Linda Nicolosi, Joe's lifelong collaborator and also his wife of 39 years, is grateful for everyone's prayers and words of appreciation and has shared these words:

"Joe was certainly a larger-than-life, one-of-a-kind guy. Never worried about political correctness, he was happy to swim against the cultural tide when he was sure the culture was going in the wrong direction. That got him into trouble quite a few times. Gay-activist web sites, for example, are still fond of quoting the occasional risqué jokes he made during his life in the public eye, and of showing and re-showing him tossing a microphone back at a rude TV interviewer. But Joe had ardent convictions about the truth of male and female design, and because of his conviction and courage, his awareness that he would face biased reporters didn't stop him from appearing on Oprah Winfrey, Larry King Live, Hannity and Colmes, O'Reilly Factor, 20/20, Dr. Phil, BBC News, and so on.

Joe had always hoped for his legacy as the creator of Reparative Therapy to go on. His career was dedicated to helping people align their lives with their deeply held convictions. Anyone, he stressed, is free to live his life as gay; but we are inevitably gendered beings, and our fullest humanity calls us to live out our biological design. (To read more from Linda, click on the "His Life" tab).

Posted by Artem Savitslyi on June 12, 2022
Dear Dr.Nicolosi,I was surprised when I heard you for the first time while I was watching focus on the family understanding same sex attraction.Then I followed the link in the comments and found your name and books in the library.I've read Healing Homosexuality,Shame and Attachment Loss and A parent's guide to preventing homosexuality.Your upbeat energy and unbiased research is unusual.I was surprised when I discovered about your death.But I feel like we have something in common,though I've never met you.
God bless me and you.
Thank you.
Posted by N Arnold on March 8, 2022
I never met Dr. Nicolosi but I think all the time of how indebted I am to the work he pursued despite torrents of hate — real hate, not the fake hate his many enemies cried endlessly about. I want to make sure more and more people who need to find his work, do. Requiescat in pace!
Posted by José Garza on March 8, 2022
We continue to be grateful with a great teacher, with a extraordinary mind… and a man of courage. I know you can be proud of the work your son has done, in this years to helps us therapist and people struggling. Rest in the heart of God Joe.
Posted by Al Lamoureux on January 28, 2022
I miss Joe a great deal. He was a mentor for me professionally and a prophet against the dominant narrative in our society that says, "...born that way". I am currently re-reading his books to try to glean as much expertise and wisdom as I can. I will always be grateful for knowing him, for the many years of case consultation I had with him, and for the huge impact has had in my life. God bless you for all eternity, Joe!
Posted by Carla Venero on January 27, 2022
Rest in peace doctor . Evil prevails when good people do nothing.
A phychiatrist, age 54 was beaten to death at a gay beat recently in the UK. FATHER OF 2. He was looking for quick sex M2M. What the heck? 3 people, 2 men and a woman perpetrated this act. Risky life choice.
Posted by C Smith on January 25, 2022
Thank you Dr. Nicolosi. R.I.P.
Posted by terry paquette on January 24, 2022
Joseph Nicolosi manifested enormous courage in a very masculine way. He helped many men enter deeper into their masculinity. He pushed through ideological barriers to offer real help his clients. What a profound calling from God. To his wife and son I express my solidarity and gratefulness. Bro. Terry Paquette
Posted by David Pickup on January 24, 2022
I miss supervision with Joe and the old team. Such great training from him and the team that has helped me be one of the experts in RT that is helping so many, many people. A great honor to have shared in his training and friendship.
Posted by Jack Fonseca on January 24, 2022
I leave this note to honor a truly great man, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, who dedicated his life to serving the truth and the best interests of his same-sex attracted clients. Rest in peace, good and faithful servant.
Posted by Maria Mantica on January 24, 2022
I met Dr. Nicolosi in Milan. Then, I saw at his seminars in London and in Los Angeles. He changed my way of working as a psychologist, and because of his teachings, I have been able to help so many of my clients. I considered him a brave man, who always fought for what he believed in. May God continue to bless his family.
Posted by C Smith on August 14, 2021
Dear Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, your help continues even after your departure. Thank you. R.I.P.
Posted by Carla Venero on June 11, 2021
Love you always. In the mean while Australian primary school students age 5 to 12 years, are being taught about chicks with dicks and what tops, versatiles and bottoms are in gay male sex.
Posted by Al Lamoureux on March 9, 2021
Remembering and praying for the immortal soul of a good man. He had a profound impact on me personally and professionally. I will always be grateful. Thank you, Joe for your mentorship and friendship.
Posted by Richard Cohen on March 8, 2021
Joe, as I think about your departure four years ago, I cry and deeply mourn your loss, actually our loss.
You gifted all of us with your light, brilliance, insights and compassion.
Today I taught a large group of Coptic Christian therapists in Cairo, Egypt (via Zoom) and spoke about you and your invaluable contributions in helping those who experience unwanted same-sex attraction.
I love, admire and respect you dear elder brother.
Smile upon us, fly with the angels, and we shall all meet and celebrate together one day!
Love eternally, your brother Richard Cohen
Posted by C Smith on March 8, 2021
Thank you Dr. Nicolosi. R.I.P.
Posted by Miz Harris on March 8, 2021
I did not know him but followed his work on different Catholic sites when he was interviewed. Great man. His work should never be forgotten. He did a world of service to everyone.
Posted by C Smith on January 26, 2021
Thank you Dr. Nicolosi. R.I.P.
Posted by Thomas Coy on January 25, 2021
I will never forget Joe's friendship, compassion, humor, brilliant mind, and courage. He sought and spoke truth when most in his profession put LGBT political ideology over truth. He had a powerful combination of compassion and courage that we need more of.
Posted by Cher Veneris on January 25, 2021
Good man. RIP.♡♡♡♡♡●My bisexuality in my youth was the result of rape and sexual abuse. Our sexual organs are designed for reproduction. Nobody is born gay. It is environmentally created. Some therapists understand that. He was one of them. Gay men die 20 years younger than heterosexual men. A not very well known fact.
Posted by Richard Cohen on January 24, 2021
I forever remember Joe as a beacon of light in the darkness. He was a dear friend, colleague, mentor and guide for many throughout the world. His legacy continues through his powerful son, wife, and all those that knew him. Joe is flying with the angels now, still shining his bright light upon all of us.
Posted by James Phelan on January 24, 2021
Remembering Joe on his 74th Birthday. Miss you, Joe!
Posted by Denis Coelho on January 24, 2021
May the impressive victories of this colossal warrior endure over time, and may the number of people touched by his message of truth keep growing. 
Posted by Ahmed Saleh on June 13, 2020
Dr. Joseph Nicolosi literally saved my life, i was suffering through immense conflict, despair and deep distress and had seen him as a patient regularly for around three years, I was amazed at the immense depth of his knowledge, his deep passion for speaking his truth and his compassion and care for his patients.

