Dr. Bertram Igbogbahaka
  • 78 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 22, 1933
  • Date of passing: Jan 24, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Aba, Abia State, Nigeria
Daddy, your loving memory lives with us forever. Rest in perfect peace!

This memorial website was created in the memory of our dearly beloved one, Dr. Bertram Igbogbahaka who passed away on January 24, 2012.
We will love and remember him forever.


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Chinyere Emma-Adamah on 24th January 2016

"Four years have come and gone so quickly. The memory of how you stood and confessed Jesus as your Lord and Saviour in your sitting room has continued to give me joy. I have the assurance that you are resting in peace. Intelligence, greatness, courage, wisdom, neatness, hardwork and discipline are all the legacies you left behind. Daddy, your light shines on even after you are gone.
Much love, 'Chi girl' on behalf of all the Emma-Adamahs."

This tribute was added by Isidore ifeanyi on 8th December 2015

"Dear Ndidi,  sorry for your loss.  It's been a few years since we have talked but you are still in my thoughts. Hope you are well brother

This tribute was added by Uche Nnamdi on 19th October 2015

"Dear Sister Ogadinma
The last time I saw you was at Uche Iwuchukwu's wedding in 2004. 11 YEARS LATER , I was browsing the internet and I stumbled on your dad's memorial website. I am deeply sorry. I remember how you lovingly talked about him and were very proud of him . You had always believed in him and I'm sure he knows you made him proud. My thoughts remain with you and your family and may God bless you all IJN"

This tribute was added by RACHEL IROKU on 22nd February 2015

"Humphrey has joined you. Your two Spirits should rest in peace!!

From Rachel Onyebeke Iroku and family"

This tribute was added by Charles Okorie on 26th January 2015

That's your name to all of us. I just miss you in the flesh. Thank you for everything you did for humanity. You will be forever missed.

This tribute was added by Ijeoma Okorie on 24th January 2015

"Beloved Dad, God saw you getting tired so He put His arms around you and whispered, "Come to me." Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands went to rest. And so God proved to us, He only takes the best.

We will always have loving memories of you, Dearest Dad. The battle is fought, the victory won. Servant of God, well done and Rest In Perfect Peace!!! ---  Your loving "Ije Girl" for the Okorie Family."

This tribute was added by Ndidi Igbogbahaka on 24th January 2015

"A beautiful garden now stands alone,
Missing the one who nurtured it
But now he is gone,
His flowers still bloom, and the sun still shines,
But the rain is like tear drops, for the ones left behind,
The weeds lay waiting to take the gardens beauty away,
But the beautiful memories of its keeper are in our hearts today,
He loved every flower even some that were weeds,
So much love he would plant with each little seed,
But just like his flowers he was part of Gods plan,
So when it was Dad's time God reached down his hand,
He looked through the Garden searching for the best,
That's when he found Dad, it was his time to rest,
It was hard for those who loved him, to just let him go,
But God had a spot in his garden, that needed a gentle soul,
So when you start missing Dad, remember if you just wait,
When God has a spot in his garden, he'll meet you at the gate...."

This tribute was added by Balakrishna Naik on 19th June 2014

"This is DR B.C Naik &(Mrs)DR.Asha Naik from Bangalore India.
We were expatriate doctors working for Dr.Igbogbahaka at Ucheoma Hospital. I was particularly involved with Dr.Igbogbahaka as i was a Gynaecologist myself, we worked for four years together with such cohesiveness, understanding and mutual respect, i can never forget my stay in Nigeria even though it is more than twenty five years since i left  Ucheoma Hospital.
This gentleman of a doctor was so dedicated to his profession he would work for 16 to 18 hrs a day tirelessly he would lead from the front and was an inspiration and example  for fellow colleagues.. Patients thronged around him from morning till late in the evening along with this he would have time to perform  operative work, attend emergencies all this he did with empathy and concern for the patients.Many a times he would wave off the bill for a deserving less fortunate patient.
I had the good fortune of working with him and for him,he made me feel so comfortable and probably got the best out of me about which i came to know through his letters, how much he wanted me back.
My late response is indeed due to lack of communication but not due lack of appreciation, i loved and respected every person in the family Mrs Grace Igbogbahaka, Chukwuma, the other children  who were still small..Mr Okoye (DEMAGWAGWU) was like my care taker, Sister Obi, Richard the records section man, Rufus Abango the mail runner, Mrs Ezenwa the O.T sister only to name a few.
Better late than never Hats Off to this great man whom we will all miss but cherish his good deeds  to the ailing and needy humanity.
Dr.Naik Balakrishna
Senior Consultant ,H.O.D
Dept of Ob&Gyn, Multi  Speciality Hospital
Nararyana Health City
Bangalore 560099

