Let the memory of Doval be with us forever
  • 58 years old
  • Born on March 14, 1955 in Mansion, Saint Kitts and Nevis.
  • Passed away on April 5, 2013 in Capron, Virginia, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Doval Emmanuel Watson, I, 58, born on March 14, 1955 and passed away on April 5, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Doval Emmanuel Watson was born to Otis Alfonso "Maclean" Huggins and Isa Elizabeth Emmanuel on March 14, 1955 in Mansion, St. Kitts, West Indies. He moved to St. Thomas, USVI at an early age.  Baptized as a youth, he grew up in the Moravian Church in St. Thomas where he received and accepted God as his Lord and Savior.

"D" or "DWat" as he was affectionately known graduated from Charlotte Amalie High School in St. Thomas. His love of music led him to Hampton Institute in Hampton, VA where he was recruited to the drum section of the Marching Pirates. As part of a dual-degree program, Doval earned a Bachelor of Science from Hampton Institute in Mathematics and Applied Science as well as a Bachelor of Science in Computer & Electrical Engineering at The George Washington University (GW) in Washington, DC.

It was in the computer lab of GW that Doval met the love of his life, Theresa Watson, and they would eventually move to Alexandria, VA and begin their lives together. Doval’s education provided him with the foundation to pursue his passion and work as a Network Engineer for over 30 years.

Doval and his family spent over two decades in Alexandria, VA before relocating to Chapel Hill, NC where his commitment to the Lord, dedication to his family, and involvement in the community continued. In Chapel Hill, Doval was involved in many community organizations; he was a member of the F.R.E.E Charter School Board, Habitat for Humanity and the President of the Durham-Chapel Hill Hampton Alumni Association. As a faithful member and Trustee of St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church in Chapel Hill, Doval played the drums for two choirs, served as the softball coach and president of the bowling league.

Doval also had a great appreciation for his family. From taking many family vacations to playing card games or teaching his children to play the piano, Doval truly enjoyed spending time with his wife and children. Doval is survived by his wife, Theresa, his six children, Larry, Raquel, Isa, Doval II, Jessica, and Daniel, eight brothers, Leslie, Percil, Huggestay, Noris, Elmond, Charles, Alexis, and Lenworth, seven sisters, Olivia, Amber, Jacquelyn, Justina, Linda, Odessa and Shirlene, Mother In-Law, Mary Pearl Cole, and many nieces and nephews.


Posted by Joycelyn George-Jackson on 14th March 2019
Happy Heavenly birthday R.I.E.P
Posted by Theresa Watson on 12th April 2017
Hi Dee, I waited a few days to write you. I went off and rested in the hotel just me and you. I was in so much pain. I don't really believe people understand the hurt of my heart. I miss you so much. I know that you would be ready to help me in the garden. Sitting on the deck enjoying the motion of the trees. I really miss your kind voice and the touch of your hands. You are a jewel. I know that we all have a task to do here on earth but I don't know why yours was over so quickly. My love and memories of you and us together will be in my heart forever. When I see you in heaven I hope the kiss can be as passionate as it was on April 5, 2013. An amazing day.
Posted by Theresa Watson on 5th April 2016
To my lovely husband, I miss you so much. My heart is in so much pain. It took me all day to write you because there is so much to tell you about what is going on but of course you are only here in my heart. So giving you flowers and reflecting on the good times we had was very refreshing today. I see your smile every day. Your smile bring happiness to my spirit. You would be so happy with your children. They all are moving in the direction you had hoped for. You have left me with six great children. I just want to thank you for the time, patience and energy you put into our family. I too thank you for sharing your life with me.
Posted by Joycelyn George-Jackson on 16th March 2015
Happy belated birthday R.I.P Gone but will never be forgotten.
Posted by Theresa Watson on 14th March 2015
Happy Birthday Dee, the time is passing but I miss every day as if it is the first day since you left me. I try strong, focus and think about our many fun times to fill the emptiness in my heart to help me move through the day. I had great fun with you. I have not played spoons, checker, triominioes, or gin since you yet me. Thank you for your love. Thank you for having wonderful children. They are wonderful because of what you instilled in them. They are still growing and maturing, but they will be just fine because they take so much from you. We still don't have any married children or grandchildren. Hopefully one day you will be looking down and overseeing that part of the children life. As you have shared that with me - there is no question of how much I love you, and I still love you Dee.
Posted by Joycelyn George-Jackson on 18th May 2014
My deepest condolences to my dear friend Doval Watson family.... We attend CAHS together and his mom and mines were very close friends. His brother Leslie also are friends of mines from way back in school. may he R.I.P
Posted by Joycelyn George-Jackson on 18th May 2014
R.I.P my family will always remember you.
Posted by Theresa Watson on 6th April 2014
I couldn't write you yesterday, the emotional pain was so great. I miss you with all of my heart and soul. I love you Dee and words can not express how much I miss you. I think of you every day. Your passing left a void in my life. I feel empty on many days. I looked for us planning our week together and just talking about the kids and our future. I often think about your desire to travel and being with the grandchildren (when we get them). I miss your touch, voice, smile and patience. Every thing I do has a part of you in it and I appreciate those memories. I love you Dee and I cry daily because my heart aches for you.
Posted by Theresa Watson on 14th March 2014
I am sitting here thinking of how I would be preparing to surprise with something special for your birthday. This is the first year in 35 year that I don't know what I am going to do for your special day. I miss you every day. It is hard to be without you. Your gentle touch is something I feel every day. It bring me much warmth and is one of elements that helps get me through the day. You have taught me so much. I must tell you that I see you every day in all of your children. I thank you for giving me and the children such great memories. The games, vacations, and how you spent time helping with homework and showing the boys how to install, and repair things around the house. The boys are such gentlemen and I thank you for that. The children are on track and non have strayed too far off track. I do wish they would develop a closer relationship with God. I believe that day will come. I know that you were concerned about a couple of items and I would love to tell you that they are working out just fine. I have kept my finger on the issues in a gentle way and you would be proud to know I have not let go yet. You teaching has gone so far. I just want to say Happy Birthday, and I love you so much. My heart aches every day for you.
Posted by Raquel Watson on 14th March 2014
Today would have been your birthday. It never crossed my mind that we would lose you so soon. I miss your eyes, your voice, your fatherly advice (and there was certainly a lot!) :-) , above all, I miss the sound of your laughter and your amazing spirit. Happy Birthday, Daddy. You are gone, but certainly not forgotten. Not Enough Time The time we had, Dad, Wasn't nearly enough To pack in an entire Lifetime of love. There are so many questions That I need answers to, But now that you're gone There's no way to ask you. But there are still photos To remember you by, Each time I look at them, I still want to cry. They say grief is easier to bear as time goes by, But the doesn't stop me from wondering why? Why my dear, sweet dad Was taken so soon, When he was my guiding star, My sun and my moon. There are no answers To a question like this, So I'll cherish your memory, And mourn the years we'll miss. Anonymous

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