I benefited immensely from his therapy, we worked together to uncover underlying issues and wounds that caused my mental distress and confusion around my sexuality, he truly understood me, he listened to me intently, he was compassionate, loving and always attentive.

I remember the many moments I wanted to give up but he wouldn't allow me to give up, he was honestly like a father to me, and I am deeply grateful to God for having known this incredibly inspiring and beautiful man.

You're a true hero, a man of honour, strength, courage and deep bravery, Dr. Nicolosi.

Rest in Peace.
Posted by Holly Harrington on March 9, 2020
Great man.
Posted by andreina del villar on January 25, 2020
I meet him once, but admired him always, the way he used to talk about the truth and his faith.
Posted by K Veneris on January 25, 2020
Rest in peace bro. We need diverse opinions in the world, not one group, the politically correct left, bullying another into submission.
Posted by Maria Walsh on January 24, 2020
Happy Birthday in heaven UNCLE JOE! <3 MARIA
Posted by Martin Howser on January 24, 2020
Doctor Nicolosi work made a difference for the good in peoples’ lives who suffered from same sex attraction and the horrors associated with this behavioral choice. He will be missed but his legacy will go on as a tribute to him. May God rest his soul. 
Posted by William McEnaney on January 24, 2020
I think it's immoral to insult Dr. Nicolosi here at his memorial site. If his critics want to argue against reparative therapy, they should do that in peer-reviewed psychological journals where editors forbid personal attacks. Anyone accusing Dr. Nicolosi of quackery is probably biased against his work.
Posted by William McEnaney on December 2, 2019
To me, Dr. Nicolosi is a hero. Despite the lies, the vicious calumnies, he helped heal deeply hurt people who probably would have felt helpless without his empathetic therapy.  He said people had a right to live the way they want to live, even if it means that they'll act out homosexually, But since he died in the Catholic Church, I'm sure he agrees with Michael Voris.

