Posted by Leah Tramble on July 17, 2021
I just want to say rest in peace I can't bring myself to come to the service however everybody mourn different and everybody pays their respect different and you'll definitely be missed and the last time that I seen you you was like hey we were out and you were like remember me and of course I did remember you you remember me I'm Maya brother, and Maya is my friend and you were my friend too and may your soul rest in peace and I know your kids and your family will miss you dearly.
Posted by Yana Jones on July 16, 2021
I'm so lost for words and heart broken so much love and prayers for my other family i love y'all and May Doug rest in peace.
Posted by Jacob Talbott on July 11, 2021
Me and Doug met through work some years back. I’ll never forget how nice of a person Doug was, to everyone that was in the room. I seriously cherished him just being a round.

Rip to a real one. You’ll always have a place in my heart my friend.
Posted by Angela Richardson on July 8, 2021
I'm so sorry to hear about little cuz Doug Graves. This was too sudden for a wonderful young man to be gone so soon. I am praying for my family, his parents, all of his siblings and his wife and children that loved him. I will be praying for healing for our family. Love all of you ❤️
Posted by Dropa Ace on July 8, 2021
Douglas Graves (aka blackmags) and my self (aka DropaAce) are brothers from another mother as you would say...but he and I never saw it that way. WE ARE BROTHERS but deeper den blood ties. And you will forever be missed. Love you brother.
Posted by Derrick Graves on July 8, 2021
My lil cousin Doug or as I will always remember him as... lil DD. When he was much younger prior to relocating to Cincinnati that's what we called him out East End Lexington. So I'll always hold on to have the current memories but also the memories of Doug from decades ago when the family called em DD. He grew up to become a intelligent, family oriented, hard working, honest husband father black man. And he will be remembered as such. Rest In Peace Doug

We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

2 Corinthians 5:8 KJV
Posted by Latrina Richardson on July 8, 2021
I am praying for the whole entire family I am so lost of words. I am thankful to have Doug in my life but God needed him more. Please lord give the strength for Mrs.Clinta and Mayia and Lamika and his children to get threw this please touch there hearts. I Love each and every one of you and im praying for healing for this family. Doug you will be forever missed you was a blessing to this family.
Posted by Mitchella Heath on July 8, 2021
Prayers sent to the family I love y’all and may god bless!! The 13 years of knowing Doug and becoming his friend has been an grateful experience ❤️ Time was definitely not on our side. Love you Doug Rest In Paradise
Posted by Gina Granville on July 8, 2021
Giving a heart-felt prayer for lil Doug's momma clinta and his dad big Doug and his siblings. I've known lil Doug for.a minute when he lived with my mom at her house he was like a little brother to me as well im going to miss u bro like the gospel song says I hope the angels no what they have I hope u singing in the angels choir.
Posted by Chrystal Stoudemire on July 7, 2021
Prayers & Strength to my family. Mayia & Mika keep Auntie Clinta strong while Prayers keep you strong. Lil Doug is in the best of hands. I love yall. F.O.E
Posted by Kiyonte' Graves on July 7, 2021
I’m mis Lil Doug like crazy. He was an excellent father, brother, son, and cousin.
My heart and prayers goes out to his wonderful mother Aunt Clinta, sisters LaMayia and LaMika.
He’s going to be Forever Missed!! Love you always Lil Doug. ❤️
Posted by Dorothea Etchins on July 7, 2021
Sorry for my family. I really loved Douglas Graves he was such a wonderful son and nephew. Keeping my family in my prayers.

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