God has touched and blessed so many lives through Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. We are so thankful for the impact he has made, an impact that will stretch into eternity.
  • 70 years old
  • Born on January 24, 1947 .
  • Passed away on March 8, 2017 .

Linda Nicolosi, Joe's lifelong collaborator and also his wife of 39 years, is grateful for everyone's prayers and words of appreciation and has shared these words:

"Joe was certainly a larger-than-life, one-of-a-kind guy. Never worried about political correctness, he was happy to swim against the cultural tide when he was sure the culture was going in the wrong direction. That got him into trouble quite a few times. Gay-activist web sites, for example, are still fond of quoting the occasional risqué jokes he made during his life in the public eye, and of showing and re-showing him tossing a microphone back at a rude TV interviewer. But Joe had ardent convictions about the truth of male and female design, and because of his conviction and courage, his awareness that he would face biased reporters didn't stop him from appearing on Oprah Winfrey, Larry King Live, Hannity and Colmes, O'Reilly Factor, 20/20, Dr. Phil, BBC News, and so on.

Joe had always hoped for his legacy as the creator of Reparative Therapy to go on. His career was dedicated to helping people align their lives with their deeply held convictions. Anyone, he stressed, is free to live his life as gay; but we are inevitably gendered beings, and our fullest humanity calls us to live out our biological design. (To read more from Linda, click on the "His Life" tab).

Posted by Russ Cardenas on May 10, 2019
will miss you Dr. Nicolosi.... I had the pleasure of speaking with you by phone and then visiting back in 1995 or so... we had a few sessions together, long distance as I am from San Antonio, Tx, and then a personal one at your office.... I gave monthly contributions to NARTH because I believed in your mission. I still do. I read your first book and found it insightful. I know how difficult things were for you being your outreach was in California which is a state very hostile to your work and values. Despite this you stood your ground and gave hope to people who suffer from various afflictions and disorientations, you kept the light burning and now the outreach continues thru the organizations you helped establish. Your untimely departure will be outlasted thru the volumes of data, books and articles you left behind. God Bless and may your light shine forever. RAC
Posted by Tony Pro on April 29, 2019
I had the pleasure of teaching Dr Nicolosi to paint for a very brief period of time. I enjoyed working with him and may God grant him peace and let Perpetual Light be upon him. My condolences to the Nicolosi family. Tony Pro
Posted by Chris Orchard on April 6, 2019
Luke 7:35 "But wisdom is justified of all her children." Thank you, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Sr.
Posted by Joe Cordero on March 10, 2019
Gracias mi amigo .gracias por todo Dr Nicolosi .
Posted by Charbel Macklouf on March 9, 2019
It´s been an amazing trip of conversion and healing. Thanks Dr Nicolosi for all your wisdom. I pray for your soul.
Posted by José Garza on March 8, 2019
It’s has being two years since Joe past away, and his memory, courage and intelligence keeps inspiring us to fight for thruth and keep helping others. Today in his anniversary I want to honor him again.
Posted by Linda Nicolosi on March 8, 2019
As we now reach the two-year mark of my husband's passing, I am happy to report that his books continue to sell well, and are currently being translated into even more languages, including Chinese. In a couple of months, a final book will be published entitled "The Best of Joseph Nicolosi: Originator of Reparative Therapy." A recent push from gay activists calls for Amazon to stop carrying his books--which would effectively prevent us from disseminating his ideas. I thought the concept of book-banning had ended with Nazi Germany! But attempts to silence conservatives continue on Google, Facebook and YouTube. The fact that my husband's ideas are considered "too dangerous" to be read by the public are a good indicator that he was on to the truth. We all miss Joe's wisdom, his perceptiveness, and his fighting spirit. And... we miss him.
Posted by Cher Veneris on January 25, 2019
May God be with you. The normalization and even encouragement of homosexuality for me, does feel not right. I liked them in the closet. It is trendy to be gay or bisexual in Australia now.David Bowie said his bisexuality was a product of the times.Basically just a fashion statement and a shocker for society in the 70s.Meanwhile in Australia HIV has doubled in 20 years and it is mostly among Gay and Bisexual men.I hope someone continues the work of Dr.Nicolosi
Posted by Anthony Thurston on January 24, 2019
Dr. Nicolosi has been in my thoughts the past few days. Here in West Virginia, of all socially conservative places, legislation is being proposed to outlaw reparative therapy for minors. With great gratitude I remember the great benefit Dr. Nicolosi brought me, and now I ask his intercession with God that this repressive legislation will be soundly rejected. Fr. Tony Thurston
Posted by Jerry Armelli on January 24, 2019
I continue to remember you, Joe with great respect and admiration. Tho time has passed I think of you time and again. Your contribution to supporting men with unwanted SSA is VALUABLE. I continue to apply what you have given. Thank you to the Nicolosi family! Forever in our hearts!
