Let the memory of Dr. John be with us forever
  • 79 years old
  • Born on February 6, 1934 .
  • Passed away on July 11, 2013 .

Funeral services for John Hayes will be held Sunday, July 14, 2013, at 11:00 AM EDT from the Five Points Baptist Church. Dr. Carl Holladay and Dr. Max Miller will officiate. Interment will be in the church cemetery.

The family will greet friends, Saturday afternoon from 4:00 PM EDT until 6:00 PM EDT at McCarthy Funeral Home.

In lieu of flowers donations are asked to be made to Chattahoochee Humane Society, 3265 Fairfax Bypass, Valley, Alabama, 36854, (334) 756-9377, www.chatthumane.org, in Mr. Hayes honor.

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Posted by Phillip Callaway on 6th February 2019
John, after such a long time you still live in my skull. While I'm in the kitchen preparing a meal, I recall you talking about ancient bread prep and modern country cooking practices. Even standing at a urinal, your wisdom or humor comes to me. I'm sure Candler School and Pitts miss you as do people from your other life contexts. I miss you too, but I still hear your voice. I'll be back again when I can.
Posted by Mary Sue Pike on 11th July 2018
Posted by Phillip Callaway on 6th February 2018
Thanks for taking some interest in me. Can't believe you've been gone almost 5 years.
Posted by Phillip Callaway on 11th July 2016
Still missing you. Missing a real-life soulmate.
Posted by Lester Shepherd on 9th June 2016
Lester left this earth on 5-31-16. You already know. I know that you two are having a ball. I will miss you two forever.
Posted by Lester Shepherd on 16th February 2016
When Feb. the 6th came around this year, I went stir crazy. Something wasn't right. Then, yesterday I figured it out. I had missed your birthday. Maybe that's the way the afterlife works. Are we able to communicate in some wonderful way? I miss you my friend more every day. I'm getting older and demented each day that passes but my soul is still connected to yours. It is such a joy. Your Christian Atheist and forever friend. And btw, you would be so proud of Heather and her accomplishments. Of course, you already know. Lester Shivers Shepherd 10-21-1941
Posted by Lester Shepherd on 10th September 2015
John: Penny was put to sleep today. She had a heat stroke and was completely out of her mind unless she could be with Martha or myself. Then, she was a calm as an angel, standing beside us drooling and breathing heavily. Maxine misses her terribly. They did such a good job of protecting others, just like you my friend forever. I wish you had not left me. Lester the Pester
Posted by Phillip Callaway on 5th July 2015
John, still missing you, your uncanny misdirections, subtle truths. Your support and candor helped me get through grad school and life. Your academics are still top notch, but you topped that with the nuggets in your Possum book. It's there that I still hear your voice and see your smile. Others have known you better. I knew you when I needed it. Stay in touch!
Posted by Mary Sue Pike on 6th February 2015
The Rodeo Club still meets each day but you are missed most of all-we all loved you.
Posted by Mary Sue Pike on 11th July 2014
When on our day the sun has set, let us pray that the darkness be not long delayed, that short will be that evening journey into night. and may that night kiss us softly on the cheek and embrace us tenderly in its keep. My favorite and still miss you!!!.
Posted by Lester Shepherd on 11th July 2014
Today was the day. Thursday, 7-11-2013, was a fortunate day for God Whenever I think and weep for John and wish for him to be present, I weep, HARD. John Hayes was a "Piper to the End". This video of Mark Knopfler reminds me of John; bluejeans; even looks like him, with all the emotion of his true and simple heart appearing on his face and his waving good-bye at the end. Verse 3 "This has been a day to die for Now the day has almost gone Up above a single seabird (John) Turns to face the setting sun" Verse 6 "This has been a day to die on Now the day is almost done Here the pipes will lay beside me Silent will the battle drum" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsrKWwx3x7o The song reminds me that John, indeed, passionately utilized the battle drum and pipes, in perfect time, as strong and loud as any human being I have known. He didn't need a gun; he had blessed words as fine as the beatitudes. I should have tried to touch the hem of his garments more often. Verse 5 "We watched the fires together Shared our quarters for a while Walked the dusty roads together Came so many miles." John's life was a peace giving life! When you sought his advice, John, of course, wasn't perfect, unless you listened. He just knew. He always just knew. I remember him giving me many an answer that changed my life for the better, but, once or twice or ... , I did choose to see it. Now I do and will try to make up time, at last. LSS Hopefully, A Piper To The End
Posted by Mary Sue Pike on 6th February 2014
John, my dear friend=I am still missing you!!!!!!
Posted by Mary Sue Pike on 23rd July 2013
Goodbye my dearest friend-know you are walking on" The Streets of Gold" and I will see you soon and we will feed the cows!!!!!
Posted by Lester Shepherd on 23rd July 2013
Soft voices had he, that with tender plea Whisper’d of peace, and truth, and friendliness unquell’d.
Posted by Helen Smith on 17th July 2013
John was one of my dearest friends and colleagues at Emory University's School of Theology. I was honored to read drafts of his last book before it was published. It was a delight to visit with him on his farm and meet his animal family. "We just don't know" is a refrain heard often as John opened mysteries of the Old Testament. This we do know: John, you are known, loved and remembered.
Posted by Martin Buss on 16th July 2013
John was a fine scholar and fine person. I just referred to him in print (although not by name) as a person who struck me as "self-transcending"--not out specifically for his own good. Martin Buss
Posted by Eugene Bianchi on 16th July 2013
I got to know John not only as an accomplished scholar but as a distinctive personality in our lunches at Emory during our retirement years. I enjoyed his humor and warm self cleverly covered up in diverting comments. In that time, John was a very accessible curmudgeon. His love of animals fills out the picture. Gene Bianchi
Posted by Tony Griffin on 15th July 2013
To the family of Dr. John Hayes: Dr. Hayes was a dear friend and mentor during my seminary days. He was a humble, wise, gentle, and wonderful man with amazing intellect and a marvelous sense of humor. He will be missed, but his legacy will live on. Thanks be to God for John Hayes!
Posted by Tamara Yates on 14th July 2013
Thank you John for your kindness, your wisdom, and your humor. I'm so glad I had the chance to know and learn from you. Many blessings on the next stage of your journey, wherever it may take you. Warmly, Tamara
Posted by Peter Trudinger on 13th July 2013
Your scholarship - its breadth, drive and insight - was exceeded only by your generosity, and both were biblical in scope and challenge. Peter (the voice on the answering machine)
Posted by Donna Henderson on 13th July 2013
Uncle John your kindness to your fellow man will not be forgotten ! You were a true inspiration to me. You were more than just an acquaintance you were my Uncle john!! I hope to see you again soon.. Look up grandma and give her a big hug for me.... I love you man!!!
Posted by Laura Sangster on 13th July 2013
My name is Laura Ann Hayes Sangster. Joe Frazier Hayes was my father. John was a favorite of my Daddy's & he loved him & was so proud of him. John came to Daddy's hospital bedside to bring comfort to him & to us before Daddy's passing. I wish I could have known John better. My heart goes out to you all.
Posted by Paul Swisher on 12th July 2013
Your students, your family, your friends and the possums will miss you old buddy. Don't forgit; it won't be forever fore you and me take that trip to Alana together!

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