LGBT activism doesn't spread love for SSA people.  It hides their brokenness, even from them, Dr. Nicolosi found it and  helped them heal it. God bless him for the brave way he persevered during calumny from the American progressive left.                                                                                  
Posted by Russ Cardenas on May 10, 2019
will miss you Dr. Nicolosi.... I had the pleasure of speaking with you by phone and then visiting back in 1995 or so... we had a few sessions together, long distance as I am from San Antonio, Tx, and then a personal one at your office.... I gave monthly contributions to NARTH because I believed in your mission. I still do. I read your first book and found it insightful. I know how difficult things were for you being your outreach was in California which is a state very hostile to your work and values. Despite this you stood your ground and gave hope to people who suffer from various afflictions and disorientations, you kept the light burning and now the outreach continues thru the organizations you helped establish. Your untimely departure will be outlasted thru the volumes of data, books and articles you left behind. God Bless and may your light shine forever. RAC
Posted by Tony Pro on April 29, 2019
I had the pleasure of teaching Dr Nicolosi to paint for a very brief period of time. I enjoyed working with him and may God grant him peace and let Perpetual Light be upon him. My condolences to the Nicolosi family.
Tony Pro
Posted by Chris Orchard on April 6, 2019
Luke 7:35 "But wisdom is justified of all her children."
Thank you, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Sr.
Posted by Joe Cordero on March 10, 2019
Gracias mi amigo .gracias por todo Dr Nicolosi .
Posted by Charbel Macklouf on March 9, 2019
It´s been an amazing trip of conversion and healing. Thanks Dr Nicolosi for all your wisdom.
I pray for your soul.
Posted by José Garza on March 8, 2019
It’s has being two years since Joe past away, and his memory, courage and intelligence keeps inspiring us to fight for thruth and keep helping others. Today in his anniversary I want to honor him again.
Posted by Linda Nicolosi on March 8, 2019
As we now reach the two-year mark of my husband's passing, I am happy to report that his books continue to sell well, and are currently being translated into even more languages, including Chinese.
In a couple of months, a final book will be published entitled "The Best of Joseph Nicolosi: Originator of Reparative Therapy."
A recent push from gay activists calls for Amazon to stop carrying his books--which would effectively prevent us from disseminating his ideas. I thought the concept of book-banning had ended with Nazi Germany! But attempts to silence conservatives continue on Google, Facebook and YouTube.
The fact that my husband's ideas are considered "too dangerous" to be read by the public are a good indicator that he was on to the truth.
We all miss Joe's wisdom, his perceptiveness, and his fighting spirit.
And... we miss him.
Posted by Cher Veneris on January 25, 2019
May God be with you. The normalization and even encouragement of homosexuality for me, does feel not right. I liked them in the closet. It is trendy to be gay or bisexual in Australia now.David Bowie said his bisexuality was a product of the times.Basically just a fashion statement and a shocker for society in the 70s.Meanwhile in Australia HIV has doubled in 20 years and it is mostly among Gay and Bisexual men.I hope someone continues the work of Dr.Nicolosi
Posted by Anthony Thurston on January 24, 2019
Dr. Nicolosi has been in my thoughts the past few days. Here in West Virginia, of all socially conservative places, legislation is being proposed to outlaw reparative therapy for minors.
With great gratitude I remember the great benefit Dr. Nicolosi brought me, and now I ask his intercession with God that this repressive legislation will be soundly rejected.
Fr. Tony Thurston
Posted by Jerry Armelli on January 24, 2019
I continue to remember you, Joe with great respect and admiration. Tho time has passed I think of you time and again. Your contribution to supporting men with unwanted SSA is VALUABLE. I continue to apply what you have given. Thank you to the Nicolosi family! Forever in our hearts!
Posted by Calvin Roach on August 14, 2018
I first heard of Dr. Nicolosi on D. James Kennedy's program and ordered the tape, "The Condition of Male Homosexuality". I was a psychology major in college and yet was blown away with the insights gleaned from this CD, so much so that I listened to it a number of times. No one else was saying the things and imparting the insight that Dr. Nicolosi was on the subject of SSA. I have shared these truths and insights with many others over the last 10 years since first hearing him speak via the CD. I also watched him on DVD as part of Dr. Dobson's series on Raising Boys! I would only add that I greatly respect Dr. Nicolosi's featly to the Truth, without which there is no "being made free"! God bless his loved ones and colleagues as they continue this excellent, praise-worthy ministry! May much fruit come forth in the coming years!
Posted by Tim Kim on May 4, 2018
Truly Joseph Nicolosi Sr. is a blessed man for his courage. He swam against the media that does not fully recognize a person's right to have access for a reparative therapy. May God's blessings be upon his family, friends, and collegues who supported and worked with him all throughout his life. His legacy continues quietly but strongly and positively. May people never be deluded in thinking that merely adhering to the fact that there is no conclusive and definite evidence for a gay gene (which is scientifically true, regardless of a person's belief system) amounts to a hatred of gay people - what the 21st century often calls 'homophobia'.
Posted by Maria Mantica on March 9, 2018
I helped translate some of Dr. Nicolosi´s books into spanish. So many lives were changed since then...
Posted by Carla Venero on March 9, 2018
RIP Doctor.I hope someone takes up where you left off.I was sexually abused by an uncle at age 5 and raped twice by two men, once at the age of 13 and again at 15 years.I consciously changed my fantasies about being abused/used sexually by multiple men to those of a lesbian nature in my teens. Nobody is born gay. I am living proof of that it. I ended up with a bisexual identity and in the field of sex work. Later I had relationships only with men. I am living proof that SSA can be purely environmental and a response to childhood rape and abuse..I have read some negative comments about this man, Nicolosi, on the net. Gays-they are screaming they are born that way but there is no proof of that.The founder of the gay gene is being investigated in the USA for scientific fraud.
Posted by Arthur Goldberg on March 9, 2018
Joe must be smiling down today as he sees the great work that his son Joseph, Jr is doing. To have a son that is capable of stepping into the void left by Joe is fantastic. A worthy heir has emerged to carry on the legacy of Joe's incredible contributions. May G-d bless the entire Nicolosi family. Rest in peace, my friend.
Posted by Jerry Armelli on March 8, 2018
You and your service to MANY are dearly missed! But, you live on! You continue to heal many!
Posted by Martin Howser on March 8, 2018
Dr. Joseph Nicolosi was a man in pursuit of the Truth. He not only proclaimed it but was a part of the curative process those who suffered from same sex attraction. 
His faith in God gave him the strength and wisdom to share the gifts God gave him in his profession. Even those in the hierarchy of His own Church were for the most part against him but the head of his Church, Jesus Christ, gave him the strength to proclaim the truth about same sex attraction. 
We all benefited from the gift God gave us in Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. May he rest in peace in the Lord.
Posted by Larry Ames on March 8, 2018
Joe was my brother in law.He was always interested in me and when I visited there was time for private talks between Joe and me.
Posted by Jack Nicolosi on March 8, 2018
Posted by Thomas Coy on March 8, 2018
A year ago a man worth emulating left his earthly abode. Joseph Nicolosi stood for the truth when it brought persecution, and he used his time to show compassion and help people heal. These were some of the ways I saw him emulate his Savior Jesus Christ. He positively impacted many lives including mine.
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Posted by Artem Savitslyi on June 12, 2022
Dear Dr.Nicolosi,I was surprised when I heard you for the first time while I was watching focus on the family understanding same sex attraction.Then I followed the link in the comments and found your name and books in the library.I've read Healing Homosexuality,Shame and Attachment Loss and A parent's guide to preventing homosexuality.Your upbeat energy and unbiased research is unusual.I was surprised when I discovered about your death.But I feel like we have something in common,though I've never met you.
God bless me and you.
Thank you.
Posted by N Arnold on March 8, 2022
I never met Dr. Nicolosi but I think all the time of how indebted I am to the work he pursued despite torrents of hate — real hate, not the fake hate his many enemies cried endlessly about. I want to make sure more and more people who need to find his work, do. Requiescat in pace!
Posted by José Garza on March 8, 2022
We continue to be grateful with a great teacher, with a extraordinary mind… and a man of courage. I know you can be proud of the work your son has done, in this years to helps us therapist and people struggling. Rest in the heart of God Joe.
Recent stories
Shared by Jack Nicolosi on April 5, 2017

