Dr. Janice F. Gable, 70, formerly of Konnarock, VA, passed away January 22, 2016, at her home in Westville, NJ.

Janice was born in Port Hueneme, CA, and grew up in Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana. After undergraduate study at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, she received her M.D. from Indiana University at Indianapolis, and interned at Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, IL.

In 1971 Dr. Gable came to Konnarock in southwestern Virginia with her husband Rev. William Gable and established a solo rural family practice. Her 34 years of service to that community were exemplary. She had a patient load of about 5,000 people, and was available 24 hours a day. Working closely with the very committed Mt. Rogers Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, she conducted training sessions and served as medical director. Her office staff and area home nurses, also very devoted to good health care, always served with highest distinction and dedication. In this region, where hospitals and specialists are sometimes too distant when needed, Dr. Gable and her team did it all—from births and deaths to minor surgeries and emergencies of all kinds. And, yes, she even made house calls in her four-wheel drive.

“Dr. Jan,” as she was known, was also certified in geriatric medicine and in 2005 she accepted a position at a geriatric continuing care facility in Alexandria, VA. She retired to Westville, NJ, in 2013.

Jan delighted in many leisure activities, including piano playing, fine craftwork, and stimulating reading—but above all she enjoyed a lifelong love of gardening.

Jan is survived by sons Matthew Gable and Claude Gable, father James E. Fox, sisters Joyce Fox and Jean Fox, niece Beverly Richardson, and nephews Jacob Richardson, James Richardson, and Cole Fox. She is preceded in death by her mother, June Rommel Fox, and her sister, Judith Somer Fox.

Private family services will be held in Florida at a later date. Memorial donations can be made at or to your favorite charity in her name.

