When there is a tomorrow, when we are not together, you must remember this. You are braver than you believe,stronger than you seem,and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we are apart, I'll always be with you. Believe It!
  • 80 years old
  • Born on January 9, 1933 in Canada.
  • Passed away on February 21, 2013 in United States.

This memorial website was created to hold the memories we share of  Dr. John Whitney.

The quote above is from Winnie the Pooh... John added "Believe It" and it was in a last words folder for those of us left behind. 

John has touched, changed and enriched so many of our lives and careers.  Never one to boast  an accomplishment or seek accolades, he lived his life in service to others through his beliefs, ideals and passions.

Whether he was your friend, mentor and/or colleague we invite you to share how John touched your life.

He will indeed be forever missed. We hope that this sharing creates a tribute to the exceptional individual whose life's path crossed and touched all of ours. 

You can share a few words here or share a story and memory under the stories tab or about a photo you may recognize.  And please upload and share any photos you may have of John.  Check back as I hope this site continues to grow as we all share in the memories of JTW.  



Posted by Lyn DaSylva on 21st February 2019
Johns passing feels like yesterday and forever ago. I know several of you have said to me that you visit this site but there is so much and yet nothing to write. I would encourage you to drop a memory. Or if you “feel” him with you- share it. Many of us carry his legacy forward every day - some of us still “coach” with him regularly- some hear his voice in their head- some feel the weight of his warm hand on their shoulders from the seminar days. We all are connected through his desire to make a difference, through his kindness, and through our loss. Here’s hoping the other side of the veil is as juicy for him as he made this side for us.
Posted by Lyn DaSylva on 9th January 2019
When you would ask John, how old do you feel, he would answer 34. When you asked John when he would leave the planet he would answer, when I am 86. He was never really great with numbers. I wish we would have had 6 more years of John. But I have to share that his legacy lives on. He taught many of us how to think, what was possible, how to create and how to heal ourselves and others. Whether at 80, 86 or 106..... he would be forever missed and yet forever with us. Happy 86 John - in earth years.
Posted by Chad Faulkner on 27th July 2018
Woke up at 3:00 am feeling wide awake and excited to take on my day, and it was John. John has been speaking to me all morning. Telling me “you can do this, the universe has always been on your side and it is now”. Think it and believe it.
Posted by Lyn DaSylva on 21st February 2018
In the last 5 years, more of my time has been spent moving, storing, and cataloging Johns writings and reading material than reading it (which I had promised myself I would). But I have started...and I have laughed as I have found John in each book I read- whether it be a piece of toilet paper as a bookmark or a delicious scribble in the margin. This morning I took a stroll through some computer files I have not yet had the time to explore and landed on a folder called "memorable". Awesomeness. It consisted of document with numbered entries, that were a collection of one line thoughtballs, excepts, quotes , vocabulary words, or jokes -. a treasure trove of John-isms. I wasn't sure which one to share today as there are hundreds of them. Number 47 is how I remember John. I accused him of always working and he would laugh and tell me he wasn't working- it was play. I raise a glass to John today and will noodle number 47 as my understanding and appreciation for his life, his contributions and our friendship continues to unfold: #47. A Master in the Art of Living draws no distinction between his work & his play, his mind & his body, his education & his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence to whatever he is doing, & he leaves others to determine whether he is working, or playing. To himself, he always seems to be doing both.
Posted by Lyn DaSylva on 9th January 2018
"Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time." --Jean Paul Richter Thinking of John today...I was raised to be a "celebration" gal, so every milestone, holiday and birthday was a big deal. Not the same with John... who had very little need or desire for acknowledging the passing of time. So I am sure he is having a chuckle that on his birthday, 5 years after his passing, I still insist on writing a birthday tribute and will celebrate him! He is missed.