This tribute was added by Dr/Mrs RACHEL ONYEBEKE IROKU on 26th January 2014

"in remembrance of the giant who passed on. Rest in perfect peace!

Dr/Mrs Rachel Onyebeke Iroku"

This tribute was added by Dr/Mrs RACHEL ONYEBEKE IROKU on 22nd February 2013

"We remember you on this your birthday. Rest in perfect peace...Amen!

Rachel Iroku"

This tribute was added by IHUOMA UGURU [nee Okereke] on 19th October 2012

"Dear Chinyere,

Just learnt of your Dad's passing. May the Lord comfort you and the family. Be happy that he had a personal relationship with Christ."

This tribute was added by Ndidi & Shawana Igbogbahaka on 17th June 2012

"Happy Father's Day!
We all love and miss you so much, sleep in perfect peace.
-Ndidi, Shawana, Chinyere & Ifeoma"

This tribute was added by Nazar Amso on 24th March 2012

"It is with great sadness that we received the news of the passing away of Dr. Bertram Igbogbahaka. On behalf of his many friends in Cardiff and South Wales I send our condolences to his family and friends. You are in our thoughts.
Professor Nazar Amso, Cardiff University School of Medicine OBGYN"

This tribute was added by Stefania Iannolo on 16th March 2012

"Sono commossa. Tantissimo."

This tribute was added by Dr/Mrs RACHEL ONYEBEKE IROKU on 12th March 2012

"A giant is gone! Your fame & medical expertise were noted in your hometown Achi, in England, U C H Ibadan, Aba, & other places. You return to your Maker to hear "Well done Dr Bertram Igbogbahaka!" We share the grief caused by your departure, with your wife Grace, your children, grandchildren and other relatives.
Adieu! Rest in peace!"

This tribute was added by Chika Nya-Etok on 12th March 2012

"We recieved with sadness the news of Daddy's passing on. I consider myself a part of the extended family, having experienced first-hand the family's hospitality during a vacation at Chinyere's invitation over three decades ago.We thank God for the numerous testimonies of Daddy's hard work and generosity. We thank God that he finished strong in the Lord Jesus Christ. Alleluia!"

This tribute was added by George ORJI on 11th March 2012

"My deepest condolences for your loss. Your daddy was like a father to me. I am grateful for his generosity, and optimism. He graciously welcomed my family into your home after a natural disaster in the 1980s, and was always available when I needed advice. Doctor, thanks for making a difference in people's lives, and for a life well lived. You will always be remembered.   -Ndubuisi  Orji"

This tribute was added by Humphrey Iroku on 9th March 2012

"Candle lit by Dr.Humphrey Iroku
You have always been a trailblazer and an innovator. We try barely to follow your footsteps.Your examplary life of achievements in medicine are the envy of the initiated. All your life in all that you did you kept the promise of Dengramites:SHOW THE LIGHT [Lux Fiat]
Adeu! my mentor.  To Grace your  dear wife: NDOO!!!"

This tribute was added by HALIMA M on 7th March 2012

"I may not be with you Oga but my thoughts and prayers are always with you. I never got to meet your Dad but the way you spoke with Love and respect for your Dad, plus the good and dependable woman you turned out to be told me what a great man he was.  May his soul rest in peace.