Posted by Rheda Dolinger on May 27, 2022
Doctor Gable, I miss you more every single year. You were an Angel to my life, an inspiration and I hope to see you again some day. Happy Birthday the world was and is a better place because you were born today. I love you always. Rheda
Posted by J. Fox on May 27, 2020
Missing Dear Jan on her 75th Birthday. She had so much more to do, and so much more to give.
-- her ever-loving Family
Posted by Rheda Dolinger on May 29, 2019
You are still deeply missed and loved and adore. You are one of my heroines. You unwavering faith in God as the Great Physician was and remains inspiring!!! Thank you, love you always. Rheda
Posted by Rheda Dolinger on December 9, 2018
You have been gone two-years, going on three and it is almost your birthday. I still think of you and miss you all the time. Living in Los Angeles, I realize I am only 50 miles from where you were born.. It made me smile and feel a little closer to you. You will always be in my heart. I hope you and mom are laughing in heaven together. You are missed and loved...eternally. Rheda
Posted by David Lance Roten on June 16, 2018
She treated my Mom in 1988/89. My Mom always spoke highly of her. Great person and physician.
Posted by Nancy Warren on January 23, 2018
Dearest Jan, You are forever in my heart. Miss you more than you will ever know. I think of you when looking at anything in nature. I loved you laugh and our times together. (ever to short)
Posted by Pat Berry on January 22, 2018
Forever in my heart and thankful to have known her.
Posted by Roy OConnor on January 22, 2018
She was the best Medical Director that we have had and a wonderful physician personally to me.
Posted by Donna Musick on January 22, 2018
She is truly missed. The only physician that took the time to really listen.
Posted by Tara Baresel-Dennen on May 29, 2017
missing our new jersey adventures
Posted by Rheda Dolinger on May 26, 2017
Doctor Gable,
Just sitting here, minding my own business... and suddenly you popped into my head and right through my heart. I miss and love you still and will alwaysl hold you in such an enduring place. I pray your family knows that you are ever watching over us all. Wouldn't be like you... not to be. Happy Birthday... my sweet friend and mentor. Rheda
Posted by Sherry Reedy on February 12, 2017
Not only was Jan my doctor years ago before she left Konnarock , she was a dear friend. Always had time to talk, never rushing away from you. The smile on her face could calm me in the most scariest situation. You were truly loved and very much missed.
Posted by Rheda Dolinger on January 22, 2017
You are always in my heart! I miss you, just knowing you are there, just beyond the veil, still watching over all of us, brings great comfort! I love you with all my heart, always! Rheda
Posted by Pat Berry on January 22, 2017
A better woman I have never known. A doctor to me at a young age, I first went to her as a teen,I married at 19, boy do I remember the look on her face when I told her I had gotten married. Always kind but those eyes often showed her worries. I truly loved her and really didn't think I could function when she left the area, but she knew. Only the upmost respect for Doc.
Posted by Jamilla Fulton on November 22, 2016
Hello my name is Jamilla Fulton, I am a registered medical assistant. I had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Jan Gable to Green Spring Village Medical Center in Springfield, VA as the Medical Assistant team leader. Dr. Gable was a pleasure to work with, she was always smiling and very professional and compassionate about caring for the geriatric population at Erikson Retirement Community. She made our team complete. Dr. Gable was very sweet. She definitely is missed!
Posted by Bill Russell on August 2, 2016
I hired Jan to come work at Erickson; was hoping to reconnect with her, and discovered this awful news; she was a great role model for anyone who cared to belong to the larger society as a whole; great person, great doctor
am blessed to have known her
Posted by Sharon McDonough-Means on July 14, 2016
I was a medical school classmate of Jan's and as I discovered her passing in our IU alumni magazine and searched for her site my heart is full - so many memories! We lived in the same Quonset hut village while in med school then adventures in the land on which she lived in Virginia. We visited her and the family and so many, many memories! Her picture on the site is just wonderful - so like her. I sorely wish I had kept in better touch in these later years. A truly compassionate and committed physician! I would love contact with her sons as I so remember them!
Posted by Dorothy Baume on July 4, 2016
Dr Gable took care of my parehts at Greenspring Village. The mutual trust and respect between them was unbelievable. She was there and helped us through some very trying times. She truly was special and extraordinary. She came to Moms 90th Birthday party with home cut flowers.  Very sad to learn of the passing of this very special woman who was always available. Have thought of her often... She will be missed.
Posted by Gerald Blossom on May 30, 2016
Jan Gable was awesome as a medical student at Indiana University. I was a classmate.Then she was off to Konnarock where she did so much! It is hard to add anything that has not been said by grateful and loving patients. I have included a memory in the "Stories" section.
Posted by Carla Osborne on May 27, 2016
I regret that I didn't contact Dr. Gable and tell her how much she meant to my family and how her kind actions through the years were never forgotten. She filled out the required paperwork for my college physical and I remember her cheerfully sending me out into the wider world. I can't think of a single family member she didn't treat at some point.
Posted by Rheda Dolinger on May 27, 2016
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are loved and missed deeply... although, I could have sworn you warned me about drinking 'coffeemate,' yesterday. LOL You were and will always be my HERO!!!!!!!!!!! I love you! Rheda
Posted by Carole Greer on May 27, 2016
I'm sure Dr. Jan celebrates every day in heaven. We who love and respect her will never forget.
Posted by Mary A. Dean on May 27, 2016
I will always remember Jan Gable as both a brilliant doctor and a
dear fried. She helped both my late husband and me through
several ailments and was always available to discuss medical issues.
She lives on in my memory as a very important part of my life here