Posted by Calvin Roach on August 14, 2018
I first heard of Dr. Nicolosi on D. James Kennedy's program and ordered the tape, "The Condition of Male Homosexuality". I was a psychology major in college and yet was blown away with the insights gleaned from this CD, so much so that I listened to it a number of times. No one else was saying the things and imparting the insight that Dr. Nicolosi was on the subject of SSA. I have shared these truths and insights with many others over the last 10 years since first hearing him speak via the CD. I also watched him on DVD as part of Dr. Dobson's series on Raising Boys! I would only add that I greatly respect Dr. Nicolosi's featly to the Truth, without which there is no "being made free"! God bless his loved ones and colleagues as they continue this excellent, praise-worthy ministry! May much fruit come forth in the coming years!
Posted by Tim Kim on May 4, 2018
Truly Joseph Nicolosi Sr. is a blessed man for his courage. He swam against the media that does not fully recognize a person's right to have access for a reparative therapy. May God's blessings be upon his family, friends, and collegues who supported and worked with him all throughout his life. His legacy continues quietly but strongly and positively. May people never be deluded in thinking that merely adhering to the fact that there is no conclusive and definite evidence for a gay gene (which is scientifically true, regardless of a person's belief system) amounts to a hatred of gay people - what the 21st century often calls 'homophobia'.
Posted by Maria Mantica on March 9, 2018
I helped translate some of Dr. Nicolosi´s books into spanish. So many lives were changed since then...
Posted by Carla Venero on March 9, 2018
RIP Doctor.I hope someone takes up where you left off.I was sexually abused by an uncle at age 5 and raped twice by two men, once at the age of 13 and again at 15 years.I consciously changed my fantasies about being abused/used sexually by multiple men to those of a lesbian nature in my teens. Nobody is born gay. I am living proof of that it. I ended up with a bisexual identity and in the field of sex work. Later I had relationships only with men. I am living proof that SSA can be purely environmental and a response to childhood rape and abuse..I have read some negative comments about this man, Nicolosi, on the net. Gays-they are screaming they are born that way but there is no proof of that.The founder of the gay gene is being investigated in the USA for scientific fraud.
Posted by Arthur Goldberg on March 9, 2018
Joe must be smiling down today as he sees the great work that his son Joseph, Jr is doing. To have a son that is capable of stepping into the void left by Joe is fantastic. A worthy heir has emerged to carry on the legacy of Joe's incredible contributions. May G-d bless the entire Nicolosi family. Rest in peace, my friend.
Posted by Jerry Armelli on March 8, 2018
You and your service to MANY are dearly missed! But, you live on! You continue to heal many!
Posted by Martin Howser on March 8, 2018
Dr. Joseph Nicolosi was a man in pursuit of the Truth. He not only proclaimed it but was a part of the curative process those who suffered from same sex attraction. His faith in God gave him the strength and wisdom to share the gifts God gave him in his profession. Even those in the hierarchy of His own Church were for the most part against him but the head of his Church, Jesus Christ, gave him the strength to proclaim the truth about same sex attraction. We all benefited from the gift God gave us in Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. May he rest in peace in the Lord.
Posted by Larry Ames on March 8, 2018
Joe was my brother in law.He was always interested in me and when I visited there was time for private talks between Joe and me.
Posted by Jack Nicolosi on March 8, 2018
Posted by Thomas Coy on March 8, 2018
A year ago a man worth emulating left his earthly abode. Joseph Nicolosi stood for the truth when it brought persecution, and he used his time to show compassion and help people heal. These were some of the ways I saw him emulate his Savior Jesus Christ. He positively impacted many lives including mine.