This tribute was added by Chinyere Emma-Adamah on 6th March 2012

"Daddy the time of your demise was shocking. Our last moments together were so memorable that they leave behind a fatherly gap that can never be replaced. Papa, we miss you. Your honest labour and fortitude of character live to be emulated by all of us. Our last session of prayers together on the 23rd of Dec 2011 was reassuring of your eternal rest in the LORD. AU REVOIR PAPA. CHY E ADAMAH"

This tribute was added by Chinyere Offor on 5th March 2012

"Doctor, as you were fondly called. You were an inspiration to your generation. You have left a lasting legacy.Rest in perfect peace!

Chinyere Offor"

This tribute was added by chika ugoji on 5th March 2012

"Oga, Papa has fought a good fight, though his gone but his good works will forever live and be remembered.
His Grace will always be sufficient for you and your family.

Oga/Dan+boys take heart!!"

This tribute was added by Ebuka, Kelechi, Emeka,& Adaeze Okorie. on 29th February 2012

"Dear Grandpa,
You were a very loving grandfather, and an excellent Role Model. We appreciate your help in our lives. We miss you so much and we will never forget you. We all love you.
Love,------- Ebuka, Kelechi, Emeka, & Adaeze."

This tribute was added by nzenalu Obinelo on 28th February 2012

"Dear Ijeoma,
Our thoughts and prayers are with your father as he rests in peace and with you, your mother, siblings, family and friends, as you remember your father's blessed memories. Peace, Obinelo Family"

This tribute was added by agada friday on 28th February 2012

"Honestly i dont know wat to say, 'cos it was a shock to me and my heart bitters, it is really a great loss, the little time i spent in daddy's house was enough for me to tell how wonderful, caring and loving he was, Daddy was really a Father not only to his family, but also to the societies at large. i will forever miss you. my condolence to the Mrs Obianyor and Igbogbohaka's family. R.I.P"

This tribute was added by ijeoma obikaonu on 24th February 2012

"ije, charles and oga
Accept our sympathy for the loss of ur brave daddy. Our prayers are with u.
Ijay, Nayo and family"

This tribute was added by Oga O. on 22nd February 2012

"We would've wished each other a 'Happy birthday' today. I would've prayed, you would've prophesied and we would've reminded each other 'na Chukwu ebuka'. It felt strange to roll solo today but fond memories of you made things easier. I love you, I miss you. Eze Chinyereugo...What a privilege to have called you DADDY!!!   -'Ogy girl"

This tribute was added by simeon megewa on 22nd February 2012

                             CHIEF DR, SIR.B.O IGBOGBAHAKA (Chinyeleugo)
On behalf of MEDOS NIG LTD and the entire Megwa’s family of Nduhu Amuzi Obowo, we commiserate with the Igbogbahaka family of Enugu Akwu Achi on the glorious departure of Chief Dr. Sir B. O. Igbogbahaka. It is tasking and very difficult writing a tribute to my very good friend Dr. Sir Bertram O."

This tribute was added by ify igbogbahaka on 22nd February 2012

"A tribute to my Beloved Daddy
I received a call from you just a day before your demise, it was a rude shock. In your very words you kept on saying Ify” sorry for your pain, and for not being strong to help me over come it .And for all that I had passed through, having gone through a painful surgery. Well its sad that you are no more, you encouraged me a lot. Little Chris keeps asking after his gra"

This tribute was added by Jean Obichukwu on 22nd February 2012

"It saddens me to hear of the passing of a great man, a man whose hospitality I have enjoyed - the father of a dear friend, Ogadinma. I thank God today for a life of no mean achievements, a life of perseverance and strength and an enduring legacy left behind. Goodbye, dear sir."

This tribute was added by Ndidi Igbogbahaka on 22nd February 2012

"Daddy you either left me too early or I waited too late. I was hoping we would both be here on Feb. 22ND, 2013 so I could share some things with you. It appears we will have to wait till I meet you.
Labor is the lot of man, labor leads to success. That is how you taught me to live my life; not cutting corners, but working hard at whatever  I am doing and..."