Posted by Lyn DaSylva on 21st February 2017
John LOVED Billy Holliday.... her music, her style...LOL he loved her so much that he even remembered the day she died - July 17th. Every year we would have a private Billy Holiday Memorial party. We would play her music, put white flowers in our hair and let him remember. He would tell me the same Billy Holiday stories every year. He had seen her in the clubs in Toronto. It was his thing. She impressed him. The only time it upset me was when he didn't remember my birthday yet would never forget her death day. I thought about that this morning and thought that from now on, February 21 will be a celebration- a John Whitney ultimate freedom day....a day to remember all things John. We all have different memories. I believe he would smile at his passing being toasted!
Posted by Lyn DaSylva on 9th January 2017
Ten years ago, for Johns birthday, I arranged a surprise "party". Since he was a guy who had everything he wanted, I thought it would be special for him to hear how he helped others get what they wanted. I arranged for a conference call where many of his past clients called in at the same time and shared their stories, their gratitude and birthday wishes. For those that participated, you simply cannot imagine how touched ( and surprised ) he was. Many who could not attend, sent emails. When I was going through his belongings, I found a printout in a "special" folder of those emails. It is interesting to observe what really matters in our lives and how with time and wisdom, it shifts. John made an impact on so many of us. Today on his birthday, I would love to suggest that what would make him proud and happy, is for us to pay a little of what he shared with us, forward. A special day for a special man. We were fortunate to know him.
Posted by Lyn DaSylva on 6th September 2016
It is with a light heart that this afternoon I pack up Johns archery gear and pass it on to an early client of his, who I came to find out is a bow hunter and into all things archery. Going through the tackle and shoe boxes to pack up the goodies for safe travels, I chuckled at the large number of Colmans Mustard Powder and sardine tins, now cleaned and repurposed for his passion. He could buy new, but always preferred the simpler, frugal, functional repurpose ( of everything!). These and so many more memories have now found a happy home to live in my heart instead of a sad, grieving place and I wish the same "happy" for the bow and the equipment that were such a large part of the final sport of his life. I am so grateful to be sending the bow to someone who will hold the history of its original owner.
Posted by Jason Cook on 14th May 2016
Dr. Whitney continues to be one of the most influential people of my life. His image and words are as clear today as they were 12 years ago when we were last together. "If you can believe it, you can achieve it."
Posted by Lyn DaSylva on 21st February 2016
Three years is another crossroads of forever ago and yesterday to me. Perhaps because John "chirps" with me often and his sense of humor shows up when I least expect it. The most recent was his birthday in January. Last year, in a grocery store, I saw a man at a distance who looked like John to me. It was not a store I typically go to, but this year, on his birthday I happened to be near that store again, decided to stop and pick up some flowers there and said to John in my head.... "maybe I will run into you there and can give you a birthday hug"! As I was pulling into the parking space, a red car was pulling through to the same space from the opposite direction.... we almost "ran" into each other. You guessed it, it was the man who looked like John.( and he really did!) It was a surreal few minutes for me as I am sure it was for the guy I was telling my story to in the grocery store parking lot! What a lovely gentleman, and before departing, he gave me the best "john hug" I had received in about three years. Another of many crazy, wonderful, reminders for me that John is still listening, whispering and nudging me to recognize that what goes on in my head, goes on in my life. To be careful what I think about and to watch for its manifestation..... parking lot John notwithstanding! He is loved, missed and remember by so many amazing people....
Posted by Matthew Lapp on 20th January 2016
I'm sorry to say that I lost touch with John and only recently learned of his passing. However, as many have said before me, his guidance and inspiration are never far away. He was one of my most trusted mentors and friends, and he'll truly be missed.
Posted by Mark Hoffmann on 23rd October 2015
I lost track of a man who never knew how much he mentored me and meant to me. My loss. John was a class act with a heart of gold.