Posted by Patrick Danforth on February 11, 2018
I was shocked and saddened when Dr. Nicolosi Sr. passed away. I'm relieved to know that he trained others to carry on his important legacy. I had the opportunity to meet him in Jacksonville, FL. I wanted to learn more because I suffer from un-wanted Same Sex Attraction. This distinquishes his clients from the political platform of "Gay" identity or the "LGBTQ" communities. I did not choose to pursue reparative-therapy. However, I have a friend who did and he has successfully left the gay lifestyle and is able to identify with his heterosexuality as a man. I'm sure there is also a similar field of work for women who suffer from un-wanted same sex attraction. who will also benefit greatly from his research and studies. Dr. Nicolosi will be greatly missed by his family and friends and also by the ex-gay world, especially those who continue to benefit from his work.
Posted by Steve Baldwin on January 25, 2018
When I was a member of the Calif Legislature, we were always swamped with radical gay rights bills which would codify this unhealthy lifestyle. Dr. Nicolosi was always available to help me understand these bills and would even testify for or against bills if needed. He didn't care if the entire psychological establishment hated his guts, He knew the search for truth was not a popularity contest. He was a fearless warrior for the truth. There are not too many men like him around anymore.
Posted by Christopher Doyle on January 24, 2018
Happy Birthday Joe! We miss you deeply and wish you were here! The legacy you left lives on, even in your death. I know you're smiling down on us! Thanks for all you did and who you were! We continue to think and speak of you. Your friend, Christopher Doyle
Posted by Jerry Armelli on January 24, 2018
I am forever impacted by your service to men with SSA. I continue to give out of your legacy to men with SSA! Your life was big! See you in the sky! Gratitude to the Nicolosi family! Peace, Jerry Armelli
Posted by Joe Dallas on January 24, 2018
Dr. Nicolosi is deeply missed, and deeply appreciated. There are very few people you can accurately use the word "pioneer" for, but he was one of the few, a rare combination of humor, intelligence, and high energy. I will always treasure the memories of working with him at conferences and church seminars, and although I remember clearly his wit and teaching skills, what stands out most to me is the memory of him relentlessly criticizing my clothing choices. If I was on the same platform with Joe and my suit didn't fit properly, or if the colors didn't perfectly match, God help me. You made your mark, Dr. Joe, and candidly, this world is a little more boring without you.
Posted by Arthur Goldberg on January 24, 2018
A famous rabbinical sage quoted in Pirke Avot 2:21 (part of Ethics of our Fathers) once said, "The task is not yours to complete, but neither are you free to avoid it." The life of my friend, Joseph Nicolosi, reflects this biblical injunction. His courage in developing techniques for those with unwanted same-sex attractions is unparalleled. He contributed much to the world of psychological interventions, a task in which he was engaged up to the last minutes of his life. Unfortunately at the time of untimely death, he was in the middle of several other projects when G-d called him home. Others will now complete those tasks. The value of the tasks he did complete through his written work and his recorded lectures will live on for centuries. This applies equally as well to the innumerable clients who are able to live the kind of lives they dreamed about because of Joe's counsel. But it is not simply the force of his continuing intellectual contributions that will be missed. All of us who knew Joe personally valued his warmth, his sense of humor, his engaging personality and his honest friendship, qualities that are rare in today's fractured world. Joe, may G-d bless you in your heavenly home and may you continue to inspire so many of us here on earth. Happy birthday!
Posted by Catherine Norman on January 24, 2018
In the midst of controversies and emotional sparks flying at our school board meetings and within my extended family, Dr. Nicolosi spoke the truth with peaceful passion. His life and work have given me hope over and over again as I have sought understanding and consolation through his web site and his talks. Thanks to his family for their sacrifices allowing him to be a blessing to so many people.
Posted by Feri Sulianta on January 19, 2018
Very good people who influence other with very positive impact. Dr Joseph is a good man who contributes something good to society. Thank you so much.
Posted by Cesar Martinez-Bernal on January 5, 2018
I'll miss you Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. Thank you. God bless you forever.
Posted by Henry Anon on November 19, 2017
Me hubiese gustado ser tratado por este gran señor. Mi historia de vida coincide completamente con lo que describe en sus libros. Soy de Paraguay, por lo que la distancia me impedía contactar con usted. Me puso muy triste enterarme de su partida y el cierre de su clinica St. Thomas Aquinas. Ojalá exista alguien que siga adelante con su trabajo que es muy importante para muchos hombres y mujeres con atraccion al mismo sexo indeseada. Sin haberlo conocido, lo extraño. Hasta siempre gran doctor.
