bless you! Luv, Sally
Posted by Steve Henshaw on 2nd April 2014
Welcome Home Doug Steve Henshaw C co, 228th Avn Btn, 1st Air Cav Div Viet Nam 1967-68
Posted by Buck Wolfe on 1st April 2014
I "flew "with Doug in 1958 and '59. But it wasn't in jets....u-control model planes in his back yard were our bag. My cousin, Vicky Geehan, lived next door to the Ferguson's so anytime I came over I made a bee line next door to fly with him. Welcome home Doug! Buck Wolfe US Army 1964-1967
Posted by Don Dignan on 31st March 2014
Welcome Home, Doug, Don Dignan D/2/16, 1st Inf Div 1967-68
Posted by Shannon Adams on 31st March 2014
Welcome Home Capt. Ferguson Shannon L. Adams, MSgt, USAF (RET) Munitions Systems (ammo)
Posted by Pat Daniels on 31st March 2014
i have worn his Pow-Mia bracelet for 44 years and have waited for the day i could give the bracelet to Sue . We have often over the years talked about that day . I am so glad that we finally have answers and look forward to this years ceremonies at Novi . Rest easy Doug and know that we never lost faith. You have been a part of me all these years and i will never forget
Posted by Richard Chatman on 31st March 2014
Rest in peace Airman, God bless your family. Richard I. Chatman USAF 1968 - 1972
Posted by Alan Opra on 31st March 2014
You are finally home where you belong may you rest in peace and Welcome Home Captain Ferguson! I pray that your family my find some peace now that you]re home as well. Alan D. Opra USMC Beirut 1983
Posted by Mike Deane on 30th March 2014
welcome home brother we will never forget... VNVLV-MC

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