Posted by Rosalie Sanchez, DC on 22nd February 2015
Some people leave a mark. John left imprints........ Always remembered with respect and admiration.
Posted by Lyn DaSylva on 21st February 2015
I stay busy with the work we used to do together - and in between the words that come out of my mouth, I still hear John. Two years later, it seems like our last chirp was yesterday and forever ago.
Posted by Rosalie Sanchez, DC on 9th January 2015
Jan, 9, 1933 is certainly a very special date, the day that John entered the world. Hard to picture him as a little baby, but I surely do remember him as I knew him, a handsome and dynamic man, with such a zest for life and knowledge. The mention of his name always leaves me with a smile in my heart.
Posted by Lyn DaSylva on 9th January 2015
I am reminded daily of his wit, wisdom and the impact of his lifes work. Today I am reminded of his smile and how the older he got, the kinder and gentler he became. He would have scoffed had I mentioned it...He is missed.
Posted by Lyn DaSylva on 21st February 2014
When John passed he was wearing his swiss army watch. We took the watch and put it among his belongings. Days later, we noticed the watch was stopped... presumably at the time he transitioned. We thought when he fell it must have damaged the watch and when I had it looked at there was nothing apparently "wrong" with the watch. Not the stem or the battery. It just had stopped. Maybe a month or so later, I had a dream. The first dream where John stopped by. He said he came back to say goodbye. We were in the back of a taxi and I asked him why we were in a taxi? He said because he couldn't find his car, very matter of fact. It was a sweet goodbye. The next morning, I passed by the watch and it was running. It has been running all year..... until this morning.
Posted by Patty Burgess on 21st February 2014
Hard to believe that it has been a year-- we talk about you as if you are still here, we laugh at your jokes like they were just told, we remember your wisdom, like it was just given, we share your perspective like we just heard it. I don't even really say good-bye, because your presence is felt like I'll round the corner and see you. Perhaps I will--so till next time!
Posted by Rosalie Sanchez, DC on 21st February 2014
I am covered in "goosebumps" after reading Lyn's account of the story of your watch. You always do everything with such flair and style!
Posted by Lyn DaSylva on 9th January 2014
Memories of birthdays past will have to fill the hole today. Happy Birthday Jakie. You would have made this one look easy too!
Posted by Rosalie Sanchez, DC on 9th January 2014
Happy Birthday remembrance of John. Now that you are gone, I wish I had kept in touch with you over the years. Another life lesson. You were all about teaching life lessons........thanks for always sharing your zest for life and your wisdom for ways to always make it better.
Posted by Patty Burgess on 9th January 2014
Happy Birthday, John my friend...We miss you, and remember you often. If you could directly share, it might be something like..."Miss Schmiss-- I see you just fine!" I am enjoying my bird's eye view, and shooting a few celestial arrows. ;-)
Posted by Lyn DaSylva on 21st November 2013
9 months today- seems like yesterday and forever ago at the same time. Deeply missed.
Posted by Chad Faulkner on 22nd June 2013
Still missing you friend.
Posted by Chad Faulkner on 18th April 2013
I spoke with John the morning that he died. He was my best friend, a teacher, a mentor. I've lost people in my life, including my parents. I think about him everyday. He is an angel in my eyes, a saint that will always live on as a spirit. He continues to speak to me, and he has forever changed my life, my wife, and now the things I talk about...with my kids. I loved him.
Posted by Bryan DiFrancesco on 18th April 2013
I have been blessed to have been a student of Dr. Whitney, the single greatest mentor I have known.Not only did he teach me to become a successful practitioner, but how to reach personal fulfillment in so many areas of life. I can still hear him teaching me to be "brilliant at the basics" & that "you don't eat an elephant in one meal".Our world is a better place because of you Dr. Whitney.
Posted by B.L. Ackley, D.C. on 16th April 2013
My wife and I were listening to Pachelbel Cannon in D, every time I hear that piece I always think of Dr. Whitney as he would play that at his practice management training seminars. I will always be grateful for all that he taught all those years ago in 1986. Our lives have been blessed as a result. I am sorry to hear that he passed. Death is not an end only a beginning! With much love !!
Posted by Don Edwards on 9th April 2013