at the Greenspring Retirement community where she worked for
several years and was beloved by all her patients.
Posted by Mary A. Dean on February 15, 2016
Dr. Gable was the primary physician of my late husband David and I
at Greenspring Retirement community from 2006 until her retirement.
My husband and I felt that Dr. Gable was the best diagnostian, most
dedicated and brilliant doctor we had ever had, and we have had many both in the U.S. and abroad with the U.S. State Department. Dr. Gable
was highly respected and loved here at Greenspring and all her patients
felt especially lucky to have her. She and I kept up an email friendship
after she retired and shared many thoughts as well as a book written by
my late husband, which she enjoyed reading. She will be missed by all who knew her, loved her, admired her and cared so much for her. Her shining light has not been dimmed by her passing.
Posted by Roy OConnor on February 1, 2016
Dr. Gable was my Doctor at Greenspring in Springfield, VA. She was a wonderful caring physician to me personally and many other residents. While serving as Director of our Medical Department, she was very well liked and respected in our retirement community and will be long remembered for her contributions. May she rest in peace.
Posted by Donnie Goodson on January 29, 2016
Especially in the medical field, Dr. Gable was a rare diamond in the rough. The world needs many more inspiring people as her -- intelligent, yet very approachable, and not the slightest bit arrogant. I can say for sure that I am a healthier person today because of this lady, and I know my mother and her family are as well. I don't know if it's possible to know how big of a positive impact Dr. Gable had on the community.
Posted by Dixie Seymour on January 29, 2016
Dr. Jan was doctor to both my parents as well as myself. We were her patients for most of the 34 years she practiced at Konnarock. We treasured not only her medical knowledge but also a wonderful friendship. That beautiful memorial picture just brings back so many wonderful memories. That smiling face was just as I remember it in 2005 when she left Konnarock. Rest in peace, Dr. Jan. Love ye!!!!
Posted by Beverly Eskridge on January 29, 2016
Dr. Gable was my doctor when I was a teenager. I lived on Hwy. 58 toward Abingdon so it was quite a haul to go around those curvy roads to Konnaroçk. But it was worth it to see her. She was just the kind of caring doctor that a timid teenage girl needed. She was a special
lady. Prayers for the family during this hard time.
Posted by George & Wendy Strawbridg... on January 28, 2016
Heaven has gained a healer and a gardener and she is tending to her flowers and plants without pain. We feel the sorrow of her loss, but we remain to pass along the lessons she taught us as a good friend, mentor, exceptional physician and role model. Dr. Jan touched so many lives and literally treated so many hearts with unmatched loving care. Her memory will live on through all of us and we were blessed by her presence among us.
George and Wendy Strawbridge
Posted by velma morris on January 28, 2016
I was shocked and saddened to hear about the death of Dr. Gable. You were my doctor and friend for many years at Greenspring Retirement in Springfield, Va. Dr. Gable helped me through a serious illness. We always talked about our gardens. We emailed after she retired. I will miss her very much. My prayers and thoughts are with each of her family. I will meet you in heaven. Thank you for your kindness, gentleness and blessings we shared together. Read Psalms 23:1-6 in your Bible. Put your name in the verses where they use I, Me, Us. I believe Psalms 23 will comfort you and me in the days ahead. I have wonderful memories of Dr4. Gable.
Posted by debby heffinger on January 28, 2016
Dear family: I am so sad to learn of Dr. Gable's passing. I began seeing her as soon as she began her practice in Konnarock. I do not know what my life would be like had she not taken such good care of me. I always threatened her that I would move wherever she did!  Not only was she wonderful, but so was her staff; it was like a family when I would go see her. I have missed her so much since she left Konnarock. She made this earth a better place & I am grateful to have known her. You are all in my prayers.
Posted by Carla Osborne on January 28, 2016
Dr. Gable was one of the most down-to-earth people I have ever met. She took care of generations of my family and there's no doubt in my mind why her patients loved her so — she was genuine and sincere as a professional and a person. She left her mark on the mountains and will be remembered fondly by all who knew her.
Posted by Don&Rita Stamper on January 27, 2016
A good friend and Doctor, our condolences go out to Matt, Claude and
The rest of the family. She will be greatly missed by all.
Posted by Deirdre (Dede) Goldsmith on January 27, 2016
Jan had an empathetic heart that thrived on helping others. She was one of the finest people I've ever known. I can remember, as a fairly new patient of hers at the Konnarock clinic, I was bringing newborn Nico to her for his first pediatric appointment. She actually did her examination with Nico on my lap! She will be missed by thousands. Rest in peace, Jan. Until we meet again...
Posted by Ethel Hannah on January 27, 2016
Dr. Gable was the best Dr I have ever had she connected with love and concern about any issue I ever needed to bring forth. She remembered the names of my four children and my husband would ask me about them even though she had never met any one of them. I was so blessed with her medical care, friendship, and loving spirit. God be with you till we meet again.
Posted by Hazel Bonner on January 27, 2016
Along with her many friends, patients, and associates here at Greenspring Village, I will miss Dr. Gable immensely. To me, she was first and foremost a friend, as well as the best Doctor I have had in my lifetime. I feel privileged to have known her and to consider her a friend. The void she left, both personal and professional, when she retired from Greenspring Village was immense.
Posted by Lenora Brown on January 27, 2016
We were so sorry to hear of Dr. Jan's passing. She was our family doctor for over 30 years. We were so sad to see her leave, but so glad she was able to full-fill some of her dreams of being able to do some things in life that she had not been able to do on the mountain. We loved her deeply and will always miss her. She was a wonderful Dr. and lady. Our thought and prayers go to her family. Tom & Lenora Brown