This tribute was added by Ndidi Igbogbahaka on 22nd February 2012

"...getting as far away from it as possible if it proves to be simple. We forget certain things from our childhood, but somehow I always seem to remember that.
You were never quite the ‘love’, ‘hugs’, and ‘kisses’ type, in my view. We are exactly alike in that respect. Nevertheless, I would like to hug you, kiss you, tell you I love you, and wish you a happy 79Th birthday."

This tribute was added by Motunrayo Ola Dare on 21st February 2012

"Happy Birthday Daddy Bertram! Happy Birthday Ogadinma! Today, 22nd Feb 2012 (UK Time)
What can I say........ Heaven is indeed rejoicing! I never met you, but I KNEW you. We spoke once, you prayed and I received. Thank you Sir.
Rest in God's perfect peace. Amen."

This tribute was added by Kozi Allen on 21st February 2012

"Ije, Charles,  Adaeze, Emeka, Kelechi and Ebuka
I am really sorry for your loss. May you take some solace knowing that your dad is resting peacefully in heaven with all the angels. To the entire Igbogbahaka family please accept my sympathy. May God bless you all and give you the strength and courage through this time.
Sincerely, the Allen family."

This tribute was added by Ifunanya Iroegbulem on 21st February 2012

"Ije,Oga and Chukwuma.I just got to know. Your daddy was my daddy's close friend. Ije, you are my friend(thr primary and secondary schs) .I really feel your pain.Your daddy was a humble man. But in all situation Lets give thanks to God. Sir , may your soul rest in perfect peace.
                         - nee Ify Ihekire"

This tribute was added by Onyinye Aligasim on 21st February 2012

"I met him. He was one of the most profound personalities I have ever come across. from 'FOTL' to 'jellycan'? It's difficult to believe that we wont see or hear directly from him on this side of eternity. Nevertheless, his legacy lives on in his children, grandchildren, principles, works and endeavours.
Sleep well sir and may the Lord comfort your family!"

This tribute was added by Jane Ndubuisi on 21st February 2012

"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love. my brother, Life is a dream walking, death is a going home. Please accept our most heartfelt condolence for your loss…our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. Peace, Pray"

This tribute was added by Jane Ndubuisi on 21st February 2012

"As you grief, bear in mind that grief is not a disorder, a disease or a sign of weakness. It is an emotional, physical and spiritual necessity, the price you pay for love.  The only cure for grief is to grieve. As you cry remember that There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwh"

This tribute was added by Juliet Njoku on 20th February 2012

"'' I met you briefly in the 90's while I lived with your daughter - Ije. You were so simple and yet humble in the midst of your wealth. You served God & humanity with your resources. You have started the journey to rest but the two women you raised - Ije & Odinma are now pillars of the gospel in our time, thanks for that. The lord will comfort all that is mourning your exit Amen''. ...KOKO"

This tribute was added by Charles Okorie on 20th February 2012

Thank you for entrusting your beautiful daughter "Ije girl" to me as my wife. Thank you for never seeing me as an in-law but rather as one of your biological sons. Thank you for all the lessons in humility that you taught me. I just can't THANK YOU enough. I am so PROUD OF YOU. --------- Charles."

This tribute was added by Amaka Catherine Ikeh on 18th February 2012

We can only give thanks to God almighty that we were the chose few to be part of your family. Your legacy of honesty, handwork and integrity is very outstanding in our lives today. The only comfort we have is the hope that we will meet again in heaven where we will rejoice in the father's arm. Rest in God's perfect love daddy."