I went to the outdoor archery range the other day and though about my old friend, Dr John. There is a memorial out on the range, one of Dr John's arrows up in a tree." In memory of Dr John Whitney". sign hung on the arrow. We had great times together and I will miss his wisdom and humor. Don Edwards
Posted by Peggy Harvey on 30th March 2013
I was shocked & saddened to hear the news of Dr. Whitney's death on February 21st. My condolences to all of his family. Dr. Whitney taught me so much when I worked for him as. C.A. in the 70's. His philosophy about the power of positive thinking has gotten me through many trials in my life. For that I am forever grateful! Rest in peace Dr. Whitney
Posted by Gabrielle Lacelle on 20th March 2013
While I never knew Dr. Whitney personally, I did study with his daughter Becky who always amazed me with her ease and competency as we went thru our studies, graduating in 1985. Sincerest sympathies and regrets on the loss of your father Becky. Gabrielle Lacelle, DC
Posted by Mark Poray on 11th March 2013
John was instrumental in helping me get started as a chiropractor in 1985. Many of his principles guide me even to this date. Thank you John and rest in peace knowing you left a huge positive footprint. My sincere condolences to John's family, especially my friend and classmate Becky.
Posted by Jim Barrow on 10th March 2013
I followed him down the slopes of Blue MountIan.He led me to dress upscale at places like Lou Myles and Harry Rosens. I would accompany him to the Hyatt Regency where he was in his element with all his celeberty friends. But most important he taught me the pure principles of Chiropractic and the power of the adjustment. Miss you Silver Fox.
Posted by Joshua Gelber on 10th March 2013
John, and Lynn were instrumental in getting me to my first clinic position, and were the catalysts to an independent practice from day 1 John's nature, certainty, and great energy will indeed be missed.
Posted by Robert Burton on 8th March 2013
I am shocked and saddened to read this news today. I took the course Dr. Whitney offered to CMCC while in Toronto 1985-89 & I am grateful. Looking at the pictures, it has made wish I had gotten to know him a little better. Wishing strength to family and loved ones through this difficult time. R. Burton St. John's NL Canada
Posted by Pierre DesLauriers on 8th March 2013
Your words of wisdom and advice allowed my wife and I to start our practice. Without your help we would have floundered. You will be missed!
Posted by Rosalie Sanchez, DC on 7th March 2013
John was such an inspiration to me as a chiropractic student. His principles helped me to start in a successful chiropractic career, now 21 years. I can still hear the sound of his voice. A wonderful man with "real class".
Posted by Dr. James Carter on 6th March 2013
Please accept our heartfelt condolences . John dedicated his life to advance chiropractic and we are grateful for his tremendous contribution. The profession has lost one of those rare individuals who always did things on a large scale. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with the family in this very difficult time. With deepest sympathies. James and Anna Carter. (Australia)
Posted by Butchd Duryea on 6th March 2013
Being with John was like coming home. Aways encouraging, witty and sometimes enigmatic, I will be looking for him on the archery line. My world is richer having known him. Butch Duryea
Posted by Jim Oppenheim on 4th March 2013
I saw John in the hallway the day before he passed. He looked happy as always doing what he loves, helping someone realize their goals and aspirations. John you are an inspiration to us all. Happy Trails my friend until we meet again.
Posted by Paul Groulx on 2nd March 2013
Gosh, I spoke with John less than a month ago. Always the elder statesman - interested in how I was doing. A kind voice, great insight, sharp wit and a remarkable command of language. Delightful man. Glad to have known him.
Posted by Brenda Deacon on 1st March 2013
John was the most special man we have ever met. He was the greatest friend and neighbor that we really got to know. He always was practicing his bow and arrow and always took time to speak with us.He came to our sons memorial service when he passed away a year ago, Jan 24th. He gave us hope, inspiration and love. We will miss you. Love you. Brenda and Jerry Deacon, Carpet Dry
Posted by Kinga Kiss-johnson on 28th February 2013
I will miss your love for life, and your positive attitude, just two weeks ago shot with you in Conyers, GA on the same line. You are an inspiration and the archery world will miss you. Thank you for being you, may rest in peace Kinga Kiss-Johnson

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