Posted by Jose Ramon Sanchez on October 16, 2017
Deseo que no falte un tributo escrito en español en memoria del Doctor Nicolosi. Un profesional que ha hecho tanto bien. Yo provengo de la Universidad Gregoriana, en Roma. Pero lamentablemente allí se ha marginado completamente la la terapia reparativa con la "nueva administracción". Es una pena ver que desorientados están y como desorientan desde el Vaticano del Papa jesuita.
Posted by Holly Harrington on October 4, 2017
Please continue the late Doctor's work.
Posted by Tammie Blanchette on August 18, 2017
Years ago when I attended a Love Won Out conference sponsored at that time by Focus on the Family, I listened to Dr. Nicolosi for the first time. I also had the privilege of getting to ask him a question personally at a break-out session. In the years since, I've steered many people to the NARTH website for good science research on same-sex issues. I've got his books, I've spoken to many groups using his info as the go-to resource for educating one's self minus the lies of politicized 'news' and poor research that's flawed as a result. His bold stand and honest work will be sorely missed, but he's left a legacy he can stand tall about, and which will be used well in his honor by many. God has certainly honored this man's love for holding fast to the truth. I know he is in Heaven now, reaping much joy and many rewards. Remain standing to those who align with his hard work. The truth is worth it for those whose hearts are ready! They deserve no less.
Posted by Jack Fonseca on August 14, 2017
When I visited the NARTH website today and saw that Dr. Nicolosi had passed away, I was shocked and heartbroken. Although I live in Canada, I was inspired by his witness and courage fighting for Catholic and scientific truth, in the face of so much hostility from the left, and lack of support from the Church he loved so much. I pray that your intercession from heaven will now help us even more than your incredible, life-saving work did here on earth. I pray also that your intercession will help save NARTH from all attacks of the enemy.
Posted by Joseph Ramirez on August 7, 2017
I know this message may be ignored , i know you will never read it , i know i won't ever meet you .... You don't know how sad i turned when i realized you had passed away Since i left high school ... my only goal was to learn english so that i could go to the states someday to get rid of the feelings i have this dream could never come true ... No one knows about this but god and me ..... You deserve heaven Mr nicolosi ... I look up to you ... though you'll never know ...you were my second super hero after god .... bless you ... rest in peace
Posted by Nelson Tepedino on August 3, 2017
Thank you very much for your books, Dr. Nicolosi. They are a courageous and transparent testimony of the truth. May you rest in the radiant presence of God. “Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you (falsely) because of me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven. Thus they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” (Mt 5, 10-12)
Posted by Thomas Schmierer, LMFT on May 24, 2017
Joe hired me as an intern during a financially hard time in my life, being newly married and unable as a vocal, faithful Catholic to find an internship in a profession that can tend toward hedonism. When my wife and I were still struggling financially during my internship with Joe, he offered my wife, Sophia, a research position. We will always be indebted to him for helping us to survive those hard times. Since Joe's death, I have been noticing how many things I say or do in my profession as a direct result of what Joe taught me and it is a lot. I gather from my clients that have been to other therapists, that I am able to establish goals in therapy quickly and help my clients to reach their goals relatively efficiently. I take it that this is rare. Anyone who knows Joe's approach to therapy and training interns, knows that I owe nearly all of my expertise to him, especially the aforementioned efficiency. I am able to compete in a competitive market and am able to continue to keep a roof over our heads and keep us fed, largely because of what Joe taught me. Joe may be gone, but financially, what he has given me is a gift that keeps giving. Personally, I felt a connection with Joe and he with me. He told me that he thought that for him, maybe the connection had something to do with our similar social class upbringing. He was from the Bronx and I am from Racine, WI, which are obviously geographically distant, but we both were from humble beginnings and spoke the language of our social class origins when together, at times. At his memorial service, it seemed like the general consensus was that Joe was not a good story or joke teller. I couldn't disagree more. He pointed out that I laughed at his jokes, when others didn't necessarily. Maybe that was another way we connected. I miss experiencing his passion and zeal for life. I miss what a character he was. I miss his guidance. I even think maybe I miss being the butt of his jokes, which I was on occasion. I wish somehow I could keep him from being dead. I want to keep talking about him to somehow keep him alive in that way. Although my sadness couldn't possibly be as deep as Joey and Linda's, like them, I too feel sad at the loss. I feel sad for all of us who knew and loved him. We are united in our sadness and maybe there is some solace in that.