My cousin Joe was a very kind, compassionate and fun loving person. Although I am 9 years younger, we still had a lot in common being a Nicolosi. Our father's were very close brothers who immigrated from Tunisia to Brooklyn back in the late 30's. We were very close to our parents and as large as the Nicolosi famiy is, most are in New York. We have some in Florida and couple of us here in CA. Even though my cousin and I lived less than 90 mnutes from each other, we did not see each other often due to his traveling all over the world and I with my work. However, when we did we immediately regressed to growing up in the Bronx and Long Island. We both love to cook and both loved telling stories. The few hours we had together consisted of him cooking and us laughing. The ironic thing is that we were supposed to be together the Sunday after he died. We had been planning to visit our aunt in Rancho Cucamonga along with another cousin named Joe Nicolosi. I had planned it out and we were all looking forward to it because we knew once we were altogether the Nicolosi humor would come out. We had actually planned to make the trip the week prior to his death but canceled because he had a cold. Never in a million years would I imagine my cousin would be dead in three days. This guy worked out everyday, ate the right foods, skinny as a rail and me the complete opposite. I cannot believe he is gone and I am still here. Although we did not see each other much, his loss has affected me greatly and I will miss him. I know he cared and loved me and I the same for him. My priority now is to make sure his wife, Linda and son, Dr Joe Jr, my cousins, remain close with us that are still here. I will still laugh when I think of him and family stories we used to tell each other only now my smile will not be as big. God Bless you my cousin, rest in peace. I love you.  Cousin Jackie