This tribute was added by Robert Durant on 17th February 2012

"dear ndidi
i am sorry for your loss you are in my prayers
from robert"

This tribute was added by Pearlina huggins on 17th February 2012

"dear ndidi
i am sorry for your loss you are not alone i know how it is to lose a father you are in my prayers
May God be with you everyday of your life"

This tribute was added by Aaron Rodriguez on 17th February 2012

"dear ndidi i am sorry for your loss God will be with you in your times of need i am praying for you and your family God bless
sincerely ,Aaron"

This tribute was added by Brianna Rodriguez on 17th February 2012

"Dear ndidi
i'm sorry for your lost  Everything will be alright you are in my prayers
- keep your head high
~love Brianna~"

This tribute was added by celina Durant on 17th February 2012

"to mr.ndidi i am sorry for your loss you are in my prayers may God bless you and keep you strong during this time of need . Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal from celina and kids"

This tribute was added by Victor Emma-Adamah on 17th February 2012

"It was Charles de Gaulle that said, "The graveyards are full of indispensable men". Another great has joined that list. Grandpa, the life you lived, your determination, your hard work, your commitment to those you loved, the trail you blazed...we have a lot to live up to. They say as the crab walks so walk its children. I will miss you Grandpa! God keep you. Rest in peace.     Victor."

This tribute was added by Ijeoma Okorie on 17th February 2012

"This is your "Ije Girl" who still cannot believe you have gone to be with our LORD. Your journey on Earth may have ended but that will not end our relationship. You were God fearing, loving,caring, generous, humble, grateful,hard working. You had many "FRUITS OF HONEST LABOUR" to which we are all witnesses. REST IN PERFECT PEACE DEAREST DAD,we will keep celebrating your transcendent life."

This tribute was added by Broderick Oyamenda on 17th February 2012

"We are as clouds that veil the midnight moon;
How restlessly they speed, and gleam, and quiver,
Streaking the darkness radiantly!--yet soon
Night closes round, and they are lost forever:..

Nought may endure but Mutability....... May your soul rest in perfect peace...."

This tribute was added by Lola Osideko on 17th February 2012

"hmmm! Having read all the tributes, though we never met, know we have lost a dear father. I also too well know the feeling of missing a dad. The gap is only filled by God. We miss you Pa, but surely for a while till we meet again by His grace. Thank you for birthing an awesome woman of charisma, strength and passion (Oga).
-Lola O."

This tribute was added by nkiruka obianyor on 16th February 2012

"My heart is heavy with sadness and tears but my memories are full of the love,kindness, hospitality and care you gave me over the years. You surely will be missed. Rest in the bosom of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Frances Chinyere Igbogbahaka & Morgan Ifeoma Igbogbahaka on 15th February 2012

"Dear God, if it is not too much fuss
Take extra special care of our Grandfather as he is very dear to us

Grandfather if you are listening say a prayer for us every day
Be sure to protect us and guide us on our way
We know when God called you, you had to go
But we want you to know Grandfather we miss you and love you so"

This tribute was added by Revd. Nduka Iwuchukwu on 15th February 2012

"My heart goes out to the entire Igbogbahaka family at this time, particularly to Chukuma and Ogadinma. No doubt your father lived a life of service to humanity through his long years of medical practice. His philosophy and committment to riches acquired only through honest labour, spoke volumes of his personality. Good night Sir and may your rest be with the saints triumphant. Amen."

This tribute was added by Funkola Ani on 14th February 2012

"I never met you but i can tell what a wonderful man and father you were through the strong and beautiful woman you raised (Oga).
May all of Heaven receive you with arms wide open. Continue to rest in peace Sir."

This tribute was added by Oyinda Olorode on 14th February 2012

"I did not know you but yet I did through tthe heartfelt words of your daughter - Oga. The strength of your character is evident in who she is today. Rest in perfect peace Sir.
Oga/Dan, please accept our sympathies as you find the strength to bear your loss.
- Oyinda & Olumide"

This tribute was added by Oga O. on 14th February 2012

"It's been 3weeks and I have not received your call, so it must be true what they say, Daddy, that you have gone to God. I miss you so much it hurts; but I am comforted by the depth of the love we shared, all the laughter, your jokes, our shared birthday, our private conversations & all you taught me. Rest, Eze Chinyereugo!                      -'Ogy girl'"

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