Posted by Chris Rose on May 23, 2017
It has only been a short time since I learned of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi’s passing. At this very moment sorrow rises and my throat begins to tighten while my eyes fill with tears. Taken back to historic documentation of the Kennedy assassination I recall the nation shocked and bewildered. Footage showing tear stained faces of the now lost and directionless souls, their beloved president was gone, along with the promises of hope they were assured of. Watching this footage I could never find for myself the possibility of mourning over someone I had never met, but only until now do I understand. I had never met “Dr. Joe” but somehow I understood him to be an earthly father, one that I have never had. I can only explain my loss like this. Now awake I cried out reaching into the darkness of the room for help. Memories of the nightmare still invading my mind I hear the creaking of the hinge as the door opens. Standing in the gap with inviting arms is this familiar strength and authoritative voice that renders the deceitful notions of perceived danger silent. His voice, deep and strong had again chased out the harm. Sitting beside me was wisdom, comfort, and a voice of caring placating my fears and assuring me that everything would be okay. Devout self-helper, I had never stepped a foot into the office of Dr. Nicolosi nor had I ever heard his voice. It was his writings that cupped the years of condemnation rendering them defeated. Years of unwanted homosexual behavior was laced with the thoughts of being God’s abomination. Though today my relationship with God is secured by His Anchor it was Dr. Nicolosi that my Heavenly Father called to comfort my soul. “There is a reason!” My argument remains the same that I had never chosen to identify differently- eventually homosexual, but there was a reason. All of my life I considered myself different. My adolescent swish proved this to my peers and convinced my single mother I was born with a homosexual tendency. She just wanted me to be happy, but there was a reason! Too weak to fight I divorced my high school sweetheart and embraced the gay lifestyle for nearly fifteen years, but there was a reason! I am forgiven for the sexual boundaries that I have crossed, charging against the natural order of God. The Lord Jesus has completed in me a strong identity of new life, and gifted righteousness. Now rooted and grounded in faith finally the prayer I had prayed in 2009 was coming to pass. “Lord, what happened to me? Why did I identify so strangely, opposite to my biological reasoning?” I am convinced that Joseph Nicolosi was called and chosen to reach the deep wounds of my life. Providential wisdom has repaired a broken sexual identity. Today, I am a strong man with realized gifts and talents no longer shackled in weighted chains. By grace I was freed, and by grace I now know what those bonds were. Thank you Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Sr. Love, Chris Rose Christ Rose Ministries
Posted by Sharon Metro on May 23, 2017
I am a non-Catholic, "straight" female who is, nevertheless, interested in the origins and challenges of same-sex attraction, both for personal reasons (family members who are SSA) as well as other reasons (the cultural impact of homosexual attraction is profound and undeniable). I do, therefore, find it ironic that, at the beginning of my personal quest for information the very person who apparently was a source of knowledge and compassion has been taken from this earth! Nevertheless, am sure his work will go on, and I must commend the good doctor for being a courageous pioneer-may the light never be extinguished!
Posted by Valerio Sbravatti on May 20, 2017
Dear Joseph, I'm sorry for your departure and because I didn't send you a message of appreciation, as I wanted to do. Your book Reparative Therapy of Male Homosexuality was significant to me. Your work has been important and courageous, and I believe it must be further developed and spread also in the humanities, as I wish to do. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Chris Orchard on May 20, 2017
I can truly say that Dr Nicolosi's work lives on ... as I have only just recently (in the last week) been looking on the internet to find the answer to why anyone feels same sex attraction. I find his explanations rational, reasonable, based on evidence and compelling, and he was an excellent teacher, communicator and educator. Thank you so much, and I offer my deepest condolences to Linda and family.
Posted by Bryan Shen on May 17, 2017
I first contacted Joe - on behalf of the Singapore catholic Archdiocesan Response Team for people with Same-Sex Attraction - in early 2015. When I first met him in California a few months later, he was both generous and straight-forward. His professional help clearly came from a place of compassion. By end 2016, our Team were ready to invite him to Singapore. It was a shock for us to learn he passed away suddenly. But the work he begun, and continued unwaveringly, will continue in this side of the world. I look forward to more collaborations with the people that takes over Joe's work.