Posted by Phyllis Stewart on January 27, 2016
I am so saddened to hear of Dr. Gables passing. She was mine and my mothers doctor for many years in Konnarock. I broke my heart when she left Konnarock but I understood why. I want the family to know that I thought she was the best doctor and person I have ever known. Heaven has gained a very special angel. My God be with the family during this very sad time.
Posted by Peggy Kennedy on January 27, 2016
I am SO saddened to hear of Dr. Gable's passing. She was such a wonderful doctor, person and friend. My mother , Elizabeth McKee , was a patient of hers from the time Dr. Gable began her practice in Konnarock and I began going to her soon after that. May God bless and comfort her family. ❤️
Posted by sharon price on January 27, 2016
A doctor and a friend - what a blessing she was to this area - she will be missed by all who knew her.
Posted by Carole Greer on January 26, 2016
Dr. Jan was an amazing physician with a servant heart! I was blessed to be her patient for several years. I pray you will find peace in the assurance of her eternal rest and your precious memories.
Posted by Donna Bailey on January 26, 2016
Dr. Gable was truly a blessing to all she touched. She gave so much and asked so little. db
Posted by Remonia Dolinger on January 26, 2016
Matt & Claude & Family: Dr. Gable was the pillar of our community for many years. Not only was she an excellent doctor, she was a good friend. She treated four generations of my family. She was always there for everyone. When she left Konnarock, she was missed more than she ever knew. She touched so many lives with her grace, understanding, knowledge and just so much more. I mailed her a clipping I saw in the newspaper about one of her sons a few years ago and she was so grateful. She was so very proud of both her sons. Our prayers go out to all her family and friends. We have so many wonderful memories of her.  She made an enormous impact in our community. She cared deeply about all her patients and staff. There were so many people that relied on her as their primary source of care. She was meticulous and caring and knew the inside of our lives. I agree with an article I read that said that she was a “Local Legend”. It was an honor and a privilege to of known her and had her in our lives. She will be missed and remembered forever.
Remonia & Becky
Posted by Rheda Dolinger on January 26, 2016
I love you with all my heart! You have been and will always be my hero! You are the embodiment of light and I can never adequately thank you, for who you've been and will contine to be to my soul.
Posted by Sherry Reedy on January 26, 2016
Jan, was not just a one of a kind hometown county doctor, she was a dear friend. It did not matter what time you needed her, day or night, she was always there. I was so saddened when she left our small community, but now my heart breaks for her family and friends she leaves behind. You were truly missed when you left the country living Jan, but now you have did your job here on earth and did it like no other, so rest in peace now in that beautiful Heavenly Garden. You have touched so many lives with you kindness, understanding. You will me missed and always remembered.
Posted by Carolyn Hicks on January 26, 2016
Dr. Gable treated 5 generations of my family. I first saw her in 1974 and she was my doctor until she left Konnarock. I made the long, sometimes treacherous, drive from my home in Glade Spring to her office hundreds of times over the years because I trusted her with my health and she saved my life at least twice. She was the best human being I have ever known and I will miss her.  She made this world a better, more beautiful place. Every time I see a flower I will think of her.
Posted by Pat Berry on January 26, 2016
Dr. Jan was an angel on earth. I feel blessed to have had her in my life.
Posted by Glenda Lowe on January 26, 2016
Angels truly walk the earth, and Dr. Jan was one of them. There was so much love in her touch. Now, she has earned her wings.
Posted by Denise Lawless on January 26, 2016
Dr. Gable was a friend and a wonderful doctor to my family while we lived in Whitetop. She and Sister Sophie helped me with the birth of my son. She was a blessing to our community.
Posted by Patricia Avery on January 26, 2016
Thanks to Dr. Jan & Pastor Bill for inviting us to join the mountain community and for their years of service. We have been so blessed....especially for her attending our son's birth at our Konnarock home!!
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Posted by Rheda Dolinger on May 27, 2022
Doctor Gable, I miss you more every single year. You were an Angel to my life, an inspiration and I hope to see you again some day. Happy Birthday the world was and is a better place because you were born today. I love you always. Rheda
Posted by J. Fox on May 27, 2020
Missing Dear Jan on her 75th Birthday. She had so much more to do, and so much more to give.
-- her ever-loving Family
Posted by Rheda Dolinger on May 29, 2019
You are still deeply missed and loved and adore. You are one of my heroines. You unwavering faith in God as the Great Physician was and remains inspiring!!! Thank you, love you always. Rheda
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Shared by Gerald Blossom on May 30, 2016

I once visited Dr. Jan  in Konnarock in 1976. I had been her classmate at Indiana University School of Medicine where she was outstanding in every way. She was exceptionally nice, caring and thoughtful.And a top student!  At Konnarock she  filled a great need. She was the only medical and health care there, but she could do it! (She could do anything) She did just one year of training after medical school. Today no one is allowed to do less than three. She went to Konnarock. That took great confidence and courage.  She told us of how she wanted her husband to deliver her baby. This was,  of course, not permitted at the area hospitals. Konnarock was definitely not the place to be if there were unexpected complications of a home delivery. So they went to a city where she had been getting prenatal care and checked into a motel. And what a "surprise."  The baby came suddenly  and Bill had to do the delivery as she had coached him. They then went to the hospital for  postpartum and newborn care. I believe it was their first child.  Everything went well, of course. Few motels have had planned unplanned  baby deliveries.