Shared by Gloria Zwinggi on April 3, 2017

Dr Joe was always so kind to me...once I was having a really hard time and needed to talk to a counselor.  Knowing Dr Nocolosi for a very long time I called him as he used to counsel with some of our guys by phone.  I told him what was going on and I asked him if he would do the same for me as I was very sad over my son's situation.  He explained that he was so busy..and then all at once he said, "you know what, Gloria, since it is you, I will do it,  not to worry."  Through my tears I told him that I would try to find someone in San Antonio.  He then proceeded to talk with me for at least an hour.  I will always remember his concern and his generosity towards me, knowing how busy he was.  He was truly a good man I will remember him always.
May God comfort Joey and Linda.   

Thank you Joe, thank you so much!

Shared by J B on March 21, 2017

At the news of Joe passing I immediately thought "no, please, not now, we need you more now than ever". I am forever grateful for this man standing up to 2 of the biggest "bully pulpits" in our culture today 1) APA 2) intolrarant political gay lobby. As as a same sex attracted man, Joe helped me stand in my power that my voice and beliefs for a different life were VALID. His writings mentored, fathered and empowered a vision for something more. I am so grateful for him. I will admit my fear that a VERY big gap has been left open. Who could possibly replace his voice of authority? This is a call to every therapist, religious and non-religious organization to WAKE UP. The time is now to forward Joe's writing and research. He has given us all a great gift with his calling on his life.

Thank you God, for the faithfulness of your son Joe. I celebrate your words to him "well done good and faithful servant". With grief, tears of sadness and gratitude, well done Joe, well done!

To God be the glory,

Jase B.

"It's Gonna Be Worth It" by Rita Springer --->