Posted by Dima Laz on May 7, 2017
I am shocked, devastated and angry at the same time. Though I have never seen him, I have always felt that he was one of the best friends, teachers, advisors and he was the person who understood me well. I felt it through his works, of course. Thank you people, who are writing tributes here, they are moving and very needed right now. If Joseph's colleagues or associates, who share his views, are reading it, please, never stop and never give up. There are thousands of people who need Joseph's wisdom. And you are the ones who keep it now. Mr Nicolosi, thank you so much for your passion, patience, a wonderful sense of humor and everything you did for men. I can't help crying, I feel as if I have lost my second father. RIP
Posted by Cathy Norman on May 6, 2017
May God bless Dr. Nicolosi and his sorrowing family. I thank God for Dr. Nicolosi's life and his love for struggling people and their families. His talks inspired and encouraged me and helped me to back off a bit when our sons were teens so they could better develop the relationship with their father which they so badly needed. The NARTH web site also helped me understand my own difficulties and gave me an understanding of the struggles of my several close and beloved friends with same-sex attraction. May his ministry thrive and his tribe increase!!!
Posted by Steve Shuman on April 28, 2017
I remember my first phone call to Joe's office back in early fall of 1992. I had heard about him and NARTH, which was just recently given birth by him. Joe asked if I would like to do some voluntary work for him in the office is getting things organized and "going" for the NARTH organization. I took the long bus ride from Glendale out to his office. I knew upon meeting Joe that I was in the presence of a most special man. I remember his kind spirit and generosity. I fondly remember him taking the both of us to lunch just down the street. We chattered like school boys as we walked to the restaurant....his treat. The memories are like they happened yesterday. I just found out about his passing earlier today. It felt like a telephone pole had been run through my body, the shock was so great. A great and sad loss. I am grateful to God that I had the chance to have him in my life way back then. I shall be sad for a long time now knowing that he is gone....yet I will be grateful and feel most blessed that I got to have him in my life back then and know him for all those years that I knew him. I shall not forget him.
Posted by Yisroel T on April 27, 2017
I am greatly saddened by the loss of the great Dr. Nicolosi. From what I knew of him through his books, lectures, and email correspondences he was a genuinely kindhearted and courageously honest person, and for that he has my utmost respect. He has touched so many lives for the better, including my own, and was the quintessential role model of what a mental health professional should be in the dishonest mire that is the contemporary scientific community. His work is not over! I intend to continue it and spread his message as far as it can go, particularly to the global Jewish community. May his memory be a blessing.
Posted by Jerry Armelli on April 26, 2017
Sincere sympathy to the Nicolosi family. Words are inadequate. I prayer for His peace, comfort, and strencth to you. Joe's contribution to the clinical world not only affected me personally as a man with SSA but also as a clinician helping others with the same. Joe's passion for men with SSA was inspiring and admirable. His passion for people impacted and changed lives for generations! His legacy will live on and on and on!!! You are missed Joe!
Posted by Stephen Jacobs on April 25, 2017
Thank you Dr Nicolosi for representing the rights/education/wisdom and understanding of those with unwanted SSA. Thank you enduring the fight! Missed but never forgotten. -- Stephen Jacobs
Posted by James Sprott on April 21, 2017
Dr. Nicolosi worked with me every week for a year in Reparative Therapy. His patience and generosity with me is what made the difference and changed my life. I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing, and I assure his family of my prayers for him. I certainly beleive that he will be praying for us in heaven. May God reward him for all his hard work in making us better men who live for virtue. Requiescat in pace. Fidélium ánimæ per misericórdiam Dei requiéscant in pace. Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for us!
Posted by William Tong on April 13, 2017
I know Dr. Nicolosi when he visited Hong Kong in 2016 to give training to mental health professionals and pastoral care workers on the subject of homosexuality. Among the many things I learnt from Dr. Nicolosi, what stood out most were the firmness of his care he gave to his clients, and his trust in God that he had so well demonstrated in his workshop. His charisma had influenced many. I shall remember him and continue his mission in this part of the world to care for those who are struggling with same sex attraction, and yet wanting to pursue God and lead a holy life. May God bless Dr. Nicolosi and his family! Dr. William Tong

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